7 Best Deck Paint for Old Wood- Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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Painting your old and weary deck is one and the easiest way to enhance its beauty especially if you have the best deck paint for old wood. The painting process is easy as well as a DIY, which reduces unnecessary costs that you could incur if you opt for the more expensive remodeling.

The restoration paint isn’t the ordinary one. Usually, it’s acrylic or a solution of acrylic latex that dries into a thick coating on your old wooden decks and filling all the cracks in the process.

In this guide, we have conducted a comprehensive analysis of different deck paints that are best for the restoration of your old wooden structures. Settling for any of the products on our list will surely give your deck the best results you can imagine.

Let’s have a look, and our first product on the list is:

Our list of Best Deck Paint for Old Wood

1. Olympic 79705/01 Rescue It Moderate Resurfacer + Sealant in One

This product does it all; it is a resurfacer, primer as well as a sealer. It is 100% acrylic, which makes it a high-performing coating that locks all the hairline cracks, prevents wood splinters resulting in a safe, long-lasting surface with the ability to resist discoloration and resist mildew on the surface of the wood. This formula is ideal for porches, old decks, and sidewalks which makes it the best deck paint for old wood. 

It comes with a slightly textured finish with the ability to covers up to 75 square feet in 2 coats. It also prevents the growth of algae. It’s the best deck paint for old wood you can find in the market today.

olympic rescue it, the best deck paint fpr old wood

The Summary of Top Features

  • It serves as a resurfacer, primer, and sealant
  • Perfect for the restoration of old worn or weathered wooden structure and concrete
  • Able to fills cracks up to 1/4 in. and prevents wood splinters
  • With a tintable stain, you can customize your color
  • Cures into a slip-resistant finish
  • The product is self-priming in two coats on a well-prepared surface
  • Has a water-resistant protection




  • It is self Priming
  • Offer protection against fading, and it’s waterproof
  • Has up to 140 Colors options


  • It does peel, crack, and bubble 
  • Might not necessarily fully cover 75 square feet in two coats, depending on the extent of which the wood is worn
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2. CABOT SAMUEL 25200-07 INC Deck Correct GAL Stain

This product represents another top quality work by the Cabot Corporation. The only reason it made to our list of best deck paints for old wood is because of its reputation when it comes to restoring worn-out wooden structures. You can find this product in up to 51 distinct colors. Its coverage is impressive with about 75 square feet with two coats.

Its application is less complicated as well; all you need is a nylon/polyester brush or use a 3/8” roller nap as an alternative. It’s best for weathered wood, decks, concrete, steps, and porches. To get the best out of this product, Cabot recommends the use of a solid stain on vertical areas like the railings.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The coating is thick and can fill cracks up to 1/4-in and further lock down splinters for lasting dirt and skid-resistant surface
  • It’s easy to apply by the use of a standard 3/8-in paint roller
  • It repairs the worn and weathered wood surfaces. It is also great for exterior wood like the decks, steps, and porches
  • Requires only a 2-coat application; a single gallon covers a vast area of 75 square feet using 2 coats
  • Comes with up to 51 Cabot colors
  • It cures into a hard finish that resists dirt
  • This product has agents that prevent the growth of mildew on the film of the coating



  • It has broad uses from decks, concrete, porches, and weathered wood.
  • Ready for use within two days or 48 hours
  • Easily cleaned using soap and water
  • Easy to apply


  • Not suitable for vertical surfaces
  • Can peel 
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Rust-Oleum Restore 10X Advanced comes with all the qualities that you’ll need to restore your worn outdoor wood or concrete deck.

This product is a durable coating created particularly to resurface wooden structures by protecting them against moisture as well as the damaging effects of the sun.

According to the manufacturer, Rust-Oleum has a variety of use, it is pocket-friendly and eco-friendly even as it revitalizes concretes and wooden surfaces.

You can apply deck, and Concrete Restore 10X Advanced over almost all the outdoor wood to give it a new look that is free of cracks and splinters.

