12 Best Portable Saw Horses- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of bora, one of the best portable saw horses in useThere are numerous support tools in the industries, for both large scale and standard chores. However, you can’t carry them around to different working stations for various activities- This is where the best portable saw horses join the race.

Just as the name goes, this unit is portable. All appreciation goes to its folding ability and its carrying capacity. Furthermore, you can also use it as a pair or as a single sawhorse. Most of them have material that can withstand corrosion and other environmental hazards.

The portable sawhorse also has rubberized feet that prevent it from sliding, and some are also adjustable. Therefore, they have no verge of toppling off when used on uneven ground or a sloppy terrain.

However, the challenge remains the same. Which are the best portable saw horses?  Can you make one for yourself at home? What’s the maximum amount of load that a specific sawhorse can carry? For more detailed information, this article assures it all. 

List of The Best Portable Saw Horses

1. WORX Clamping Sawhorse Pair with Bar Clamps, Built-in Shelf and Cord Hooks, WX065

This tool is, without a doubt, one of the best portable saw horses you can find out there.

The WORX clamps sawhorse pair with bar clamps built-in shelf and cord hook will firmly support your workpiece. Thanks to its standard-made clamps, they are flexible and rigid incorporated- These clamps ensure secure fastening in both small and significant applications. You can also use these clamps from any position, including vertical or horizontal.

Both of the clamps only weigh 4 lbs each. Thus you can carry it to any of your precise working stations. Its compatible body and the lightweight nature make this tool easy to store in any corner or between projects.

However, don’t judge it by its weight. It’s capable of supporting any workpiece with an incredible maximum weight of 1000 lbs. Additionally, its clamps can hold together a workpiece while exerting a pressure of up to 300 lbs. 

With the Worx WX065, you don’t need an additional storage room or space for your power supplies or strips. It has a supplementary shelf at the bottom that you can use as your storage compartment. This design has the WORX cutting-edge technology and advanced contemporary standards. Thus you can work on your project effectively to build a long-lasting tool.

Summary of key features

  • This tool’s conventionally made clamps are firm and rigid. Thus, they can support any of your project that weighs up to 1000 lbs, with a pressure of 300 lbs.
  • The tools pair of bar clamps can attach without the use of any tool. 
  • Its extra shelf and cord hooks can conveniently work as your storage kit for your working tools, cords, or any other material.
  • Besides, you can also fold this tool until it’s flat and easy to store or carry anywhere.
  • The tool has a rugged molded ABS material, while the clamp’s material is ABS and steel that enhances durability.

Image of Worx sawhorsePros

  • You can use this tool in both vertical and horizontal applications.
  • Compact and lightweight. 
  • Easy to store.
  • It employs the WORX cutting technology.
  • Detachable bar clamps.
  • It can work on large projects.


  • It can only support a weight of up to 1000 lbs.
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2. DEWALT Miter Saw Stand, Heavy Duty (DWX725)

DEWALT miter saw stand, heavy-duty (DWX725) has unique leg lock levers. They can easily lock into each other to provide superior support, adequate storage, and make it easy and fast for you to assemble and set up the stand. The DEWALT DWX725 has a large capacity for the most challenging jobs that weigh up to 1000 lbs.

This tool is also compatible with other optional DW7231 miter saws mounting brackets. Thus it gives you the mandate to use it as a tool or stand at the same interval. The DWX725 miter saw has aluminum construction. Thereby it only weighs 15.4 lbs, which is suitable for you to transport it from one job site to the next.

Additionally, it has incorporated a transport latch that can hold the two pairs together for conveyance purposes. Besides, this tool has an extended height and width of 32″ and 36″ respectively. Whereas Its folded height and width is 7″ and 36″- These specifications contribute to its compatibility and portability complexion. 

Summary of key features

  • Its aluminum construction design renders this tool lightweight and ideal for transporting it to various job sites.
  • The tools retardable legs allow you to store it easily and support a substantial weight of up to 1000lbs.
  • The leg lock levers facilitate the support and easy set up without the use of any tool.
  • This tool can also accept other DW7231 miter saw fitting brackets. Therefore, you can multitask by using it as a tool stand.

Dewalt sawhorsePros

  • The tool has a compact design.
  • Its made from aluminum.
  • Leg lock levers for easy setup.
  • This tool supports weight up to 1000 lbs.
  • It assumes other DW7231 mounting brackets.
  • The tool’s superior legs can easily fold for storage purposes.
  • The transport latch facilitates the easy transportation of the pairs.


