10 Best Epoxy Resin for Wood-Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2021

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Epoxy resins give wooden structures like kitchen cabinets, kitchen tables, or wooden floors one of the most beautiful appearances imaginable. So, if you have the intention of giving one of your wooden items, say a table, such a look, you have to settle for the best epoxy resin for wood.

This stunning finish offers more than just beauty, you should know that other than its exemplary bright crystalline look on the wood, epoxy resins resist stains, minimize scratches, and maintain the cleanliness of a wood. 

Epoxy resins do not come cheap, especially if you factor in aspects such as labor and the whole of the project from start to finish. Therefore, you must ensure that you land the very best product in the market.

In this article, I have reviewed the very best epoxy resins for wood that you can use for your various wood finishing tasks. Additionally, I have included a comprehensive buyer’s guide with key details that you need to know about these products before buying. So stay with me for more insight.

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Best Epoxy Resin For Wood Buyer’s Guide

The buyer’s guide section of this content should kickstart your shopping, you will find detailed information about the features of the product and some of the key factors that you should consider even as you look to acquire the very best epoxy resins for your woodworking projects.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Epoxy Resin for Wood 

Here are all the essential factors you need to pay attention to before deciding on the right products and whether or not the product you choose will serve you right.

  • The Area of Coverage of the Formula

How much space can it cover? You must be aware of how much resin you shall get per gallon, pint, or ounce.

NOTE: The area of coverage depends on the formula.

Easily applied epoxy resins tend to cover the largest area. For this reason, if you need a lasting epoxy, then settling for one with the most significant coverage area is the best choice.

For most of the epoxy resins that you will find in the market today, a can of 1.5 ounces can cover up to 25 square feet. 

  • The Gloss that It Offers

Gloss is, in fact, the very first thing you should think about whenever you are choosing an epoxy resin. 

If you didn’t know, gloss is the brightness and clarity that epoxy offers the wood. Since this is the main reason people use resins, you must pay keen attention to it.

If you want that fantastic look for your table and other wooden structures, you must always pick high-gloss epoxy resin. Alternatively, you can settle on the crystal clear ones since they are way shinier and brighter. 

There’s also the mirror-like gloss, which carries the day for most users.

  • The Curing Time

Curing time is another crucial aspect to look out for when choosing the best epoxy resin; products that take less time to dry are the best.

Those that dries within 30 minutes, for example, are good for application in small areas. For the coverage of large areas, majorly commercial purposes, go for the ones that take about 2 to 72 hours to dry.

The only difference between epoxy resins that dry fast and the ones that take longer to dry is time-saving and convenience. 

  • Is Hardener Available?

Hardener refers to a formula that comes along with the resin that facilitates faster drying. In most cases, the hardener comes as a second separate gallon.

Settling for an epoxy resin that has a hardener tagged along is an added advantage as it saves time.

  • Presence of Self-Leveling Function

One major characteristic of epoxy resins for wood is the ability to undergo self-leveling. This property gives your wood a much smoother surface.

Self-leveling spares you the need to wipe the resin so that it flattened on the surface of the wood. You get to save a lot of time as a result. 

We suggest that you settle for epoxies that that level at about 1/8 inches. 1/10 to 1/6 inches in thickness are not bad either.

  • Its Ability to Resist Blush

Blush is a waste product of the resin; it changes color and can result in an uneven effect on the surface of the wood. You must settle for an epoxy resin that can resist blushing.

Settling for a blush-resistant formula makes the application process easy. It’s even a good thing that most of these formulas come with this feature. However, you need to check the labels so that you are sure.

Watch a video on Mixing and Pouring of Epoxy Resin:

TIP: Apply epoxy resin to the wood only when the surface is dry, failure to do so you’ll likely experience blushing.

  • Check for Anti-Bubble Feature

When choosing your resin, ensure that it can avoid the formation of bubbles. Epoxy that is not thick enough tends to form bubbles as air find it easy to penetrate the product resulting in the creation of bubbles.

  • Water and Moisture Resistance 

The epoxy you are using must resist water and moisture. So why use a formula that can resist water? It helps strengthen the wood, especially from the rains and humidity. 

