9 Best Heat Guns for Paint Removal- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Image of the best heat gun for paint removalFreshly painted materials are beautiful. However, when the paint wears out, it compromises the surface’s beauty, requiring you to remove it. There are many tools to use, but you need the Best Heat Guns for Paint Removal for desirable results. Woodworkers prefer working with them as they are affordable and easy to operate. They accommodate both beginners and professionals and are helpful for household use.

Heat guns have either a two or variable temperature setting to help you select the temperature levels. The nozzle directs the heat to the work surface and allows you to focus on particular spots. Besides that, working with the machines is safe and comfortable as it features a built-in stand to allow hands-free operations.

The unit is lightweight and has a compact design to accommodate woodworkers with multiple workstations. You can carry it around and work for extended durations without feeling strained. The ergonomic handle allows you to firmly grip the product as you work, enhancing your paint removal experience.

For more information about the heat gun, please read through the product review below. Also, you will find a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you choose the most suitable one to shelf.

Best Heat Gun for Paint Removal Comparison Table

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Best Heat Guns for Paint Removal Buyer’s Guide

Although a heat gun is an excellent addition to a woodworker’s toolbox, most individuals do not know how to select the best one for their project needs.

The device generally works on painted materials, but some manufacturers attach more features to accommodate multiple applications. Therefore, with clear project objectives and specifications, you can quickly get a tool to do the job satisfactorily.

This section will enlighten you on using the heat gun, reasons for shelving one, and factors to consider when getting the device.

How to Safely Use a Heat Gun

When using a heat gun, you should be cautious because, in a sense, it is a gun mixed with a stove. You may not want to point it at a human or animal as it can lead to severe injuries.

The heat gun’s temperatures rise significantly to over 1,000s F in less than a minute. Therefore, do not wave your hand in front of the device to verify whether it has warmed up.

  • Take care of your mind and body.

Ensure you incorporate frequent breaks during the working sessions. They can be after 45 minutes of work, depending on how tiring the job is and your fatigue levels. Also, stay well hydrated and drink a glass of water before you get started.

Hydrating helps you rejuvenate your mind and body as the heat levels make you hot and reduce your system’s oxygen levels.

  • Gear up

Protective gear is key and in this case, you need a quality pair of work gloves that can withstand high temperatures to keep you from sustaining burns. The heat gun kit may come with some gloves to use, but you can get them from another if the manufacturer does not provide them.

  • Ventilation

Old paint can emit quite toxic fumes when you heat it with a heat gun since it is lead-based. This scenario makes the working environment unsafe, especially if there is poor ventilation. 

Therefore, you need to ensure the area has enough air inlets to keep fresh air circulating.

  • Let the gun warm up and cool off.

Electric-powered heat guns have a warm-up period and allow you to reduce the temperature levels. However, before making these adjustments, allow the tool to cool and then switch the nozzles or reset the temperature settings. In about 45 seconds, the heat gun will be running at the set temperature.

Reasons to Purchase the Best Heat Guns for Paint Removal

  • Compact and Lightweight. Heat guns are an excellent way to engage in paint removal projects as they are lightweight to reduce strain and fatigue. They also have compact designs that allow hands-free operations, enabling you to do a lot in one day.
  • Safe to use. The device has a steady base that allows it to stand on its own as you wait for it to cool or warm up. It warms up in about 45 seconds, and you don’t have to wave your hand in front of the product to verify if it is hot enough to begin.
  • Adjustable temperature settings. You will enjoy the luxury of adjusting temperature levels to your project’s requirements, thanks to the two and variable temperature settings. This feature also allows you to work on multiple applications.
  • Convenient storage features. The machine has an integrated storage hook that facilitates easy storage after work. This element also helps you maintain the tool, giving it a longer life span.
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle. You can work unhindered by fatigue and discomfort as you hold the tool, thanks to its comfortable grip. Working with such a handle reduces the chances of straining your hands or getting blisters.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Heat Guns for Paint Removal

  • Application

You should specify the reason for getting the device as it can serve many purposes such as paint removal, changing phone screens, and shrinking wrap.

Each project requires a specific device. For example, if you are working on a big project such as a shrinking wrap, you need a sturdy heat gun. On the other hand, if you are changing a phone screen, a smaller heat gun is suitable.

Selecting the most suitable machine is essential;l for desirable results. For example, a small tool will help repair your cell phone better than a heavy one, which may overheat and damage the project.

  • Affordability

Manufacturers price their products differently based on added features; therefore, determining how much you want to pay helps you make purchases more quickly.

