10 Best Paint Strippers for Wood- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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The best paint strippers for wood are ones that can easily strip off the paint from the surface of the wood with reliable consistency.

Slower methods of paints from wood can be time-consuming, which might end up dragging your entire project. 

There are different types of paint strippers; the chemical ones, for example, can be dangerous healthwise if inhaled, whereas the manual options are generally exhausting. What’s important is to strike a balance between the two. Tools are, however, a better option as they are reusable, make life easier and safer choice.

Furthermore, the paint stripper that you are going to use must be in a position to offer protection to the underneath surface of the old layer of paint without having to be overly keen.

It, therefore, means that you must be extra careful as you choose the best paint stripper for wood and other surfaces. Here is the least of some of the top products:

1. Wagner Spray Tech Wagner 0513040 PaintEater – Top Pick

As the name suggests, the “paint eater” is the best in the business if you are looking for the best paint strippers for wood. 

Today, many carpenters are using this tool because of the simplicity of its functionality compared to other removers.

Wagner works by rubbing the layer of old paint with the help of a rotating disc. The resultant friction that occurs between the disc and the surface removes the paint leaving no residue.

Above all, this device has a trigger that can immediately stop it as soon as you start scratching the surface of the wood.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It has both plastic and metal components giving it an excellent quality
  • It is a product of the USA created with imported materials
  • This tool is lightweight and easy to operate
  • It has all the instructions written on the box
  • You can easily remove and replace the rotating disc


  • It is easy to use
  • The tool is light 
  • It is excellent for sanding job
  • It remains cool in most of the time


  • It stops anytime it gets hot
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2. Citristrip Paint Stripping Gel – QCSG801: The Longer Run Choice

This product comes with both quality and a good value for your money. It’s on record as Amazon’s no. 1 best seller paint remover. Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel contains zero toxins. Besides, it is biodegradable, making it a perfect paint removing chemical for wood surfaces such as cabinets, doors, and all other surfaces.

One fantastic aspect of this formula is its multipurpose feature; this means it is not specifically for woods. It also works effectively on metallic surfaces.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It is available in a size of 1 Quart
  • The product has a citrus scent with no harsh fumes
  • This formula has no methylene chloride
  • It is non-caustic which makes it ideal for indoor use
  • The gel can stay active for 24 hours which gives room for stripping of several layers in one go
  • Extensive use on materials such as wood, metal as well as masonry surfaces





  • It’s very effective
  • It’s easy to use
  • Has the ability to penetrate multiple paints coats
  • It adheres easily to vertical surfaces


  • Available in gallons
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3. Dumond Chemicals Advance Smart Paint Remover: Best Low Price Choice

Another game-changing paint stripper for wood that deserves to be top of this list is the Dumond Chemicals Advance Smart Paint Remover. It is available in 1 Quart size. This formula is safe for both the user and the environment.

This smart strip advanced paint remover produces no odor; it is a water-based product with 100% biodegradability. It does a brilliant job when it comes to removing layers of industrial-grade paint from the interior and exterior surfaces.

The functionality of this product is broad as it works effectively on wood, metals, bricks, plastics, stones, fiberglasses, concretes as well as plasters. It contains no caustic or any toxic compounds. Add to its already amazing features, Smart Strip Advanced Paint Remover is cheap.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It contains zero toxins 
  • The product is non-flammable
  • Its application is an easy one
  • It is water-based with no odor
  • The formula is fully biodegradable
  • It’s an advanced technology paint remover with no caustic or methylene chloride
  • You can use rollers, airless paint sprayers, brush as well as any other viable method
  • One gallon of this paint can cover approximately 40 – 50 square feet.




  • Contains no harsh odors or fumes
  • It’s arguably the best paint remover for all kind of paints surfaces
  • Extremely low prices
  • A very easy product to handle 
  • It’s safe for both user and environment


  • Leaves behind a messy working area
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4. Ready-Strip Sunnyside Paint & Varnish Remover – 658G1A: Best Choice For Furniture

Ready-Strip Sunnyside Paint & Varnish Remover – 658G1A is another impressive and reliable product on the list. If you need a multi-use stripper for woods and more, then this is all you need. It does a great job removing lacquer, varnish, urethanes, and stains.

This product is created using methylene chloride and NMP free formula making it a very safe product for users compared to some of its peers. Following its application, just about one hour wait time is enough before starting the stripping giving an excellent result.

