7 Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small Shop- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of sawtop, the Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small ShopProfessional woodworking requires the use of outstanding machines to achieve the best results. These units become more demanding in cutting applications, especially for large and long workpieces. For a squeezed workshop, the best cabinet table saw for small shop is what you need.

They are reliable and safe for use, with ample working space to accommodate even the large workpieces. Incorporated with numerous safety features, you rest assured of minimal accidents when working. You will also experience low vibration levels from the powerful motor. The dust collection system provides a clean working environment despite the produced sawdust.

However, not all units in the market are genuine. Therefore, I have discussed the seven most reliable cabinet table saws that will never disappoint. I have also included a guide and reasons you need these units.

Read on to find out.

List of the Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small Shop

1. Jet 708675PK Deluxe XACTA Saw.

The Jet 708675PK Deluxe XACTA Saw has a full range of innovative features necessary for an efficient cabinet table saw. First, it’s the large cast iron table measuring 29 x 42 inches with included extensions. The table is finely ground and provides enough workspace to handle larger jobs. This is backed up with a 10″ diameter blade that solely cuts through all wood types. The heart of this saw’s remarkable performance, stability, and almost zero vibrations is the rugged, wide stance cast iron trunnion mechanism. This feature is well located under the table.

From the outside of this incredible machine, you can readily access the operating system mounted directly to the cabinet made of steel. This mechanism has eased the alignment of the miter slot in the cast iron table with the blade. The 708675K also comes with a pair of heavy, 8″ diameter handwheels with spinner handles. They play a significant role in operating machined worm gear drives, the bevel, and making blade height adjustments. Besides, they are engineered to remain smooth even after prolonged use.

The XACTA is designed as a left tilt machine. Therefore, the blade tilts away from the fence. With this feature, the scraps freely fall onto the table when cutting bevels. Thus, your workpiece can never get trapped between the fence and the blade, resulting in safer cuts. The Jet 708675PK outperforms your expectations with its 3HP motor rigidly mounted to the under table mechanism. It produces immense power delivered to the blade through a pair of machined pulleys and a poly V-belt. This provides a smooth operation, minimal heat generation, and resistance to slipping.

The 50″ commercial fence has a T square design to enhance accuracy, safety, and high performance. It’s made of refined materials precisely welded to create a rigid, accurate fence system. The T square head is configured with simple adjuster screws and an adjustable magnified cursor. This tool also boasts a locking mechanism made from powdered metal parts to extend its durability.

The industrial magnetic on/off switch protects the motor from dangerous power fluctuations. It is also designed to prevent the saw from accidental startups after power failure. With numerous safety features, including the blade guard, riving knife, and the anti-kickback pawl, this unit will keep you safe in a wide range of situations.

Summary of the key features

  • Miter gauge.
  • Industrial on/off switch.
  • Powerful 3 HP motor.
  • Poly V belt system.
  • It has a left tilting design.
  • Cast iron handwheels.
  • It has a large cast iron table and trunnion.

Image of the Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small ShopPros

  • Versatile and with minimal vibrations. 
  • Easy miter slot alignment.
  • Precise height adjustments.
  • Burn free bevel cuts.
  • It has improved accuracy and performance.


  • It only has three safety mechanisms.
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2. SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw,(PCS31230-TGP252)

The SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS31230-TGP252) manufacturers invested in this tool with dedicated countless engineering hours to ensure nothing was missing. They incorporated a professional T Glide fence system with the highest quality thick gauge steel. This ensures you have a smooth operation with an expansive work surface. It also provides precision measurement and sure lockdown with no deflection. 

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) classifies sawdust as a carcinogen. The PCS31230-TGP252 has addressed this safety hazard with a complete solution. It’s integrated with a dust collection system that can trap up to 99% of created dust. The available accessory for this task is the overarm dust collection model TSA-ODC. This unit also includes a heavyweight trunnion with the thickest arbors of any 10″ saws. The vertical trunnion travel with a gas piston facilitates the ease of operation.

Indeed, the SawStop is built to last. It has an open gearing system for minimal dust compaction. It also incorporates quiet and poly V-ribbed belts that provide sure power transfer with minimal vibrations. This product comes with some mobility options, including a professional integrated mobile base with two fixed wheels.

