12 Best Wood Moisture Meter for Woodworking- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of one of the Best Wood Moisture Meter for WoodworkingChecking your wood’s moisture level should always be your first step in determining the accountability of the wood material you need. If you do not pay close attention to the material’s water level, it might weaken and damage the entire structure. Therefore, you have to make the first step in early leak prevention using the best wood moisture meter for woodworking.

These incredible devices can detect wetness even on thick woods, thanks to their pin or pinless mechanism with a high depth capability. They also have a clear-to-view LCD system that effectively displays all the necessary values of ambient temperature, moisture levels, and humidity.

However, these tools’ have many contrasting features that render each unique according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Thus, it would be best to have a guideline on the different types of designs, capabilities, and factors to consider before purchasing.

This article has it all.

1. General Tools MMH800 4-In-1 Combo Moisture Meter

You will never experience wood rot and have weak wooden structures or furniture if you use the General Tools MMH800 4-In-1 Combo Moisture Meter. The tool has all you deserve starting from its dual display screen, simultaneously displaying the ambient temperature, relative humidity, and moisture percentage.

This device also features an audible alarm that works in conjunction with the LCD screen to produce an audible indication of either high, medium, or low moisture levels. With the pin or pinless pads’ assistance, you can conveniently measure the moisture on flat and irregular surfaces.

Above all is the remarkable 9V battery that provides the immense power ideal for fade-free operations, even on thick wooden materials.

Summary of the key features

  • The device integrates a pinless pad sensor suitable for scanning large areas of wood with ease.
  • Its two display systems enable you to monitor the tools’ operations effectively, showing the moisture content and the other for ambient temperature and humidity.
  • This machine provides a moisture level that ranges between 5% to 50% for wood and 1.5% to 33% for building materials.
  • The unit also offers an audible indication of moisture level readings’ storage and the percentage moisture levels.

Image of one of the Best Wood Moisture Meter for WoodworkingPros

  • Easy to use.
  • Ideal for multipurpose applications.
  • It uses pin or pinless pads.
  • The unit features a powerful battery.


  • This device only shows the moisture levels between 5% to 50% for wood.
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2. Wagner Meters Orion 910 Deep Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit 

With the Wagner Meters Orion 910 Deep Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit, you rest assured of accuracy, versatility, and quality. Besides, it has an in-built IntelliSense technology, which features a non-damaging pinless sensor.

This exciting tool captures your attention with the ability to be virtually unaffected by wood’s temperature or that of the surrounding environment. Even though the device is a pinless type, it can detect moisture from the surface to a depth of 75” (19mm).

The Orion 920 deep depth moisture meter further features a flexible rubber boot that provides comfort even when handling the most challenging jobs. You also have the privilege to set the wood species you need to measure using the tools’ relative measurement mode. 

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has a vigorous 9V battery that produces enough power to tackle even the hardwoods.
  • It also features IntelliSense technology, which enables it to detect moisture to a considerable depth.
  • The device has a single display system for displaying all the required amenities like the moisture content and other calibrations.
  • This tool also incorporates an on-demand calibrator that enables you to calibrate your meter effortlessly.

Image of Wagner wood moisture meterPros

  • It includes a comparative measurement mode.
  • You have a 7-year customer warranty.
  • The tool has a non-damaging pinless sensor.
  • Enhanced versatility.


  • This device only has one display screen.
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3. Calculated Industries 7445 AccuMASTER Duo Pro

Check your wooden materials’ moisture content quickly and accurately using the Calculated Industries 7445 AccuMASTER Duo Pro. This tool offers dual functionality of either pin or pinless sensor types, with the pin option ideal for testing large areas accurately.

This high-performance device also gives you the option of using a pad for non-invasive scanning(pinless) when inspecting to find moisture under a floor or behind a wall. After locating the high moisture region, you can then use the pin feature to pick out the problem spots and possible leaks. 

The machine also has an extensive backlit easy-to-read display system that monitors the moisture content on any wood type keenly.

Summary of the key features

  • It features a hand-friendly casing that feels solid when pushing the replaceable pins into diverse materials.
  • You can conveniently monitor the moisture level that is well-indicated on the tools’ display screen.
  • The device integrates an auto shut-off mechanism that helps save on battery consumption.
  • It also has dual testing features, which include the pin and pinless techniques.

Image of a wood moisture meter for woodworkingPros

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy-to-read backlit display.
  • Ergonomic hand-friendly casing.
  • Replaceable pins.
  • Ideal for multipurpose use.
  • It also features an optional audio alert.


