9 Best Stain for Redwood Deck- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of readwood sealed with the Best Stain for Redwood DeckChanging temperatures, harsh UV rays, and heavy rains are unfavorable to the long life of your redwood deck. The exposed wood gradually becomes dull and faded, which compromises its natural beauty. Fortunately, the Best Stain for Redwood Deck can help preserve or revive the deck’s appearance and provide added protection from damaging elements. The stain is also appropriate for both pros and DIYers, making it convenient for home woodworking projects.

However, you must get the most suitable stain for your project to get satisfactory results. It is easy to get confused as we have so many formulas for redwood decks.

That is why I have crafted this comprehensive review on the right stains for your redwood decks and related projects. Additionally, I have included a complete buyer’s guide with all the necessary information that you need to know before embarking on your shopping duties.

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List of the Best Stain for Redwood Deck 

1. Ready Seal 520 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood, Redwood

The Ready Seal product is a modern, unique formula that perfectly works both as a stain and sealer. This attribute saves you the inconvenience of having multiple solutions for staining and sealing your redwood deck. The color requires no dilution or thinning before spraying applications; thus, convenient and uncomplicated.

Applying the formula is easy, and anyone can do it. It requires no priming, back brushing, or wet-line application. It blends itself and never leaves runs, streaks, or laps once on the wood. You can also apply the Ready seal using a roller, sprayer, or brush and get satisfactory results.

The formula is dark after application but reaches its real color in about 14 days.

The Summary of Top Features

  • Ready Seal is easy to handle as you can apply it using a roller, a brush, or a sprayer.
  • It comes in different pigments so that you can choose the best for your project.
  • The stain is easy to maintain as you can reapply without stripping or sanding.
  • You can use it for various applications as it is both a stain and a sealer.
  • The formula is semi-transparent and makes the wood grain visible.
  • It is suitable for exterior wood applications as it preserves the wood from unfavorable weather elements.

Image of ready seal, best stain for deckPros

  • The product does not need diluting or thinning before spraying applications.
  • It has no runs, laps, or streaks.
  • Ready Seal gives a desirable finish without back brushing.
  • You can apply the formula at any temperature.
  • It requires no wet-line application.


  • The sealer is not appropriate for painted surfaces.
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2. DEFY Extreme Semi-Transparent Exterior Wood Stain, Redwood

Defy Extreme Wood Stain is semi-transparent and allows the wood grain to show through with a lovely matte finish. It works well on outdoor patio furniture, playsets, fences, and wood decks. You do not have to fret about dal outdoor elements as the formula has high-quality resins that resist fading and darkening. It also keeps your Redwood looking great for longer.

The solution is easy to apply as you can comfortably use a brush or spray using a pump-up or an airless sprayer. It penetrates the wood profoundly and cures better than most water-based stains.

Maintaining the stain is simple as there is no need to sand or strip the surface again before a maintenance coat. You can clean the product with soap and water, thus, lowering the maintenance costs.

Additionally, the solution is environmentally friendly and safe for use.

The Summary of Top Features

  • Defy is a water-based acrylic; thus, VOC compliant and easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • It utilizes zinc-nano technology, which protects the wood from damage caused by the sun.
  • The formula is in different colors to accommodate a variety of wood projects.
  • It enhances the beauty of the wood as it amplifies the wood grain and makes it more visible.
  • The resins in the solution make it resistant to darkening or fading.

Image of Defy which is the best sealer for redwoodPros 

  • The product is suitable for exterior applications.
  • It gives wood durability.
  • A spray, roller, or brush is enough for application.
  • Defy is semi-transparent, thus, provides a natural matte finish.
  • When doing a maintenance coat, stripping and priming are not necessary.


  • You must clean the wood first before application.
  • It is more expensive than other stains.
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3. Cabot Semi-Solid Deck & Siding Low VOC Exterior Stain, New Redwood

A stain can only be said to do a perfect job if it penetrates deeply into the wood to give a beautiful finish. Well, Cabot has this fantastic quality and transforms your Redwood into an attractive piece of art. It penetrates the wood and has linseed oil that beautifies the surface. The lightly pigmented solution also allows the texture, grain, and wood color variations to show through. 