It also features two 360 degrees casters and an ergonomically operated one foot that mechanically lifts the table saw in one motion. Besides, there is an industrial mobile base w/PCS conversion kit with four 360 degrees casters and a hydraulic piston assist.

Other mobility options on this unit are the foot pedal’s three quick pumps that help raise the saw. Therefore, rendering this tool ideal as the best cabinet table saw for small shop. The working principle of the safety control system on the PCS31230-TGP252 is straightforward. It includes detection. This happens when the skin contacts the blade, which carries a small electric signal. When this signal is triggered, the safety system is activated due to the human body’s conductivity.

After the activation, the aluminum brake is forced into the path of the blade. This causes it to come to a complete stop, and thus the motor’s power is shut off. What follows is the blade’s angular momentum driving it beneath the table, diminishing the risk of subsequent contact. What’s astonishing is that all these activities happen in less than five milliseconds. The last part is resetting the saw by inspecting the blade for any damage and replacing the brake cartridge.

Summary of the key features

  • 52″ T glide fence assembly.
  • SawStop patented safety system.
  • 3 HP motor.
  • It has an overarm dust collection(TSA-ODC).
  • Mobility options.

Image of sawtop, the Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small ShopPros

  • It is built to last.
  • 99% dust collection.
  • Safe for use.
  • Large working surface.
  • Stops on contact with skin.


  • The T glide fence assembly is only 52″.
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3. Shop Fox W1820 Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife

All parts on this table saw guarantee quality and performance ideal for a small shop. The 50″ rip capacity provides more than enough space to rip to the center of a standard sheet of plywood. The W1820 features an extension table with adjustable legs, a square steel tubing frame, and a stable top for more versatility. It also comes with a miter fence with a flip stop, which provides more significant support than using a miter gauge alone. Besides, it’s ideal for longer workpieces.

The flip stop mainly assists when making multiple cuts of the same width. The highlight is how it allows you to tilt the blade to the left anywhere between 0 and 45 degrees. This makes it great for cutting bevels, chamfers, or compound miters. You can effortlessly adjust the cutting angle by loosening the table plate tilt lock. This follows by turning the blade tilt handwheel to position the blade as you desire.   

What makes it stand out is the heavy cast iron trunnions and the 3 HP motor that produces robust power to handle any wood type. It also features a triple belt drive to the massive cast iron table and wings to ensure durability and performance consistency. You will also appreciate the riving knife, which follows the blade’s up and down and tilt movement to prevent accidents. The Camlock T fence and the flip stop reduce the hassles of manual operation.

Additionally, you will have a clean working area, thanks to the 4″ dust collection port that sucks off all the sawdust produced. For safety purposes, the W1820 comes with a blade guard assembly consisting of a clear polycarbonate shield, the spreader, and the anti-kickback pawls well located on each side of the spreader. The clear polycarbonate guard lets you see the entire cutting process. It is designed to lift as the workpiece is pushed into the blade. The guard also remains in contact with the workpiece throughout the whole cut.

Another feature for the safety precautions is the magnetic switch integrated with thermal overload protection for excess current cases.

Summary of the key features

  • Precision ground and polished cast iron table.
  • Massive cast iron trunnions.
  • Quick-release riving knife.
  • It has a blade guard and splitter assembly.
  • It features a T fence system that is ea.
  • Smooth gliding nylon runners.
  • Adjustable T slot miter gauge.
  • Magnetic switch.

Image of shop fox cabinet table sawPros

  • It has an anodized fence extension.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • 50″ rip capacity.
  • Greater workpiece support.
  • Blade tilt.
  • 3 HP motor.
  • Anti-kickback pawls.


  • It only measures 40″ by 45½” by 82″ overall (HxWxD).
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4. Grizzly Industrial G1023RLWX – Cabinet Table Saw with Built-in Router Table

The G1023RLWX has a compact and versatile design ideal for a small shop. However, this has not limited the integration of innovative features like the 5 HP motor that produces more power than other best cabinet table saws. This unit has an inbuilt riving knife and a router table that doubles as an extension wing to provide more working space. The table also includes some support legs and a universal T track router clamping system. 

Additionally, Grizzly G1023RLWX comes with a Shop fox classic fence that enables it to double as a router table fence. It is also able to make laser straight dadoes with no need to change the table saw blades. However, this table saw doesn’t work with small trim routers. The encapsulated dust collection system ensures that your small workshop has a comfortable ambiance to accommodate several woodworkers.

