10 Best oil for outdoor wood furniture- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you intend to improve your wooden finished product’s quality and durability, you will need to have the best quality oil for the job. The essence of oil on wood is to act as a coating. Oil protects the wooden surface from harsh conditions and irritable weather, such as the dangerous UV rays from sunlight. I’m going to look at some of the best oil for outdoor wood furniture, which will give you outstanding results with your outdoor furniture structures.

These products have very exceptional ingredients that enable them to withstand harsh weather. They also prevent the growth of molds, algae, and other biological bacterias resulting in wood rot. Most of these oils originate from purely natural substances that prove to be environment friendly and prolong all your wooden ventures.

When it comes to application, you will only need a clean piece of cloth to get your work done. Additionally, these oils cover a vast area, thus saving on cost, time, and energy. Above all, you rest assured of a clean, even, gentle, and smooth-to-touch surface. Read on for more:

List of the Best oil for outdoor wood furniture

1. Star Brite Premium Golden Teak Oil

The star brite premium teak oil is a classic pure oil that comes naturally with no additives. This oil uses premium natural oils that are ultra-refined and chemically modified to form high molecular weight polymers, responsible for withstanding long periods of exposure to harsh weather. 

This oil is the ideal product to be used on all fine woods and wood furniture. When applied, this oil deeply penetrates the wood, protecting it from individual factors, such as the sun’s damaging UV rays and water. 

This product offers maximum protection and beauty for the project. Using it is a simple task. All you need to do is fast wet the wood, then use a clean brush to evenly spread the oil on the wood, mainly to the wood grain’s direction, to maximize the penetration into the wood grains. After applying, wipe off the excess oil, and your project is ready for use.

Summary of the features

  • The product contains UV absorbers to protect against sun damage, weathering, and fading.
  • This product is elementary to use, dries faster, and a perfect ideal for boats, pools, and wood furniture.
  • The advanced ring oil polymers enhance maximum protection for teak and other fine woods.

Image of star brite, the Best oil for outdoor wood furniturePros

  • It has a long-lasting period of about 4 to 6 times longer than other oils.
  • It enhances the natural wood grain and color of the teak.
  • Ideal for use on teak furniture and other fine wood.
  • Easy to apply.
  • You have assured durability.


  • Leaves a hard layer
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2. Sunnyside Corporation 873G1 Pure Raw Linseed Oil

The Sunnyside Corporation 873G1 Pure Raw Linseed Oil has a unique formulation to keep the shininess of wood surfaces, protect and preserve the furniture for long periods. This merchandise also keeps your projects free from stains, moisture, scratches, and other prevailing factors. 

Several other advantages attached to it include being mixed directly to oil-based paints and other coatings to increase water repellency and resistance to harsh weather. 

Another beneficial feature is that you can use this oil to protect unpainted wood furniture and shield metal tools against rust. The product also requires no professionalism as you can apply a few samples of the oil on a wood surface and scrub it with a clean cloth for even distribution. This commodity takes only 2 to 4 days to dry, allowing oil to penetrate deeply into the wood.

Summary of the features

  • This oil is 100% natural, extracted from the seed of the flax plant. Therefore, apart from protecting the wood, it also maintains its natural beauty.
  • It has a slow drying time, thereby giving room for maximum oil penetration into the wood grains.
  • You can directly mix this oil with other oil-based paints and coatings to enhance its superiority over the inhibitors.

Wood oil for outdoor furniturePros

  • Great for wood finishing.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Maximum penetration.
  • It prolongs wood life.
  • It can withstand severe weather.


  • You can only apply to raw wood.
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3. 100% pure Tung oil finish wood stain and natural sealer for all types of wood

Pure tung oil finish brings you the natural beauty of any surface hence adding a quality finish without using solvents. If you have hardwood made furniture, this merchandise gets you sorted. 

This product provides you a perfect finish over the various wood types and getting wood pores deeply penetrated. Tung oil induces the glow and impressive look over your furniture and woods. It has no added chemical and constitutes the natural clarity of all your projects. 

Similarly, this oil entails faster dryness compared to other natural oil for up to 12hrs. The product also comes with a moisture-resistant tech for enhancement of furniture longevity. Applying it only needs you to spread the tung oil to the surface, then wait for 30 mins, later wiping away the excess spillage.

Summary of the features

  • You can use this commodity on all types of wood.
  • The moisture-resistant barrier prevents alcohol, grease, water, and acid from destroying the surface.
  • The use of this oil gives the surface a rich look without any solvent or varnishes. 
  • It is an exception to others in the market because it dries faster for excellent turnaround time.

