10 Best Worm Drive Circular Saw- Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

Image of Makita, the best worm drive circular sawThere are many types of circular saws with different applications. But for precise, accurate, convenient cuts, you should use a more improvised tool. For instance, you need a tool that can give you straight lines without using an extra measurement tool. In this article, I am going to review the best worm drive circular saws. 

This type has its motor at the rear part and transfers its power with a pair of gears at 90-degrees. Its longer distance between the handle and the blades makes it ideal for you to make cuts freely.

It also has a bevel capacity that gives you the mandate to choose what angle you want to use. Being a high-speed tool, you have an assured safety from its anti-snag mechanism that keeps the blades covered and prevents snagging while operating. 

But with the mushrooming manufacturing companies, the quality of machines is now compromised. However, you should now put your worries aside because I have listed the top ten best worm drive circular saws and buyers guide to increase your confidence in getting one.

1. SKILSAW SPT77WML Lightweight Worm Drive Circular Saw

This machine has a design that advocates for all the framers. The SKILSAW SPT77WML has its whole body made from very buoyant magnesium metal, and so it only weighs 11.6 lbs- This has rendered SPT77WML the lightest circular saw in its class. 

Additionally, the tool has an embedded 15 Amp dual-field motor that produces a no-load RPM of 5300. Hence, you can use it the whole day without the risk of overheating. This 7¼” mighty saw has a 22-tooth carbide-tipped blade, capable of cutting through almost any kind of material. Thanks to its robust power production with a maximum cutting capacity of up to 2⅜” at 90-degrees. 

Besides, you can also adjust the bevel to a maximum of 53-degrees, with positive stops at 0 and 45 degrees, respectively. This circular saw works with high precision on all hard, soft, and even engineered woods. Thus it’s ideal for siding, decking, ceilings, and framing.

The tool comes with an on-tool multifunctional wrench that makes it easy for you to change the blades. Furthermore, it also assists in the oil maintenance of the machine and brush changes.

Summary of top features

  • You can easily adjust this tool for ¼ ply, ½ ply, ¾ ply, and 2x using the cut ready depth adjustment level.
  • The tool also has an anti-snag that lowers the guard to protect the blade, especially when not in operation. Besides, it also prevents snagging when the device is in the running mode.
  • Its powerful 15-Amp motor has a design specifically for saws, thus keeps it cool even when you work for long hours.
  • This tools’ bevel adjustment with the positive stops in front and behind blades helps you get an accurate cut.
  • The tools’ design is balanced and has an ergonomic handle that gives you comfort, even when working on rigid materials.

skilsaw, circular sawPros

  • It’s easy to use.
  • The tool has a higher bevel capacity for broader cuts.
  • It also has an anti-snag mechanism for small cut-off pieces.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • It’s corded hence the risk of dangling wires.
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2. Makita 5477NB 7-1/4″ Hypoid Saw

The Makita 5477NB 7¼” Hypoid saw has no disappointments when it comes to more power with better performance and first-rate cuts. The 5477NB model has a vigorous 15-Amp motor with heat-treated hypoid gears. Thus you can operate your machine for a very long period with fewer maintenance needs.

This machine has a wide range of applications, including siding roofs and floors using dimensional or engineered lumber and framing walls. Suppose you are a builder, carpenter, framer, or just a general contractor. Then the Makita 5477NB model is the ideal tool for you.

The 7¼” hypoid saw has an advanced framing blade with high-quality tooth design coated with carbide to withstand harsh conditions. Additionally, you can use this tool for any extensive cutting- This is because it has a sizable cutting capacity of 2⅜” at 90-degrees, 1¾” at 45-degrees, and 1-9/16” at 50-degrees.

With Makita 5477NB 7¼”, you are assured with durability. Its base is rust-resistant. It also has a reinforced 10-foot long cable with external brushes. Thus, easy to replace and also ideal for use at the job site.

