10 Best Hidden Deck Fasteners- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Image of the Best Hidden Deck Fasteners in useYou no longer have to install screws throughout the top of every deck board, thanks to the availability of the best hidden deck fasteners. These tools are designed for use on wood or decking material like grooved boards and composite. 

The fasteners hold the deck boards to the joist, giving your deck a beautiful and smooth finish. They are top-notch tools in the wood industry today, both for professionals or DIYs. 

In this article, I’m going to discuss some of the very best fasteners you can use on your deck based on my firsthand experience with the fasteners. Keep reading for more:

1. DeckWise (Brown) Ipe Clip Extreme Hidden Deck Fasteners

There is a way to create a completely hidden fastened deck, and it is by using the Deckwise brown Ipe clip. The extremely hidden deck fasteners have an integrated 3/32-inch spacer leg that automatically sets consistent deck board gaps throughout the job.  

The patented unique design offers a fast and easy installation while resulting in a professionally finished smooth deck surface with a lack of visible fasteners. 

The edge-groove deck fasteners are also designed for air-dried 5/4 or 1X hardwoods or composite and a polyvinyl chloride decking material. Fasteners Having been Created for maximum holding power to the joist, the Ipe clip hidden fastener is molded from a durable polypropylene body and stainless steel insert.

 The stainless steel inserts add up to 3X the hold-down strength as the other similar deck clips. The installation style of 45 degree angled screws holds the decking tight to the joist as it allows one side of the board to remain free to contract and expand in its natural state. 

This entire process eliminates screw pop-up doubts so the deck will remain sturdy and beautiful like it was from the beginning. 

Summary of top features 

  • 525 count kits fasten 300 Square Feet of decking (16″ on Center)
  • Used with pre-grooved 5/4 or 1X hardwoods, PVC material, and composites.
  • Molded stainless steel inserts inside the deck fastener prevent screw overdrive during installation.


  • The spacer leg sets the gap in between boards for consistent proper spacing
  • the fastener is used with pre-grooved 5/4 or 1X hardwoods.


  • Time-consuming 

2. Trex Hideaway Universal Hidden Deck Fastener Clip 500 SQFT Bucket

The hideaway Trex universal plastic fasteners come with screws and are specially designed for Trex decking products. In the end, it provides a clean, fastener-free appearance across the entire deck surface. 

It is easy and quick to install and allows for installation from above the deck framework. It is important to realize that it does not come with starter clips since they are sold separately. 

Always remember to open and check your delivered order soon enough to ensure you get the right package. The kit is a complete easy to install fastener system for their decking line. 

The bucket that carries 900 Trex fastener clips does 500 square feet at 16-inch centers. The practice of half-driving screws as you finish off makes it easier to align and insert, making it less frustrating. Perimeter boards or initial starter boards aid in the use of the 36-piece starter clips. 

The starter board is tipped and slipped into place once the clips have been screwed in the right place. The Trex hideaway universal hidden deck fastener clip suggests using a drill for better torque control since drivers may strip out or snap the screws.

Summary of top features 

  • Has a stainless steel deck screw already set in the fastener for increased durability
  • The self-gapping hardware attaches the two Trex boards


  • Used for wood decking
  • Leaves a large gap for ventilation and drainage
  • Has a uniform gap


  • Consumes time
  • Leaves visible gaps

3. CAMO EDGEX Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners (900 ct)

Camo Edgex clip hidden deck fasteners are the best for installation. The CAMO can be used with capped composite, PVC grooved deck boards, composite, and wood. These edge clips are designed for any angled decking patterns. 

Other than that, they do a really good job of securing boards on a double joist. You do not need partial installation with the evolved design of Edgex clips. It is simple, you pinch the wings and slide them into the deck board groove. 

Ensure to follow the deck boards manufacturer’s suggestion of end-to-end and side-to-side spacing recommendations when installing. CAMO manufacturers will replace the whole board if you do as per the deck boards manufacturer advised on when installing, and the Edgex clip damages the deck board. 

