10 Best Professional Router Table- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of Festool router tableThere are many router tables in the market for anyone to use. However, if you are a professional woodworker then you need the best professional router table. The features of these tools differ with the brands and manufacturers. But the fact remains that you still need an ideal router table for effectively carrying out the woodworking tasks at home or in carpentry shops. 

If you have a brief knowledge of each item, you can quickly determine whether it’s useful or not. Routers are known for their ability to cut rapidly and leave a smooth surface. They are also highly reliable by most woodworkers to firmly hold the workpiece. 

However, it becomes very challenging when choosing your preferred model. If you are not cautious, you might end up overspending on a fake product only to regret it later. Here are some of the top tire router tables in the market that I have researched for your different professional needs. I’ve also included a buyer’s guide with all the finer details that you should know about the router tables before buying one.

1. Kreg PRS1045

As a professional in woodworking ventures, you need to ensure that all your projects are well mounted and fastened for easy operation. This means that you need to get the best professional router table and Kreg PRS1045 features as my first option. Here is why.

This versatile tool comes with a multipurpose, self-squaring table fence system made from anodized aluminum. It does a great job with this feature by utilizing the T-square adjustment system, which ensures the fence always stays parallel to the miter gauge slot.

What makes this unit even better is the in-built dust collection system that provides you with a clean working area. I can’t afford to leave out the high-performance tabletop with a precision insert plate system that creates room for no error.

Summary of the key features

  • It has an adjustable steel stand, which you can easily adjust to your preferred height.
  • The self squaring router table fence system enables you to get accurate measurements.
  • This equipment also has an inbuilt dust collection system that ensures you work from a clean environment.
  • The heavy-duty table with easy-slide provides a low friction working surface.
  • You will use this unit for a longer time as it has rugged anodized aluminum construction.

Image of KREG, the best professional router tablePros

  • The stand can adjust from heights of 31″ to 39″.
  • It features 3″ dual-locking casters.
  • This unit features a large working table.
  • It has unmatched versatility and incredible adjustability.
  • Durable.
  • It stipulates for low vibrations on the router table.


  • It can only raise to a maximum height of 39″.
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2. Festool 203158 CMS-GE Router Table Set

When it comes to precision and accuracy, choose the Festool 203158 CMS-GE Router Table Set. It integrates magnificent features, including a smooth sliding table, which does not compromise with the workpiece.

Additionally, it has an exacting miter gauge and an extension table that allows you to work on large wood pieces effectively. This product does a great job with its feather board and hold-down options to enable you to complete your task.

This machine’s striking feature is the independently adjustable fences with a precision micro-adjustment mechanism that allows you to choose the desired height before you commence working.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit has limitless adjustability that enables you to work from any height.
  • Its smooth as-glass-top does not leave any scratch marks on the workpiece.
  • It has a CMS system that helps you to collect the debris and chips immediately they are created.
  • Make use of the extension table to handle the large workpieces effectively.

Image of Festool router tablePros

  • It does not require a patchwork system.
  • The product includes a CMS router table.
  • It also has a sliding table.
  • Convenient dust collection system.
  • Limitless adjustability.


  • This product only has a three-year warranty.
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3. Bosch Benchtop Router Table RA1181 

The Bosch benchtop router table is rated as one of the best professional units in the market. Most users say it is an excellent all-around unit for typical workshop applications. 

It has a large aluminum top that provides a large working area, enhanced durability, and precision. 

You will also find a dedicated standard dust collection port that leads all the debris away from the working surface, allowing you to work from a clean environment. This narrows the risk of developing unhealthy due to exposure to dust.

The aluminum mounting plate facilitates compatibility with a variety of routers and for exceeded table height adjustment. Additionally, the extra tall aluminum fence with adjustable MDF face plates and feather boards also maximizes precision and versatility. Besides, it also enhances additional guidance and kickback protection.

Another exciting feature of this router is the inbuilt circuit breaker and the on/off switch. This provides enough power while protecting your router’s electronics. One last point of reflection is the lightweight nature of this router table. With this, it’s easy to maneuver within the job sites. 

Summary of the key features 

  • Extra tall aluminum fence fitted with adjustable faceplates and feather boards that maximize precision and versatility. 
  • It has easy to use feather boards, which provide additional guidance and kickback when attached to the fence and table. 
  • It incorporates a rigid aluminum mounting plate for compatibility with various routers. 
  • The unit is fitted with a storage pocket that allows the storage of router accessories. 
  • Its 2½” dust collection system ensures that you always have a clean working environment.