You can get this product at any reasonable price. However, the more features and capabilities, the more coins you will give.

If you are working with a tight budget, you can consider a small device because they are relatively cheap. However, ensure that you do not compromise on the tool’s quality because it will determine the results.

  • Added kit accessories

We have manufacturers that offer scrappers and added nozzles to the heat gun. This practice saves you time and energy as you get what you need in one package. Therefore, if you want particular accessories in your kit, conduct research to identify which manufacturers or stores can deliver.

  • Temperature control

Temperature control settings give you the freedom to work on multiple applications and determine the type of heat gun to purchase. You need a device that allows you to adjust the temperature levels for desirable results. For example, low temperatures may not remove the pain, while very high temperatures may damage the surface.

Therefore, you need to study your project temperature needs and get a tool that will deliver.

A heat gun may offer variable or dual temperature control settings. The variable temperature settings provide numerous ranges that you can choose from, and the dual settings only have two temperature levels to use.

Generally, products with an increased temperature variability are more expensive than those with two options.

  • Nozzle

The nozzle focuses the heat on the surface and is a significant part of the heat gun. A device will have a standard mouth nozzle, but some manufacturers provide interchangeable attachments for various applications.

If your manufacturer does not provide the nozzle you need for your job; you can still research and purchase them from another store.


Best Heat Guns for Paint Removal Products Reviews

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun (DCE530P1)

The Dewalt 20V Heat Gun features up to a 990 degrees F max output temperature. It also has two temperature settings to enhance your convenience. The device is comfortable to use as it has a lock on and off feature that allows for hands-free operation when necessary.

You can use the device in poorly lit working environments thanks to the LED footlight that increases visibility. It also has a standard-size nozzle that allows attachments from chorded units to fit with ease.

The cordless heat gun prides itself in a compact design that allows you to use it for diverse operations. You can also easily carry it around in case you have multiple workstations.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The heat gun has an LED footlight for increased visibility in poorly lit workstations.
  • It has a lock on and off feature that allows for free hands operation whenever necessary.
  • Dewalt has an impressive output temperature of up to 990 degrees.
  • It also has a compact design suitable for diverse applications and tight spaces.
  • The standard size nozzle allows you to fit attachments from other brands and chorded units easily.

ProsDEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun (DCE530P1)

  • The device has two temperature settings.
  • It is cordless thus easy to carry.
  • Dewalt has a flat nozzle and hooks nozzle attachment.
  • It has a CB205 5Ah battery and charger.
  • The machine is easy and safe to operate.


  • The device has a 42-minute warm-up time.
  • It has an unfriendly warm-up time.
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2. Wagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun

This heat gun is suitable for household use and works well for applications such as softening point, putty removal, and caulking. One can also use it for more advanced projects such as binding plastic, shrinking wrap, and loosening rusted bolts or nuts. Besides that, the machine features a 750ᵒF and 1000ᵒF temperature setting to help complete household home improvement tasks quickly.

You can easily adjust the device to your project needs as it has two fan speeds to provide additional control. The hands-free operation allowance helps you keep the hot nozzle from touching the surface. Also, Wagner Spraytech has an integrated stand that assures you of safety as you work.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The machine is easy to use, thus suitable for household projects such as softening paint and caulking. 
  • It features two fan speeds that provide additional control to customize to your project needs.
  • You will enjoy working with an integrated stand that enhances your safety.
  • The HT1000 Heat Gun offers a 750ᵒF and 1000ᵒF temperature setting to quickly complete household home improvement tasks.
  • It also has a hands-free operation allowance to help prevent the hot nozzle from touching your work surface.

ProsWagner Spraytech 0503008 HT1000 Heat Gun, 2 Temp Settings 750ᵒF & 1000ᵒF, soften paint, caulking, adhesive, putty for removal, shrink wrap, bend plastic pipes, and loosen rusted nuts or bolts

  • The device has a corrosion-resistant nozzle and a lightweight handle.
  • It is suitable for demanding jobs and big projects.
  • Wagner Spraytech has an integrated storage hook for easy storage on a peg wall or workbench.
  • It also has a corrosion-free nozzle which makes it durable.


  • The power switch is not easy to locate.
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3. DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard Case/Accessory Kit (D26960K)

Working with the DEWALT D26960K is quite enjoyable as it has impressive features such as built-in innovative kickstand support. The feature ensures that the tool does not tip over and provides enhanced stability. Also, you can work for more hours thanks to the ergonomic comfort grip that helps you hold the unit for a long time.