What makes it even better is the quick release blade guard, which covers the sharp blade to prevent accidents. The magnetic switch also contributes to this machine’s safety, and the all sealed ball-bearing construction provides durability and versatility. This unit also does a great job with its Poly-V serpentine belt system that transfers power more efficiently with less noise than the standard V-belts.

The machine stands out with its solid cast iron table, which is first heated for strength then milled perfectly flat to accommodate most workpieces. The T slots on the table prevent the miter gauge from falling off when retracted. What’s more, is the ⅝” diameter arbor that is long enough and thus compatible with dado blades of up to 13/16″. Not to mention the extra-large handwheels that ease the arbor movement.

This product provides flexibility to most woodworking projects with its maximum 3″ depth of cut at 90 degrees and 2⅛” at 45 degrees. Besides, it has a cutting capacity of 8″ to the left and 32″ to the blade’s right.

Summary of the key features

  • 4″ dust collection port.
  • 5 HP motor.
  • It has T slots on the table.
  • Magnetic safety switch.
  • Secure blade guard.
  • poly-V serpentine belt drive.
  • Shop Fox Classic fence.
  • Regular and Dado inserts.
  • Cast iron router table.
  • All sealed ball bearing construction.

Image of a cabinet table sawPros

  • Easy arbor movement.
  • Quick change between splitter guard and knife.
  • The miter gauge doesn’t fall off the table when retracted.
  • It transfers power efficiently with less noise.
  • Straightforward to use.


  • The arbor diameter is only ⅝”.
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5. Powermatic PM1000 1791001K Table Saw

What other best cabinet table saw for small shop would you be looking for if not the Powermatic PM1000 1791001K? Most woodworkers prefer this unit due to its compatibility and functionality. It comes with a precision guard cast iron work surface, which features a beveled edge for smoother operations. Additionally, the PM1000 1791001K has a rigid poly-V belt drive system to withstand wavy loading. It also helps in reducing the vibrations produced to maximize the efficiency of the entire machine’s operation.

This item comes with a miter gauge that can pivot 60 degrees to the left or right to facilitate easy adjustments. This product boasts its arbor lock that allows for easy blade changes with minimal tools. The entire accu-fence system provides rigidity and precision, especially when handling large workpieces.

You will find a blade surround and collection hose that provide an unobstructed path for maximum dust collection on this table saw. There is also a conveniently located power switch. Not to forget the ergonomically designed 7″ handwheels that provide the momentum necessary for making the blade height and bevel adjustment easy. 

With its rugged 1¾ HP motor, the PM1000 requires only 115V of power connection for easy installation. The machine also flaunts its toolless guard assembly with independent side leaves that maximize safety and facilitate ease of use. The highlight of its performance is credited with its 10″ maximum blade diameter. It also has a 2⅛” maximum depth of cut at 45 degrees. 

Summary of the key features

  • Arbor speed of 4200 rpm.
  • Exclusive 52” accu-fence system.
  • Miter gauge pivots 60 degrees left/right.
  • Poly-V drive system.
  • Toolless blade guard.
  • Handsfree powerswitch.
  • 7” ergonomic handwheels.
  • Arbor lock mechanism.
  • 10” blade diameter.


  • Minimal tools are required for blade changes.
  • It performs full range cuts.
  • Reduced vibrations.
  • Maximized efficiency.
  • It has an extended shelf life.
  • It has a comfortable blade height.
  • Efficient dust collection.


  • It has a motor rating of only 1¾ HP.
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6. Delta’s 36-L552 left tilt cabinet saw.

Delta’s 36-L552 left tilt cabinet saw has a push-button arbor lock, which makes the blade changing process simple with the use of only one wrench. This table saw offers the largest blade opening in class, making tuning the riving knife and blade changes a straightforward task. It also features a bevel dial that allows efficient tuning of the blade bevel and provides accuracy during operations. The improved tabletop geometry ensures that the surface is large enough to stabilize the workpiece. It also offers outstanding smoothness on the overall finish.

Most machines have a motor that probably produces intense vibrations. However, the 36-L552 counters this effect with its trunnion system that provides excellent vibration control to facilitate the smooth operation. The dual front cranks help in adjusting the blade height and bevel. With the solid footing 3 HP American motor, this unit produces added power to cut through hardwoods and engineered products like melamine and MDF. The cabinet construction also has a sizeable cast-iron base that provides stability while operating.