If you are looking to buy an epoxy resin, we suggest that you choose the one that clearly states its ability to resist water.

  • Resistance to Ultraviolet Rays

The ability to resist UV is another crucial aspect that you must consider. Epoxy resin with compounds that protects the surface against these harmful radiations is beneficial. Some formulas come with added characteristics when it comes to protection against UV; such recipes are best for use in outdoor structures.

  • Resistance to Scratch and Impact

Best epoxy resin for wood offers your furniture protection against bubbles, UV radiations, and water. What’s best is that they can resist scratch. 

Wood gets damaged from scratches, among other things, and that’s not new. If you have a high-quality resin with an anti-scratch property, your furniture will stand such destructive impacts.

Read on for more comprehensive information on the best epoxy resins for wood.

Various Types of Epoxy for Wood

In the above reviews, we’ve explained different aspects of our epoxy resins that are topping the charts in the market today. Let’s now look at the various types that you are likely to interact without there today.

  • Polyamide Epoxy

This epoxy dominates the market because a lot of woodworkers use it out there today. It protects different wood surfaces from corrosive agents.

Above all, this resin is flexible and enhances adhesion making it among the best when it comes to covering surfaces of the wood.

  • Polyamine Epoxy

Polyamine resin is more or less the same as polyamide except for it’s added advantage with the ability to resist chemical factors.

It resists corrosive chemicals such as acids and chlorine.

It is a little bit slow compared to other resins when it comes to drying with a much stronger finish.

  • Phenolic Epoxy

This epoxy resin is not one that you are going to interact with now and then. However, it remains the most resistive one in the market, especially with chemicals. It’s not so common amongst woodworkers; however, it still does the job correctly.

The phenolic epoxy needs a bit of heat to cure properly. It accelerates the rate of hardening to result in a resistant and resilient surface.

It is best for commercial and industrial environments. 

  • Novolac Epoxy

This resin is, without a doubt, the most resistant of them all; it endures both heat and chemicals, making it the best option for outdoor structures.

It’s a little bit expensive and hard to apply, but worth it as it works well with metals, wood, stones, and concrete. 

For the best results on hardening, allow Novolac Epoxy to cure at high temperatures.

List of Top Performing Wood Epoxy Resins Brands 

Each time you need an excellent result, it’s always advisable that you use products from reliable brands. We have narrowed down to about for the best brand s of epoxy resins you will find in the market today. They are:

  • Pro Marine
  • Art ‘N Glow
  • MAS Epoxies
  • Countertop Epoxy

What Do You Seal Wood With Before Epoxy?

Epoxy resin can either act as a sealer or a finish. However, you can choose to use another sealer before applying the epoxy.

The best option for this job will be the stains. But ensure you do the application right to get the results that you expect.

To avoid such disappointments, consider doing a test on scrap woods since the appearance and bonding of epoxy and stain can sometimes go out of hand.

Tip: Any wood with a previous epoxy layer is already sealed.

What if you choose to apply the stain on top of the epoxy? In such a case, the stain will cure without adhering to the epoxy. Therefore, it’s good to start with the stain for the best results.

Note: Only apply the epoxy after the stain has completely cured. Doing this will ensure that the stain provides the necessary sealing to the wood before coating.

What Is the Difference Between Resin and Epoxy?

Even though these two products are both used as adhesives in woodworking, they differ in some manner.

Their main difference is the drying time. For resin, you’ll have to wait for at least 8 to 10 hours. However, you can speed up this time by applying the resin at higher temperatures.

On the other hand, epoxy takes between 6 to 30 minutes to dry. But this depends on the brand you choose.

The brief description below will help you to spot the other differences between these products.


  • It’s considered the strongest of all adhesives.
  • Water-resistant and solvent-free.
  • Extra durable and resistant to heat and chemicals.
  • It contains epichlorohydrin that forms a hard layer.
  • The product is excellent for industrial and household use.
  • Ideal for repairs and construction projects.
  • It hardens much faster after mixing.
  • Suitable for use in large projects.
  • It’s a bit expensive.