Just one coat of this product is enough to remove about 7 layers of the coating. It comes with a low odor as well as low prices.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It has all the instructions written on the bottle
  • It has a precise way of spraying
  • Has zero toxins
  • Multi-purpose product
  • Shorter time to start working


  • It remains active for days following application
  • The formula can remove the paint of any age
  • It takes just minutes to dry



  • Some users complained of inconsistency
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5. New Generation Super Paint Stripper: Best Multi-Purpose

New Generation Super Paint Stripper does it all and does it best. It provides an easy way of removing old paints from your wooden structures making it among the best paint strippers for wood. It is a very fast-acting paint stripper specifically for woods. When we talk of safety, this formula is the safest paint removing liquid containing no N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), methylene chloride, or other toxins. 

Why do we say this product is a fast action? Well, it takes only 15 minutes before you can start stripping the paint from your wooden structures. A single application can work up to 5 layers on one go.

Its ultra-fast functionality gives it the edge over other paint stripping formulas. This product is a single stripper solution that works on all the paints, such as oil-based, varnish, lacquers, epoxies, and many others.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It is best for wood
  • This formula acts very fast 
  • It contains no toxic substances
  • It does up to 5 layers


  • It is one of the best cheap paint strippers for wood
  • Has over 40 years of performance 
  • It is a versatile paint remover
  • Works well for commercial use 



  • Limited to woods
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6. 3M Rust & Paint Stripper Brush

This product is a 2 in 1 paint stripper with the ability to remove brush paint or rust from wood, fiberglass, and metals. It has a reputation as one of the best paint strippers for wood in the market today. 3M Paint and Rust Stripper Brush come with a double-thick edge that actively strips the paint from the surface of the wood.


The Summary of Top Features

  • Has a dimension of 2 x 4.5 x 6.9-inch making it easy on hands
  • The total weight of the disc is only 6 ounces
  • The brush has 375 inches cutting diameter
  • It has a great user experience as it comes with super quality finishing bearing the low operational cost.


  • The product works well for all surfaces
  • It comes cheap for its quality
  • The product presents an excellent alternative to brush
  • It is a durable as well as a value-adding paint remover


  • The tool is just one in the package
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7. K11 Razor Blade Scraper: Best Manual Paint Razor

Do you love doing it manually? Well, if so, then K11 Razor Blade Scraperremover is your best companion. It’s a labour-intensive light steel body tool that is easy on the hand. This tool is useful when working on smaller projects. The blades on the scraper are replaceable, which makes them useful for removing glue, chalk, old paint, soap scum, and any other material.

It is a small paint remover that does not require close maintenance practices; there’s no need for cleaning while using this tool. It’s a pocket-size, which makes it extremely portable. 

For the unskilled individuals, it is quite challenging to handle the sharp blades safely. 

The K11 razor is arguably the best paint stripper for wood furniture in the metallic tools class.


The Summary of Top Features

  • Require little maintenance
  • It is easily portable
  • Best for small projects
  • Best for those that love it manual


  • The product has up to 6 blades (single edge)
  • It comes with the top USA made quality
  • Product is of a rust-resistant and a durable steel
  • It has a heavy-duty metallic body


  • The product does not have a warranty
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8. PORTER-CABLE PC1500HG Paint Heat Gun

The PC 1500HG comes with a corded paint stripping heat gun that produces heat to loosens the paint. This tool has advantages over the chemical options as it presents no risks of chemical burns and contamination.

Note: PC1500HG paint stripper produces so much heat. Therefore, ensure that no flammable product is nearby.

This product has a 1500 Watt motor that makes it perform as you would expect. It is quite a faster option compared to chemicals such as the Citi-Strip gel. However, you need to be slow, definite as well as systematic to achieve the best results.

Its design minimizes fatigue. Above all, the tool is quieter than most other paint stripping guns you can find in the market today.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The product has speed and temperature control settings
  • No risks of chemical contamination
  • Helps in faster completion of tasks


  • It comes with temperature regulation settings
  • Its can reach high temperatures of up to 900 degrees
  • The ergonomic design makes it cool on hand
  • It works quietly



  • Its temperature keeps fluctuating
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9. Ecofast HD Liquid Paint Remover for Concrete by EcoProCote

Ecofast HD Paint Remover is excellent for both the environment and the users as it contains no toxic substances. It works effectively, which makes it one of the best paint strippers for wood and other materials. 