Summary of top features

  • This tool has a spindle lock button, and an in-ship blade wrests that makes it easy for you to change the blades. 
  • The tool delivers cut-after-cut with its powerful 15-Amp motor.
  • Its bevel capacity ranges from 0 to 51.5 degrees and has positive stops at 45 and 51.5 degrees. Thus makes your truss and rafter cut-outs, a piece of cake.
  • The tools’ lower guard ensures that you get a good outcome when making bevel and narrow cuts.
  • This tool also has large levers that ensure fast 9depth and bevel alterations.
  • It also has high quality heat-treated hypoid gears for a long heat-resisting accomplishment.

Makita circular sawPros

  • Its chemically treated base enhances durability.
  • Fast and timely blade changing.
  • The lower guard ensures efficient performance in bevel and narrow cuts.
  • Powerful 15-Amp motor.


  • It has a lower bevel capacity range.
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3. DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60V MAX Circular Saw Kit, 7-1/4-Inch, Worm Style, 9.0Ah Battery (DCS577X1)

DEWALT FLEXVOLT 7-¼” circular saw kit has a cordless design that eradicates the risk of minor accidents due to hanging cords. It has a long-lasting DCB609 20V/60V MAX FLEXVOLT 9.0 Ah battery and a capable brushless motor for more efficient and precise cuttings.

With its handle positioned at the rear and a left side blade- The DCS577X1 saw allows you to use its optimally designed line of sight, for comfortable cutting in a straight line. On top of that, its integral dust blower enables you to have a clear cut by blowing away specks of dust from your workpiece.

This tool also comes with an embedded electronic brake that auto-stops the blade when you release the trigger. It has bevel capacity similar to other worm drive saws with a range of 53-degrees and positive stops at 45 and 22.5 degrees. Further to that, its blades can cut to a depth of up to 2-7/16” at 90-degrees.

You can use this worm drive circular saw for various wood applications, including plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), hardwoods, dimensional lumber, and flooring. 

Summary of key features

  • Been cordless, it has a 60V max battery for a high fade-free run-time.
  • The rafter hook and the onboard storage wrench reduces complications when it comes to blade changing.
  • The optimized line of sight facilitates the straight line cuts.
  • Its 7¼” blade is strong and large enough for deep cuts on a variety of materials.
  • The machines’ brushless motor and premium magnesium shoe guarantees you accurate cuts and a long operating time.

Dewalt circular sawPros

  • Electronic brake system.
  • It has a holistic dust blower for clear line cuttings.
  • Proficient brushless motor.
  • Maximized line of sight.


  • It’s cordless; thus, you require some charging time.
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4. SKILSAW SPT70V-11Super Sawsquatch 16-5/16″ Worm Drive Circular Saw

For the best performance on the most challenging materials, SKILSAW SPT70V Super sawsquatch 16-15/16” worm drive circular saw is the machine to employ. It has a robust, reliable blade with a cutting capacity of 6¼” for one-and-done clean cuts. Additionally, the edge can also lumber through a 6¼” thick material.

The Skilsaw SPT70V worm drive saw has a reliable and durable foot-plate made from magnesium that ensures precise cuts, and durability. Thus you can use this tool on any flat surface or woodwork. Besides, the magnesium material also renders this tool very light so you can comfortably carry it anywhere for your outdoor chores.

Equitable to other corded worm drive circular saws, the SPT70V has a powerful 15-Amp dual-field motor- That keeps the machine cool even after an extended run-time for increased power.

Summary of key features

  • The tools SKILSAW blade that measures 16-5/16” is ideal for all your perfect cuts.
  • Besides that, the blade delivers quality clean cuts through 6x.
  • Its magnesium body with all the components inside only weighs 27.3 pounds, thus enhances job portability.
  • The tools’ 15-Amp doubly-field motor and brass worm gearing system ensures that you always obtain a clean-cut.
  • This machine also has a quick stop electric brake that quickly stops the blade.

Image of skilsaw, the best worm drive circular sawPros

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Vigorous dual-field motor.
  • Powers 6x in one clear cut.
  • Legendary worm drive gearing.