  • Available in powder and liquid form.
  • Low cost and low toxicity.
  • It takes longer to cure hence ideal for most woodworking applications.
  • Slightly weaker than epoxy.
  • High compression strength.
  • It’s durable in terms of fatigue and corrosion resistance.
  • Low permeability to liquids.
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Low shrinkage.

How Do You Fill Wood With Colored Epoxy?

Here are the steps you need to fill wood with your colored epoxy.

Step 1: Tape the Cracks or Knots

Using painter’s tape, cover the surrounding areas leaving the cracks or voids at the center. Doing this will prevent interference with the rest of the wood’s surface.

But why start by taping the cracks instead of preparing the epoxy? Well, we’ve seen that epoxy hardens faster after mixing. Therefore, it would be best to start with surface preparation.

Step 2: Tint the Epoxy.

Before embarking on the filling process, you’ll have to decide on the color of epoxy you prefer. Then make the epoxy mixture with the specific dye until you get the color you wanted.

The best thing about tinting the epoxy is that you can add multiple colors to create colorful patterns.

Tip: If you have a large project, consider making the mixture in different phases.

Step 3: Fill the Cracked Areas

You’ll want to use a disposable applicator in filling the cracks. Afterward, allow the epoxy to settle for approximately five minutes, then check if there is a need for an extra solution or not.

Step 4: Take the Tapes Off

The right time to remove the tapes is after the epoxy has completely cured.

Step 5: Sand the Surface

I suggest using an orbital sander for this step. Ensure you evenly sand the filled area until you get a smooth finish.

After sanding, wipe off the remaining dust with a clean wet cloth, then allow the surface some time to dry.

Does Epoxy Make Wood Waterproof?

Yes, it does. Not only that, but the product also gives the wood a unique look. Besides, it makes the wood more durable.

Despite its amazing capabilities, some cases will push you to use a sealer before applying the epoxy for better results.

Other methods of making wood water-resistant include using products such as:

  • Hand rubbed oil finish.
  • Sealants.
  • Stain sealant combos.

Does Epoxy Soak into Wood?

Yes, it does this on its own. However, you can make it soak faster, deeper, and more evenly if you employ the below steps on your wood surface.

  • Cleaning
  • Drying
  • sanding

How Do You Keep Resin from Soaking in Wood?

I recommend coating the wood with PVA or clear shellac. These items can easily soak into the wood and seal it without staining.

How Do You Keep Epoxy from Bleeding on Wood?

If you want to prevent this, start by sealing the wood with spray shellac before filling it with dyed epoxy.

The unique thing about spray shellac is that it dries faster. Even better, it’s easy to sand, and you can spray about anything over it.

Why Does My Resin Get Too Hot During Casting?

The main reason is the amount of resin you used. Professionally, the recommended thickness should be at least 1cm to 2cm.

If you go for thicker layers, you’ll realize that the resin will start boiling. To avoid such, consider pouring thin layers and allow them to dry before you can add the next layer.

How Do You Remove Bubbles in Epoxy Resin?

Suppose your application has bubbles in it. Let it sit for about 10 minutes for the bubbles can rise to the surface.

When all the bubbles have surfaced, use a heat gun or a propane torch to get rid of them by applying heat to the surface in a back and forth motion. 

Note: Ensure the heat gun or the propane torch is approximately 6” to 8” above the surface.

Can You Mix Paint With Epoxy?

No, it’s not necessary. The reason is that resin is a by-product of oil. Therefore, water-based, acrylic-based, and oddly blended oil pigments don’t mix properly. 

As a result, they always get clumpy, thus affecting the final finish.

The Product Reviews

In this section, I’m are going to discuss the individual product in detail and highlight some of the features that distinguish one from the other. 

1. Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy Resin Coating For Wood Tabletop

It’s arguably the best epoxy resin kit you can have, which is why it tops our list. It has a hardener tagged along with it. If you are looking for a lasting and reliable resin, then this answers it all.

One fascinating thing about this product is the additional hardener with which it comes. However, there’s even a better side of this particular epoxy resin-it works well with almost all types of wooden furniture, among them artwork, tabletops, artworks, bars, and many others.

