5 Best Gunstock Finish- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

image of a surface finished with the best gunstock finishMaintenance is critical if you want your gun or rifle to work correctly at all times. As the owner of a firearm, it is essential that you buy the Best Gunstock Finish as one of the ways to care for your rifle. Much as there are so many finishes for this purpose in the market, there are just a few that would give you the best result and care for your gun over an extended duration.

Much as most gun owners know that they need to care and maintain their prized assets, not all know the right to finish using on their gun and end up getting the wrong products. In a bid to help my readers who are looking to service their guns, I have reviewed only the very best finishes that you can find out there.

Additionally, you will find a section on the buyer’s guide with all the necessary gunstock finish features that you should consider before making your purchases. 

List of The Best Gun Stock Finish

1. Birchwood Casey True-Oil Gun Stock Finish 8-Ounce Liquid

This finish is everything that you need for your gunstock. It has been around for so long, making it an old and reliable finish for your rifle. This finish contains natural oils blended with linseed oil that help provide this finish provides a luxurious, reliable, and non-yellowing finish. You can use this formula on other surfaces such as guitar and other wooden surfaces.

Unlike other synthetic waxes and finishesthis product holds up well when you use it on your structure. One downside of Birchwood finis is that it degrades upon prolonged exposure to UV light; even so, Tru-Oil’s natural blend of oils provides your gunstock with so much durability and quality finish. Additionally, you will find this product perfect for sealing the wood under butt plates and or inside the stock, a move that further protects your gun from extreme effects of moisture and temperature change.

Watch the video below on how to finish your gunstock using this product:

The Summary of Top Features

  • The Birchwood Casey gun stock finish comes with a unique blend of linseed and natural oils that dries fast and does not cloud, turn yellow or crack with age.
  • This product guarantees you a lot of quality that matches the market standards
  • This formula offers so much richness and beauty to fine woods with a tough finish capable of resisting damage, turn yellow, or crack.
  • The formula has a blend of linseed and natural oils that facilitates faster drying.


  • The finish gives your gun stock a protective layer with a long-lasting effects
  • This formula enhances the beauty and richness the wooden structures
  • It waterproofs the stock
  • The formula is available at a low price


  • Its package is not the best out there
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2. Flitz KG 41501 Mixed Knife and Gun Care Kit

If you are looking for the best gunstock finish, then Flitz KG 41501 is what you need.

This formula is excellent at removing dust, fingerprints, residue due to the powder, and so much more without necessarily harming the stainless components of your rifle or nickel. 

What’s more about this finish is that you can use it in the bore without changing the gun’s firing. The finish is USDA approved for its lack of toxins, which makes it perfect for knife handles.

This finish includes a degreasing agent that removes fingerprints, oil, gun powder residue, and a lot more. Feel free to use this formula over all your wooden surfaces from your gun and knife. 

If you use this formula on your gunstock, it won’t leave any white residue over your surface and does not build up. It does an excellent job of protecting the different wooden surfaces that you use it on.

The Summary of Top Features

  • This formula gives you a tactical matte finish, and thanks to its anti smear degreasing nature, it is perfect for stainless steel and nickel firearms as well as knives. 
  • You can use it on the interior and exterior of the bore without having to worry about cases of toxins.
  • This formula comes with so much versatility, and you can use it on surfaces such as gun stock or even knife handles.
  • It is a premium white carnauba and beeswax finish that offers incredible results on gun bluing, hand-rubbed or polished stocks, stainless as well as nickel firearms. 
  • It removes powder, rusts, fingerprints, and so much more without effort.

best gunstock finish kitPros

  • The formula is versatile as you can use it over many surfaces
  • Removes rusts, fingerprints and a lot more
  • It does not contain a toxic substance


  • Some users reported cases of the finish coming off upon application
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3. Birchwood Casey Walnut Wood Stain

If you are looking for a finish that will restore and give your rifle a makeover without having to spend huge chunks of money, then you need this formula. This polish can produce a prominent color without smearing or clouding o0ver the surface of your rifle. What’s even amazing about it is that it offers your gun a traditional walnut shade with no signs of artificial appearance.

This product gives you the flexibility to control how intense the color is by the addition of water. It offers you a lasting finish, and if you can tell from those who have used it before, there are no disappointments with this formula.

Using this finish guarantees your surface a vibrant shade of brown that has a natural look.

You will find this finish affordable whether you choose to buy it from your local store online. Virtually all veteran rifle users will always choose to use this formula over the available options.

The Summary of Top features

  • It is a water-soluble stain that is sun-fast, gives you color and does not bleed
  • This formula produces a bright, vibrant color with no forms of clouding or smearing in the grain
  • It has a rich brown walnut
  • This product makes a perfect addition to any gun maintenance kit
  • It is easy to use

One of the best gunstock finishPros

  • It is quite easy to apply
  • The formula makes a perfect option to maintain your gun, and you can use it with other gun cleaning kits
  • It gives you rich brown color and further eliminates any smearing and clouding
  • The finish is available at affordable prices


  • It has a bad smell
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4. 200010 Bw Casey Complete Gun Finish Kit

This Birchwood Casey kit is arguably the best gunstock finish package that you need to consider if you are looking to clean your rifle over an extended duration. It comes with metal refinishing chemicals, making it a perfect solution for the complete restoration of stock and metal. 

The first time I bought this formula, I fell in love with it majorly because of the instruction DVD that you will find included inside the package, you will also love it because it will instantly turn your dull looking gun into something of a “beauty.”