  • The optional DW7231 mounting brackets don’t come in the box.
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3. Folding Metal Leg Saw Horse (Twin Pack)

This incredible design from Stanley tools is capable of withstanding all types of job sites and weather conditions. Just as the name goes, the folding metal leg sawhorse. You can conveniently fold its legs while setting up, storing, or tuck it into a carry case. You can also carry it using the shoulder strap that comes affixed with two metal clips. 

Its all-metal body construction is rigid and versatile, making it vital to carry heavy weights and equally increases its shelf life. Besides, it has a plastic top and rubberized feet. As a result, you can adequately saw away without fearing that the sawhorse might slide.

The Folding metal leg twin park has a nested two side latches- This enables you to attach the two sawhorses and thus conferring you with a more expansive working space. Therefore, you can perform your door trimming, deck laying, and other professional projects without concerns about the functional area.

Summary of the key features

  • Its a folding metal leg saw. Therefore, you can fold it flat into a carry case for effortless transportation and storage.
  • This tool has a durable metal design. Thus, you can repeatedly use it over the years in any site condition.
  • The tool also has non-slip rubber feet and a plastic top to hold your workpiece firmly while sawing.
  • It comes with a shoulder strap that enables you to carry it freely to different work stations.
  • You can easily combine this saw to increase your working surface.
  • The sawhorse can support a workpiece with a maximum weight of up to 340 kg.

image of a portable sawhorsePros

  • It has folding legs.
  • The tool also has side latches for the fastening of the two horses.
  • This tool requires undemanding skills.
  • You can easily transport it.
  • This unit is compatible with numerous applications, including door trimming and decking.


  • It’s a bit heavier than others of its class.
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4. Trojan TS-35 35 Tall Sawhorse (includes legs for one sawhorse)

Trojan TS-35 35tall sawhorse is the strongest, most rugged sawhorse making it one of the best portable saw horses in the market. It has 35″ metal arms that are capable of supporting a colossal weight. The legs come in different angles, including ⅛” x 1,  ¼” x 1, and ¼” that are long-lasting and enhance durability.

The TS-35 design has 2x gripping teeth clamp that you can connect as a cross member without any screws or nails. Additionally, you can also adjust the height and length of your sawhorse to your desired size. 

Although this tool is lightweight, it’s robust and sturdy. Thus it guarantees you a more extended usage period.  This tool doesn’t come with a complicated body, and therefore it’s effortless to set up. Besides that, the TS-35 can completely fold, making it easy for you to carry around for different projects.

With this unit, you are not at risk of cutting your sawhorse or spoiling the cutting machine’s blade. The appreciation goes to its ⅛” thick welded steel construction. It’s powder-coated to ensure maximum durability and permanence- This coating also provides the objection against wear and tear, thus rendering the tool usable in vast weather and job site conditions.

Summary of the key features

  • This tool does not require experts. It comes ready to install with very minimal parts.
  • Besides, all the nuts for installation are of the same size, thus reduces the time that you might waste figuring out the proper nut.
  • The legs of this tool can completely fold and so contribute to its ease to carry.
  • Its powdered coated steel construction frames protect the sawhorse from rust. It also ensures the durability of the tool. 
  • The tools gripping teeth have an ergonomic design that eliminates the need for additional screws.

image of a portable saw horsePros 

  • The tool is easy to install.
  • Its made from a durable and sturdy material.
  • Ergonomically designed gripping teeth.
  • This tool is also resistant to wear.
  • The legs can self-level to any topography.
  • It can withstand any weather condition.


  • It’s not compatible with any other sawhorse clamp.
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5. AmazonBasics Folding Sawhorse – Set of 2, 900 Pound Capacity

The Amazon basics folding sawhorse can take a high load capacity of up to 900 pounds- This ensures that you work from a stable platform for all your vital sawing tasks. Moreover, this tool needs no installation since It comes fully assembled and ready to use. 

Amazonbasics folding sawhorse obeys all the safety regulations for commercial, remodeling projects, and home construction. Its legs can open to a maximum width of 32½”- This provides stability when supporting heavy loads. On top of that, it also features rubberized non-slip feet, fold-out stoppers, and locking braces- That guarantees stability despite the terrain.

This unit has a constrict design that you can easily fold and thereby convenient to carry around and store. Furthermore, the Amazonbasics only weighs 10.27 lbs, making it one of the lightest sawhorse. But besides its lightweight character, its strength and durability are not compromised.  

Summary of key features

  • This tool easily folds down, making it ideal for carrying around and storing.
  • The legs can open up to a width of 32½”- Giving you a complete working area and consequently provides stability over different grounds.
  • It also has non-slip feet that firmly holds the ground to prevent slipping while loaded for safety reasons.
  • Additionally, its also equipped with locking braces and fold-out stoppers that hinge the legs for stability purposes. 
  • Generally, this tool does not require mounting. It comes fully assembled, saving you some working time.