What makes Delta’s 36-L552 unique is the riving knife capability. This knife does not require any tool for through and non through cuts adjustments. Such adjustment includes grooves for shelves, picture frames, dadoes, cheek cuts for furniture, rabbets, and many more. This table saw also comes with a storage kit under the table board, convenient and expandable to accommodate numerous accessories.

As a mandatory consideration for most woodworking machines, the Delta cabinet table saw integrates a bi-level dust extraction system that improves dust collection. It also incorporates a legendary biesemeyer fence system that is accurate to 1/64″. This feature is designed for precision cuts and is engineered to cut small pieces of stock fence. With rotations of up to 4300 RPM’s, this rugged unit can comfortably handle any wood type. 

Generally, the 36-L552 is ideal for woodworking, boat building, and cabinet making. It does a great job with its rubberized feet that absorb the vibrations and prevents wobbling and walking of the entire tool while operating.

Summary of the key features

  • 3 HP motor.
  • It has a 52″ biesemeyer fence system.
  • Bevel dial.
  • Single cast trunnion system.
  • Arbor lock.
  • Dual front cranks.
  • Convenient and expandable storage.

A cabinet table saw by DeltaPros

  • Easy blade changes.
  • Effortless riving knife tuning.
  • Large surface area.
  • It’s ideal for all wood types.
  • Convenient control system.
  • Low vibration levels.
  • It has improved dust collection.


  • The fence system only has an accuracy of 1/64″.
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7. SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw, (PCS175-TGP236)

To conclude, on my top tier list is the SAWSTOP Professional Cabinet Saw (PCS175-TGP236). This item features a professional T glide fence system constructed with strong thick gauge steel. It provides an extensive work surface with precision measurement. It also has a dust collection as that provides a conducive working environment. Thanks to the blade guard capture, which traps up to 99% of created dust.

The PCS175-TGP236 is built to last. With its vertical trunnion travel and the gas piston, you will always have smooth operations. The durable open gearing system ensures minimal dust compaction, particularly to the machine’s vulnerable parts. This product also flaunts the poly V-ribbed belts that provide smooth power transfer with minimal vibration levels. 

For mobility purposes, this unit has two fixed wheels with two 360 degrees casters. The ergonomic one-foot operation also helps in mobility by mechanically lifting the saw in a single motion. Additionally, this saw has three quick pumps of the foot pedal that helps in lifting the saw. Therefore, rendering this unit ideal to move around the shop.

Another impressive feature of this item is the SawStop patented safety system that stops spinning the blade on contact with skin. When this feature is triggered, it prevents the blade from rotating in less than five milliseconds and drops below the table. This helps minimize any chance of life-altering injury to a mere scratch. The PCS175-TGP236 also has unmatched quality, thanks to its trunnion and arbor mechanism built for stability, strength, and precision.

In addition to its safety features, this item proves reliable with its control box that houses the on/off switch, onboard computer, power paddle. The 1.75 HP motor produces the power necessary for spinning the 10″diameter blade in performing a 3⅛” maximum depth of cut.

Summary of the key features

  • Router lift.
  • Downdraft dust collection box.
  • 36″ T Glide fence assembly.
  • 10″ blade diameter.
  • 1.75 HP motor.
  • It features four 360 degrees casters and hydraulic assist.
  • Poly V-ribbed belts.

Image of sawtop, the Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small ShopPros

  • Durable.
  • Smooth power transfer.
  • Easy operation.
  • Easy to move around.
  • 99% dust collection.
  • Low vibration level.


  • The dado blade diameter is only 8″.
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Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small Shop Buyers’ Guide

For a small workshop, you require a compact and versatile machine but with outstanding performance. It should withstand the working environment despite how hostile it might be. You should also note that most woodworking tasks are accompanied by dust from the sawdust produced while working. This means that your machine should have a convenient dust collection system. A large working space provides room for handling the large and long workpieces.

The device should also have a vigorous motor that delivers the power necessary for cutting through hardwoods and engineered materials like MDF. 

This narrows down to the best cabinet table saw for small shop. However, I recommend that you know all the essential features necessary for an efficient table saw. For this reason, below is a detailed guide and reasons you should get one of these tools for your small shop.