  • The tool only has an accuracy of +/- 3.
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4. Delmhorst J-2000 6% to 40% Pin Digital Wood Moisture Meter

The Delmhorst J-2000 6% to 40% Pin Digital Wood Moisture Meter got you covered as a cabinetmaker, woodworker, or craft man. With its easy-to-read LCD system, you can profoundly measure any wood material’s moisture content between the levels of 6% to 40%.

This meter also has an exceptional feature that enables it to correct the temperature changes automatically- This capability makes it effortless to take the readings in room temperature environments or even in extreme heat.

You can also use the tool for numerous wood types of up to 48 different wood species. All thanks go to its two-pin system that can penetrate to a depth of up to 5/16″, providing accurate readings.

Wood moisture meterSummary of the key features

  • The tool has an LCD screen that can display averagely up to 99 accumulated readings, giving you a comprehensive view of your current job.
  • This unit also has an extensive moisture range, therefore ideal for use in high and low-humidity climates.
  • As a pin type device, you are assured of accuracy even on the wood exposed to surface moisture.
  • It also has a durable case and ergonomic handle well-designed for job site portability.


  • One-handed operation.
  • One-year customer warranty.
  • It comes with a supply of temperature correction charts.
  • The unit also includes an extra set of pins.


  • This device can only measure the moisture content to a depth of 5/16”.
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5. General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter

It’s not pleasing if all your wooden materials have mold growth resulting in weakened structures. Therefore, I introduce the General Tools MMD4E Digital Moisture Meter to assist with all the matters concerning woods’ moisture levels.

As a high-performance tool, it incorporates a backlit, large, and easy-to-use screen with LED alerts- This stipulates the immediate warning if either the workpiece has a high, medium, or low moisture content.

Additionally, the unit allows you to effectively work even in dark rooms or confined areas with its audible alert system- That produces different sounds to indicate whether the material has a high, low, or medium moisture concentration. 

Summary of the key features

  • This unit has a large 0.3” backlit display screen that facilitates the straightforward reading of the moisture levels on different wood types.
  • It also comes with two pointed pins to penetrate any wood type with ease. 
  • This device also includes an extra pack of 0.3”(8mm) stainless steel pins.
  • The tool can measure moisture levels ranging from 5% to 50% for wooden structures.

Image of the best wood moisture meter for woodworkingPros

  • Large digits display.
  • It features a clear display of LED alerts.
  • Ergonomic and rubberized grip.
  • The tool can automatically power off after 3min of inactivity.


  • This unit only has a pin length of 0.3”(8mm).
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6. Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMASTER XT Digital Moisture Meter 

Are you looking for the best wood moisture meter for woodworking? Look no further than the Calculated Industries 7440 AccuMASTER XT Digital Moisture Meter. I recommend this tool since it incorporates a digital detector that enables you to find hidden leaks in woods and other surfaces.

This machine also sanctions you to detect moisture levels as low, ranging from 5 to 11%, medium from 12 to 15%, and high from 16 – 50%. On top of that, it also has a sturdy well-engineered body that feels tender when pressing the pins into walls.

The 7440 model fits well in your hand, and you can equally make use of the sizeable backlit LCD system that displays all the necessary amenities with large digits.

Summary of the key features

  • This unit offers a mechanized shut off system that helps prolong the battery life.
  • You also have the Okay to use the audible alert mechanism, especially when you cannot see the display. 
  • The extensive display LCD system enables you to determine the moisture levels on different materials conveniently.
  • This tool also comes with a protective cap that covers the pins, particularly when not in use.

Wood moisture moisturePros

  • Displays accurate values.
  • This tool is easy for your eyes.
  • It’s also simple to understand.
  • Comfortable to hold hand-friendly grips.


  • This tool only uses the pin mechanism.
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7. Klein Tools ET140 Pinless Moisture Meter for Non-Destructive Moisture Detection 

With a tapered end, the Klein Tools ET140 Pinless Moisture Meter for Non-Destructive Moisture Detection provides a comfortable feel to your hands while operating. This unit can also detect moisture content up to ¾”(19mm) deep.

You can use the mode selector on this unit to select between masonry, hardwood, or softwood materials. Contrary to other best wood moisture meters for woodworking, the ET140 model has a reverse-contrast display and an LED bar graph- That eminently displays the moisture content in various wood materials.

The tool also integrates an electromagnetic field(EMF) technology, which renders it a pinless meter that offers accuracy with no destruction on the workpiece. 

