10 Best Composite Deck Screws- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of composite deck installed using Best Composite Deck ScrewsWhy should you spend your quality time drilling a pilot hole again? Besides, is it necessary for you to use a lot of energy making drills? No! I don’t think so. The trick is with the best composite deck screws; they are ideal for all wood, PVC, and composite decking.

These screws come in a variety of designs, sizes, and types. They have the capability of preventing proliferation, thanks to their different types of thread on each screw. The threads can be either double, reverse, ring-like, expanded, or even W-cut, each serving a specific purpose.

Additionally, these fasteners have a powerful star head with a well-defined recess to firmly grip the bit. Besides, the head types also vary from one screw to another, including type T-20 and T-10.

With these screws, you can quickly start and also experience effortless drilling, gratitude to their type 17 tip that is fine pointed. Moreover, you are also guaranteed durability from their rust-resistant material. Some are also pre-coated to prevent rust, corrosion, and also to match the deck.

However, how will you distinguish a legit and an improvised composite deck screw? This article has it all.

The List of Composite Deck Screws

1. WoodPro Fasteners CD10X212B-5 T20 5- Brown Composite Deck Screws

No more pre-drilling and bit slipping. Employ the WoodPro fasteners CD10X212B-5 T20 5- brown. This unit is among the best composite deck screws. It takes no time or struggles for it to penetrate the wood. Thanks to its streamlined, sharp tip of type-17. Besides, it also glides very smoothly, eliminating the need to apply so much effort.

The star design on its head firmly grips the screwdriver/bit, stamping-out stripping possibilities. This screw also has a well-designed dual thread- That, unlike the single thread screws, it depurates the mushrooming effect common in wood and composite materials. Therefore, assuring that you always get a clean bloom finish.

You don’t need to re-paint after screwing. The Woodpro Fasteners has a diverse coloring electro-popliteal done by the PPG industries to suit your project’s color. Additionally, you can still add a thinner coat to your venture without the risk of altering the more than 1000 hours of salt spray protection.

Summary of key features

  • The screw has a durable color coating that can withstand any weather conditions without chipping or rubbing off.
  • It has a star-shaped head that parents the stripping of the bit.
  • The pointed (type-17) tip allows for easy penetration.
  • This tool also has a double thread that eliminates the mushrooming effect.
  • It comes in assorted colors to match your project, thereby preventing re-painting.

Image of woodpro, one of the best composite deck screwsPros

  • Pointed tip(type-17).
  • Durable color coating.
  • Compatible Torx(TM) and star-drive no. T-20.
  • There are approximately 435 pieces in a 5-pound net package.
  • It comes with one T-20 star bit size 25mm.
  • No.10 screw measuring 2½.”


  • A full 5lb Package only has 435-pieces.
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2. #10 x 2-1/2’’ Stainless Steel Composite Deck Screws

The 10 x 2-1/2’’ Stainless SS316 wood screw ensures that you get a high-quality output on all applications involving wood decking and PVC materials/composite decking. This screw features carefully engineered patented threads that remove all the swirl on the path. Thus, leaving a slick flush completion.

Furthermore, the SS316 deck screw has a fine pointed tip that lets you enjoy a great drive experience by quickly penetrating and driving with very little torque. On top of that, this screw only weighs up to 4-pounds. It thereby digs in effortlessly, eliminating the need for pre-drilling. 

This fastener further guarantees you durability from its stainless steel material, which is not only sturdy but also rust-resistant.

Summary of the key features

  • The screw has patented threads that leave behind a smooth, flush finish.
  • The fastener has a stainless steel material that is rust-resistant.
  • It also has a superb-design that ensures high performance on all composite/PVC and wood decking applications.
  • This tool further gives you a powerful drive performance with its tapering tip.

Image of a composite deck screwPros

  • Rust-resistant.
  • Ideal for composite/PVC and wood decking.
  • Outstanding driving performance.
  • Patented threads.
  • It doesn’t require pre-drilling.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • It leaves a sleek, flush finish.
  • The screw has a left hand and right-hand thread style. 


