8 Best Sliding Table Saw- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of a Grizzly Sliding Table SawA saw is a tool that consists of a blade or stiff toothed blade. It is used to cut through material, stone, metal, or wood. The material is placed on a toothed edge, and the cut takes place with an operator’s help. From this, the ordinary saw is what has evolved with technology’s help and produced the advanced sliding table saw. Woodworkers use these saws to cut medium density fiberboards, laminate veneer lumber, plywood, high-density fiberboards, and chipboards from different structures. You can only get excellent results out of this kind of furniture by using the best sliding table saw in the market today.

For a sliding table saw, you have the sliding table on the blade’s left side instead of the old design. It is the perfect time to look at your workshop, get rid of machines that are not in use, and create space for a sliding table saw. Convenience is an understatement; other than that, it will also make your work so much easier, and you can finish up that project in perfect time.

In this article, you will find a detailed review of the very best sliding saws in the market that you can use for your various woodworking projects. Additionally, I’ve included a comprehensive buyer’s guide with fine details regarding the saw even as you look to buy one for your respective tasks.

List of the Best Sliding Table Saw

1. Grizzly Industrial G0853-14″ Sliding Table Saw with DRO and CNC Fence

Sliding table saws yield perfect results, and the Grizzly industrial G0853 is not an exception. The model has a very central position in industrial enterprises and medium-sized workshops. The piece of equipment consists of digital controls for accurate blade tilt adjustments from 0-45 degrees. This feature most impressively saves you time and money.

Digital controls help balance the main blade speed, tilt, scoring blade alignment and rip fence adjustment. The blade speed is between 3000, 4000, and 5000 rotations per minute.  Grizzly Industrial has a strong ten horsepower motor that accepts 12 inch and 14-inch blades. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner woodworker, this table saw has been manufactured for your workshop. You cannot afford to miss it.

With a ten horsepower main motor and 220V/440 voltage, the blade runs and operates efficiently while working. Three horse powers have superior efficiency than a single phase. The grizzly industrial GO853 sliding table saw has been engineered with one. Its higher power factor draws fewer volt-amperes for a given load.

Operators get to balance loads and minimize harmonic currents with the help of this unique feature. The excellent news is Grizzly engineers can convert your voltage to 440 if you require. Upon request and approval, they must do it at the time of purchase to maintain the machine’s warranty. A 250 dollars’ non-refundable fee is added to the order. Customers are requested to allow extra shipping time for the conversion to take place.

Image of a table saw by Grizzly IndustrialSummary of top features

  • Designed with a digital readout
  • It comes with a magnetic switch that comes with thermal overload protection.
  • It comes with an adjustable riving knife.
  • A scoring table that eliminates tear-out


  • The table has an extension for the convenient cutting of large panels.
  • It’s a 126 inches sliding table.
  • An adjustable miter fence that gives 30 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right


  • None so far
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2. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw

At Powermatic, we develop products that embody the time-honored tradition of the world’s best woodworkers. The PM1000 table saw is the latest example of product evolution that allows the woodworker to get the most out of their tools. It takes legendary performance and design principle into its larger predecessor. All these are packed into a dynamic 115 volts machine.  This versatile option from Powermatic doesn’t require 220 volts to provide efficient power.

It makes it unique compared to the more power-hungry counterparts. With this saw, the capability and performance that has been enabling elite craftsmanship for more years. The machine is now available for more workshops than ever before. As with every product the Powermatic builds, the PM1000 pushes the limit of design. It further stretches way beyond innovation and durability. 

Furthermore, it also features the 460 degrees range of movement for the blade bevel. It is allowing users to make clean compound miter cuts with minimal effort. Blade height and depth are controlled by the stainless steel wheel on the main cabinet assembly’s front and side. A riving knife and anti-kickback guard and poles can all be installed and adjusted without the need for tools.

In addition to its cutting capacity, it features a dust extraction. This method of collection dust while the saw is in operation improves both blade visibility and quality in a shop. Best of all, the 50-inch fence provides exceptional protection when ripping lengthy sections of wood. It is a tool that you cannot miss owning as one of the best sliding table saws.