Tung Oil for outdoor wood furniturePros

  • Easy to apply.
  • Reliable for a quality finish on all types of wood and furniture.
  • It seeps deep into the surface.
  • It dries in quite a shorter time.
  • The product retains the wood’s beauty.
  • 100% natural.


  • It is combustible.
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4. STAR BRITE Teak Oil

Star brite teak oil is among the most trusted wood oil in the market. This product is a fast-drying sealer preserver well-designed to nurse teak and other fine wood. When applied on a wood surface, it forms a barrier against the adverse effects of sun, acids, and other staining substances. 

The oil has a long-lasting formula that holds up to the harshest weathering conditions that contain ultraviolet absorbers. The star brite teak oil is an excellent product and is super easy to apply. 

Like other brands, when applying, you need to have set aside a clean piece of cloth. Spread the oil, gently scrubbing it on the surface of the wood. Check after some little time, then wipe off the excess oil. But if the wood is exceptionally porous, then you will have to apply a second coat.

Summary of the features

  • The product has natural ingredients perfect for all fine woods.
  • It’s ideal for weathered teak to use the teak cleaner and teak brightener to enhance its performance despite the material type.
  • It penetrates deeply into the teak for the ultimate protection from all the prevailing weather conditions.

A teak oil for outdoor furniturePros

  • It dries quickly.
  • This product prohibits moisture.
  • It incorporates UV repellants.
  • You can conveniently recoat for porous surfaces.


  • Combustible.
  • It is toxic and harmful if swallowed.
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5. Marine Grade oil for teak and outdoor furniture

This is a highly reliable product on the market today. It shields exterior woods from dirt, water, salt, and UV rays of the sun. The Marine-Grade Oil for Boat Teak and Outdoor Furniture also has enhancing pigments, which protect the wood’s surfaces against staining, mold, graying, and several other bacterial elements that can ruin a wood’s impressive look. 

This natural grade oil is ideal for boats and outdoor furniture, such as chairs, tables, and benches. Restoration and maintenance care of the teak is made easy with the help of this oil. If applied twice, it restores the seal and repels water without becoming slippery.

Summary of the features

  • Using this oil makes maintenance and care easy since it does not allow for any dirt or water to settle on the wood’s surface.
  • The commodity has unique anti-fungal biocides that protect hard and softwood from bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Its unique ingredients prevent the staining and weathering of furniture.

Image of Teak oil best for outdoor wood furniturePros

  • This product combines two steps in one cleans and brightens.
  • Saves time and effort preparing teak for oiling.
  • It has no additives.
  • You can use it on all teak and fine woods.
  • It contains UV absorbers.
  • Large area coverage.


  • It’s corrosive.
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6. Bullhide – Wood Oil – Natural Wood Oil for All Non-Varnished Wood

This oil has a formulation sourced with the highest quality natural product. This oil user is guaranteed superior protection, restoration, and an impressive finish of the furniture. Bull hide wood oil is suited for about every type of wood item. 

Additionally, it is safe when exposed to food surfaces, family, and pets. Furthermore, it protects the woods from getting exposed to liquids and standard build-up. Applying it is very easy. You follow the instructions displayed on the description paper and get your work done in no time.

Summary of the features

  • This oil protects non-varnished wood from factors that can destroy the wood surface.
  • The product has a full composition of natural oil, which makes it environmentally friendly.
  • You can use this product on wooden utensils as it does not mix with food to cause any harm. 
  • The oil soaks deeply into the non-varnished wood surfaces to restore their wear and prevent further future damage.

Bull Hide outdoor furniture oilPros

  • Environmental friendly.
  • It offers superior protection.
  • Safe for kitchen wear.


  • Only applicable to non-varnished wood.
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7. LinSheen Boiled Linseed Oil – Fast Drying Wood Treatment to Rejuvenate, Restore and Protect Outdoor and Indoor Wood Furniture

The LinSheen Boiled Linseed Oil is an illustrious and highly reliable oil for woods. Its price is favorable for all users interested in it- This product delivers quality, even on the most demanding projects, no matter the type of wood.

Once applied, the oil gains access and settles on all corners of the wood surface, leaving it nourished and creating a smooth, softcover. Additionally, the oil seeps into the wood’s grain, giving it a perpetual wet look that highly actualizes its beauty. 