A stainless steel screw provided is 2-1/4 inches for a secure hold, and the stardrive reduces cam outs and screws that have been stripped. A never-miss guide is included in the packaging, and you can use that to secure the clips to the joist. 

You can also use a CAMO drive for easy and faster installation. The drive secures the Edgex clips and is the most affordable stand-up tool in the market today.

Summary of top features 

  • There are Edges clips for angled grooved deck installations
  • The clip is up to 88 percent stronger than leading manufacturers clips


  • There is an included never-miss guide and a CAMO drive stand-up tool
  • It only creates a 3/16-inch gap


  • Difficult to pinch the wing tips into deck boards grooves.

4. CAMO Edge Clip Hidden Deck Fasteners (450 ct)

CAMO Edge is a one-time tool that gets your work done faster and so easily. The clip is designed for installing boards on a 90 degrees’ pattern. 

Like the Edgex clips, Edge clips are also used to install hardwoods, grooved composite, or even PVC decks by performing extremely well. 

There is a yellow accessory that comes with the kit known as the never miss guide, and it helps direct the driver bit on the head of the screw so that you never miss it. Using the guide saves you time on installation and makes it so much easier. 

You get to build fast and smart with CAMO products that do not disappoint at any given time. It will be easy for first-time users who have never come across these products to learn and get the job done on decks. 

Edge clip is equally very strong based on research conducted by an independent firm. There is a 304 stainless steel gusset on the clips that bite into the groove when you get to fasten the 410 stainless steel screw, which equally provides a secure hold. 

For a piece of mind, CAMO products are backed by a CAMO warranty. It sets the pace in meeting the customers’ needs and respond to raised concerns. 

Summary of top features 

  • There is an included never-miss guide in the kit
  • The count starts from 90 to 900
  • Edge clips are meant for 90 degrees grooved deck ions.


  • You get to fasten with just one pass
  • The clips are up to 50 percent stronger in uplift holding power


  • the fastener does not work well on big pieces of wood.

5. DeckWise (Brown) Ipe Clip Extreme Hidden Deck Fasteners (1050 Bucket)

Decks Ipe Clip extremely hidden deck fasteners do have an integrated 3/32-inch spacer leg. The leg automatically sets consistent deck board gaps as you work on your project. 

Create a maximum holding power to the joist; the Ipe clip is molded from a durable polypropylene body and stainless steel insert. The edge groove deck fasteners have been designed for air-dried 5/4 or 1X hardwoods or composite or PVC decking material. 

Stainless steel inserts earlier mentioned add three times the holding power strength as other similar deck clips. The installation method or design of 45 degree angled screws holds the decking very tight to the joist. 

Its unique patented design offers an impressively fast and easy installation, while at the end, it offers a professional, smooth deck surface with invisible fasteners. 

Any woodworker would require clean and smart work with minimal energy use, and the Decks Ipe Clip Extreme Hidden Deck Fasteners do just that. The kit includes 1050 brown hidden deck clips with stainless steel screws, gap spacer tools, drill bits, and a driver. 

Summary of top features 

  • They are used with pre-grooved 5/4 or 1X hardwoods, PVC, and composite material.
  • Stainless steel inserts prevent overdriving of the screw during installation. 


  • There is an information step by step guide that comes with the kit
  • Spacer legs set the gap between boards


  • The Trex composite does not have a deep groove for the clip to work.

6.Timbertech Azek CONCEALoc Hidden Fastener Gun Pail with Screws 500sf

Timbertech Azek is a hidden fastener system that combines easy installation with the amazing look of a fastener-free surface. You get to fasten your grooved or solid, that is, after a groove has been routed in, Azek or Timber tech deck boards with this quality product for a lasting, pleasing finish. 

The Concealed hidden fastener was made to be used exclusively with Timbertech decking and Azek. This system makes installation easy by eliminating the need for self-spacing each deck board. 