Amazon basics sawhorsePros

  • Easy storage and transportation.
  • The tool comes with several safety features.
  • This unit is ideal for both home-based applications and expert construction.
  • It comes as a set of two proficient sawhorses.
  • The tool comes fully assembled.
  • Petite and foldable.
  • Its lightweight nature doesn’t jeopardize strength and durability.


  • It supports a maximum weight of 900lbs.
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6. Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses, Heavy Duty Stand, 4 Sawbucks, (115445M)

Just like other Hitachi power tools, the 115445M has taken over from its predecessor. It has a new name but with no compromise in design, durability, and efficiency. It is the only unit with a maximum carrying capacity of 1200 lbs per pair.

With this tool appliance, you have a guaranteed safety of your working equipment and cords. Thanks to its built-in cord hooks and shelf that can act as your storage cabinet. Further to that, it comes with two sawhorses to increase the surface area and four sawbucks to sustain its massive loading capacity. 

Additionally,  you can also use it to raise or broaden your work surface to a merge that can support up to 4’x8′ sheets- This enables you to work efficiently for better output on any size and type of material. 

Summary of key features

  • This tool is constrained to hold up to 1200 lbs of weight with each pair of its sawhorse- This enables you to work efficiently on substantial duties.
  • It also includes four saw backs and two sawhorses that you can employ as your crossbar to hold large pieces of work.
  • With this tool, you won’t have to look for an additional storage kit or room. It has nested hooks for hanging cords and a bottom shelf to put some of your petite workshop tools.
  • The tool’s well-designed sawbuck can hold a 2×4 arms on its side. Thus it increases your working period

Metabo folding sawhorsePros

  • It has the largest carrying capacity of up to 1200lbs. 
  • This unit comes along with two sawhorses and four bucks.
  • Heavy-duty.
  • You can raise it or extend it.
  • It can support a 4’x8’ complete sheet.


  • This tool weighs more than other sawhorses.
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7. ToughBuilt – Folding Sawhorse with 2×4 Support Arms – Sturdy, Durable, Lightweight, Heavy-Duty, (TB-C500) 

The folding sawhorse with 2×4 support arms TB-C500 design is indeed a tough built sawhorse. Its material is 100% steel, powder-coated, and zinc-plated to enhance durability and rigidity when loaded. The coating also prevents the tool from corrosion and a meticulous environment.

Furthermore, this device can hold a load capacity up to 1100 lbs when alone and 2200 lbs when in pairs. The TB-C500 also features 2×4 arms that provide support when incorporated with the two sawhorses. Besides, it forms a broad working table that can hold different sizes of the load. 

This tool’s legs can open very fast and so making it easy to install and transport. Besides, it also has rolled edges, thus eliminating the risk of minor accidents and equally enhancing comfort while operating. This tool has a versatile design that you can utilize for various applications. These include maintenance, technician, framing, plumbing, heavy-duty building, finishings, and many more.

Summary  of key features

  • Its vigorous material has rendered this tool capable of supporting a heavyweight of 1100lbs when alone and 2200 lb when in pair.
  • The tool has a powder-coated and zinc-plated frame that protects the entire unit from corrosion.
  • This device also comes with 2×4 support arms that you can use to create your operating table.
  • Its has an easy to carry handle that simplifies its probabilities capability.

Toughbuild sawhorsePros

  • It’s of high-quality steel.
  • Rigid and durable.
  • Framers choice.
  • The tool can carry more weight.
  • Easy to fold and carry.
  • Its legs open very fast for effortless setup.


  • It weighs 27.6 pounds.
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8. Bora Portamate PM-3300T Steel Folding Sawhorses

This tool’s design doesn’t give a diversity between pros and amateurs. You can use it for both professional work and home DIY projects. The Bora portamate PM-3300T  has a compact design and collapsible arms. Therefore, you can conveniently store it.

Besides, this unit also has an endurable all-steel fabrication- That increases its shelf life and enhances efficiency, and better finishings. It has a wide top measuring 39″x 3.5″ with a height 33″. Besides, its stable stance measures 29″x 48″- This gives you the mandate to work on extended materials.

PM-33000T design can support weight to a maximum of 500 lbs for each sawhorse, whereas it holds up to 1000 lb when merged. This component does not require any assembly. After your purchase, you simply remove it from the box, unfolds the legs, then get to work.