Once it cures, the stain provides long-lasting, vapor-permeable protection that preserves the wood from water damage. It is mildew resistant to keep lumber from parasites. On top of that, it protects the wood from fading and discoloration, giving it a longer life.

Cabot is simple to use and easy to maintain. However, when cleaning it up, please use mineral spirits as soap and water may not do a thorough job.

The Summary of Top Features

  • Cabot is a blend of resin and oil, thus offers a superior natural finish on bar wood.
  • It accentuates the wood grain, which enhances the wood’s beauty.
  • You can get the formula in 5 toned wood colors, thus, appropriate for more wood projects.
  • It is water repellent and thus preserves the wood from rotting.
  • The redwood deck enjoys UV rays resistance and does not discolor or fade.
  • The stain is safe to use as it has low VOC content.

Image of the best sealer for redwoodPros

  • Cabot offers reliable protection and keeps the Redwood in good shape.
  • It is mildew repellent., thus keeps the wood healthy.
  • With one coat, you get satisfactory results.
  • The solution cures into a translucent matte finish.
  • It is ideal for outdoor projects such as fencing, siding, and decks.
  • The product dries to form a scuff-resistant coat.


  • When poorly applied, Cabot is prone to peeling and cracking.
  • It is not easy to use as compared to other stains and does not last long.
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4. Olympic Stain Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer, Semi-Transparent Stain, Redwood

Olympic Stain Maximum Wood Stain works well on exterior horizontal and vertical surfaces. It protects the wood from water and sunlight by waterproofing it and blocking UV rays. The formula also conditions the wood fibers so that their natural beauty lasts longer.

The stain is a weather-ready application solution that allows you to apply it whenever you want, regardless of the weather conditions. It will always give excellent results as long as you follow the application steps correctly. Also, you can clean and stain your wood on the same day, even after rain.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The formula is a stain and a sealant, thus allows you to engage in a wide range of applications.
  • It is waterproof, thus keeps the Redwood from cracking due to water.
  • An Olympic stain is UV rays resistant and thus, preserves the wood from wearing down due to sunlight exposure.
  • It enhances the wood’s durability by conditioning its fibers.

Image of the Best Stain for Redwood DeckPros

  • The Olympic stain is ideal for both vertical and horizontal applications.
  • It is a weather-ready product, and you can use it even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Once the formula cures, the wood grain is visible and looks very beautiful.
  • It is uncomplicated and easy to maintain


  • You need to use a primer before the final coat.
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5. KILZ L832211 Exterior Waterproofing Wood Stain, Semi-Transparent, Redwood

Pros and do-it-yourselfers have been turning to Kilz L832211 to get the job done. The semi-transparent stain gives long-lasting protection as it waterproofs the wood. It also offers a mildew-resistant finish, which enhances the durability of the lumber. Once it cures, the solution maintains the wood’s integrity even in variable outdoor conditions.

The 100% acrylic formula preserves the wood from snow, rain, and sun damage. This attribute makes it suitable for your exterior woodworking projects such as fencing and siding. It also works on other wood applications such as decks, wood patio furniture, railings, and shingles.

For better results, allow the area to dry at least 24 hours before you coat. Lightly sand to remove remaining wood fibers and apply with a pad applicator, high-quality pump sprayer, or polyester brush.

The Summary of Top Features

  • Kilz L832211 is suitable for a variety of exterior wood applications.
  • It gives a mildew resistant finish that enhances the wood’s life.
  • The formula is waterproof and keeps the wood from cracking.
  • You can easily apply the solution using a brush, sprayer, or pad applicator.

Best Stain for Redwood DeckPros

  • The formula keeps the wood beautiful despite varying weather conditions.
  • It is convenient for use by both DIYers and pros.
  • You can easily maintain the product with the Kilz wood cleaner.
  • The stain is transparent and thus makes the wood grain visible.


  • You should wait 24 hours for the surface to dry before application, which is not convenient if it is an urgent project.
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After some time, Redwood begins to fade and dull. Instead of disposing of the wood, you can consider the Amteco Division of Gemini Industrie TWP-1502-VOC Stain. It is a unique formula that renews and refreshes exterior wood such as fences, porch decks, wood shingles, and shutters.

