8 Firepits Suitable for Timber Decks


Image of outland, the Best Fire pit for Wood DeckSome evenings are just perfect when you are sitting outside, on your deck with your family, enjoying the chill, and feeling the breeze as the day fades away. However, you can do more to make the feeling even better. The best Firepits Suitable for Timber Decks adds much-needed warmth to make a perfect relaxing moment.

There are so many fire pits in the market; however, not all of them are similar. Some perform better, and in this article, I’m going to review some of the best fire pits for a wood deck that you should consider if you are looking to acquire one.

Here’s the list of top products…

1. Outland Living 401 Series – 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table

Even though they are a relatively new manufacturer in the industry, Outland Living is already building a reputation for creating cost-effective yet top quality fire pit and fire tables. And you can tell from the Outland Living 401 Series which my overall best fire pit for wood deck in the market.

If you are sick of smoke from other brands of fire pits, then the Outland Living Series 401 is the ultimate choice thanks to the propane run feature. This fire pit will keep your deck warm and lively with no fumes or smoke in your surroundings. 

This fire pit comes with a great and noticeable design. It has high-density polyethylene wicker that matches perfectly with the tempered glass hence giving it a spectacular appearance. It has a rectangular table that is bolstered by UV-protected polyethylene wicker that can resist heat. The UV protection in this fire pit means that it can work under the all-weather condition with no difficulties whatsoever. 

This product has a breathable mesh table with a dimension of 44 x 32 x 23 inches and delivers 35,000 BTU thermal power that can keep your deck warm regardless of the level of cold. What’s more about this fire pit is that it comes with a convenient auto igniter for safe fire ignition. It has a chrome pull ring attached to the doors on either side for easy access to the pit’s internal compartments. 

The Summary of Top Features

  • It’s a propane run fire pit that delivers up to 35,000 BTU thermal power.
  • The device is created using a UV-protected breathable mesh and tempered glass that offers superior durability.
  • This fire pit won the Silver medal in the 2016 International Design Award.
  • The interior compartments come with spacious storage.


  • It comes with an auto ignition
  • The fire pit has 12-16 hours of burn time
  • It gives you a smoke-free operation
  • It’s durable


  • It’s heavy
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2. Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit, 26&quot, Antique Bronze

This color, Antique bronze, never gets old and gets along with most outdoor settings such as a rustic look. The Landmann fire pit is a statement piece and will give your deck more than the warmth; it provides an ornament like presence.

Just like this device is attractive structurally, its performance remains as one of the best in the market. Its firebox lid is a modern cross-hatch design with a handle that makes it easy to remove without worrying about getting fire burns. Other than the safety handle, this fire pit also comes with a large spark screen. The screen reduces the risk of floating embers to anyone around the pit.

This fire pit is constructed with steel, which gives it the ability to withstand large amounts of heat and other elements. You don’t have to worry about leaving it in your garden for years as it can resist rusting. 

The Summary of Top Features

  • It comes with a modern styled firebox with a decorative cross-hatch design
  • The fire pit comes with a built-in wood grate
  • It has a poker included
  • There’s a large spark screen with handle included
  • It has a cover


  • The fire pit comes with elegant construction that makes it an excellent centerpiece to any deck.
  • It has a handle that allows you to lift the fire shield off when in use.
  • Wood grate makes it easy to remove ash and debris from the pit
  • Its bronze coloring adds timeless beauty to your outdoor


  • It sits low on the ground, which makes it less suitable for grass.
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3. Solo Stove Bonfire Stainless Steel Outdoor Smokeless Firepit 

The solo stove provides the latest innovations for fire pits on the market. This product is designed to offer the best outdoor experience thanks to its patented technology. Its amazing features makes this stove the best fire pit for wood deck that you should acquire for your home. 

What’s impressive about this design is that it features a solo stove with two skins, one of the skins feeds the fire and the other acts as secondary combustion that reduces the smoke but increases the output of heat.

This fire pit has different combustion compared to other similar products in the market, and that explains its exceptional performance. While using this product, you will realize that the fuel will burn slower, but it will emit heat that is far greater than other pits of a similar size and price on the market.

While the design of this pit may not be that great as that of others, this product beats the competitors in performance. 

With this product, you won’t have to worry about the smoke emitted; it keeps your clothes free from bonfire smell. This item is exceptionally lightweight and portable thanks to its simple and sleek design, you can move with it from place to place without even noticing. Feel free to carry it to your camping tours.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It’s portable, and you can move with it from place to place
  • It has a double-wall design that maximizes the airflow and burning process.
  • This fire pit produces insignificant levels of smoke.


  • Beautiful and high hence will not burn your decking
  • Emit higher heat compared to such similar products in the market
  • It has a durable, simple design


  • It’s look is not as attractive as that of other similar products.
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4. Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit

Sunnydaze Décor has gone on record for producing the best fire pit for wood deck on the market in Sunnydaze Cosmic Outdoor Fire Pit. 