Summary of top features

  • this unit has a standard height of 33″ that helps you to work comfortably.
  • Its wide, firm stance measures 19”x48,” providing enough workspace for your different projects. 
  • The tool comes fully assembled, thus saves most of your working time.
  • Additionally, it has a durable material, thus capable of tackling more vital jobs.
  • The foldable legs make it easy for you to store it almost anywhere.

portamate portable swahorsePros

  • It comes fully compiled.
  • This tool can handle very tough jobs.
  • You can use it both professionally and for DIY use.
  • Easy to use.
  • Wide stale stance.


  • This tool can support a weight of up to 1000 lbs only.
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9. Stanley 011031S FatMax Sawhorse with Adjustable Legs

The Stanely 011031S FatMax sawhorse has the capability of doing the incredible that other sawhorses can’t. It provides you with a flat top, no matter the terrain. The gratitude goes to its adjustable legs that you can regulate the height of each leg individual for hilly or rocks surfaces.

Additionally, the legs have a rubber covering at the bottom ends- This helps prevent the entire tool from slipping when loaded. Besides, it has a premium, sturdy polypropylene material that protects it from the vast working conditions.

This device has an additional toolbox with a tray for easy storage of the small accessories. You can conveniently reach this kit without having to open the toolbox. On top of that, it also has an embedded padlock eye to help you look out for the small contents. This tool also has a rubberized, soft, wide grip handle that expedites your comfort.

Summary of the top feature

  • You can adjust each leg of the sawhorse independently to your specifications, depending on the topography.
  • For durability and rigidity, the legs are strong and stable, made of sturdy polypropylene and steel.
  • This tool has got rubber feet that prevent it from slithering in wet grounds or unstable ones.
  • The Stanly 011031S has a tote tray nested inside to facilitate the storing of smaller items.
  • Its handle has a rubberized, smooth, complete, tender to touch grip that endures you work on your project without fatigue.

Stanley portable sawhorsePros

  • This tool has a unique slide mechanism.
  • Rubber inserts for demanding stability.
  • Nickel-plated latches.
  • Comfortable handle grip.
  • Adjustable legs.


  • The adjustable legs need maintenance always.
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10. 2x4basics 90196 Custom Pro Brackets Sawhorse

The 2×4 basics 90196 custom pro brackets are among the best portable sawhorse available in merchandise. With this unit, you can do it yourself on almost every kind of DIY or masterful job. The 90196 is ideal for creating long-lasting outdoor furniture, storage solutions, and many more.

This custom comes with a pair of 2x4basic pro brackets that you can combine to make one whole sawhorse. Upholding to its versatility and sturdiness, this tool can support a massive weight of up to 2000lbs. After assembling, you will notice that this unit features a shelf at its bottom base that you can use as your storage unit.

The brackets in this sawhorse are durable and require no maintenance at all. Their material is from structural resin- This protects the saw from harsh working conditions. The 90196 unit is no longer limited to the 2x4s standard size. You can design and make your own customize at the comfort of your home.

You just need to choose your desired size of up to 8 feet long and 4 feet high, and then do the finishing and painting as you please. However, you don’t need to worry about the design, since you will have all the required hardware and easy-to-follow guide provided.

Summary of key features

  • The tool’s pro brackets have a very rigid design, from structural resin to withstand the heavyweight of up to 900 kg per pair.
  • These units’ legs are from hard, durable wood. Therefore you don’t need to stick on the standard size again. Make one from the solace of your home. 
  • The tool is straightforward to assemble and comes with all the instructions and hardware.

Image of a portable swahorsePros

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • This tool can supports heavyweight.
  • Its material is from durable hardwood.


  • The lumber does not come in the package.
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11. TOUGHBUILT 28.86 in. Adjustable Folding Sawhorse, TB-C550, 2-Pack

Suppose you need to get a durable, rugged, and unparalleled job. The TOUGHBUILT 28.86” adjustable folding TB-C550 2-pack is the best portable sawhorse to consider. This unit has 100% high-grade steel legs and top. Thus, you can use it for any of your projects with guaranteed stability.

This sawhorse can support a weight of up to 1100lbs when joined together with its 2×4 arms to form a stable work station table. However, each pair holds 20 lbs each. The TB-C550 also includes exceptional support legs that facilities the upright storage of your workshop materials and precise cutting.

The arms of TB-C550 are easy to open and can also fold quickly to enhance performance on any ground, accessible transportation, and storage purposes. Additionally, its legs are powder coated and zinc-plated to prevent corrosion and other job site misuse.

Summary of top features

  • The high-grade steel arms enhance durability and stability.
  • The folding and unfolding capability facilitates maneuverability and storage.
  • This tool has a lower base storage shelf for all your cords and other petite tools.
  • It also has a more improvised powder-coating and zinc-plating to protect it from rigorous working conditions.