Summary of top features 

  • A precision cast ironwork surface
  • Poly V belt drive system
  • Miter gauge pivots 60 degrees left/right.
  • Arbor lock

Image of the Best Sliding Table SawAdvantages 

  • It makes it easier to use in a smaller workspace.
  • It brings up additional tools and bench space.
  • It consists of an accu-fence system.


  • There isn’t enough air intake to create the suction needed to collect dust.
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3. Grizzly Industrial G0623X

The great news is you don’t have to work with an inefficient table saw. Grizzly offers special table saws with superb efficiency and precision. The G0623X is yet another flawlessly designed operating table that is ideally designed to overcome any woodwork task thrown at it. It is a superb performer when it comes to seamless wood cutting operations. What is astonishing is the outstanding customer service that comes with it. This model stands because of its capability of ripping and crosscutting.

The 10-inch sliding table is perfectly designed to operate on large panels with high convenience and ease. Powered by a powerful five horsepower single-phase motor, the unit is the symbol of performance for all production shops. It is perfect for cutting large and thick panels. They are designed with a sturdy extruded aluminum sliding table. The table enables woodworking to slide material or workpiece without using so much effort. 

Dust control is connected by the 4-inch main port and 2-1/2-inch port on the blade guard. The scoring blade eliminates tear out for new factory edges every time. You get to have all the benefits of a sliding saw in a size that fits into your shop. It has a single lever locking fence mechanism present. Additionally, it provides accuracy when cutting any material. The scoring blade promises tear-out free cuts. The table extensions are ideal for extensive panel cutting. However, it can be noisy while in operation, and the belt driving the scoring blade is not reliable.

Summary of op features 

  • A crosscut fence that is fully adjustable
  • Quick clamping miter gauge present for a firm grip
  • Aluminum sliding table
  • It comes with a scoring blade.

Image of a Grizzly Sliding Table SawAdvantages 

  • Dust port
  • Cuts large of thick panels
  • Has table extensions


  • Noisy operation 
  • Very heavy.
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4. CRAFTSMAN, Table Saw (CMCS4000M1)

The craftsman table saw is a 10-inch portable model. You can quickly move it around from job site to job site. Capable of making a variety of woodworking equipment like shelves and so on. This type of table saw is not big enough to rip a whole sheet of plywood. It is good to know that before you buy it. There is a straight and 45 degrees angled cut, making it a suitable tool for a small job. The bevel guard is present to allow the capacity of beveling to the desired angle. 

The equipment works great and has excellent accurate cuts. Unfortunately, there is no warning when the battery is about to die. It would be better to tell whether the tool’s battery is charging or not and when it is almost going off. Installation instructions come with an assembly instructional manual.

As you follow the steps, it is recommended to let the battery charge as you assemble it. At times when the green light flashes once, you may end up thinking it is charging when it’s not. Therefore, you have to keep checking if the battery has been appropriately connected since the green light has to be stable. 

There is a designed stopper that does a great job by restricting water from falling to the ground. Later on, you can let the dirty water drop off in a bucket. Ensure to clean the machine properly before use. You can conveniently move it around without attaching any electrical cable. As a first time user, you will be impressed by its size.

Summary of top features

  • Innovative sliding cart for improved accuracy
  • A large cutting capacity at 17 inches 
  • An impressive water containment section
  • Has roll cage handles for easy maneuverability

A sliding table sawAdvantages 

  • Easily portable from work to work
  • Ease of use 
  • Great tool for beginners 


  • there is no form of warning when the battery is about to die.
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5. Shop Fox W1811 Sliding Table Saw

It is rare to find a sliding fence panel saw that can be run without using a 3 phase power. The shop fox W1811, 10 inches 5 HP, is one tool that can. It is primarily used to rip and crosscut sheet stock or panels in a production setting. The sliding table aims to make it simple and easy to feed large workpieces through the saw blade. The saw can even be used as a traditional type for most types of through cuts. A Scoring blade may or may not be used at all.