The application of the coating is more comfortable as you need only a roller to get the job done. Besides, it dries into a sturdy, beautiful and resilient surface that will last for several years with little maintenance practice.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It is 10x thicker than the conventional deck coating
  • Fills cracks and the splinters for up to 1/4 inch 
  • Water-based hence it is safe and easy to clean
  • Beautifies and protects the wooden surfaces
  • Easy to apply using a Restore Roller
  • Hides the imperfections on the wood, and is slip-resistant


  • Variety of uses from concrete, wood, and composite
  • Ready for use in about 48 hours
  • Easy clean up with soap and water


  • Needs a honeycomb roller for the best results
  • A gallon covers only 40 square feet with 2 coats
  • Does peel
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Kilz is another masterclass from the Masterchem Industries. It’s among the best deck paint for old wood and does a good job on walls, wood surface restoration as well as rust prevention. 

The Over Armor Resurfacer made it to our list because of its excellent reputation. It’s Masterchem’s best selling acrylic resin paint that you can find in both smooth and textured finishes for wood and concrete.

This formula bridges the cracks on the wood surfaces hides imperfections and gives a new uniform look to old and worn out wood. It is available in several wood stains/solid colors. You should prepare your weathered wood or the cracked horizontal wood surface properly before application. It is also great for vertical surfaces like posts and railings. 

NOTE: This product is not appropriate for driveable areas like the garage floors or the driveways.

When it comes to painting, we highly recommend that you use a bristle brush instead. This brush eases the application process as it gives you a room to extra dab paint on those surfaces that you’d love to be 100% slip-free.

It has a texture that is more or less the same as that of sandpaper. Despite the texture, it does not cause any discomfort to bare skin. If you have kids jumping over the deck, it should cause you less worry as the texture is not tough enough to cause them any damage.

The coating is particularly amazing. We have talked to a number of customers who have used this product on their half a century old decks who gave rave reviews regarding this product.

It comes with a thickness that covers the surfaces leaving behind no cracks or pockmarks for up to ¼ an inch. Its high level of performance helps to cover the surface completely making it look brand new.

A gallon gives coverage of about 75 square feet. And available in three shades- one for concrete and two for wood.

The Summary of Top Features

  • A gallon covers up to 75 square feet
  • A suitable thickness of up to ¼ inch
  • Cures into a 100% slip-free finish
  • Its texture is gentle to the legs
  • Covers and repair cracks and splinters on the wooden surfaces
  • Great for high traffic areas





  • It’s an acrylic resin
  • Works well for all weather conditions
  • Does not necessarily need the priming of the surface
  • A single gallon provides covers 75 square feet of an area
  • Fills and repairs holes on the surfaces for up to ¼ inch
  • Great reviews from users
  • Takes a shorter time to dries and cure


  • Its thick consistency calls for the use of brush only in place of other options such as a roller during application.
  • The surface must be clean before application. 
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Does this brand, Rust-Oleum, need an introduction? I think not. It is, without doubt, one of the best deck paint for old wood.

The RockSolid 20X deck resurfacer is one of their own; it’s their most durable resurfacing paint for wooden structures that are amazingly weathered.

This product works well with wood, concrete and a large number of composites.

Rust-Oleum did users a great favor by creating this product in a whopping 60 shades. This formula is available in 1 and 4-gallon cans.

You can tell from the name of this product that it is 20x thicker compared to the ordinary surface restoration paints.

This formula has a thickness that is twice that of the Kilz Over Armor, its area of coverage in two coats stands at a relatively low figure of only 40 square feet.

When it comes to application, Rust-Oleum recommends for the use of the appropriate roller cover; usually, you’ll have to buy this roller separately, to apply this resurfacing paint. It’s understandable if buying a separate roller seems like a stealthy way to cross-sell; however, it’s because of its substantial thickness which makes it almost impossible to apply using regular rollers.