You can effectively use this product on large wood surfaces since it has a wide coverage area ranging between 125 to 300 square feet per gallon. It also provides a clear wood finish, which unleashes the natural color and texture of the grains. The drying rate of this oil is a bit slow, but you can catalyze by adding drying solvents to speed up the drying period.

Applying this oil is a walk in the park. You are only required to have a cleaned your wood, make sure it is free from dirt, then use a brush or sponge to spray the oil on the surface evenly. After a couple of minutes, use a clean cloth to wipe the excess oil. Furthermore, for better preservation applies 2-3 coats at an interval of 12-24 hrs, respectively.

Summary of the key features

  • This linseed boiled oil digests into the wood’s grain, revealing its natural color and texture.
  • Some drying solvents are added to the oil to speed up the drying process.
  • This linseed quality oil can be effectively used with ease on large surfaces to enhance wood treatment.
  • You can achieve better finishes if you evenly apply two to three coats.

outdoor furniture oilPros

  • You can use it as a painting medium.
  • It is water-resistant
  • Very forgiving during application
  • Easy to re-apply if the original finish becomes damaged


  • You cannot apply using a spray-can.
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8. AquaTeak Premium Teak oil

Aquateak premium teak oil is preferably one of the products you may want to consider if you wish to leave your wood and furniture to keep looking great. This oil is useful for sprucing up worn-out furniture and bringing it back to life. Aquateak premium teak oil dries very fast and is extremely easy to use. 

After cleaning your furniture, make sure you have entirely dried it before applying this oil. Use a soft sponge to apply the oil to the direction of the grain. You are not required to smear much because the aim is to cover evenly without leaving oil pools on the surface. After soaking in a few minutes, begin to wipe off excess oil using a rag.

Summary of the features

  • Enhances the natural look of teak wood and other fine wood.
  • This oil promotes a rich glow while acting as a shield against weathering and drying.
  • The product saves you time, energy, and money since it covers an extensive application area.
  • You can use it on worn out wood surfaces to resin the lost glory of the natural beauty.

Outdoor furniture oilPros

  • It keeps teak furniture and other wooden accessories looking new.
  • This oil is environmentally friendly.
  • No professionalism is required.
  • It ensures durability.


  • The oil comes in a slightly smaller package.
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9. Minwax 471004444 teak oil

This Minwax 471004444 teak oil applies to all outdoor hardwoods. This oil soaks deeply into the wood and permeates, thus enhancing the wood grain. It is recommended to be used, inclusive of both outdoor and indoor wood furniture. 

For the betterment of the results, this oil restores the wood’s natural warmth and richness. It also offers the protection of dense woods from moisture and extra damage from the harsh UV rays.

Applying it is quite simple, just brush on a generous amount of teak oil on the surface. Allow it to penetrate the wood for about 15 mins, then apply a second coat and leave it for an extra 10 mins and wipe the body to remain completely dry.

Summary of the features. 

  • Minwax teak oil protects the wood from prevailing factors while still maintaining its natural appearance.
  • It protects dense woods from inhibitors like moisture and UV rays.
  • You can use this product over a wide area since it covers up to 125 -150 ft per quart.
  • Minwax teak oil does contain UV protection to delay the sun from graying the wood over time and also prevent peeling and fading.

Outdoor furniture oil by minwaxPros

  • This product restores the effectiveness of the finish.
  • It incorporates UV protection.
  • It has an extensive area coverage.
  • The oil perfectly sinks into the wood grains.
  • This product does not splash or pour.


  • It is expensive
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10. General finishes outdoor oil

This general finish outdoor oil lands among the top-rated brands today. This oil is an extra-rated penetrating oil that functions as a wood maintenance preservative. The quality of this product enhances its use over any stain. 

The general finish outdoors is fantastic and creates a beautiful shiny coat on the wood. Relatively, this oil has a durable finish with the best UV resistance and mildew prohibitors. This oil is effectively productive and competes with other brands in the market. 

With simple application procedures, you can quickly finish your project- This involves scrubbing the oil with a brush gently on the wood. Let it rest for some time to give the oil adequate time for deep soaking into the wood. Wipe off any excess oil to provide the wood with a refined appearance.

Summary of the features

  • It contains UV stabilizers, mildew prohibitors and offers a durable and smooth finish.
  • The oil is usable for all exterior outdoor wood projects and furniture.
  • This commodity creates a beautiful, water-resistant, shiny finishing on any type of wood as an oil-based enamel.
  • It takes quite some time to dry; therefore, it penetrates profoundly through every pore to the wood to offer protection and provide an elegant finish.