It depends on if the workpiece is faced with melamine, laminate, or other solid surface material or even if tear-out free cuts are required. In circumstances where the scoring blade is not needed for cutting operations, the user can lower it under the table. Doing that enables it to stay sharp for later processes. Sliders cut full 4X8 panels much more straightforward, precise, and safer.

The shop fox has a 220 volt and 3450 rotations per minute motor, which is quite impressive. You can plug this into a standard household 220-volt circuit. There is an excellent fixed tabletop size of 47-inch length by 40-inch width. With this size, an operator does not worry about space. The full crosscutting length with the crosscut fence is 63 inches.

That should cover almost any combination you would want for cutting sheet stock. Accepts 10 inches saw blades with 5/8-inch arbor bores or dado blades up to 13/16 inches wide. The splinter/riving knife is a metal plate that prevents the freshly cut pieces of the workpiece from pinching the blade’s backside and causing a kickback. 

Summary of top features 

  • Crosscut fence with flip stops
  • Dust port
  • Magnetic switch with thermal overload protection
  • Lubricated and shielded bearings

Shop Fox sliding table saw for woodworkingAdvantages 

  • Blade tilts from 0-45 degrees.
  • Sliding table size id 63 inches
  • Two-year warranty


  • Some users complained of not receiving all parts listed in the user manual.
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6. Jet 708675PK

TheJet 708675PK has proved to be excellent with a three horsepower deluxe table saw. Efficient power is delivered to the blade through a pair of precisely machined pulleys and a super-efficient poly V belt, providing smooth operation, resistance to slipping, and shallow heat generation. Furthermore, the drive belt’s poly V design significantly reduces the noise produced by the saw. It lets you focus more closely on your work.

The kit comes with a riving knife design to release quickly to prevent kickbacks. An arbor lock near the blade removes the old saw blade and installs a new one with just one press button. The enclosed cabinet does good for protecting all the internal parts, but this heavy-duty cabinet has a small drawer that lets you keep extra tools. 

The jet saw is a left tilt machine. It means the blade slides away from the fence. When cutting bevels, this allows the scrap to fall freely onto the table. It prevents your workpiece from becoming trapped between the wall fence and the blade. It is remarkably ensuring safer and burn-free cuts. Having been fully wired inside, the model includes an industrial magnetic on/off switch.

It protects the motor from dangerous power fluctuations. The device also prevents the saw from restarting unexpectedly after a power failure by requiring the user to press the on button. Finally, the jet table saw comes with a full-featured miter gauge with a 17 ¾ inch long bar that accurately and smoothly follows the miter slot. For added convenience, the miter gauge fence can turn 60 degrees left or right.

Summary of top features 

  • Arbor lock is a push-button for quick blade changes. 
  • Riving knife with a quick-release mechanism
  • The Belt system is a poly- V drive for quiet, efficient delivery.
  • Three horsepower 

Jet sliding table sawAdvantages

  • Awesome storage 
  • Quiet and stable
  • Remarkably high performance 
  • Has efficient cutting power
  • Vibration-free operator


  • High power consumption
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7. SAWSTOP (PCS175-TGP236)

This model has been specially designed for serious woodworkers. Sawstop professional cabinet saw cut goes up to 36 inches.  The T-glide fence system has been constructed with the highest quality thick gauge steel. It offers precision measurement, smooth operation, and expansive work surface, and sure lockdown without deflection.

There is a part that is a wood extension wing, and the rest of it is cast iron. If you have never used a cast iron table before, multiple advantages come with it. Provides proper stability and aids precision when cutting. To maintain the quality of the table, it has to be cleaned and waxed often. The fence and rail move smoothly and locks down great. They are made of heavy-gauge steel for sure lockdown and reliable square cutting for years to come without deflecting. 