Though not the first choice, you could still use a thick bristle brush to apply this paint.

Just a single coat is enough to cover all the splinters, cracks and dents on the surface of your wooden structures completely.

As much as this product is a water-based acrylic formula, it’s users have not complained of damages such as peeling but only given it rave reviews. It does its job perfectly and can serve you for years, even when used in areas that experience high traffic.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It’s best for heavily worn decks as well as patios
  • 20X thicker than the ordinary paint for maximum durability
  • A single coat works just fine
  • Comes with a superior weather-resistance and water-resistance protection
  • Fills cracks for up to ¼ inches
  • Has up to 60 different colors
  • Has a coverage area of 40 square feet each gallon a single coat




  • 20x thicker than the ordinary wood restoration paints
  • It changes the look of a severely weathered and worn wooden structures
  • Just a single layer does a great job in providing excellent waterproofing and weather resistance
  • Requires low maintenance
  • This product has 60 different shades
  • Available in 1 and 4-gallon bottles
  • It’s the best choice for your heavily weathered patio or deck


  • It’s one of the most challenging paint to apply because of its thickness
  • Having to purchase an appropriate roller as advised by the manufacturer does not go well with a section of users
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6. Anvil Deck-A-New Resurfacer Paint

Straight out of Florida, Anvil is a reliable company that makes some of the top paints and sealants that gives your wooden structures a flawless finish. Deck-A-New Resurfacer, which is one of their best deck paint for old wood that works perfectly to give your structures a new look.

It cures into a slip-free surface which you can find in two variants, each for concrete and another for wood.

Besides, this formula comes in five beautiful shades and in cans of 1,2,4 and 5-gallon. One gallon can cover an area of about 70 square feet if you do the recommended two coats.

If your deck is not in an awful condition, then using a single coat would do the work just right, which is however not recommended by the manufacturer.

This product has a relatively thick texture that seeps comfortably into cracks and openings that are available on the surface of your wooden structure. If you find the paint difficult to apply, feel free to mix it with 50% water to make the application easier.

NOTE: For the best results imaginable, it’s important that you prime the surface before painting.

If your wooden deck is considerably weathered, we do recommend that you use the Anvil Aqua Seal Waterproofer Bonding Primer #235.’

In the case of concrete, the best primer to use is Anvil High Adhesion Grip-Tite WB Bonding Primer #1750.


The Summary of Top Features

  • The coating encapsulates splinters and fills cracks on the wood 
  • It delivers a beautiful slip, peel, and chip-resistant finish
  • Offers protection to both interior/exterior vertical/horizontal wood surfaces


  • It’s a top-rated wood resurfacing paint
  • Provides an easy way if you are looking to repair your wooden and concrete deck
  • It fills cracks on the wood for up to ¼ inch.
  • This product is 100% Acrylic
  • It’s great for all weather conditions
  • It does not peel in areas with high traffic on decks
  • If you go with a single coat, it covers an area of 160 square feet per gallon 
  • It’s slip-free textured surface is easy to clean




  • It requires cleaning and priming of the surface before you apply. 
  • Since Anvil Deck-A-New Resurfacer is not acrylic resin, it is not the very best option for a region that experiences extreme weather conditions.


Behr never disappoints and so is their product, DeckOver coating. If you are looking for the best deck paint for old wood that will give a new lease of life to your old wooden structure and give it a beautiful look, then this product is everything that you need.

Its application is less complicated as you need only a brush or a paint roller to apply the coating to a vertical or horizontal surface like the deck surfaces as well as their railings. DeckOver has a thickness that is four times that of its current solid-colour stain, which covers the weathered materials and improving a worn wood’s surface by offering cover over cracks and splinters by about 1/4 inch.

This formula cures into a slip-resistant finish; however, it remains smooth and easy on the final user. Behr Premium DeckOver is an acrylic product through and through; as a result, it’s cleaning is easy by just use of water and soap. This product comes in over 54 colors.