Image of Router tablePros 

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty. 
  • Work from a clean environment.
  • Large working surface.
  • Easy to use due to the adjustable aluminum fencing. 
  • The table has a dual switch outlet, which enhances high controllability. 
  • Its metal base ensures stability and brings about a smooth and robust finish.


  • you are required to do the assembly personally. 
  • Most of its parts are made from plastic, thus easy to break. 
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4. Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools PRP-2-V2420

Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools PRP-2-V2420 is an exceptional value in a high-performance workstation. The unit includes a 36″ single offset super fence that complements its usability. It also has a T-miter channel and track, which helps you to make easy measurements and adjustments. 

The table is designed with a low friction wear surface that is not affected by humidity, heat, or water. Another worthy feature that comes along with it is the quick lift mechanism. This makes raising the router to any coarse position lightning fast. It also lets you change the height with less expectation of cranking.

Lastly, it includes an aluminum router mounting plate fitted with eight leveling screws, adjustable side plungers, solid brass, a starting pin, and three twist love rings. All this crown up to deliver outstanding performance. Furthermore, the wheel kit facilitates effortless mobility with a mere push of the foot pedal. With this unit, you rest assured with a bundle of excellent results. 

Summary of the key features 

  • It has a first-class router table system. 
  • The table offers the best in router table precision, safety, and mobility. 
  • Slight adjustments are fast with an inbuilt micro-adjust thumb wheel. 
  • You will also find an adjustable reference scale and toolless scale adjustments. 
  • It comes with one set of motor pads available for 4.20″ diameter motors. 

Woodpecker professional router tablePros 

  • It has a low friction wear surface. 
  • First-class router table system. 
  • The rigid stand supports the router table with six braces.
  • Adjustable.
  • Easy height changing.


  • It’s not easy to set up. 
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5. Skil RAS900 Router Table

The Skil RAS900 Router Table is packed with various features that provide a stable platform for efficient woodworking projects. What makes this tool an excellent option for most woodworkers is the smart design. In addition to that, this router table has very innovative clamping and router mounting options.

It also includes a bit height gauge that is essential in the subsequent completion of the setup. This ensures all the cuts made have a high degree of accuracy. The RAS900 has better execution compared to the previous models. It comes fitted with a starter pin and guards that aids in offering support to the workpiece. 

Subsequently, it features a tall fence with adjustable laminated MDF faces that firmly hold the workpiece. It also does a good job with its compatible table that enables you to use it with other routers. Not forgetting the integrated power chip that manages the router and also powers the dust collection after use. 

It even includes extra storage compartments ideal for protecting and keeping various accessories. The multiple feather board helps you to guide the workpiece in order to maintain accurate routing. This enables one to deliver the desired kind of shape and size. This Skil router table is an extremely convenient tool and a great deal for any woodworker who enjoys a smooth quality finish. 

Summary of the key features 

  • You will require no leveling but still have easy bit changes and router mounting.
  • The bit height gauge simplifies setup and improves the cutting accuracy.
  • It includes a quick clamp system plus two dust containers for a clean working work surface. 
  • The starter pin and guard help support the workpiece when routing curved edges. 

Skil router tablePros 

  • Easy to mount and unmount the router on the router table. 
  • It does not require any assembling skills and expertise for using this router table.
  • The unit creates a suitable workpiece.
  • It comes with an onboard storage compartment.
  • Convenient dust collection system.


  • A bit complicated to understand. 
  • Not stable while routing. 
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6. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table

The Kreg Benchtop router table is a unique unit that is a perfect solution for routing. First, it has a new 3-ring phenolic insert plate, with alignment marks for center mounting any router. Relatively, this tool includes three-level-loc reducing rings, a level-loc wrench, and a brass starting pin with certified instructions. 

The sturdy steel stand has lower braces that are pre-drilled for enclosing it to facilitate effective dust control. For better precision, the PRS 2100 comes with insert plate levelers, a benchtop router, and a rugged fence. An additional benefit is the upgraded fence with cam clamps for boosting and securing fence positioning. It also has adjustable sub-fences for offset jointer routing. 

It has a reinforced MDF top measuring (16″ x 24″) with CNC 9 ¼” by 11 ¾” opening to fit the new 3-ring phenolic insert plate and standard miter track. The thick MDF further helps to dampen the vibrations. 

At the bottom is a thick rubber foot on all the four stands. It plays a part in diminishing the vibrations and preventing the tool from walking while the open design minimizes the router’s noise. All these quality features leave no doubt that the PRS 2100 is among the best professional router tables.