The solution has low VOCs, which make it environmentally friendly and safe to use. It cures into a smooth, even finish, which leaves the wood looking beautiful. On top of that, Amteco is waterproof, thus gives the wood durability by preserving it from moisture.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The formula is waterproof, thus keeps the wood safe from water damage.
  • It soaks deeply into the wood and lasts longer than other stains.
  • After application, the stain cures into a smooth, even finish.
  • It is excellent for renewing and refreshing exterior wood surfaces.

A redwood deck sealerPros

  • The product is easy to use as it accommodates both professionals and DIYers.
  • It gives the surface a rich look.
  • You can apply it in low and high temperatures.
  • The formula works well on rough sawn cedar.


  • You need gloves and an eye protection kit as you work with the stain.
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7. STORM SYSTEM Storm Protector Penetrating Sealer & Stain Protector – 291115

This wood deck protector is oil-based and semi-transparent and perfectly meets all your staining and sealing needs. It acts both as a stain and a sealer, allowing you to work on multiple applications. The stain’s semi-transparent feature highlights the wood’s beauty by making the wood grain visible.

Storm Wood Stain penetrates deeply into the lumber giving the surface added protection against adverse weather conditions such as rains and falling temperatures. It is appropriate for outdoor wood applications and can work as a wood fence protector or any other wood substrate protector.

The formula is simple to use as it applies easily with a roller, brush, or sprayer. It offers a lap-free application and gives the wood UV rays protection once it dries.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The product penetrates deeply into the wood and gives it added protection from nature.
  • It offers superior protection from harmful UV rays and keeps the wood from fading.
  • Storm Wood Stain Protector is compatible with any wood species, thus suitable for all your wood projects.
  • It is excellent for outdoor applications and works well as a wood fence protector.

Image of a redwood deck sealerPros

  • The stain offers a lap-free application.
  • It highlights the wood’s natural beauty.
  • You can use either a sprayer, roller, or brush to apply it.
  • The solution performs both wood staining and sealing functions.


  • The formula’s plastic lid is quite tight, and you need to remove it with a paint can opener or a flat head screwdriver.
  • You should remove previous stains or paints before applying the product.
  • The pigment has a limited temperature application range; 50-90F.
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8. Duckback Products DP-1903-5 Red Wood Exterior Stain

Duckback comprises a three oil system that nourishes the wood. It is a deep penetrating solution offering maximum durability and minimum wear to the lumber. With one coat, you are good to go, thus affordable for your wood staining projects, and you can apply it in any season.

The formula cures into a high-quality coating that protects the wood from harsh ultraviolet rays. It sheds rainfall like water off a duck’s back and offers the surface maximum protection from moisture. Also, Duckback makes the wood more lovely as its transparent oxide pigment gives the grain more clarity.

Additionally, the formula has low VOCs, thus safe for the environment.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The formula has transparent oxide pigments for grain clarity, thus, enhances the beauty of the Redwood.
  • It offers ultraviolet rays protection and preserves the wood’s rich color.
  • The stain’s unique three oil system nourishes the wood.
  • Duckback works for all seasons and in all environments, therefore suitable for multiple applications.
  • It is waterproof and keeps the wood from rotting.

Best Sealer for redwood deckPros

  • The product is a high-quality stain that lasts longer.
  • It gives the wood a rich natural look without being shiny.
  • One coat gives satisfactory results.
  • The stain keeps the wood from discoloring and fading.
  • It is easy and safe to handle.


  • You can only find it in one color, unlike other stains, which come in multiple pigments.
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9. BEHR Redwood Premium Transparent Deck, Fence & Siding Weatherproofing Wood Finish

BEHR Redwood Premium Wood Finish is suitable for various outdoor applications such as fencing, decking, and siding. The formula is UV resistant, and waterproof thus keeps the wood safe from weather damage. This attribute makes the wood more durable.