You will find this product in a lighter liquid form, unlike other peers such as Dumond Chemicals, which are a little thicker.

The products contain no methylene chloride, NMP, and other potentially toxic chemicals. With a neutral pH, this product is ideal for wood, metal, as well as plastic.

It’s less viscosity makes it penetrate so deep into the wood, which makes the stripping project less stressful.

The Summary of Top Features

  • Contains zero toxins
  • Deeper penetration into the wood
  • It’s lighter
  • Neutral PH makes it suitable for many surfaces


  • Uses bio-based components such as soy that is safe for the environment and people
  • Contains zero toxins such as methylene chloride an NMK
  • It is easy to wash off with water
  • Has a neutral pH which makes it versatile



  • Not useful in small amounts
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10. Blue Bear 605 Pro Coating Paint Remover

The Blue Bear 605 Pro Coating Paint Remover is an all-purpose product and one of the best paint stripper for wood with excellent efficiency. It can remove layers of paints, enamel, urethane, and a varnish. It is an industrial gel low odor, which makes it suitable for use indoors.

Blue Bear is one of the Best Paint Stripper with no toxic compounds. You can use it on wood, concrete, and metal surfaces. It comes with a good area of coverage of up to 125 square feet per each gallon at the horizontal surface. For a vertical side, it covers up to 75 square feet a gallon.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The product is safe and Eco-Friendly
  • It can remove Multiple Layers 
  • It works on both surfaces-vertical and horizontal


  • It is a non-caustic and environment-friendly stripper
  • This paint stripper has a low odor 
  • It has broad uses with wood, concrete, masonry, etc.
  • It can remove multiple layers of coats in a single application.



  • It does not work with Drywall, PVC, limestone, veneer, rubber, and terrazzo tile.
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Best Paint Strippers for Wood Buyers’ Guide

Factor to Consider When Buying Paint Stripper for Wood

Know Your Working Surface

You should be in a position to determine whether the paint you are buying is the right one for your surface. Larger surfaces like sidings may call for the use of heat-generating removers.

In the cases of hardwood floors, sanding does the work. Chemical paint strippers are suitable for bumpy and uneven surfaces.

Safety is Important

Safety should always be the first thing in mind while looking to buy a paint remover. Most chemicals sold in the US contain methylene chloride (Dichloromethane, or DCM), which has remarkable strength and speed. However, this product is hazardous, with its fumes reportedly causing dizziness and shortage of breath. Prolonged exposure to DCM can result in different types of cancer.

Therefore, ensure that the project that you settle for contains no toxins.

Types of Paint Strippers

There exist three significant categories of paint strippers. They are caustic, solvent, and biochemical. Always read the labels to ensure that you pick the right product.


These types of paint strippers turn the topmost layer of paint into soap; the chemical reactions involved loosens the paint from the attached surface, making it easy to remove. The Lye present in the caustic strippers is of either caustic potash (potassium hydroxide) or caustic soda (sodium hydroxide).

These strippers remove latex and alkyd paints from the surface, however, you have to give them time to penetrate the surface well and also for the best results possible.

Note: Caustic solvents have a downside as they usually darken the wood, in the process, you might want to bleach your furniture if you intend to stain using a lighter color.


​These are paint strippers that use chemical solvents to remove paint by dissolving the existing bond between paint or stains. It results in the peeling off of the coatings.

One such solvent that does this job is the methylene chloride (DCM). However, we do not recommend it due to its toxic nature.


​Biochemical-based paint strippers for wood functions in a similar manner as the chemical solvents; however, they use solvents extracted from plants.

Some of the common ones include lactic acids from corn sugars, citrus terpenes, dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) from paper by-products, citric acid, and soy oil.

There are minor risks associated with these compounds. They can, however, irritate the skin and therefore need to be used in properly ventilated spaces.


When it comes to choosing the best paint strippers for wood, it is essential that stay safe and, at the same time, acquire a product that is reliable and does its work as you would expect. 

Your working surface should play an essential role in guiding you to the right remover that will best suit your project. Every time that you deviate from this, you are less likely to get your work done correctly.

In our quest to ensure that you get the best product, which gives you value for your money, we have listed some of the best paint strippers that you can find in the market today. Any product on this list will serve you right. Happy shopping!



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