Summary of the key features 

  • It has an advanced dust collection system to offer you a conducive workspace. 
  • The anodized-aluminum fence features independent sliding faces. 
  • It also has bottom-up insert plate levelers for leveling accuracy. 
  • You can engrave the markings using a laser for mounting the router.
  • The full-size insert plates with three-level-loc reducing rings ensure the workpiece firmly stays in place.

Proffesional router tablePros 

  • It has rigid steel stands for increased stability. 
  • This unit guarantees durability. 
  • It operates quietly. 
  • Cheaper compared to other models. 
  • Rubberized feet.


  • Plastic parts are not durable. 
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7. Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171

The cabinet style RA1171 is preferably among the best professional router table you will find in any market. This device offers more than enough admirable features. It has two feather boards attached to the fence and router table. With this, additional guidance is created together with the protection against kickback. The feather boards are also fully adjustable to fit a variety of workpieces. 

On top of that, the RA1171 integrates a dual dust collection system, which includes a dust port and an optional vacuum hose. It also has a rigid aluminum router mounting plate that remains flat and precise for accuracy. The tall aluminum fence that measures 4⅞” by 25⅛” ensures a smoother operation with trailer workpieces.

Summary of the key features 

  • It has two feather boards to provide support and control. 
  • It also features an extra-tall aluminum fence with adjustable MDF face plates to maximize precision and versatility.
  • The tool offers a premium work surface for woodworking and routing. 
  • Has a cabinet-style construction responsible for stability during cuts. 
  • The aluminum mounting plate stays flat and precise for perfect results. 

Bosch professional router tablePros 

  • The noise reduction system works well. 
  • Suitable for both professionals and DIY contractors. 
  • Has dual-outlet switches allowing full control over operations. 
  • It comes with a dual dust collection mechanism.
  • reliable for all woodworking applications.


  • This router is not pre-assembled. 
  • It only fits into specific routers. 
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8. Kobalt Fixed Corded Router with Table Included

This Kobalt fixed corded router is a powerful assembled device that delivers the most promising results. You can use it to tackle heavy woodwork jobs. Its table and base have a rugged cast aluminum construction, which reduces the overall weight. 

The vast table measuring 15″ by 26″ lets you combat even the most challenging tasks. In the mounting plate, there are several pre-drilled holes cut to accommodate various other router sizes. It also includes a powerful 12amp motor that ensures you make smooth and clean quality cuts. 

An additional essential feature is the multi-mode depth adjustment. This lets you make either micro-fine or rough cuts. The setups designed in this commodity ensures that all tasks are encountered correctly. Indeed, this is the ideal best professional router table every woodworker can wish to have in the workshop. 

Summary of the key features 

  • The table and base are constructed from durable aluminum metal.
  • It has pre-drilled holes to accommodate other router sizes. 
  • The large table allows you to work on elongated workpieces.
  • It features a vigorous motor that provides the necessary power to cut. 
  • It is fitted with clearly labeled controls for easy operation.

Router table for professional woodworkersPros 

  • No learning is required to operate this tool.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty. 
  • It is pocket-friendly.
  • Durable and versatile.
  • The included stands and the low weight makes it easy to move around to different job sites. 


  • The curved legs extend well beyond the end of the table.
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9. Bosch RA1141 Portable Benchtop Router Table

One of the top router tables available in the market today is Bosch RA1141. Various features beautify these tool’s ability to execute the best adorable tasks. Specifically, Bosch RA 1141 router has a starter pin and guard attached to it for enhancing easier control when routing curved workpieces. 

You will also find a laminated MDF top that allows you to make smooth and clean cuts. Plus, it has adjustable laminated MDF faceplates to offer better support. Bosch RA1141 comes pre-assembled. For instance, it has folding legs, which allows for convenience and portability. 

The bit-height gauge feature is necessary to provide easy bit setup and enhanced cut precision. Not forgetting the onboard storage, this one holds the router bits and spare parts, thereby narrowing the chances of minor accidents and misplacement of equipment.

Finally, you will require no leveling when operating this tool. It also boasts of its easy click router mount that attaches and detaches in seconds. 

Summary of the key features 

  • This router is pre-assembled, saving you time and energy.
  • It has onboard storage, which is responsible for holding router bits and other spare parts.
  • It integrates a laminated MDF top that helps users make smooth cuts. 
  • Bistro–height gauge enhances easy bit setup and provides a precision cutting.

Router tablePros 

  • It has promising durability. 
  • The unit is versatile and lightweight. 
  • It does not wobble or walk while in operation.
  • No assembly is required. 
  • It provides easy bit changes and no leveling. 
  • It’s easy to move around. 