Reasons You Need the Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small Shop

  • Efficient dust collection. With an improved dust collection mechanism, you will always work in a dust-free environment since no sawdust can dominate the air. This also prolongs the machine’s life due to less maintenance.
  • Low vibrations. As it’s common to most machines, vibrations always interfere with the machines’ performance. This is not the case with these units, as they are designed to have minimal vibration levels.
  • Large working area. You will enjoy working on long and large workpieces, thanks to the extended work table.
  • Easy blade changes. There are no complications when it comes to blade changes as it’s straightforward with minimal risks of accidents.
  • Safe for use. Safety on these products is paramount. There are lots of safety measures to counter any accidental acts that may arise unknowingly.
  • Efficient V-belts. The V-belts on these saws ensure an efficient power transfer between the motor and the rotating blade.
  • Vigorous motor. The motor provides the power required to cut through any wood type.
  • Adjustable miter gauge. This feature provides flexibility by tilting either in the right or left direction allowing you to perform angle cuts.
  • Convenient operating system. For ease of use, the operating system is conveniently located on the side of the machine.

Factors to Contemplate When Choosing the Best Cabinet Table Saw for Small Shop 

  • Motor

The motor is the central part of the table saws. It produces the power required for outstanding performance. Therefore, you should keenly consider checking the motor type and its capabilities. For a standard table saw motor, the ratings range from 1 HP to 5HP. As a rule of the thumb, higher rating motors work more efficiently compared to the low ones. Therefore, consider a machine with specific motor ratings depending on your project’s demand.

  • Dust collection system

The dust collection system ensures that no sawdust gets into your eye as it can be so irritating. On the other hand, the machine’s vulnerable parts can also get affected by the prevailing dust accumulation. Thus, I suggest you go for a unit with an effective dust collection mechanism.

  • Safety mechanism

Safety is key to all motorized machines. This becomes of more concern, especially for the cutting units, as it involves contact with sharp blades. The cabinet table saw has numerous safety features, including the magnetic safety switch. It works automatically by stopping the blade and motor in case of skin contact. This feature is also sensitive to excess current, and it counters it by powering off. Another safety feature is the toolless quick-release blade guard. It covers the blade when the saw is not in use to prevent any accidental contact. It is also engineered to avoid accidental startups in case of power failure.

  • Belt type

The most convenient belt type for power transmission in the cabinet table saw is the V-belt. More importantly, most designs prefer the poly-V belt. It’s rigid and strong enough to withstand the high temperatures and speed for the transfer of power.

  • Trunnion system 

The trunnion system is vital for the reduction of the vibration levels. It absorbs the produced vibrations making the entire operation swift with less interference.

  • Handwheels

The handwheels are commonly made of cast iron material. They come with spinner handles that help to operate the worm gear drives, bevel, and make height adjustments. Besides, they are designed to remain smooth even after prolonged use.

  • Fence

The commercial fence enhances accuracy, safety, and high performance. Some have a T square design configured with simple adjuster screws and an adjustable cursor. They also have a locking mechanism made of powdered metal parts for increased durability.  

  • Blade diameter

For your machine to cut through a large workpiece, it needs to have a larger blade. The standard blade diameter for a table saw ranges between 7″ to 10″. 

  • Miter gauge

The miter gauge comes with a long bar that follows the miter slot smoothly and accurately.  It has a disc at the end of the to prevent it from lifting during a cut. The general purpose of this feature is to ensure precision and consistency in all cutting operations.

  • Table

It would help if you chose a cabinet saw with a large finely ground table with extensions to provide enough work surface for large jobs. Besides, the recommended material is cast iron since it’s rigid enough to withstand heavy loads.


I guarantee you that the best cabinet table saw for small shop will never disappoint no matter the task. With the safety features fully functioning, you will always have accident free working time. Besides, you will enjoy the comfort of working in a clean environment, thanks to the integrated dust collection system. Other advanced features include the extended cat iron table, vigorous motor, among others. 

After all the detailed research, I settled for Jet 708675PK Deluxe XACTA Saw as the overall best cabinet table saw for small shop. This table outperforms your expectations with its numerous innovative features. It comes with a full-featured miter gauge, 3 HP robust motor, and many more incredible features. However, you have this article to clarify before choosing the unit to best suit your project’s demands.

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