  • It’s not pre-coated.
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3. (Rocky Harbor, Coastline) Composite Decking Exterior Coated Wood Screw Torx

Being among the top tier list, the (Rocky Harbor, Coastline) Composite Decking has a superb design to work best for the demanding industrial and professional jobs. Besides, you can use them on any wood, ranging from soft to hardwood.

The screw also has a rugged material made of superlative heat-treated steel that ensures durability by preventing rust. Further to this, its sharp pointed tip prevents walking, thereby allowing for quick starts. You also face no struggles with its self-countersinking head that firmly grips the bit for easy fastening.

With this screw, you have assured torque twice as much as Square or Phillips drive screws. Additionally, the Torx star drive has a double thread and a reverse top line that helps eradicate mushrooming. It also features a bottom thread that enables a better holding of the embedded screw.

Summary of key features

  • This fastener incorporates self countersinking heads that makes screwing much more comfortable.
  • This fastener has treated lumber and an ACQ coating to match any projects’ requirements.
  • The screw has a dual thread, top reverse, and a bottom thread that facilitates better holding.
  • Made from high-grade heat-treated steel to enhance durability.
  • Designed to offer double torque to that of Philps or square screws.

Image of one of the best composite deck screwsPros

  • No pre-drilling.
  • Bottom thread for better gripping.
  • Self countersinking head.
  • It also features reverse and top thread. 
  • Treated lumber consistent coating.
  • It has twice as much torque as square and Philip screws.
  • The screw is ideal for both hard and softwood.


  • It’s slightly smaller measuring #8 x 1¼.”
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4. Fastenmaster Fmtr3-Trapease 3 Composite Deck Screw

This sturdy fastener has three unique characteristics that make it stand out among the top-performing composite deck screws. First, it features the anti-fade head, that no matter how hard you screw or how long it gets exposed to severe weather conditions, it cannot fade.

Secondly, the screw characterizes the anti-strip TorxTTAP drive mechanism that prevents stripping of the bit even if you are using a fast electric drill to fasten. Lastly, the manufacturers guarantee you a lifetime corrosion warranty with its three head types, including PVC, composite, and capstock- This means that you shouldn’t worry about your climatic condition, be it icy or dusty.

Fastenmaster Fmtr3-Trapease 3 Composite Deck Screw further has its driving system incorporated with a stability button. Therefore, it provides unparalleled stick-fit and also prevents wobbling during installation, for a strip-out free fastening.

Summary of the key features

  • This fastener has three head types, including PVC, capstock, and composite for diverse applications.
  • Its three head types feature an anti-strip Torx TTAP drive system, anti-fade head paint, and a lifetime corrosion warranty.
  • The screw also characterizes the stability button for a peerless stick-fit and wobble-free mounting.
  • It comes in diverse colors that match any project provisions.
  • The screw features three board heads, the PVC, capstock, and the composite.

Image of TrapEase, one of the best composite deck screwsPros

  • Wobble-free.
  • Three board heads.
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty.
  • Anti-fade head paint.
  • Anti strip. 
  • The screw has a durable carbon steel material.
  • Diverse colors.
  • Endorsed in copper azole and ACQ.


  • Its material is not of pure stainless steel.
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5. GRK 772691160799 RT ProPak Trim Head Composite Deck Screws

The GRK 772691160799 RT ProPak Trim Head Composite Deck Screws has the smallest in class heads- This has rendered this screw applicable for almost all the finest carpentry applications. 

Using this screw, you have no risk of splitting your workpiece, thanks to its remarkably small head that is also aided with the W-cut thread design. The GRK 772691160799 model also features a reverse thread that takes out all the chips, preventing mushrooming, as seen in square screwdrivers.

Additionally, the reverse threads enable the entire screw drive to penetrate immensely and disappear into the wood composite workpiece. Therefore, eliminating the formation of bumps on a finished job. You can also find other sizes of the GRK in Pheinox stainless steel style.