The unit allows you to preserve and showcase the outstanding beauty of your Timbertech deck for years to come without a doubt. The Concealed fasteners provide consistent spacing between the sides of each deck board.

Each fastener is easy to install and extremely works well. It will pull the deck boards nicely and snugly to the joist, and the finished product will be excellent. 

Get to use the Concealoc hidden fastener to finish your deck and turn the dream into a reality. The included accessories are part and parcel of the best hidden deck fasteners. 

Summary of top features 

  • The unit has been designed for Timbertech and Azek grooved deck boards
  • It can also be used with Timbertech solid profiles if the groove is routed
  • The built-in spacing tab does provide a board spacing of 1/8 inch to 3/16 inch gapping.


  • The box contains 900 Concealoc fasteners and 930 good screws
  • It can go for five hundred square feet of coverage


  • There have been no complaints from customers

7. Deckorators Stowaway Hidden Fastener – 525 Pack

The Deckorators Stowaway Hidden Fasteners perform the work it was designed effectively more than most fasteners in the market. Decks are the ones getting secured to joists with a single screw that is stainless steel and color-matched. 

The installation process is easier and faster since the Stowaway screw comes preloaded upon purchase and delivery. It saves you a whole amount of time and money within a short period. An entire system becomes smooth, beautiful while resulting in a more fastener-free deck surface virtually. 

It is possible because they discreetly secure deck boards to joints using a slotted edge of the decking. Deckorators’ hidden fasteners provide a hidden fastener that looks consistent ¼ inch spacing between the deck boards. The mentioned deck boards are automatically spaced at appropriate intervals. 

All this makes the need for predrilling and countersinking eliminated. The fasteners are compatible with each grooved deck board from Deckorators manufacturers. 

Get your work going beyond the ordinary with the Deckorators Stowaway Hidden fasteners today, and you will not be disappointed. A piece of technical guide information is provided that comes with a kit helping you do the right thing.

Summary of top features

  • It is compatible with Deckorators deck grooved deck boards
  • Includes several color-matched stainless steel screws
  • A 525 Stowaway clip which covers approximately 300 square feet


  • The kit includes a number one square driver bit
  • You get to install quickly with one screw per the hidden fastener


  • There have been no cons identified.

8. Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners, 900 Piece Bulk Pail

The Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck Fasteners are designed to secure 5/4 inch decking joists. Clips secure the decking without the risk of splitting the edge or marring the surface. They are made of 300 stainless steel, which has been given a black oxide coating for better invisibility and prevents corrosion. 

The products are warrantied for 25 good years, and they will never corrode from chemical preservatives or air-bone sea salt. One of the wingtips has two upward prongs angled, which grip the plank and prevent lateral walking. 

On the other side, the other tip is smooth, allowing easy insertion onto the next piece. To achieve an easy installation, you use the Tiger Claw gun and the collated scrails provided. Even though it is an ideal 5/4-inch-thick groove, the clips can also be sued on a 5/4 inch and 2-inch lumber. 

Five hundred square feet at 16-inch centers is completed using the 900 count pail with enough fasteners. Get the Tiger Claw TC-G Hidden Deck fastener and get your project running while you make money and save time at the same time.

Summary of top features 

  • The clips are made from stainless steel
  • No splitting edge or marring of the deck surface
  • Uses pneumatic installation gun for fast installation


  • It is ideal for composites and hardwoods
  • There is a 300 series heavy gauge stainless steel hidden deck with a black oxide coating.


  • The screws are sold separately

9. TurboClip 89180 Hidden Composite Decking Fastener

Turboclip works with all major brand composite decking boards, including Fiber on, Armadillo, Timbertech, and Trex. It is a revolutionary, universally manufactured clip that does the job and gets work moving. 

The Turboclip stick includes 16 universally hidden clips and one grip at the end of each stick. All this ensures there are no deck clips that are wasted. There are 800 stainless steel screw clips and fifty sticks, with each stick carrying 16 clips. 