If the beauty of rustic look interests you, then you should acquire this product. Its dimensions are impressive with a 42″ wide and 10″ deep bowl, this fire pit is a product of long-lasting steel with an enamel layer. This product resists rust, abrasion, as well as other forms of corrosion.

Its fantastic design adds an artistic presence to your deck; it has a moon accent with die-cut stars that provides unique aesthetics to your wooden porch, patio, outdoor front/backyard, etc. It is simply a fantastic fire pit to own.

Additionally, this product has a 10″ bowl thickness as well as a steel construction that can support heavy-duty usage. It has a weight of about 36 pounds, which makes it portable- you can move to any chill spot for quality time with your crew. 

Moreover, this fire pit comes with three 5″ iron made leg that keeps it stable when you place it on your wooden deck or concrete pavement. Furthermore, it comes with two built-in handles for convenient movement. 

Note: Ensure that the handles are cool to avoid burning your hands.

What’s more about this product is that it comes with a spark screen with poker that safeguards you from the wood embers. 

The Summary of Top Features

  • It comes with celestial star and moon strangled design that makes it beautiful.
  • The fire pit has a larger bowl with an exceptional thickness that creates more radiant heat with wood ember.
  • It has a heavy-duty steel construction that resists heat and rust for durability.
  • Its bowl includes a round metal spark screen plus a built-in grate that ensures fire safety and air ventilation.
  • This fire pit has an extra-large 42″ size that holds up more wood to ignite and create heat for an extended period.


  • It has a larger bowl
  • You can set it up with ease
  • It comes with a built-in handle for portability
  • The fire pit has an elegant look


  • It can get damaged on rain hence should not be left outside.
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5. Outland Firebowl 870 Premium Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

The Outland Firebowl would make an excellent addition to your outdoor relaxation, and you can even carry it with you to hiking or camping activities. What makes this product the best fire pit for wood deck is that you don’t have to worry about lighting it and ensuring that it stays lit.

It uses propane gas, which makes it safer than solid fuel alternatives. Once you have this product, you don’t have to worry about the need to clean ash, or even carrying firewood with you. Besides, there is a vastly minimum risk of starting a fire. This product has an auto-ignition button, which saves you the need to carry a lighter or matches to start the fire.

The transportation of this product is an easy one, it is easy to set up, and no tool is needed for the setup. It produces 58,000 British Thermal Units, which is sufficient to keep everyone gathered around it warm.

This product’s design allows it to handle a rough life of being moved from point to point thanks to its sturdy and durable construction. It is a product of durable stainless steel with a beautiful enamel finish that gives it a perfect look for outdoor living. Much you can carry this product from one place to the next, it is a little heavy, and some might find it awkward moving it around, especially with the propane bottle.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It does not mess the place as it does not produce any ash
  • The fire pit is compact, and you can move with it from place to place
  • This item has an excellent built quality which makes it durable
  • It produces enough heat even for a large gathering


  • The one-touch auto-ignition makes it easy to light this fire pit
  • All you only need is a propane tank as it does not require a solid fuel
  • It does not need any tool for assembly
  • No ash to empty or embers to worry you


  • Not as hot as the solid fuel fire pit
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6. Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop-Up Fire Pit

If you are looking for performance over everything in a fire pit, you should consider the campfire defense. This firepit has an innovative design that takes a small space on your deck and weighs less than 8lbs. It has a broad base that ensures you aren’t losing out on the size and has heat output to keep everyone around the fire warm.

One of the most amazing features of the campfire defender is the heatshield. Even on prolonged burning, this product will not burn the grass or your wooden deck. What makes this product the best fire pit for wood deck is its easy setup and the swift cooling features. Once you have extinguished this fire pit, it will take 90 seconds to cool.

What’s more about this fire pit is the mesh with a large surface area, which ensures that you get enough airflow for the burning of logs; additionally, this product meets forest regulations around campfires.

The Summary of Top Features

  • This product is portable so that you can move it about
  • It has a simple design such that you can set it up in 60 seconds and cool it off in just 90 seconds
  • It has a perfect burning thanks to the mesh that allows for free airflow
  • It exceeds forest regulations for fire pans


  • It has a heatshield that ensures that your grass or the decking does not burn.
  • The mesh increases airflow for the best burning
  • The fire pit has stainless steel for durability
  • You don’t need any tool to set it up
  • It cools in just 90 seconds from when you extinguish the fire.


  • It has no heat mesh to stop flyaway embers.
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7. Christopher Knight Home 296587

Christopher Knight Home is a reputable name, especially when it comes to the manufacturing of household décor and products. Over the years, they have made some of the best fire pits for wood decks, and this Crawford propane fire pit is one such product.

This firepit has about 32-inches in length and width and has high-quality steel plus magnesium oxide responsible for its superior durability. Additionally, the legs of this fire pit are a product of magnesium oxide- which strong and can last so many years.

Other than its unique construction, this product has a rustic and stone finish design, which brings a natural feel to your outdoor space.