The Summary of Top Feature

  • Four times thicker than the solid color stain
  • Has over 50 colors to choose from
  • Offer cover to the splinters by up to ¼ inch.
  • Has an area coverage of up to 75 square feet in 2 coats


  • Can be used on both the horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • You can brush, roll or spray this product
  • Easy to clean using soap and water



  • Takes longer to cure
  • Does crack and even peel
  • Not suitable for drive-able surface


Best Deck Paint for Old Wood Buyer’s Guide

Things to Consider When You Want to Buy Deck Paint for Old Wood

It is a wrong move to walk into any local store to shop for paint for old wood without putting into consideration some of the critical variables. So that you minimize your chances of getting it wrong with your shopping, we have highlighted some of the factors that you should consider while looking for the best deck paint for old wood.

How Thick is the Coating?

Asking yourself this question before settling for the paint to buy is vital because deck restoration paints have varying thicknesses. We have the ordinary deck restoration paints and others with improved thickness indicated by numbers such as 4x, 10x and 20x.

As their names suggest, paints with 4, 10 and 20 labels are those figures thicker compared to regular restoration paints, which gives your wooden structures a thicker coat.

This thickness does great to your deck by hiding the most of the cracks, splinters, scruffs and bubbles that give your deck that “ugly” look.

Very thick paints come with their disadvantages as they are a little difficult to apply if compared to the less thick ones. It might require that you have a couple of brushes to work effectively. It also calls for high levels of diligence as you prepare the project.

NOTE: Avoid cutting corners if you are looking for appealing results.

The Surfaces (Vertical or Horizontal)

Most homeowners face difficulties when deciding whether to use wood restoration paints on vertical or horizontal surfaces.

As a deck owner, you will hear talks everywhere down the streets of your local town or even read articles on restoration paints peeling especially on areas with high traffic; this should not worry you a lot because the performance of your restoration paints highly depend on these two factors.

  1. The paint brand that you are using
  2. How properly you prepare and apply your restoration paint

Settle for the best brand possible, follow their instructions to the letter, and you will end up with a great work that will serve you well and even surpass your expectations.

Area of Coverage per Gallon

Time and again, deck owners end up buying more restoration paints than they actually require or even ending up buying less. It’s imperative that you are aware of precisely what capacity of paint you’ll need for your project.

You will find that most reputable brands, such as Rustoleum clearly indicate the area that a single gallon of their products can cover. Take, for example, a 4x paint; you’ll find that a gallon of this covers about 80 square feet of an area. This coverage reduces for the more thick counterparts such as the 10x and 20x.

The Color

You’ll find that all the popular brands have a wide range of colors of wooden and concrete paints that you can pick and choose.

Rustoleum, for example, has about 60 shades of their restoration paint that you can use. These shades exist in both textured as well as standard finishes.

Anvil has the least color range compared to the others; however, it has better color retention than the others. With this wide range of colors, you will find it easy to achieve the look that you intend for your wooden structure’s restoration.

The Ease of Application

It’s quite easy to apply the restoration paint. It’s because most of these paints come with even coverage as well as the ease of drying. Furthermore, they have provisions for second coats, especially on the third or fourth day following the application of the first coat.

The key in application lies in the preparation as well as the prevailing weather conditions as you look to do your painting.

Temperature ranges between 50- 90 degrees during the days of application of the paint can give your project perfect results.

You need to ensure that your painting area is clean and free of substances like grease, stain or sealant so that your paint can adhere properly to the surface.


Deck restoration paint for old wooden structures presents a perfect option other than replacing your deck. The acquisition of new wood is not as easy as it might look due to the high costs of timber. A deck restoration paints give a breath of fresh air to your old deck, making it appear like a brand new one if correctly done. Therefore, we highly recommend that deck owners consider the use of these paints instead of spending extra cash on buying entirely new wood. 

Our list of the best deck paint for old wood will help ease your search for the right product for your projects. Pick any of the products listed here and you will get the value for your money.

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