Summary of the key features

  • This tool has a well-engineered design that can hold out up to 6.6 foot(2m) drop.
  • The nine LED bars are ideal for indicating the moisture level on different materials.
  • You also have an easy viewing with the help of the bright reverse-contrast display.
  • This device incorporates three energy-saving functions to prolong the batteries’ life, including hold, low battery indicator, and auto-power-off.

Image of a pinless wood moisture meterPros

  • It includes an instructional manual.
  • Pinless non-destructive moisture detection.
  • Unique display system.
  • The tool comes with a storage bag.


  • This device can only measure up to 16mm deep.
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8. Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D

The Lignomat Moisture Meter Mini-Ligno E/D features a bright digital LED display system that avails all the moisture readings accurately. This tool further has a maximum detection depth, which ranges between 6% to 45% deep.

This highly-efficient tool has a recommendation for use as craft-type and industrial ventures that include measuring moisture in veneer, lumber, flip boards, and other wooden materials. Furthermore, it hallmarks a green cap, conveniently used as a handle for elementary probe insertion. You can also use this cap as a safety feature to cover the pins during storage and transportation.

Summary of the key features

  • The device comes with additional longer pins stored inside the meter for measuring thicker wood materials.
  • At only 5.6 ounces, this tool can comfortably fit in your hand while operating.
  • It has a digital LED display mechanism that allows you to take readings even in dark rooms.
  • You can use this tool to take moisture measurements to a depth of 3/16” and 7/16”.

Wood moisture meterPros

  • It features an in-built calibration.
  • The device also has calibration for indigenous species.
  • Wide measuring capability.
  • Compact, lightweight, and versatile.


  • This tool measures the moisture content ranging only between 6%-45%.
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9. Wood Building Materials Moisture Detector,  MWM03

This accurate and easy-to-use moisture-meter incorporates two distinctive modes that allow you to either use the wood or building option. Thus, rendering the unit ideal for easier moisture detection ranging between 0% to 60% with a 0.1% resolution.

The device also has a higher accuracy approximation of +/- 2%, contrary to other moisture meters in its class. This tool further incorporates a protective pin cap that enables you to calibrate it manually after continuous detection or if not used for a long time.

You also do not need to worry about power cut out since this adorable tool features a low battery indicator and a mechanized power off system- that automatically shuts down the machine after 10min of inactivity.

Image of a wood moisture meterSummary of the key features

  • The tools’ protective pin cap helps it to avoid deviation that may arise from inevitable data residue.
  • It also features a “HOLD” dial that helps keep the instant date freeze for recording purposes.
  • The device incorporates seven operation modes, with the first two ideal for woodworking while 3-7 for building materials.
  • The unit also has an anti slipcover that provides comfort while detecting moisture levels.


  • High accuracy level at +/- 2%.
  • Many application modes.
  • Seven light indicating system.
  • Free to calibrate.


  • The duration of the auto-off system comes after 10min.
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10. Wood Moisture Meter – Digital Moisture Detector Moisture Tester

The Wood Moisture Meter – Digital Moisture Detector Moisture Tester comes with two special pins, which can speckle out pockets of moisture embedded in any type of wood. The tool has a wide range of moisture measurements with 5% – 12% for low, 12% – 17% for medium, and 17% – 60% for high.

This eminent unit also has a well-designed system that features two measuring modes, including wood and building materials. Therefore, you can use it on various wood amenities as it’s super sensitive to dampness, thereby enabling you to work efficiently.

Additionally, the wood moisture meter has a large backlit LED screen and Hold-key that you can use to freeze the readings.

Summary of the key features

  • The robust stainless steel pins can effortlessly penetrate any type of wood material to determine the moisture content.
  •  The machine has a wide display screen, which shows all the necessary temperature and moisture content values.
  • This device also has two measurement modes that allow you to use it on wood or building materials with ease.

Image of the best wood moisture meter for woodworkingPros

  • It enables you to know the moisture levels in your wood quickly.
  • Precise pinpoint pins.
  • The tool also features a hold-key button.
  • Easy to understand and use.
  • Feature eight calibrations for wood measuring.


  • The device does not come with a storage bag.
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11. Delmhorst J-2000/PKG Digital Pin-Type Wood Moisture Meter

Before you purchase expensive wood materials, you need to determine the moisture levels. Therefore, you also deserve a high-performance tool that will help measure the wood’s wetness, and this is no other than the Delmhorst J-2000/PKG Digital Pin-Type Wood Moisture Meter. 

As a digital moisture device, this tool can measure up to 48 individual wood species with an average of up to 100 accumulated readings. Besides that, it has a moisture range between 6% to 40% for wood.