The SawStop patented safety system stops a spinning blade on contact with skin. It minimizes a potentially life-altering injury to a mere scratch by eliminating in less than five milliseconds. This table saw addresses the dust safety hazard with a complete solution. Combined on a SawStop cabinet saw, the shroud and dust collection blade guard captures an industry-leading 99 percent of created dust. Authentic vertical trunnion travel, with gas-piston assist for ease of operation. Durable, open gearing for minimal dust compaction and easy process.

The professional integrated mobile base has two fixed wheels, 30 degrees’ casters, and ergonomic one-foot operation. Three quick pumps of the foot pedal raise the saw. 

Summary of top features 

  • The motor is an impressive 1.75 horsepower.
  • It has a 2mm riving knife.
  • The machine’s diameter is 69x33x34.
  • The saw has an 8-inch dado and a 5/8-inch arbor.

Image of sawtop, the Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small ShopAdvantages 

  • Advanced safety of the always-on protection
  • The fence is a T-glide system that is 36 inches for smoother woodworking touch.
  • The saw offers a sure lockdown to prevent deflection.
  • Two-year warranty 


  • Some of the users complained of the blade not angling to the left.
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Best Sliding Table Saw Table Saw Buyer’s Guide

It seems there are a lot of new woodworkers looking for their first saws. Other long-time woodworkers are looking to replace existing saws and make poor decisions when choosing the right type with the right features and at the right time. This isn’t a small investment. The worst you can do is settle for something less than you should have, only to have to replace it again later.

Every kind of project requires a different type of table saws. For someone who makes picture frames and small decorative furniture pieces don’t need a heavy-duty job site saw. Likely, some people may prefer a particular manufacturer over others because of their experiences.

For this reason, we will be approaching this guide from a functional point as opposed to a product standpoint. In other words, helping you to realize the table saw features that suit you and your projects best. It further allows you to know what to look for when you go to get one. There are several options in the market, which makes it challenging to choose which one. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Why You Need the Very Best Sliding Table Saw

  • Produces excellent crosscuts no matter how long or how wide the stock is.
  • Perfect for small miter projects
  • It makes ripping way too easy.
  • Maintenance-free and dust protected. 
  • The fence can be pushed (by loosening two knobs) to the table’s front to be used as a big miter gauge.
  • Changing the saw blade is fast and straightforward.
  • You can get lots done in a single day.
  • A sliding table saw conveniently manages your production needs.
  • Produces perfect compound miter cuts
  • Easy movement of heavy loads 
  • It consists of advanced control systems that offer great flexibility. 
  • Can handle panel sizes 4X8/ 5X10 or bigger
  • A popular instrument in industrial firms as well as medium-sized and small woodworking workshops
  • Comfortable and easy for one operator 
  • Quick change over for different jobs

Best Sliding Table Saw Safety Points

  • The Overhead guard protects the blade at all times.
  • Better workpiece support with slider and outrigger so less risk of kickback
  • The operator is next to the cut instead of behind the amount avoiding kickback danger.
  • There is no need to get close to the blade with your hands.
  • The sliding table does all the work, easy on the operator.
  • There are no special jigs that are required for doing the jobs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Sliding Table Saw.

  • Motor

Most of the table saws in the market today come with 15 Amp. However, you may come across one that has a 10 or 13 Amp motor. These typically come with a limited rip capacity. If you are not going to be ripping 2×4 lengthwise; or three ¼ inch plywood sheets, they might be a good value. However, the moment you need the power, it won’t be there. So stick with the 15 Amp motors.

  • Cutting depth 

Cutting depth is an easy feature to overlook when selecting a table saw. If you are going to be cutting sheets goods, 2X, most tables will work for you. However, if you will be handling 4X4, you need to be sure you will get a saw with a 3 ½ inch, 0 bevel cutting depth. At times with certain saws, you have to cut twice and be careful to get a good cut on a 4X4.

  • Table Size and extension

Tale size and extension is another important factor while looking for a table saw. For example, a two by 4 set for cutting an inch will not properly balance on a small table size plus extension. A 24 inches long workpiece will be just off-center of gravity. If you are cutting anything longer, you will have someone hold it for you or need some table or extension or stand to keep.