Wood furniture oil for outdoor furniturePros

  • The product has a beautiful finish on wood furniture.
  • It is easy to re-apply if the initial finish is tampered with after application.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It has UV stabilizers and mildew prohibitors.
  • This oil prevents swelling.


  • It does not adhere to extremely oily exotic woods.
  • Must be repeated more often.
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Best Oil for Outdoor Wood Furniture Buyers’ Guide

When you want to enhance timber’s natural appearance, wood oil is the best finish. These commodities can revive wood surfaces to their natural color. They also have a good penetration capability enhancing, thereby enhancing the wood’s longevity.

You can apply both directly to bare wood and over the top of wood stains. Timber products finished with oil are easy to maintain. In addition to that, wood oils also provide a long-term and cost-effective finish. 

They protect surfaces from spillages and dirt. Finally, they are more suitable for domestic as well as commercial areas. Therefore, having the best oil for your wood projects is a great deal. The following guide satisfies you with the relevant things to consider before you purchase your desired product.

Why You Should Buy the Best Oil for Outdoor Wood Furniture

  • Protection of furniture. Using wooden furniture is a great experience, but at one point, it may become discolored or crack due to weathering and intense UV rays. This particular situation requires wood oil to resolve. These oils naturally protect furniture against current and future damage.
  • Imperfection hider. You can use the wood oils to hide the imperfections caused by inhibitors such as the harsh weather conditions and water splashes, making your wooden surface swell and wear off.
  • Easy to apply. It’s not complicated to spread these products even if you are an amateur. You can simply use a clean piece of cloth and get your work done in no time.
  • Durable. Since these commodities are ideal for outdoor use, they have an excellent composition of enhancing ingredients to withstand any environmental toucher. Therefore, using them assures the durability of all your outdoor wooden projects.
  • Wide coverage area. You don’t need to spend much on buying multiple oil containers since they cover a large area with only one application.
  • Smooth finish. You will always get a well-finished surface that is even, smooth, and also dirt-resistant.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Oil for Outdoor Wood Furniture

  • Protection 

When you intend to buy wood oil, one of the crucial things to consider is if the oil can resist water penetration. Wood oil that slows the penetration of water is the ideal brand to go for because it will enhance longevity. The product should also protect the wood against biological aspects like the growth of mold and algae.

  • Durability 

Durability is a crucial factor to prioritize when selecting your preferred oil for finishing wood and furniture. Ideally, you should buy wood oil that guarantees maximum wear

and scratch resistance as well as solvents. These commodities achieve this by repelling all the natural inhibitors that result from different weather conditions.

  • Safety 

Obviously, purchasing environmentally friendly oil is a favorable option. You also need to ensure the product your buying is not toxic to food substances. Again, the oil should not react with anything from the immediate environment- This mainly addresses the explosive ones.

  • Coverage area

The coverage area is a crucial determinant because you might purchase a product that will leave your projects pending for quite some time. It can also be so expensive since you will have to buy several oil containers to fit your project. 

Therefore, you should consider the coverage area of any oil before you make a purchase.

  • Application method

So that you can complete your job quickly, you need to have straightforward application methods. So far, the easiest one is using a clean piece of cloth and then gently spread all over the application area.

  • Drying time

The drying time differs from one product to the next. However, if you get the one that takes longer to dry, you can use some catalysts that eventually speed up the drying period. Even though using a trigger is appropriate, I don’t recommend it since it might compromise the oil quality.

You should also note that if the product takes longer to dry, this gives it enough time to penetrate deep into the wood pores and prevent mold and algae growth.


Obtaining a natural finish that is also durable and repairable is not that difficult. Wood finishing is very important to ensure various purposes, such as protection in the entire furniture industry.

It’s advisable to choose the oil that allows your wood to stand out and speak for itself. The use of wood oil has rapidly increased in popularity to provide a platform for ensuring the wood’s durability retainment. Oil finished products are excellent for bringing out the natural beauty of your selected wood. That’s why I choose the Star Brite Premium Golden Teak Oil as my personal best. This product needs no definition as its name suggests that it’s already a star in preserving and protecting wood surfaces.

Wood finished with oil is easy to repair and maintain when damaged. When scratches occur on your wood, you can blend them away very quickly using oil. When specifying the type of wood oil to choose, understand what kind of cleaning and maintenance will be required.

In conclusion, oil-finished woods and furniture offer a beautiful natural look, with less headache when it comes time to mend the inevitable scratches that will occur during your furniture’s lifespan. 

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