  • The dangling power cable can cause minor accidents.
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10. Grizzly Industrial T31636 – Benchtop Router Table

This grizzly industrial router table is enriched with several exciting features that render it a reliable and stationary shaper. Some of these advantages include the extruded aluminum fence. With this, you can have adequate support of your workpiece by just adjusting the infeed and outfeed fence sideways. 

The tool comes along with a 2 ½” adapter for hooking up to the dust collection system. Indeed this maintains cleanliness in your workshop. Most jobs get done quickly with this magnificent tool. Been lightweight and with no leveling feet, allows it to operate on any workbench with no strain.

Finally, the T31636 manual is complete and easy to interpret. It includes detailed instructions on how to assemble and maintain your router table. This model is recommended for consistent results. 

Summary of the key features 

  • It has a measuring tape for both infeed and outfeed fences. 
  • The mounting plate has set screws for leveling. 
  • Includes table insert, insert wrench, a hex wrench, and starting pin. 
  • This router has a dual dust collection system.

Image of a router tablePros 

  • It has a one-year warranty. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Safe and stable. 
  • Low vibration levels.
  • It has rubberized feet.
  • dependable dust collection system.


  • Expensive compared to other brands. 
  • The Pro fence is not relatively straight. 
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The Best Professional Router Table Buyer’s Guide

Routers are perfect tools for most woodworkers. This is because they help in holding the workpiece firmly while working. When choosing your preferred router table, it is apparent that you will go for the one that does not require steady contact with your hands on the workpiece. Such a tool makes it easy to work on massive projects. Plus additional safety. 

After going through the list of the best professional router tables above, certain features must be prioritized before purchasing your commodity. Below are a detailed buyers’ guide and the facts that will make your search easier.

Why You Should Buy the Best Professional Router Table 

  • Stability. One should not hesitate to buy a router table because this tool will provide you with better stability while routing. All appreciation goes to the rigid stands that support all the necessary weight.
  • Easy to use. The other advantage of purchasing this device is that you can easily cut wood and concentrate on the shape you desire. It also has well-located control features that eliminate fatigue.
  • Safety. Router tables guarantee maximum safety. There are very minimal chances of coming across accidents when in use. 
  • Supports large workpieces. You shouldn’t worry about the size of your workpiece. These units have a broad working space that can comfortably accommodate large pieces of wood.
  • Adjustable. The routers allow you to make adjustments with the height and the workpiece to enhance maximum output.
  • Dust collection. You will work from a spotless environment since these routers come embedded with a dust collection system that ensures no debris is left on the work surface.
  • Rubberized feet. The ergonomic rubberized feet prevent walking and wobbling while operating.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Professional Router Table 

  • The surface 

A flat and smooth-surfaced router is the best option to settle for. This is a very crucial element required for any router. Tops that are made of cast aluminum often enhance the durability of your tool. It would be vital if you also had a laminated MDF top to facilitate precise cuts. 

  • Adjustable fence

If the router’s fence is easily adjustable, it avoids too much time when handling projects. The selection of the fence is based on the control you require while holding the workpiece. 

  • Dust collector

A lot of dust is produced when working on your projects. It is healthy to stay in a clean work area. To desert an untidy area, you are required to buy a router table that has the best dust collection option. Some units use standard dust ports. However, other routers like the Bosch Cabinet Style Router Table RA1171 have a dual dust collection system that also comprises a hose, which you can connect to a vacuum cleaner.

  • Base 

A robust and sturdy base will be best if you require a useful working tool. Too much pressure is applied when routing. This means that the base should be able to offer stability and protection when in use. The standard material used for the construction of the base is cast aluminum. 

  • Compatibility 

If you want to enjoy sharing certain features with other routers, you should go for a compatible tool. With this in mind, then purchase a tool that you can drill holes on it. This makes it compatible with other models. 


Your work’s quality depends much on your skills and the tools you use to perform different projects. You must use the best professional router table to fulfill your work desire. Choosing the best router table is, however, not an easy task. One should consider certain factors like budget before you settle on your preferred type. 

Router tables ensure that you utilize your woodwork projects and produce great precise pieces. I recommend one to have the Kreg PRS1045 in the workshop. I have done comprehensive research that has highlighted this tool as the most valuable commodity compared to others. It owns all the necessary qualities that are needed to deliver precise cuts on workpieces. 

Finally, all the routers I have mentioned in the article above are worthy. Therefore, I hope this article has solved your quest to have sufficient details of the product you intend to buy. Nice woodworking!

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