From my experience using this formula, I found it so great mainly because it has metal refinishing chemicals that provide enough stain plus bluing that will adequately help clean several guns. 

This finish is perfect for an individual with more than one gun ready for cleaning and restoring and would love to have something more of a renewing polish to use on their prized assets. You will not find in this package the sandpaper, even so, you will find that shortage and easy one to fix. Overall, this package is affordable and provides the perfect choice for anyone looking to do a “large scale” gun cleaning.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The formula is created using the highest quality material
  • It’s a product of the reliable Birchwood Casey
  • You get a bow Casey complete gun finish kit
  • It’s an all in one option


  • It is perfect for a large gun clean, clean project
  • The formula is affordable
  • Has a tutorial DVD included


  • Sandpaper is not part of the package
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5. Lin-Speed Gunstock Finish and Care Oil

There is every reason that you should love this finish. It is one of the best gunstock finishes that you can find out there today. You will like this finish because it takes a relatively short duration to dry, usually between 2 to 6 hours, and it will give you one of the toughest surfaces out there.

You will find this formula one of the easiest to use and most straightforward to apply. Usually, after applying the first finish, it will “freeze,” and sanding whiskers allow for easy removal using 3/0 steel wool, which saves you the long process of steaming and de-whiskering time-consuming. 

If you are a gun owner, you can save yourself the struggle of cleaning by a simple sanding and application of this formula, Lin-Speed. Ensure that you allow you to finish sufficient time to dry and cure before touching the rifle.

Watch the video on how to finish gunstock using this formula:

The Summary of Top Features

  • The formula comes with faster drying time, usually 2-6 hours
  • It cures into a tough surface
  • It’s an extreme grain revealing finish oil
  • You can use this formula on guitars, Bar tops, Gunstocks; Knife handles, pens, Furniture, Fine Woodwork, etc.
  • Lin-Speed works within the wood
  • This product makes wood grain glow which helps enhance the natural beauty of your cherished wooden structures

image of one of the best gunstock finishPros

  • The Lin-Speed formula is simple to use
  • It is affordable
  • You can use it over many surfaces


  • Not the perfect finish for large projects
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Best Gunstock Finish Buyer’s Guide

As I’ve mentioned before, most people who own guns are aware that maintenance practices are vital to ensuring that the rifle remains in the best functioning state possible. However, these very same people find it hard to settle on the right products to use on their guns.

The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to help you and everyone else who finds it hard to acquire the right finish for their gun stock know the critical features of the formula to consider before shopping. 

They are:

  • The Color of the Finish

You cannot use a finish of any color on your gunstock, as it might spoil the whole project. If you are going to buy a finish to polish your gunstock, ensure that you go for a finish that resonates with your rifle and will add nothing but extra beauty and shine to your item.

  • The Size/Amount of the Finish

What is the size of your project? That is the first question that you should ask yourself if you are looking to buy a finish. If you are working on large projects, it is appropriate that you go for formulas that will be enough for your tasks. A kit such as 200010 Bw Casey Complete Gun Finish Kit is excellent for large projects. On the other side of the coin, you don’t have to go for a finish that is excess for your project as it amounts to a potential waste of resources, especially if you have no large project to use the entire formula.

In short, only buy what is enough for you.

  • Budget

What’s your budget? I encourage all my clients to settle on the amount they wish to use when shopping for a gunstock finish. Sometimes going to the market without a clear idea of how much you need to spend might be risky as you are likely to overspend. 

Even if you have a clear budget set, ensure that it does not leave you short-handed financially.

  • The durability of the Formula

 Nobody wants to be walking from store to store looking to refinish their gun stock after every short duration. So if you are out to shop for a finishing formula for your rifle, ensure that you go for a product that will last for long without demanding that you give your gun a retouch.

Going for a durable product saves you so much in terms of financial resources, as well as your time.

  • Method of Application

How do you intend to apply your formula, or rather which application formula do you feel more comfortable using? There are many application methods that you can use to apply these formulas if brushing works for you to ensure that you go with the brush, and the same applies to other application methods such as spraying, wipe on, etc.

  • Drying time of the Formula

The finishes that you can use for your rifles have different components, which means different drying times. I’d advise that you always try as much as you can to go for formulas with faster drying time. Fast-drying formulas save your time and allow you to go on with your other tasks instead of waiting for days or several hours for the project to cure.

  • Safety

As it is with other formulas, you might end up buying a formula that contains or emits some toxic fumes; this can be dangerous if inhaled, especially if you have complications such as breathing problems or even allergic reactions. For that reason, it is also advisable that you go for a formula that has no toxic emissions to avoid any potential poisoning.


image of a wooden gunstock with the best gunstock finish

If you are into rifle sports or you are a lover of hunting adventures, you need to have your guns at the top shape possible. To have a top working rifle, you need to carry out regular or periodic maintenance practices.

One such way of having your gun in the top working condition is by refinishing it from time to time, or whenever deemed fit. My overall best gunstock finish for this task is Birchwood Casey True-Oil Gun Stock Finish 8-Ounce LiquidThis product is fantastic, comes with an exceptional level of durability, and you can count on my words that you will not be disappointed.

If you are a gun owner and looking for the best gunstock finish for your rifle, I hope you found this post helpful. In case you have opinions, suggestions, additions, or subtraction regarding this content, kindly share it with me in the comment section below. Meanwhile, enjoy your shopping!

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