When using this product, you don’t have to struggle with leveling during application because of its self-leveling property, which will help save your time. It has a 72 hours curing duration with a thick formula. Its 1/8 of leveling thickness makes it easy to add more coats if deemed necessary; the result is impressive.

When it comes to coverage, it doesn’t disappoint either as a gallon can cover up to at least 40 square feet. Pro Marine Supplies is a perfect companion for the woodworkers who always use epoxy because a single gallon can comfortably make up to 10 applications.


On top of this fantastic coverage, this resin guarantees your wooden structures a high-gloss look, which, without a doubt, adds much-needed beauty. This resin can resist the harmful UltraViolet rays from the sun. Besides, it is resistant to water, which makes it a resilient and durable formula.

The Summary of Top Features:

  • Comes with a high-gloss formula for added beauty
  • Resist water and ultraviolet rays
  • Comes with a self-leveling property
  • The extra hardener part of this epoxy makes application easier
  • It’s resistant to blush


  • It cures harder than most epoxy resins available in the market today
  • Offers protection against UV
  • It contains no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Covers at least 40 sq ft


  • Needs a faster application
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2. Art ‘N Glow Clear Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin

Regardless of its small size, Art ‘N Glow resin remains one of the best choices for woodworkers’ locker. There are not so many resins that are better out there.

This resin is self-leveling, a quality that helps it save time during its application. The leveling property is best at 1/16 inches. When it comes to thickness, it’s not the thickest one; however, it compensates for this by making fast and effective results with a little time and effort going to waste.

This resin is even better due to its self-degassing feature. This property enables it to prevent the formation of bubbles during the application and even afterward hence saving a lot of time.

This epoxy resin comes in a small 16-ounce kit, but that doesn’t stop it from covering up to 3 square feet area with no difficulties. If you are looking to cover smaller areas like coffee tabletops and other small furniture, then Art ‘N Glow resin is the best choice. It takes a short while to dry and doesn’t involve so much work.

This resin resists yellowing; as a result, it maintains its original crystalline appearance all the time. It’s resistant to water and offers wood protection against ultraviolet rays.

The Summary of Top Features:

  • Offers resistance to UltraViolet rays & yellowing
  • Has self-degassing property which prevents the formation of bubbles
  • Self-leveling occurs at 1/16 inches to form a decently thick skin


  • It dries out into a bright crystalline look
  • On top of its self-leveling and degassing traits, this resin is odorless
  • It dries so fast hence saving time during the application



  • Suitable for small projects
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3. MAS Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin

MAS Epoxy is another fantastic resin that will answer all the questions that you have been asking. 

It is a professional standard option with a fantastic end product in the form of a bright crystal appearance. This resin is an all-around product that can change the look of an old wooden structure to something of beauty.

It’s crystalline finish results from its high-gloss formula, it is resistant to water, has a self-leveling trait, and smoothens the surface of wood effortlessly.

It is a relatively thick epoxy resin that levels at 1/8 inches, not bad, right? This impressive feature is useful for additional protection to the surfaces hence enhances durability and resist potential damages from external factors. Even with such a thickness, a single gallon of this resin can adequately cover an area of up to 12 square feet.

It is easy to apply this product, the additional spreader and the brush simplifies the entire process of application. With a little bit of patience, you will find handling this resin a walk in the park. Working with this resin is so friendly that you need no experience to do a good job.

When using this product, there are chances of the formation of the bubbles. You should remove these bubbles using a heat gun about 15-20 minutes after pouring the epoxy on the surface. 

This epoxy is every woodworker’s dream; it’s glass-like look would make better all kinds of wooden structures.

The Summary of Top Features:

  • Comes with an excellent glass-like finish that gives your furniture the ultimate beauty
  • It’s easy to apply which makes it convenient
  • Comes with a self-leveling feature making it easy for the user
  • Has an impressive thickness of 1/8 inches


  • This resin has the most extensive coverage in the market.
  • Comes with a clear coat
  • It lasts longer than most
  • Offers protection against UltraViolet rays


  • It cures slowly
  • Forms bubbles
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4.SRC Epoxy Resin – Best Budget Option

It’s a very reliable brand that will guarantee your furniture nothing short of excellent results. SRC passes the test as one of the best epoxy resin products any woodworker can dream about using for their furniture.