The solution enriches the color of the wood and makes it more lovely. It repels UV rays, and you do not have to worry about the surface discoloring or fading. Besides that, the wood finish is easy to maintain, and clean up is simple.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The wood finish keeps the wood safe from harsh UV rays.
  • It is water-resistant, thus protects the wood from water damage.
  • After application, it cures into a creamy finish, which makes the wood more beautiful.
  • BEHR Redwood Premium is appropriate for outdoor applications as it is weather damage resistant.

deck sealer for redwood deckPros

  • The formula keeps the wood from discoloring.
  • It keeps the lumber from rotting due to moisture,
  • Cleanups are easy, and maintenance is simple.


  • Some users complain it is too red.
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Best Stain for Redwood Deck Buyer’s Guide

Staining is a crucial practice that will help enhance the deck’s beauty and give it a long life. The stains are easy to use, and whether you are a woodworking professional or you just started, you can comfortably handle one.

However, while selecting the best Redwood stain will give perfect results, many need guidance on how to go about it.

Below are the reasons you need the product and some of the essential factors to consider before selecting one.

Why Get the Best Stain for Redwood Deck

  • Easy to maintain. One does not need stripping and sanding when reapplying the stain.
  • UV rays protection. UV rays are a threat to the beauty of the wood and cause discoloration and fading. Therefore, this product provides the lumber with superior protection from the beams and keeps it looking lovely.
  • Clean-up. The formula cleans up nicely with soap and water or mineral spirits, depending on the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Durability. When applied to the Redwood, the solution cures into a high-quality coat that protects it from harsh weather conditions. This attribute makes the wood last longer regardless of its use.

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Stain for Redwood Deck

  • Application

Before you buy a stain, you need to determine the requirements of the wood project. Different formulas have different applications, and you want to get the most suitable one.

For example, if you want to refresh or renew your wood, you should consider the Amteco Division of Gemini Industrie TWP-1502-VOC Stain as it has unique features that give such results.

On the other hand, if your wood project requires a stain that comes in different colors, then the Ready Seal 520 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood, Redwood is the right choice.

  • Color

The color of the wood you are staining determines the color of the product to buy. As you look at your options, look at the formula that matches your wood to look more natural. Also, if you are staining outdoor furniture, you can consider getting a color that matches the exterior house colors.

A good color selection will enhance the beauty of the wood and complement the look of your home.

  • Type of wood

A closer look at the stains will reveal some of them work on specific woods while others are good for general use.

Also, softwoods and hardwoods vary in nature. Softwoods have an inconsistent wood grain, while hardwoods have a consistent one. The surface of the wood determines how the stain cures and thus affects its appearance.

Therefore, you should know the type of wood you are staining to purchase the most suitable solution.

  • Opacity

This element affects the general design of the wood after staining. For example, clear stains will clearly show the wood’s grain since they have no color, while semi-transparent stains slightly change the color.

We also have some semi-solid stains which have deeper shades and may not reveal the wood texture.

Depending on your desired results and the type of wood grain and texture, select the most appropriate stain.

  • Ease of application

Different wood stains will demand different application techniques. Some require you to clean and sand the surface before staining, while others allow you to go ahead with the application without so many requirements. Also, Some stains may specify that you use a sprayer, brush, or roller.

Please ensure that you look at the application requirements to get a product that won’t stress you.

  • Budget

Finally, how much does the stain cost? If it does not meet your budgetary requirements, then you can opt for a cheaper one. However, make sure that you do not compromise on the essential stain features as you cut on costs.


With the many advantages I have highlighted on staining your redwood deck, you should be thinking of getting the product if you already do not have it. With the right formula, you will have your expectation met especially with the right application procedures. Most of these products are easy to use as most products have application guidelines on the labels or as manufacturers see fit.

After carefully assessing each product’s features, my overall pick is the Ready Seal 520 Exterior Stain and Sealer for Wood, Redwood, which comes in multiple colors to match your wood tone and requires no dilution or thinning before spraying. It requires no priming, thus makes your work easier.

I hope that this post was helpful in your quest of getting the right formula for your projects. If that’s the case and you have a question opinion or suggestion, kindly share it in the comment section below. 

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