Summary of the key features

  • The screw hallmarks a petite head ideal for acceptable carpentry applications.
  • It also has the W-cut thread design that prevents the splitting of the composite wood material.
  • These tools‘ reverse threads located under the head, eliminate the mushrooming effect.
  • The reverse threads also enable the screw to completely disappear into the workpiece to eradicate dimples’ formation on a finished surface.

Screw for composite deckingPros

  • Tiny head.
  • W-cut thread design.
  • It completely disappears from the surface.
  • This screw is also available in Pheinox stainless steel design.
  • It prevents material splitting.
  • A single pail contains up to 605 screws.
  • Self-knocking.
  • Suitable for diverse weather conditions.


  • One pail contains only 605 screws.
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6. Grip Rite Prime Guard L3CSB5#9 x 3-inch T-20 Star Drive Composite Deck Screws

Grip Rite Prime Guard L3CSB5#9 x 3-inch T-20 Star Drive Composite Deck Screws has its entire body polymer-coated to prevent the formation of rust and also assures you lifetime protection against corrosive elements.

Like other best composite deck screws, the Prime Guard L3CSB5#9 also has a fine pointed tip(type 17) that facilitates easy drilling. It also abolishes the need to pre-drill despite the kind of material, either hardwood or softwood.

You can use this screw for a variety of applications, primarily using composite lumber or even poly. This fastener also features a pancake head that enables you to drive it deep into your workpiece effortlessly. On top of that, it also prevents the hole’s proliferation and leaves behind a smooth, flush finish.

Summary of the key features

  • Its type 17 pointed tip eliminates pre-drilling but at the same interval supporting easy penetration.
  • Its robust material has rendered it suitable when using composite lumber or poly materials.
  • The flat head facilitates for comfortable driving.
  • It also prevents proliferation and leaves a smooth flat flush finish.
  • The star-drive head has a deep depression to grip the bit firmly.

Image of Grip, composite deck screwPros

  • Appropriate for applications involving poly or composite lumber.
  • Flathead reduces over-driving.
  • No need to pre-drill.
  • Deep and formed star-drive.
  • It leaves a smooth well-finished surface.
  • Polymer-coated.
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant.


  • Weighs 5-pounds hence its a bit heavy.
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7. WoodPro Fasteners CD10X212G-Grey Composite Deck Screws

The CD10X212G design has proven to be impeccable to all types of composite deck installation applications. It has a clinch star drive with a deep immersion that decisively holds the bit to prevent stripping. Moreover, the screw also has a sharp pointed type 17 tip that facilitates the initial starting and allows for fatigue-less drilling.

The screw further incorporates a dual thread system that ensures you get a clean finish by preventing mushrooming. Like its predecessor, the CD10X212B-5 T20this fastener has an electro-popliteal coating available in diverse colors to match your deck. 

Besides that, the coating is exceptional to other types since it sanctions for a thinner layer and allows for 1000-hours of salt spray protection. Its composition also makes it resistant to diverse weather conditions without chipping or rubbing off.

Summary of the key features

  • It has a star-shaped secure head that prevents stripping while drilling.
  • The tapered tip ensures you have effortless drilling and also allows for easy penetration.
  • This screw also has an electro-popliteal coating that matches with your color requirement.
  • It includes one 25mm star bit(T-20).

image of screw for composite deckingPros

  • Type 17 pointed tip.
  • Quick starting.
  • Undemanding drilling.
  • It has 1000-hours protection with the salt spray.
  • A superb E-coating.
  • Dual thread.
  • Appropriate for composite deck installations.
  • Secure star drive recess.
  • It comes with 0ne 25mm T-20 star bit.


  • One pail only contains 435 pieces.
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8. GRK THS82-5 Trim ProPak RT 8 by 2-Inch Composite Screws

Having lengths measuring between 1¼” to 5″, the GRK THS 82-5 Trim ProPak RT 8 by 2-Inch Composite Screw has a petite head-That can quickly disappear into the surface the wood, leaving a dimple-free finished body.