This epoxy is clear; it entirely covers a wood surface without leaving a single tiny space out. Following its application, it cures into a stunning appearance thanks to its crystalline and a high-gloss property. What’s unique about this resin is that you can apply it anywhere from wood, concrete, metal, stone, and so much more.

It’s even easier to apply this resin because of the parked kit, which comes with two bottles each for the resin and the hardener-which will help save time and effort during the entire process.

SRC epoxy resin comes with another unique feature in the self-leveling and bubble-releasing properties. This property helps prevent the formation of uneven surfaces and, at the same time, reducing the bubbles that form during its use. Just in 45 minutes, you can remove the bubbles and level up the epoxy. If you have a short timeline to finish your project, then this epoxy resin is the answer to your question.

It levels at 1/16 each layer, which is thick enough with a single gallon capable of covering about 24 square feet of the surface. The thickness is decent and versatile, which leaves the options wide open for you, if you desire a light or thick layer, you may choose a single or multiple coats. 

SRC does more to the wood than you can ask for, this formula prevents yellowing, damages by the UltraViolet rays from the sun, resists moisture, blushes, and a lot more.

The Summary of Top Features:

  • Has a high resistance to several environmental factors and last longer 
  • It comes with a hardener which makes application easy
  • Comes with a self-leveling and air-releasing property
  • Has a stunning high-gloss finish
  • The broader area of coverage of about 24 square each gallon


  • This epoxy resin has a low odor
  • Resists UV rays
  • Has a self-leveling property
  • The most pocket-friendly epoxy resin reviewed
  • Has one of the fastest curing time


  • It’s not the hardest finish in the market
  • Requires a quick application
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5. East Coast Resin Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear

I’m sure by now you’ve heard whispers down the streets of your local town that the East Coast Resin Epoxy is among the best if not the best. Well, I have used this resin severally, and admittedly, it’s up there with the best. 

It works best with virtually all types of wood, giving it an almost transparent appearance. Do you need this resin for your cabinet? Tabletop? Well, it guarantees your furniture close to the flawless surface that will be beautiful to any eye.

East Coast Resin is all about a durable formula; this product can resist ultraviolet rays, withstand scratches, and waterproof. You can use this resin in both indoor and outdoor structures with no question marks over its performance.

This product has no smell and poses no safety concerns during its application. Since it’s safe to use, there’s no need for protective gear during the entire application.

When it comes to ease of use, this epoxy is top of the class. It is smooth with an even touch, it spreads out quite fast and takes the shortest time of 30 minutes(mainly if you apply it together with its hardener) to harden.

Using this epoxy resin gives the best overall use.

A single gallon of this resin can give you a coverage of up to 25 square feet of an area. Twenty-five square feet is a large area meaning you can use a gallon on several wooden surfaces. This coverage, together with the thickness of 1/8 inches, gives you everything you’d need in an epoxy.

The Summary of top features:

  • It is resistant to ultraviolet rays, scratches, and moisture
  • Has extensive coverage of up to 25 square feet regardless of its thick formula
  • It’s easy to apply
  • Leaves a stunning finish on woods
  • Work correctly with all types of surfaces


  • This epoxy has a high gloss
  • Offers protection against ultraviolet rays
  • Has no smell/Odorless
  • Comes with a self-leveling property
  • It’s waterproof 
  • Has arguably the quickest curing time


  • Forms bubbles
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6. TotalBoat Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin-Best Indoors

If you are looking for the brands that care so much about quality, then TotalBoat Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin is what you need – it’s the definition of quality.

In this epoxy resin, y are sure of a multifunctional product with bonds well with almost all surfaces to produce an exquisite finish for your projects. It has a self-leveling and anti-blushing characteristic.

Its 1/8 thickness per layer makes it the perfect choice for everyone that desires decency, durability, and resilience. It has a relatively broad coverage range with a single gallon covering up to 12 square feet of surface, which is enough to do a decent job on several tabletops comfortably.