The unit has an LCD that helps you adjust temperature levels within 50-degree increments. It features a built-in overload protection that shuts the heating element down to prevent burn-ups. DEWALT D26960K also comes with an in-built hand ring to make storage convenient.

Additionally, the device is easy to handle and suitable for both household and professional use.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The tool has an ergonomic comfort grip for maximum comfort during extended working hours.
  • It has in-built overload protection that shuts the heating element down to prevent burn up.
  • You can easily adjust the unit’s temperature within 50-degree increments in a range of 150 to 1100 degrees F.
  • DEWALT D26960K has an innovative kickstand for enhanced stability and prevents tip-overs.
  • It also has a built-in hang ring for easy storage.

ProsDEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard Case/Accessory Kit (D26960K)

  • The unit has a compact and lightweight design.
  • It has 12 standard accessories such as a scraper and multiple nozzles for versatility.
  • You get a kit box for easy storage.
  • DEWALT D26960K weighs only 2.3 lbs, which makes it convenient to carry.
  • It is fit for both home and professional use.


  • It is more pricey than other heat guns.
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4. BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun, (HG1300)

The BLACK+DECKER Heat Gun is a fantastic tool to have in your workstations. It has a compact design for ease of handling and two temperature settings that allow you to adjust the unit to match your project needs. On top of that, the machine is ideal for stripping paint and loosening the rusted bolt, which makes it suitable for multiple household applications.

The tool’s lightweight nature makes it convenient to carry around and to use for extended working sessions. It also has a built-in stand for easy cooling after much heating.

The Summary of Top Features

  • BLACK+DECKER has two temperature settings (750 and 1000 Degrees) to accommodate multiple applications.
  • At 1000 degrees F the unit has impressive paint stripping power.
  • The tool has a 1375 watt heating element that helps in removing old paint layers on your walls.

ProsBLACK+DECKER Heat Gun, Dual Temperature (HG1300)

  • The tool is ideal for multiple applications such as thawing pipes and loosening rusted nuts.
  • It has a built-in stand for an effortless cooldown after use.
  • BLACK+DECKER has a compact design for ease of use and handling.
  • It is lightweight: thus, suitable for woodworkers with multiple workstations.
  • The device is more affordable than other machines and is thus suitable for beginners.


  • Users are concerned about the unit’s power switch safety.
  • The tool does not have additional nozzles, and one has to purchase them separately.
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5. PORTER-CABLE Heat Gun, 1500-Watt (PC1500HG)

This tool is suitable for a variety of applications ranging from paint removal to removing adhesive tiles. It has a variable temperature control setting that allows you to adjust the tool as you please to match your project’s demands. Besides that, the integrated hands-free support enables the gun to sit upright during use, reducing fatigue during extended sessions.

The Porter-Cable PC1500HG Heat Gun has a dual fan speed selector to help you adjust the fan’s speed and an integrated hanging hook for simplified storage. You will enjoy the tool’s efficiency and power as it has a 1500 watt motor that delivers high heat. Additionally, the six feet tall grade cord enhances the tool’s flexibility to accommodate various working spaces.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The unit has a dual fan speed selector that offers high and low fan settings.
  • It also has a variable temperature control dial that allows you to adjust the temperatures to match your project needs.
  • Porter-Cable features an integrated hands-free support stand that allows it to sit upright during use.
  • It has an in-built hanging hook for convenient storage.

ProsPORTER-CABLE Heat Gun, 1500-Watt (PC1500HG)

  • Porter-Cable is lightweight and offers less fatigue when holding.
  • It has a 1500-watt motor that delivers high heat and multiple fan settings.
  • The tool has a six feet high-grade chord that improves its flexibility.
  • It is ideal for multiple applications such as bending plastic pipes, paint removal, and welding plastics.


  • It does not have a Celsius temperature option.
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6. Weller 6966C 250 Watts Electric Industrial Heat Gun

This product weighs less than a pound, making it easy to carry from one place to another. It also reduces fatigue during extended working sessions and allows you to complete your engaging projects. Weller 6966C is safe for use and accommodates continuous or repetitive tasks. Therefore, it is suitable for use in production plants, electronic services facilities, and labs.

The heat gun’s temperature at the nozzle ranges from 750 to 800 degrees F, allowing you to adjust the tool to meet the project demands. 

The summary of Top Features

  • The machine is durable.
  • It is lightweight and reduces fatigue in extended sessions.
  • Weller 6966C is safe for use and executes continuous and repetitive tasks.
  • It has a close temperature range that allows you to work on multiple projects.