Umage of a folding sawhorsePros

  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Anti-corrosive.
  • It has a storage shelf.
  • The pair of sawhorses, when joined, can form a job site table.


  • it has a low load capacity.
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12. PROTOCOL Equipment Adjustable Height Work Table Folding Sawhorses

The PROTOCOL equipment adjustable height work table folding sawhorse transforms your 5×5 patch into a one-person factory. Thanks to its wide top that can accommodate a sizeable material.

This device’ all-steel material can withstand both knee-deep snow and scorching sunlight. Besides that, it’s also corrosion-resistant, and hence a longer shelf life. Each of the two pairs can endure a weight of up to 1300 pounds. Moreover, you can also adjust the height between 25″ and 32″. 

The tool’s 2×4 support arms measure 42″ and have an innovative material. Therefore, allows you to create a stable worksite table that provides support while cutting. This platform has a very high load capacity of up to 2600 pounds.

Summary of key features

  • The tools 8-positions adjustable legs are ideal for all terrains since you can vary their height from 25” to 32”.
  • The legs have a solid, innovative material that enhances stability while working.
  • This unit can be incorporated to form one tool for massive applications.
  • Its material is well coated to resist any kind of corrosion, thus assured durability and strength.

Image of protocol, one of the best portable saw horsesPros

  • Adjustable.
  • You can use it for various applications.
  • The tool can hold up to 2600lbs.
  • Suitable for entry-level pro contractors and DIY purposes. 
  • It also has an innovative material support pegs.


  • It’s a bit expensive.
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Best Portable Saw Horses Buyers Guide

The portable saw horses’ innovation came to the aid of numerous industrial applications and different home activities. They range from all sizes, design, carrying capacity, and also durability. Additionally, they are straightforward to assemble, and some even have a shelf at the base for storage purposes.

Having all this variety of sawhorses, picking out the best is another dilemma for most people, especially if you are an amateur. But just to put your trouble away. I have all the reasons and considerations before choosing the best portable sawhorse.

Reasons why you should buy a portable sawhorse

It’s portable. Just as its name suggests, you can travel along with your sawhorse to any working station- This is facilitated by its foldable nature and easy to assemble characteristics.

Dual-use. You can multitask using this unit, i.e., You can assembly it as a pair with a working table on top or use it alone. However, when combined, it holds a hefty material.

It can withstand a rigorous environment. With this tool, you can work under various environmental conditions like searing sunlight, knee-high ice, dusty, and corrosive.

Gentle on any terrain. Some of the designs have adjustable legs that adapt very well, especially on uneven terrains.

Numerous applications. This unit is not only made for industrial purposes. You can use it for various DIY projects in the comfort of your home.

Factors to Consider when Buying a Portable Saw Horse

  • Legs

The strength and material used in making the tools’ leg will determine your unit’s load size. For instance, if you choose a sawhorse with fragile legs, you won’t perform demanding jobs. I recommend the best material to be steel- This is because it’s very dense and cannot easily break even when loaded to the extreme.

  • Coating

The final coating of the tool determines the durability of your device. As an illustration, you can have a tool with the most robust material. However, when exposed to a corrosive environment, it easily gets corroded thus fades out quickly.

For this reason, it’s essential to find out from the manufacture of the tool has a powdered-coating and zinc-plating to prevent corrosion.

  • Brackets

The brackets help to hold the legs of the tool firmly. Besides, they also balance the flat table if you use the unit as a combined pair. So, for a desirable, productive output, you should consider the type of brackets used.

  • Adjustability

Not all working stations have even surfaces. For this reason, you should consider ordering a sawhorse with adjustable legs that can vary the height of your tool without affecting the overall horizontal balancing.

  • Add-ons

Most of the sawhorses perform the same duty when it comes to supporting weights. However, I condole that it’s essential to choose those with additional components. For instance, if your unit has extra hooks and a shelf at the base, you can store some of your small tools conveniently.

Watch the video below on how to use the best portable saw horses in your woodworking projects:


Portable sawhorses have eradicated the use of bulky tools for support purposes. Most of them do not require assembling- Hence saves you time and energy. Besides, they can easily fold to enhance portability and for storage purposes.

But despite that, all the designs perform the same job. My best pick is the PROTOCOL Equipment Adjustable Height Work Table Folding Sawhorse. With this unit, you can easily adjust all the legs individually to face the worst terrain. It also has a maximum capacity of 2600 lbs as a pair and 1300lbs as a single sawhorse.

With all this information on the best portable saw horses, I wish you a productive decision that will see you choosing the best tool for your working experience.

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