  • Its cord length is only 120”.
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5. Makita 5377MG 7-1/4″ Magnesium Hypoid Saw

With its powerful 15.0 Amp motor, the Makita 5377MG 7¼” magnesium hypoid saw conveys up to 4500 RPM. It’s also molded with the compressed winding technique that retains the overall compact size but ensures delivery of Jobsite durability.

The tools’ magnesium components make it portable and provide the right balance when operating. It has retractable hooks that let the device remain close by, but by no means on cutting lane. Unlike the traditional bronze-alloy, this tool has high-quality heat treated hypoid steel gears that do not wear out prematurely.

Makita 5377MG has employed the oil bath technology, caged with a sealed gear housing, and a nested fan- This attributes to 100% oil surface coating, thus reducing the maintenance cost. Its large rubberized levers enable you to make a fast adjustment by only using one hand.

The settings on this tool are elementary with oversized calibration, hence easy to read. You can also perform large cuttings with this machine- All gratitude to its cutting capacity of 2⅜” at 90 degrees and a bevel capacity ranging from 0-51.5 degrees with positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees.

Summary of key features

  • The tools’ incorporated oil-bath technology and sealed gear housing act as a protection amenity to prevent oil spillage.
  • Its reinforced power cable has enough strength to withstand all the Jobsite abuse.
  • The overrated heat treated hypoid steel gears do not wear out occasionally.
  • The blade wrench is firmly attached to the side of the saw for a swift and convenient blade changing.

image of a worm drive circular sawPros

  • Easy to read calibrations.
  • 100% oil surface coating.
  • High quality steel gears.
  • Comfortable, rubberized grip.


  • It only has a one year warranty.
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6. DEWALT 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw, 15-Amp, Worm Drive (DWS535B)

DEWALT 7¼” worm drive circular saw manufacturers have done their best to maintain the tool’s portability nature. It has a casing made from an alloy of magnesium and aluminum, which sustains its lightweight nature and durability.

Additionally, the tools toughcord(TM) protection scheme also contributes to the machine’s long life by providing 4x better cord jerk conservation. The electric brake system also ensures your safety and the tool’s safety by stopping the blade immediately you release the prompt.

The 7¼” circular saw has a potent 15-Amp motor that divulges up to 4800 RPM and 1400” lbs of torque to power it through rigid materials. Besides, its extensive saw hook accepts materials up to 2¾” wide. It also features a 53 degrees bevel capacity for more sophisticated utilization.

Its bevel capability ratches at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees for fast and exact settings to standard angles. Additionally, its spindle lock can be accessed from the top and thus allows for quick blade changes.

Summary of top features

  • This tool’s dual rip port merges with the available DWS5100 12” double port rip guide for quick and easy use.
  • The toughcord cord protections system provides 4x surpass cord-jerk shielding that helps prevent minor accidents.
  • The tools extra wide saw ensures that a wide range of materials gets hooked while operating.
  • A wide range of bevel capacity with detents ensures that you accurately set the standard angles and advanced applications.

Dewalt, worm drive circular sawPros

  • It’s lightweight and compact.
  • Auto-stop electric system.
  • Dual rip ports.
  • Tough cord protection mechanism.
  • Extra-wide saw hook.


  • It produces only 1400” pounds of torque.
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7. Bosch 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41

The Bosch 7¼” worm drive circular saw CSW41 features a unique design that offers accuracy and precision. It’s left side blade sets out unparalleled clarity of the cutting line. Using this tool, you have a guaranteed increase in productivity, but to the contrary, you will have very little or no fatigue.

Despite its lightweight of only 13.2 lbs, this saw has a mighty motor with a rating of 15-Amps that produces an outstanding amount of torque- and therefore delivering a whooping 5300 RPM in no-load mode.

The CSW41 7¼” also features a versatile on-deck wrench for easy blade and brush amendments, blade diamond knockout, and lever modulations. Additionally, the saw also has an in-built hook for proper storage between cuts. 

This tool also traits an anti-grip snag lower guard. Thus, it provides protection and smooth work time for little cut-off scraps. Its tender to touch grip handle ensures that you are comfortable with your all-day work.