You insert the Turboclip into the side groove of your decking board while driving the preloaded screw through the Turboclip and further into your deck support. Finally, to finish off, you snap off the remaining Turboclip. The company and manufacturers, as it dictates, are committed to providing low prices and quality items every day on everything. 

They insist that if an online retailer has a lower price on an identical, in-stock product, you get to let the manufacturers know, and they match it and give you feedback. Turboclip’s number one pricing policy information is relayed to members of the public who are also potential customers. 

Summary of top features 

  • 800 clips are 16 screws per stick, provided
  • Each of the deck clips on the Turboclip stick comes already preloaded with a stainless steel screw.
  • Creates a ¼ inch gap between deck boards


  • Your deck board installation time is cut up to 60 percent
  • It saves you valuable time and money


  • There have been no complaints so far.

10. Invisi-Fast Original Hidden Deck Fastener – 500pc kit 1/4″ Spacer; Ceramic Coated

The invisi-Fast Original Hidden Deck Fastener does not rust like galvanized deck fasteners out there. It is specially made with clear and durable Lexan equivalent material that allows and accepts paint

The innovative overhang tabs make it convenient for a hands-free installation. Who wouldn’t want such a reliable piece in their workshop? The good news is it is available in four spacing sizes; ¼ inch, 3/16 inch, 1/8 inch, and No spacer for the sake of perimeter fastening. 

Invisi is compatible with all types of treated wood, including Vinyl, Cedar, Composite, and hardwoods. It is very easy to install for a beginner user since no special tool is needed for installation. 

What can be more relaxing than using the least number of tools in your work? You get to use the Invisi-fast with a spacer on each side of the board and the joist when the deck boards meet. 

The design portrayed under the deck helps prevent damage of premature wood around the fastener while creating a clean appearance. Invisi- Fast fastener was created for angled cuts while keeping the deck boards gapped accurately. 

Summary of top features 

  • The board spacer is cylindrical which works with any angle
  • Made of durable UV material that can be painted
  • Has ceramic coated screws
  • It has been designed to install from above on low and high-level decks


  • Easy to install
  • There are no extra tools needed while installing
  • It does not rust like the galvanized fasteners
  • It lasts longer than average decks


  • Warranty information is not clear

Best Hidden Deck Fasteners Buyers Guide

The following questions have been severally asked, and this guide will help answer some of them. Reading through will provide you with enough knowledge to advise your purchases whenever you want to make an order of the best hidden deck fasteners in the market.

Are Hidden Deck Fasteners Worth It?

Hidden deck fasteners are so worth it. One of the best innovations in the decking industry has been the hidden deck fasteners; they are so worth it. 

The system of attaching deck floorboards is on another level. You no longer get to see visible screws or nails on the decks as it was before. The deck floor becomes more appealing, and it also leaves no access for water to sip through, which avoids an immediate decay or rot of the wood. 

It’s always advised to use hidden deck fasteners appropriately to avoid failure. It is also a nice way to keep the surface of the deck looking smooth and clear. Some of the deck projects always require stronger fastening power of screws. Just ensure you buy among the best hidden deck fasteners, and you will be good to go. 

Will Trex Hidden Fasteners Work With Timbertech Decking?

As we all know, Timbertech is a brand that offers one of the most realistic-looking boards. The decks are eco-friendly, that is, if it is compared to normal deck building. 

A woodworker can pick from various options depending on the colors and the style. It is one of the easiest types of boards to install without the need for an extra hand. On the other hand, Trex universal hidden fasteners come with a hidden option for installation. 

The company is in pursuit of a deck that is perfect. Timbertech decking is very much compatible with Trex and any other major decking brands. The good news about this is you can plan the groove however you want it. 

Remember that most of the hidden deck fasteners match so well with the number one decking boards. 

Should You Nail or Screw Deck Boards?

Nails are superior and strong because when used, they do not snap. Screws, on the other hand, tend to create a superior tensile bond that holds material well together, although they snap easily when bent. 