Additionally, using this piece devastates the possibility of material splitting. All gratitude goes to its exceptionally little head and the W-cut thread design that also prevents the proliferation, as seen in other types of ordinary screws. 

Do you have to pre-drill in hardwoods like mahogany and ipe? It’s a no- this screw has a well-pointed tip that quickly penetrates any kind of wood. Furthermore, it also facilitates effortless starting and easy fastening. The screw also features reverse threads that enable it ultimately embed into the composite deck material.

Summary of the key features

  • It’s available in different lengths from 1¼” to 5” and has a small head, therefore, ideal for any kind of wood.
  • The reverse threads prevent mushrooming and also allows the screw to disappear into the composite wood completely.
  • The little screw head and W-cut thread design protect your workpiece from splitting.
  • It has a highly-efficient coating that can withstand all weather conditions. 

Image of Propak, a composite deck screwPros

  • Usable with GRK bit T-10.
  • Durable all-climate coating.
  • Small head.
  • W-cut threading.
  • Self-tapping.
  • It’s available in lengths from 1¼” to 5.”
  • No material splitting.
  • It’s ideal for both hardwood and softwood.
  • There is no need for a pilot hole.


  • You can only use GRK bit T-10.
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9. WoodPro Fasteners CD10X212T-Tan Composite Deck Screws

The WoodPro Fastener CD10X212T-Tan Composite Deck Screw is not far different from the CD10X212G and CD10X212B-5 design. It’s faultless when it comes to composite decks installation ventures. Additionally, it also has a recessed star head that stiffly grips the bit—thereby preventing stripping.

Consequently, you can quickly and effortlessly start and drill without the need for drilling a pilot hole using its type 17 trenchant tip. It also has a double thread scheme that smoothly removes the chips preventing the mushrooming effects in the composite and wood materials.

The CD10X212T model further has an electro-popliteal coating that not only prevents and guards it against extreme weather- It also matches your deck, resulting in a clean flush finish. Despite forming a skinny layer, this coating also offers more than 1000hrs of salt spray protection.

Summary of the key features

  • The screw characterizes a double thread design that assists in preventing mushrooming.
  • Its pointed tip quickly penetrates the wood to facilitate effortless drilling.
  • This fastener has a thin coating to increase its durability and also to match the decks.
  • It uses a T-20 bit, which is ideal for first drilling.

WoodPro, composite deck screwPros

  • It has a sharp pointed type-17 tip. 
  • Suitable for use in treated lumber.
  • All-weather applications.
  • It incorporates a superior E-coat.
  • Double threaded.
  • It provides a clean, flush finish.
  • Appropriate for composite deck installation.


  • Weigh at 5.1 pounds; it’s a bit weighty.
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10. GRK KAM9212-5T Kameleon ProPak 9 by 2-1/2-Inch Composite Deck Screws

The GRK KAM9212-5T Kameleon ProPak 9 by 2-1/2-Inch Composite Deck Screw is the best pick for PVC and composite decking. Unlike other composite deck screws, this tool has a saw-blade like cutting teeth positioned right under the head. They have the capability of cutting a spotless hole into the decking.

This screw also characterizes five to seven rings, whereby each of them has three indistinguishable fiber straps. The leashes are to trap fibers and also reduce the chances of the mushrooming effect. 

Additionally, the GRK KAM9212-5T design also embodies the CEE thread- This feature enables the slender screw to enlarge the drilling hole. Therefore, composite decking can easily fit and settle comfortably. Besides that, it also helps increase the fasteners drawing potency and diminishes the friction effect on the screw.

Summary of the key features

  • The screw features saw-blade like cutting teeth that leaves a smooth, clean hole.
  • It also has five to seven rings with three identical fiber straps on each of them to eliminate the chances of the proliferation and also to trap fibers.
  • This fastener also includes the CEE threads that help enlarge the hole, reduce friction, and intensify the drawing vigor.
  • It comes in six different colors, including sage, tan, grey, redwood, and brown, to match the deck.