After the application, this resin results in a high-gloss finish with a stunning look. It can withstand scratches, resist stains, blemishes, water, yellowing, increased temperatures, and ultraviolet radiation from the sun. This quality makes it best for people that have an interest in durability as well.

This epoxy resin gives you something extra because it can work with almost all surfaces from wooden structures to ceramic, stones, concrete, and metals with all the surfaces resulting in a thing of beauty.

As you would have expected, this product is also reliable outdoor, much as it is indoors thanks to its ability to resist ultraviolet rays.

The Summary of Top Features:

  • The final product is a smooth finish
  • It stands the test of time thanks to its resistance against everything
  • Has a thick coat of 1/8 inches
  • Easy to apply
  • Works on almost all surfaces: concrete, ceramic, metal, and stone


  • Comes with a clear coat
  • Has self-leveling property
  • It is waterproof
  • Resists heat
  • Has a quick drying time
  • Able to resist both blush and bubble


  • Not the best resin for outdoor usage
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7. Abatron WoodEpox Wood Replacement Compound

Abatron has a reputation as one of the very reliable brands for any woodworker. It has a wood replacement compound that makes it even fascinating experience using this epoxy.

What makes this product even unique is its anti-sagging property. 

It’s best to use this epoxy resin when repairing the damaged surfaces of wood. If dealing with rotten and broken furniture, then this resin is your perfect companion. Working with this product gives you a smooth touch to the surface. 

This epoxy is sandable and paintable after its application. You get the total freedom to customize it as you wish as long as it has hardened, which makes it a viable option for woodworkers who are looking to do a renovation on furniture.

It takes a little effort to have this product applied to your furniture. Abatron WoodEpox contains compounds that enable it to withstand the elements of the weather, such as ultraviolet rays, moisture, and a lot more.

This epoxy is applicable in any thickness and, above all, contains no volatile organic compounds. It’s highly durable, which will serve you for as long as it will take.

The Summary of Top Features:

  • A fantastic option for the renovation of furniture
  • Dries to form a smooth and a sag-free finish
  • It’s paintable and sandable after curing
  • It resists several environmental factors resulting in a durable final product.


  • Contains no volatile organic compounds
  • Takes a short time to harden, about 1-2 hours
  • Fills cracks on wood surfaces
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior use
  • Small slip-ups get rectified after drying


  • Works best in repairing the broken wooden structure.
  • A little expensive
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8.Versakoat Epoxy Resin Crystal Clear

Are you looking to improve your wooden structure with a bright crystal finish? If that’s so, then this fantastic Epoxy Resin from Versakoat is what you need.

This resin is so beautiful, thanks to its mirror-like finish following the application. It takes glossiness to the next level with a surface that reflects like a mirror hence delivering a near-perfect look to any wooden structure.

The formula itself is almost perfect, preventing the possible occurrence of things like fish eyes, bubbles, crawlings, and craters. This compound levels uneven surfaces thanks to its self-leveling property, hardens well, and takes the shortest time possible to mix, making its application easy.

When it comes to coverage, a single gallon of Versakoat Epoxy Resin can cover up to an area of 16 square feet, which translates to multiple tabletops with so much ease. It can settle at a thickness of 1/8, which gives you a resilient and durable final result.

Among all the features associated with this resin, it’s durability stands out as it can resist scratches, ultraviolet rays from the sun, and cracking. Its functionality goes beyond wooden structures as it bonds well with copper, Formica, ceramic, and concrete.

The Summary of Top Features:

  • Prevents bubbling, the formation of craters, and fish eyes
  • It’s very long-lasting and with high resistance against forceful impacts and scratches
  • Works perfectly with a wide range of surfaces
  • Its final product is a mirror-like result on different types of wood
  • Thick layers with a large area coverage capacity


  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to apply
  • Highly shin
  • Self-leveling abilities


  • Hard to apply
  • Its shiny nature might not be everyone’s cup of tea
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9.Countertop UV-Resistant Resin – Your Eco-Friendly Choice

If you are looking for protection to your wooden structure and need a resin that you can trust, then Countertop Epoxy Standard FX Epoxy is the answer to all your questions.