Summary of top features

  • This tool’s magnesium construction has rendered it a very light tool and ideal for outdoor chores with reduced exhaustion.
  • The tool characterizes a worm drive design that delivers high accuracy and precision.
  • Its powerful motor stipulates a very high torque that powers the tool through different materials.
  •  Besides, its anti-snag lower shield and soft-grip handle offers the comfort of working without exhaustion.

Worm Drive Circular SawPros

  • Convenience.
  • High torque supply.
  • Precise and accurate.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Its motor produces only 2.28 horsepower.
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8. Hitachi C7WDM 7 1/4″ 15-Amp Worm Drive Circular Saw

With the Hitachi C7WDM 7¼” 15-Amp worm drive circular saw, you have an assured stellar power and performance. Its powerful motor makes your cutting experience seem quick and easy, especially if you are a first time user.  

The C7WDM steel levers and rafter hooks are enormous for easy adjustments, elevate toughness, and improve real-world usability. This design comes with an added value reward featuring two durable 7¼” 24T premium vpr framing blades. Thus enhances chockfull construction to produce vocational results.

For the sake of reduced vibrations and comfort, while working, this tool has an ergonomically designed handle grip with a soft texture. Besides, it only weighs 14.7 lbs, and thus, it’s among the lightest best worm drive circular saws.

Not forgetting, Hitachi power tools, has a new captivating name, the Metabo HPT. However, the competence of preciseness and accuracy has remained the same.

Summary of top features 

  • This tool has durable drive gears for longer shelf life and exceptional results.
  • The powerful motor produces irresistible torque that stipulates the production if 5000 RPM when not loaded.
  • The steel bevels and depth adjustment levers enhance the toughness on any material that the tool encounters.
  • The two 7¼” 24T premium vpr framing blades are strong and precious enough to handle all your job applications.

Image of Hitachi warm drive circular sawPros

  • Extremely light.
  • This tool has a new name with the same job quality.
  • Durable worm drive gears.
  • It comes with an added value bonus.


  • The tool has a lower RPM as compared to others of the same class.
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9. Prazi USA – Blades – Beam Cutter for 7-1/4 Inch Worm Drive Saws

Using the Prazi USA-blades-beam cutter for 7¼” worm drive saw, you can cut angles of up to 45-degrees. This tool has a vertical foot-plate and nested sight- That permits the exact cutting of squares and enhances majestic gliding while working on your perfect straight lines.

With this device, you can easily accomplish arches, log cuts, compound angle, stairs, meters, rafter pitch cuts, band saw cut, notch 6×12 panels, ripping, and many more. You can install this unit in only 60 seconds with the provided three bolts. Besides, there is no need to remove any part of the saw.

It also comes with built-in safety features, including kickback resistance, dust deflector guard, guide bar, double guarded, anti-kickback chain, low-profile, and chain guard with OSHA endorsement. All these accessories are to enhance the durability and performance of the machine.

Summary of key features

  • The tool works with two different drive saws, including the Bosch and Skil 7¼” and 8¼” for improved work quality.
  • This tool’s power will help you accomplish most of your cutting application, including compound angles, long cuts, bandsaw cuts, etc.
  • The built-in sight foot-plate assures that you make correct glides.
  • Its bevel is capable of cutting up to 45-degrees.

Image of prazi worm drive sawPros

  • Easy and quick to install.
  • The device uses its vertical blades for smooth and exact cuts.
  • This tool executes different varieties of cuts.
  • It works with two worm drive saws.


  • It has a lower bevel capacity.
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10. SKILSAW SPT79-00 15-Amp MEDUSAW Worm Drive Saw for Concrete, 7

The SKILSAW SPT79-00 15-Amp MEDUSAW worm drive can conquer through any type of material. It’s the first tool globally integrated with the capability of scoring and cutting through concrete precisely.

The tool features a fabulous worm drive powertrain, an exclusive cut-ready adjustable plunge lock, and a hinged index for a matchless convenience and precision. This tool can equally be used under any condition, either wet or dry. Thanks to Its incorporated dual dust management system that leaves no spark behind.