The performance of this item that makes it the best fire pit for a wood deck is the ability to provide up to 40,000 BTU flame power, which is not common to many fire pits. This flame power is sufficient to cover all corners deck and keep everyone warm. 

This fire pit comes with an igniter that allows you to ignite it from a distance, making it safer to use. The lava rocks on this tool will provide continuous heating of the surroundings for up to 12 hours non stop.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It produces 40,000 BTU thermal power to keep the surroundings warm.
  • The fire pit comes with automatic ignition, on/off knob for convenience.
  • It allows you to adjust the flame settings into three different modes as you wish.
  • The fire pit continues to burn for up to 12 hours.
  • Its lava rock filler provides the much-needed durability and stability as well.


  • It has a brilliant rock finishing
  • The top of this fire pit features a stone composite.
  • It does not require assembly
  • The package has a cover for fire safety


  • It’s not portable
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8. Catalina Creations 29″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit

Catalina Creations is new in the industry, yet it developed a reputation for making a reliable, high-performing, and attractive wood deck fire pit. Their product, Catalina Creations 29″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit has taken the market by storm for record sales.

So why is this product popular? Well, it delivers, that would be the short answer. The 29.5″ diameter of the fire bowl plus the height of around 20″ helps hold enough wood ember so that you and others around can stay warm for an extended period. With this fire pit, you would not realize it’s winter.

The giant moon and starry cutouts on this fire pit look fashionable coupled with the fire glow that comes out of these cutouts create a priceless night ambiance. Moreso, the cutouts play an essential role in air ventilation to help keep it burning.

Catalina Creations has done so much to ensure the safety in this heat-resistant bronze-color cauldron by including a mesh wire spark screen. The spark screen prevents embers from flying hence keeping everyone safe.  

The Summary of Top Features

  • The Catalina Creations 29″ fire pit bowl is created using heavy-duty cast iron that provides heat-resistance for endurance.
  • It comes with detailed decorations of star and moon cutouts that bring a fantastic presence to your home outdoor.
  • The package includes a poker and mesh wire spark screen that increases safety.
  • The large 29″ bowl can carry a lot of wood for a massive fire.


  • It comes with a superior performance
  • The fire pit has a stunning look
  • It is excellent as a backyard and patio furniture
  • The product is affordable


  • It weighs 45 pounds, which makes it less portable.
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Best Fire Pit for Wood Deck Buyer’s Guide

A fire pit for a wood deck in your home is great for evening relaxation in your backyard and front yard. Other than keeping your surroundings warm, this product adds beauty to your home outdoor décor. 

Considering that these items are costly, you need to ensure that you land the best possible fire pit. 

Here are some of the things that you need to consider while shopping for a fire pit.

Firepit Design

It might not be the essential thing that you should look at in a fire pit. Even so, you need to ensure that the design of the fire pit that you buy blends well with your home décor. I’m pretty sure that you would pick a product that looks “ugly”; therefore, ensure that the design that you will choose is excellent for your home.

Construction Materials of the Fire Pit

The materials used in the construction of materials need to be resistant to heat, corrosion, and durable. Additionally, the materials need to be in a position to cool as soon as possible to minimize accidental burning.

Fuel Type: 

There are different fuels for fire pits; they include wood-burning, natural gas, and propane gas fuel.

The wood-burning fire pit is the most universally available fire pits; they are suitable for cooking and provides an excellent ambiance. However, they create a lot of smoke.

Propane run fire pits are the most popular fuel source recently. It comes with a smoke-free performance, which makes it a favorite of many. Additionally, they are affordable.

Just like propane, natural gas also provides an economical and safe to use option for fire pit. However, it comes with a slight odor, more like a rotten egg, which might not be pleasing to everyone.


Recently, people prefer fire pits that they can move with from place to place, especially when going for events such as picnics, camping, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that you go for a portable product.

The Most Popular Construction Material for Wood Deck Fire Pit 

Stainless steel: It’s a sturdy material with a high melting point and usually resists abrasion. Besides, stainless-steel is rugged such that it supports heavy-duty tasking with comfort. 

Aluminum: It is a lightweight material usually used to make the mainframe of a fire pit. Besides, it is a great conductor of heat, which helps warm the place quickly.

Cast iron: This material is ideal for fire bowls bearing unique deformation and resistant to rust; additionally, it has excellent heat conduction and so radiates heat for faster warming. 

Resin: Resin wicker is a product of high-quality polyethylene and is extremely durable. This material is the lightest used in the construction of a fire pit. 


The best fire pit for wood deck presents an excellent opportunity to keep your outdoors warm during freezing moments.

Having a physically attractive, a top-performing and durable fire pit should be a priority. Further, you must consider a lot of safety measurements that the product has. In my case, the best fire pit you can get in the market is the Outland Living 401 Series – 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire TableThis product is beautiful, safe, and comes with excellent performance- everything that you can need in a fire pit.

I hope you found this content helpful, especially if you are looking to buy a fire pit. If so, kindly share your opinion on the comment section below.

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