Kamaleon composite deck screwPros

  • Perfect for composite and PVC decking.
  • Saw-blade likes teeth.
  • It leaves a perfectly clean hole.
  • Available six diverse colors.
  • Incorporates the CEE thread design.
  • It has an increased drawing strength.
  • There is reduced friction on the shaft of the fastener.


  • The screw does not have reverse threads.
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Best Composite Deck Screws Buyers’ Guide

Composite deck screws are more reliable compared to ordinary screws. With these screws, you don’t need to drill a pilot hole or even use more energy while preparing. They are suitable for diverse applications on different woods ranging from all hardwood to softwood materials.

However, you still need to determine the best composite deck screws from the available varieties. Below are the reasons and the considerations to contemplate before buying or ordering.

Reasons Why you Should Buy The Best Composite Deck Screws

  • They are easy to use.
  • You can use them on diverse wood materials.
  • There is no need for pre-drilling pilot holes.
  • They eradicate the mushrooming effect.
  • Some have different thread designs for easy screwing.
  • The screws can survive severe weather conditions.
  • Some are pure stainless steel, while others are pre-coated to resist rust and match the deck.
  • They come in a variety of different designs.
  • Using these screws requires no immense effort.
  • Each screw has different head sizes, and they come included with the suitable drive bit.
  • Their heads have a recessed star that firmly grips the driving bit for easy drilling.
  • They also have a well-pointed type 17 tip that prevents wobbling.
  • Easy starting and effortless drilling.

Factors to Reckon while Choosing The Best Composite Deck Screws

  • Threads

The threads are a very crucial part of a screw. Different designs will determine the functionality of the screw and also its ability to penetrate diverse materials. For instance, the reverse threads help eliminate the mushrooming effect’s, similar to the W-cut threads.

However, some screws like the GRK KAM9212-5T Kameleon ProPak 9 by 2-1/2-Inch Composite Deck Screws have saw-blade cutting teeth. Therefore, the screw leaves a clean, flush hole for the composite decking to settle in comfortably.

Additionally, most of these screws also have enlarged thread at the bottom to hold it firmly inside the hole.

  • Head

For you to drill, the screw needs to have a head to insert your drill bit. Among this top tire list, each screw has its specification on the type of head that determines the kind of bit to use.

But no matter the type of head, the fact remains that the top should have a reasonable recess to facilitate effective drilling. Besides, it should also be flat to prevent the formation of dimples on a finished surface.

Some designs have a small head, while others have a larger one. Therefore, I recommend that you choose a type of screw, depending on your job specifications.

  • Tip

For easy starting and effortless drilling, the sharpness of your screw is the critical factor of contemplation. Most of these screws have the type 17 tip. This apex, combined with the strength of the screws’ material, has helped eradicate the need for drilling pilot holes.

  • Durability

Since you will be using these screws on items that will face diverse weather conditions, you should be very keen on the durability. To enhance the screw’s long-life, it must withstand the severe weather and be rust and corrosion-resistant.

This entirely depends on the type of material. The best material is stainless steel. However, some are pre-coated to prevent rust, stand all-weather, and match the deck.


There are different types of screws that you can use for composite decking. However, you should contemplate on very many factors before settling on one. The screw has to be durable, easy to drill, and also prevent the mushrooming effect.

To clarify these factors, you should look at the type of threads, with the ideal ones being reverse threads, expanded threads at the bottom, double threads, or even W-cut design. I have settled on the WoodPro Fasteners CD10X212B-5 T20 5- Brown Composite Deck Screws as the product to go to when looking for the best screws for composite decking.

This type features the double thread system with a pointed tip for effortless drilling. It also comes with a pre-coat that not only matches your deck but also prevents rust and corrosion from decreasing its durability.

However, you have the above list to make your personal choice on the best composite deck screws.

If you have read this post, I hope you found it helpful with your quest to land the very best screws to use for the installation of your composite deck. In case you have a question, opinion, or suggestion, kindly feel free to share it with me in the comment section below. Meanwhile, enjoy your shopping!

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