Additionally, the Skilsaw SPT79-00 can perform dry cuts with its dual-size vacuum annex- You just easily connect it to any vacuum at your job site.  Whereas for wet cuts, you use a standard hose connected to a water feed and then regulate the valve’s flow.

With this device, you have guaranteed durability. The recognition goes to its rust-resistant brackets and fasteners that can withstand corrosion. This tool wrench not only facilitates the fast blade and brush changes but also secures the water feed attachment and replaces the foot wheels.

Summary of key features

  • This device can be used for both dry and wet cuts, thus eliminating the need for handheld hoses or pipes when cutting.
  • Its powerful motor has enabled this saw to have a maximum cutting capacity of up to 2” at 90-degrees thus can conveniently cut through concrete.
  • This tool comes with a vacuum hose adapter with a clamp for all your wet cutting applications.
  • The cut-ready adjustable plunge lock and pointer enables you to have precise cuts.

image of worm drive circular sawPros

  • GFCI technic reduces the risk of getting electrocuted.
  • Rust-resistant.
  • Usable for both wet and dry applications.
  • High cutting capacity.


  • Its a bit heavier when compared to other worm saws.
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The Best Worm Driver Circular Saw Buyers’ Guide

Worm driver saws are revolutionary, standing out to be the best saws for most woodworking applications. The reason is that you can perform your cutting from different angles. You only need to make some adjustments on the bevel using the lever, depending on your project’s need.

However, getting the right design with your desired specifications might still be a challenging factor. But worry not, below is a list of factors you should consider before ordering the best worm drive circular saw.

  • Bevel capacity

The bevel capacity is what determines the angle you use to perform your cuts. For instance, if your saw has a high bevel capacity, you will accomplish more tough jobs compared to the one with a low aptitude.

The most standard rating is 53-degrees with positive stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees.

  • Power

The size of cuts and your machine’s run-time depends entirely on the amount of power that it remits. Most of the worm saws use direct control while some are cordless. You should be very keen on checking on the type of battery it uses for the cordless ones.

Besides, it must have a powerful battery that can accord you with a fade-free run-time. The most preferred is the lithium-ion battery, although you should choose the high voltage ratings.

The cutting capability of your machine also depends on the type of motor it uses and its output. For instance, most of the tools above have a motor rating ranging between 10 and 15-Amps but with varying torques capacities. So you should always consider a saw with a high motor rating and the quality if it can run for a prolonged time without overheating. 

  • Blade

The blade of the saw is what cuts through your workpiece. Different designs have varying depth capacities at different angles. You should consider the cutting ability of the tool before purchasing it.

Besides that, the material used in making the blade also determines if it can withstand tough too cut fabrics. I recommend that you pick on a saw that has a blade coated with carbide- This increases its strength, and therefore, it can cut through any type of material.

  • Portability

For more efficient working with fewer fatigues, you don’t need to use a hefty machine. Choose the one that you can carry from one job site to another with ease. To be specific, look at the type of material used. The preferable choice is magnesium, aluminum, or the alloy of both. 

  • Calibrations

For more straightforward and quick working, your saw should have very clear calibrations so that you cannot waste time making adjustments on the bevel.

  • Anti-snag

This tool could be hazardous if miss handle, so it’s necessary to have a guarding system. In this case, its the anti-snag guard. This device protects the machine both while in operation or when not.

It does this by lowering the guards to cover the sharp blades and preventing snagging when the tool is in operation.

Watch the video below on how to use a worm drive circular saw: 


Worm drive circular saws have proven to be the types among the numerous circular saws. They deliver high-quality, precise finishing on every cutting project- They’re also reliable for any material.

Therefore, when choosing the best worm drive circular tool, consider the power it delivers, the bevel capacity, and the type of blade used. My best choice is the SKILSAW SPT79-00 15-Amp MEDUSAW Worm Drive Saw for Concrete, 7. This tool can cut through any kind of material, including concrete. Thereby ideal for all your domestic and professional applications.

This article is full of answers to all your questions about the best worm drive circular saw. I hope it will help you make a guided purchase decision.

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