Delmhorst J-2000/PKG further has an in-built calibration and rugged construction that prolongs its usage time. The tool also boasts of its integral contact pins well-positioned on the top side and can measure moisture to a depth of up to 5/16″.

Summary of the key features

  • Woodworking moisture meterThe unit comes with a 26-ES electrode that makes your work more precise.
  • This tool also features a large digital display screen that clearly shows all the recorded moisture and temperature values.
  • It has a well-engineered body that can withstand a job site toucher and is comfortable to grip.
  • The strongly pointed pins can detect wetness up to 5/16” deep.


  • Wide range of moisture detection.
  • It comes with a plastic carry case.
  • Comfortable-to-hold hand grip.
  • One year warranty.


  • The tool is quite expensive.
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12. Extech MO55 – Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter

The Extech MO55 – Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter is one of the few devices with a dual application method of either pin or pinless operation. When you use it with the two pins, this tool will measure the wood moisture ranging from 5% to 50%. However, if you employ the pinless technique, you can determine the moisture levels in wood from 0% to 99%.

Additionally, this unit has a large display screen backed up with an audible alert system, enabling you to work in the dark or confined areas effectively. The alert system accomplishes this by beeping faster with the rising moisture levels.

Summary of the key features

  • It comes with a protective cap that dem accidents and wearing out of the rugged pins.
  • The vigorous 9V battery ensures that you always have an extended work time.
  • This tool has a dual operating system that you can optionally choose- This includes the pin and pinless mechanisms.
  • Even though it does not have a backlit display, you can still easily have the readings well-displayed in large units.

Wood moisture meterPros

  • You can use the non-invasive(pinless) method.
  • It comes complete with two extra pins.
  • The tool can quickly locate the conditions that might cause mold growth.
  • It also features an audible alert system.


  • This device does not have a backlit display mechanism.
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Best Wood Moisture Meter for Woodworking Buyers’ Guide

Before commencing building or purchasing woods, you must determine the moisture content. Therefore, you need the best wood moisture meter for woodworking to accurately display the moisture concentration on different wood types with ease.

These devices have many contrasting features that make them ideal for manufacturers, inspectors, lumbers, or even inspectors. However, you need to have the factors of contemplation right at your fingertips so that you can effectively come out with the best moisture meter on any of your purchases.

Why You Need The Best Wood Moisture Meter for Woodworking

  • Easy to use.
  • They feature a large display screen.
  • Ideal for different wood materials.
  • You can either get the one with a pin, pinless, or both operation techniques.
  • They have a powerful battery.
  • These tools can measure up to a greater depth.
  • The devices hallmark an ergonomic, comfortable grip handle. 
  • They can simultaneously display the ambient temperature, humidity, and moisture levels.
  • Some of them have an alert system.
  • Suitable for use even on thick materials.

Factors to Consider While Choosing The Best Wood Moisture Meter for Woodworking

  • Display screen

You will always need a display screen because it shows all the essential readings when making measurements. Therefore, you need to choose a meter with a sizeable LCD scheme to take the tasks efficiently.

Some tools, like the General Tools MMH800 4-In-1 Combo Moisture Meter, feature two LCD screens. Additionally, the display system must also be well lit so that you can conveniently use the tool in dark rooms.

  • Operational mechanism

As moisture detectors, these heavy-duty devices can operate optionally with either a pinned, pinless, or both like in the Extech MO55 – Combination Pin/Pinless Moisture Meter. However, I recommend the pin operation as it produces more accurate information compared to the pinless mechanism.

  • Auto shut-off system

These tools use a robust 9V battery to power them through all the necessary operations. Thus, to save on battery usage and prolong their lifespan, the units need to have auto power-off mechanisms.

This feature varies in time duration from different devices. For instance, most of the machines have a maximum of 3-min of inactivity to automatically shut-off. However, some tools take up to 10-minutes to shut down.

Watch this video on measuring wood moisture:



The best wood moisture meters for woodworking are the proficient choice for determining the amount of water in different wood types. These tools’ have a powerful battery that ensures a continuous supply of power to handle all of your projects.

These units also come with multiple working mechanisms, including using the pin and pinless techniques. They further have a large display screen that can simultaneously display the moisture levels and other amenities like temperature and humidity.

However, nothing can stop me from picking the General Tools MMH800 4-In-1 Combo Moisture Meter as my personal best. This tool has it all, from the two LCD screens to the dual operation techniques. I honestly had no other option, but I wish you also got the one that suits you best.

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