ProsWeller 6966C 250 Watts Electric Industrial Heat Gun

  • Weller 6966C has two temperature modes.
  • It has a compact design that makes it easy to operate.
  • The tool kit has five nozzles.
  • It has a powerful fan to keep it cool.


  • Users complain that one cannot choose exact temperatures.
  • It is suitable for small and medium-sized projects.
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7. SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit

This product is a heavy-duty tool that provides strong power to help you with applications such as shrinking PVC, car wrapping, bending pipes, removing rusted bolts. It also has an overload protector that keeps it from damage and circuit problems.

SEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W has a deflector nozzle that directs a long, narrow heat pattern to the work surface. It has another nozzle, the reflector nozzle, which disperses the heat flow evenly.

The tool has a variable temperature control that allows the user to set it to the appropriate temperature levels. It features a black dial that provides rheostat-type heating, and the high/low switch on the handle offers airflow control. Besides that, the machine has a scientific ergonomic design that prevents repetitive strain injuries.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The heat gun has four nozzle accessories that provide a perfect heating pattern and flow on the work surface.
  • It is suitable for various applications such as cell phone repairs, removing paint, and other thawing purposes.
  • You can use the variable temperature control to adjust the tool’s temperatures.
  • The device has an ergonomic handle that reduces fatigue and prevents strain injuries.

ProsSEEKONE Heat Gun 1800W Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Kit Variable Temperature Control with 2-Temp Settings 4 Nozzles 122℉~1202℉(50℃- 650℃)with Overload Protection for Crafts, Shrinking PVC, Stripping Paint

  • The heat gun bends PVC pipes without any elbow or adhesive joints.
  • It has excellent air velocity settings that quickly shrink PVC.
  • SEEKONE Heat Gun is durable as it has an overload protector.
  • It provides strong power and quickly heats up.


  • You need to work in a well-ventilated working area, as residues and base pieces are toxic.
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8. Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL 

The product deals with a variety of applications as it is flexible. It is perfect for stripping paint and varnish and removing decals. Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL has four gun nozzles that allow it to perform efficiently by directing the heat in a specific path.

Working with the product is convenient and enjoyable as it heats up well and does not make a lot of noise. It has a solid grip and a rubber cover at the switch to prevent debris from getting inside the tool.

The summary of Top Features

  • Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL heats up well and is not noisy, making it a convenient tool for long working sessions.
  • It has a solid grip that allows you to hold the tool’s body as you work firmly.
  • The device has nozzles that direct heat to a specific path on the work surface.
  • It has a rubber cover that prevents debris from damaging the unit.


  • The device is flexible and suitable for multiple projects.
  • It is durable and lasts longer than most products.
  • Pit Bull CHIGH0014UL comes at an affordable price.


  • The product is not suitable for outdoor use.
  • It does not come with a stand.
  • You will have a hard time removing the nozzles once you insert them.


9. CARTMAN Heat Gun, AH001A

CARTMAN Heat Gun, AH001A, allows you to adjust the temperature levels according to the project requirements as it has a two-temperature setting. It is also suitable for various projects such as removing paint and flooring tile adhesive.

The product has two fan speeds to adjust as you channel the heat to the work surface. Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to use and convenient to carry. On top of that, CARTMAN Heat Gun has a sturdy design that makes it safe to handle.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The product has two temperature settings to allow you to adjust the temperature levels.
  • It is helpful for multiple applications such as removing varnishes, paint, and flooring tile adhesive.
  • You can use it for household applications as it plugs into standard household outlets.
  • CARTMAN Heat Gun has two fan speeds that allow you to channel the heat where you need it.


  • The unit is lightweight: thus convenient to carry around.
  • It allows hands-free operations, reducing fatigue.
  • The CARTMAN AH001A device is easy and safe to operate, thanks to its sturdy design.


  • The product does not have a variable heat dial to allow precise temperature adjustments.


Having a heat gun will enhance your paint removal experience as you will get less tired and more results. These tools come with comfortable handles to facilitate a firm grip and an in-built stand to allow a hands-free operation.

You can also get the device of your choice simply by reading its feature and determining its suitability to your project. A good understanding of the products helps you know what suits your project. Please set aside some research time to go through them to get the best for your paint removal engagements.

I recommend the DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun (DCE530P1) as my top pick among the reviewed products. It has a lock-on and off feature that enhances comfortability. The tool also has an LED footlight that is useful in poorly lit areas.

DEWALT 20V DCE530P1 has a standard-size nozzle that accommodates attachment from chorded units: thus, you can fit them with ease.

The tool is cordless, making it convenient to carry around, and has a compact design, assuring you of maximum safety as you work.

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