Don’t let the name deceive you; this epoxy is not an ordinary Contrary product. It delivers one of the very best results you can imagine. This quality makes it one of the most expensive epoxy resins out there.

This formula guarantees your furniture durability, resistance, and ease of use. It can withstand the ultraviolet rays, stains, scratches, and other forceful impacts that can cause damage. This resin has no smell and does not pose any health risk; above all; it’s safe with foodstuff making it suitable for kitchen tabletops.

This product comes with an excellent thickness of 1/8 inches once it levels up. In terms of coverage, it has one of the best with a gallon covering up to 20 square feet of area. This capacity is large enough to serve several tabletops. The end product is an ultra-clear and a lasting product.

The application time is relatively quick, lasting about 36 hours, which makes it the best fit for woodworkers that are willing to spend some time on the project to get a flawless result.

This product has the potential to last a lifetime; You will have to dig deep into your pocket to get the Countertop Epoxy. It’s, without doubt, the most long-lasting and reliable in the market.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The most durable and resistant epoxy resin
  • It has a fantastic appearance on any surface
  • Large coverage capacity with an impressive thickness
  • It takes about 36 hours to dry making it one of the easiest to apply


  • Ability to resist ultraviolet rays 
  • Contains no toxins 
  • It’s odorless
  • Has an expansive coverage


  • It can bubble, which is hard to remove
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10.Protective Coating PC-Woody Wood Repair Epoxy Paste

If you are a woodworker and thinking about doing repairs to your wooden furniture, then this epoxy is everything that you need. It has a reputation as the best when it comes to covering and fixing your wooden structures. 

You will find this resin in five different sets, from the 1.5 ounces going up to 96 ounces, all depending on the size of your project and the amount of coverage you will perform. 

When it comes to thickness, it cuts as one of the best working best as a protective layer and less as a coating on wooden projects. Its protective nature makes it best in repairing woods. This epoxy resin has a dual part paste that covers any faults available in the wood hence giving it a new appearance.

It doesn’t matter the nature of the wood, from the rotten ones, the broken and yellowed wood-this epoxy resin will fix them faster than you can imagine.

Its high-tack components prevent the possibility of sagging or dripping during the application resulting in a smooth and effortless process. It takes just about 40 minutes to apply this product making it the perfect resin for individuals who are working on a short timeline.

This epoxy is even better because you can paint over it, or choose to stain over it as soon as it hardens. It prevents extensive options for you to custom it to your preference. 

It is a durable product that has remained reliable since its inception providing strong resistance to environmental factors that look to damage wooden structures.

You can always count on this product to serve you right, no matter the surface.

The Summary of Top Features

  • Its application is quite easy
  • Repairs damaged wood in a short time
  • Allows for painting and staining after it hardens
  • Resist all kinds of corrosive environmental elements


  • It’s versatile as it accepts both stain and painting and so much more
  • Contains real wood which makes it suitable for repairs
  • It’s not toxic
  • Saves time due to ease of application


  • Most suitable for wood repairs than other functionalities
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I want to believe that having gone through our comprehensive review, you will find it easy to settle on the best epoxy resin for wood that will give you the best result possible for your various projects. 

These products are not so much different from each other; however, they have little features in them that can make a big difference. Consider all these finer details while picking yours.

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    Can you please inform me if i can use this material for kitchen counter top? What are the resilence levels for heat and scratcing? Is there any comparative table with other products used for the same applications (vabakelite, Korian/staron etc)?

    Thanks for all your help,


    1. Wood Critique

      Yes, you can use epoxy resins for wood kitchen countertop.
      The head resilience level of epoxy resin is great especially when it does not exceed 150 degrees celsius.
      Most of the Epoxy products have a flexural strength of up to 10,000 psi. which makes them very strong and scratch-resistant.
      Therefore, feel free to use one for your kitchen table.
      As for Corian/Staron, these two perform similar functions as the epoxy resins though from my experience, they are prone to scratches and not great heat-resisting products.


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