The piece of equipment will keep it from falling over and make it stable enough for cutting. That means the center of gravity will be on the table instead of tilting off the table while cutting. You will be able to cut up to 57 inches comfortably without having another extension or stand. Table size and wings can make a big difference in your crosscuts.

  • Rip fence 

The rip fence on every slider has been somewhat to the Delta Uni-fence if you are familiar with that. Most have an aluminum fence. You can position it back to clear the blade. Even better, you can also use it as a standard rip fence. Some have a low position that minimizes interference with the upper guard. All these depend on what function you are using on the saw. The scale guides you through positioning the fence on some measurements and locking it to your aligned setting. Some bars have a micro-adjust or fine adjustment to get it close.

You can loosen the knob and position the fence, while others have a rail attached to a knob that you tighten in position. Even better, some come with a round bar, and you clamp on it.  Some saws come with a digital indicator for fence position, which displays on the computer touch screen. It is very accurate and convenient. Some saws will have a digital indicator on top and next to the fence if you order that option. The fence wall should be excellent and reliable.

  • Miter gauges 

An operator should be critical of the miter gauges’ quality, even the more expensive job site saws. The gauge should be reasonably easy to read with slots so you can extend the width of the gauge. The miter gauge is usually mounted on the sliding table for ease of use. Some will come with the scale being complicated to read.

  • Dust collection 

Having sawdust all over your workspace can be a hustle. You should keep dust control in mind when selecting a table saw. Some do not have dust collection for the shop vacuum so, all the sawdust falls to the bottom. Others have a dust control port so that you can hook up a shop vacuum. This means there is no dust collection directly off the blade, so it comes off the bottom. No matter the type or design of the dust control mechanism, always ensure your equipment has one. 

  • Flat tabletop

When considering purchasing a table saw, you need a reasonably flat table. It does not have to be perfect, and it only needs to be balanced around the blade. So don’t stress out about it too much. But if it is way out of whack, you might want to skip on that. 

  • Zero clearance inserts

You want to make sure that the saw takes zero clearance inserts. Either the ones that you buy are aftermarket or the ones you make yourself. The ones that come with the saw have too wide of a gap in the open section. You have to close that up. Zero clearance inserts are a must. 

  • Splitter or riving

You want to have some splitter in place. A splitter is a good one, but a riving knife is even better. It travels up and down with the blade’s height so that you could use it in more situations. You do not have to have one of those big guards around it. You can remove it when it is required and put it back when it is possible. A splinter mounted guard remains at a fixed height since it is designed onto the table trunnion, so it gets to bevel with the blade. For a riving knife, it keeps the same distance from the blade.

  • Arbor 

You would want to make sure that the arbor is long enough to take a stack of the blade in standard sizes. The sizes may vary in different countries. Depending on where you are purchasing the equipment, there will be measurements for everything. And that’s where you will get to know the right sizes.

Things You Can Overlook

There are several things that you can ignore, for example, the blade guard. It is not because you do not need one, but several aftermarket solutions work better than the stuff that comes with the equipment. If it does not have an excellent blade guard on it, it’s okay; you can always add a better one later. You can have steel or aluminum, something on the outside.

The primary working area of the table saw is right around the blade. That needs to be good flat cast iron. Everything else can be just supportive since it is a secondary concern. Finally, do not worry about the blade. You can eventually upgrade it if it is crappy. 


You may be planning to start a project or start a woodworking career. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you need a constant reminder of what’s right in the market today. The guide above is a perfect example of knowledgeable facts that will most definitely help you plan to walk into a woodworking shop. You only need a project plan and the best sliding table saw, and you will be useful to start working. 

So, what’s my first choice when it comes to a sliding table saw? I’d go for Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw. Though it’s on the higher end of the spectrum when it comes to prices, this tool is everything a woodworker needs, it is easy to use and above all gives a perfect finish thanks to all its amazing features.

Did you find this post helpful? I hope so, if you have a question, suggestion or any contribution towards this post kindly share it with me in the comment section below.

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