Although for a deck, it is recommended to build a combination of screws and nails. Looking at previous building projects, you will realize that nails do the job for some sections, and screws play a big role in other sections. 

The tensile strength of the screws helps the boards together and keeps them from popping up unexpectedly. It is also vital to know that different screws and nails are meant or designed for some specific purpose. 

Ensure to conduct comprehensive research and determine which of the nails are best for the structural part of the deck and which screws are the best for decking. 

Is It Better to Screw or Nail Deck Boards?

In other words, the question is, what is more desirable? As we have earlier stated, screws are the type that comes with a gripping strength, while on the other hand, nails get to be the best fasteners, especially when shear strength is needed most. 

In most situations, either one will work. Some builders chose to use screws for various reasons. It is easier for a screw to be removed if there is a mess up in building the deck. Generally looking at different people’s reasons, screws perform better than nails for the decking boards.

On the other hand, others agree that nails are best used for the framing of the deck. Screws tend to perform better due to their tensile strength and minimal chance of ever popping out. 

It happens mostly with aging decks, and it is a common problem when planks and wood boards are secured with nails, wood contracts and expands during temperature changes and pops up throughout the year. 

What Are the Best Hidden Deck Fasteners for IPE?

IPE is a product that comes from Tabebuia Tree, which is native to the American subtropics and tropics from the Caribbean and Mexico to Argentina. 

Another name for IPE is Brazilian Walnut. They produce strong and hardwood that has been naturally designed to be resistant to rot. One of the reasons the wood is tough is the tropical environment that it comes from. 

It makes it denser than most woods and five times harder. You can attach IPE decking boards using stainless steel screws and gluing the plugs into the holes with waterproof glue.

Interestingly, the wood will not be needing any sealers since it is dense. Although, the ends of the boards will need to be sealed. Concentrate on two methods: the hidden fastener method that is biscuit shaped and screwing the wood down, and getting it covered with a plug for concealing the head of the screw.

One of the recommended hidden deck fasteners is the Mataverde hidden deck fastener that works for the high-density decking materials that are hardwood. DeckWise (Brown) Ipe Clip Extreme Hidden Deck Fasteners and Invisi-Fast Original Hidden Deck Fastener are also good choices for IPE. 

Focusing on the presented research above will give you a great ground for identifying all the hidden fasteners that work with IPE. 

How Do You Install Hidden Deck Fasteners?

Putting in place hidden deck fasteners needs concentration since they come in many shapes and forms. The different companies that manufacture them advise the sizes and designs based on how they make a difference in the decking world. 

Generally, hidden fasteners are metal clips attached to the base of the decking board or in the groove of a board that has been designed for that and finally screwed into the decking joist. 

Manufactures and decking companies produce hidden fasteners that perform excellently by creating a deck free from visible nails. It does not matter if you use composite lumber, a tropical hardwood, or pressure-treated wood; all these hidden fasteners perform in a standard way to produce awesome results. 

Most fasteners are installed by inserting a clip into the decking board groove. You then drive a screw and install it to the below joist. You get to do that for each joist intersection of your deck board. Once the clips are in place, you push the next board and repeat the process repeatedly. 

Depending on the type of hidden fastener you are using, it usually comes with a guide and is practically simple to follow through, even for a beginner. Go on and buy the best hidden deck fasteners, and your life will never be the same again.


At this point, I hope you will find it a lot easier to pick your very best hidden deck fastener for different projects.

The hidden fasteners for decks offer a lot more because they do not compromise the look of your structure. They are easy to use and, above all, last longer.

So, to get the best out of your decking structures, you know what to use. Having used many of these deck fasteners, I still find DeckWise (Brown) Ipe Clip Extreme Hidden Deck Fasteners as the overall best hidden deck fastener.

I hope this article has helped you in your decision making. If you have any questions regarding the subject, please reach out to me in the comment section below.

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