9 Best Shop Air Filtration System- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Image of wen, the Best Shop Air Filtration SystemWoodworking shop owners know one thing, they need to keep the air within the premises as clean as possible. Well, you are likely aware that compromised air in a surrounding is detrimental to the respiratory system. Among substances that can cause help complications are carcinogenic particles especially if you inhale them repeatedly. One way to help keep your woodworking shop’s air clean is by the use of the best shop air filtration system. Such a system would ensure that your working environment remains safe and free of unhealthy components.

These units can purify the air in your workspace to a degree ranging between 80% to 95%. This ensures no speck of wood is left on your worktop and machine while protecting your lungs from the unseen tiny wood particles. For this reason, I have provided detailed reviews of the outstanding air filtration systems available in the market to protect your health without compromising your work’s efficiency.

Read on to find out.

Best Shop Air Filtration System Comparison Table

Best Shop Air Filtration System Buyers’ Guide

With a competitive and developing market, many air filtration systems are available. Choosing remains the main challenge since these units differ in terms of the integrated features. However, you won’t have to worry as you can learn about all the features from the reviews below.

I took my time to deliver this detailed guide just for you. You can use this section to determine all the aspects, among other essential tips, before choosing or purchasing the best shop air filtration system.

Why You Need the Best Shop Air Filtration System 

  • Variable speed. With these units, you won’t have to worry about the speed of the airflow. Most of them incorporate a variable speed mechanism that allows you to tweak your settings depending on the type of work for maximum efficiency.
  • Automatic shutdown. You don’t have to worry about shutting down your system when leaving your workshop since these items have an automated shutdown system that you can program using your remote to save on power.
  • They have between 50 to 60 decibels. Having these items in your workshop is like working from a quiet office.
  • Easy to mount. You don’t need any hardware since these systems come with eyeball mounting hooks that allow you to hang on the ceiling easily.
  • Easy to clean. It’s not a must to replace the filters since you can easily wash with clean water or an air compressor.
  • It prevents dust. The units ensure no dust particles in your workshop by trapping even the tiniest particle.
  • They clean the air. With these systems, you will always breathe in clean air since they circulate air around your workshop while trapping all kinds of dust.
  • Compact and lightweight. Since these units have a compact design, you can easily hang them or transport them to different works stations.
  • Large area coverage. Most of these products have extended area coverage so that you can use them for different room sizes. However, the area covered depends on the model.
  • Programmable timer. You can easily program the operation period to save on energy.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Shop Air Filtration System

  • Room size

Not all air filtration systems have the same area coverage. Most of the models have recommended room sizes depending on the manufacturer. It will be wise to get an air filtration system that’s rated for a larger room than you intend to use it in.

This means that the unit will clear the room’s air faster than the standard ones when on its highest settings. Besides, it will keep the space clear with less noise production even when working at its slowest and quietest speed. 

  • Air Flow

The airflow produced by the shop filtration system is a vital factor of consideration. This lets you know the maximum speed by which air will circulate in your workshop. For instance, standard units clean air at 400 CFM while high-end systems can do the same at an airflow of 1000CFM. 

  • Motor speed and power

The motor speed of these items helps in determining the performance of the specific unit. Standard units have a maximum speed of up to 1500 RPM, while the systems with robust motors can reach a top speed of up to 2000 RPM for better airflow and performance. Other options like the HP ratings are essential to check. Most of them will have either ½ HP or 1 HP, which determines the machine’s maximum operating speed.

  • Size and Noise

Don’t forget to check on the size of the specific item before purchasing. The reason is that hanging large systems can be pretty tricky. Besides, installing lighter units is more manageable and requires less service in the future. It would be better also to consider the noise production level. Low noise production items will ensure you work from a conducive environment without any distraction.

  • Controls

After going through all the above air filtration systems, you must have noticed that most of them come with many control features. Before choosing, you must ensure you have some background on using these features apart from controlling the motor speed. You will find most air filters with integrated buttons and controls.

However, some advanced units come with a remote control that allows you to operate with ease. You should ensure you choose a system with a simplified control system.

What Size of the Best Air Filtration System Do You Need?

First, you should know that the unit you choose needs to clean the air in your workshop approximately five to eight times an hour. To understand this concept, all the air in your workshop needs to pass through the filtration system at least six times every hour.

The air filtration system is primarily the fan mechanism that helps draw air from the room through the filters and release it with no contaminating particles. Generally, we measure the air that passes through the filters in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM). Therefore, most of these units have to match the airflow to the room’s size.

To determine the ideal unit for your workshop, you need to calculate your shop’s volume (Length x Width x Height). You then multiply the answer with the number of times in one hour you prefer for the clean air to circulate in your shop, say (6 – 8). After this, divide the final answer by sixty.

So if your shop is roughly the size of a single garage (25′ x 15′ with an 8′ ceiling), you will have to calculate the volume (25 x 15 x 8 = 3000 cubic feet). Suppose you want an air filter that will supply clean air seven times in an hour. You will multiply the volume by seven (3000 x 7 = 21000). Finally, you convert this rate per hour to rate per minute by dividing by 60 (21000 / 60 = 350 CFM).

Therefore, if you need an air filter that will circulate clean air seven times an hour, you will have to choose a system capable of delivering up to 400 CFM. 

Installing and Maintaining the Best Shop Air Filtration System

The best thing about these items is that the installation is as easy as positioning in the most convenient place and plugging into the wall socket. However, if you purchase a larger unit, you must remember that it will require a 240V circuit and heavy mountings. Most woodworkers prefer to mount their systems from the ceiling.

The smaller models come with eye bolts or hooks to make the mounting process effortless. Besides, it does not matter how you position your air filtration, either by hanging or standing. You only need to ensure you don’t block the air intake or outlet.

You might block air from entering the system when you place it close to a wall or workbench. Since you won’t want to blast the air directly to an obstacle so that it can flow with ease when entering the filters, ensure you position the system approximately a third of the way down the longest wall.  You should also ensure it is about 6″ to 12″ from the wall for the best air circulation around the house.

For your system to work correctly, you need to maintain the air filters critically. The filters always get filled with particles trapped in the air, thus preventing the air’s even flow. It will be best to clean regularly instead of waiting for the filters to fill. Most of these units have filters that are easy to remove and replace for cleaning purposes.

Experts recommend cleaning the outer filter after a full day’s work. You can clean by either using a vacuum cleaner or compressed air. For the inner one, it does not require constant cleaning since the outer filter traps most particles. However, ensure you constantly check them to clean on time, probably after every third work session.

You can clean a filter as many times as you prefer, but at some point, you will need to replace them, especially the outer ones. Besides, they are not pricey and are readily available. If you purchase these units from a known brand, you can never have difficulties obtaining the ideal replacement filters.

Best Shop Air Filtration System Product Reviews

In this section, I’m going to look at and analyze individual products, features that distinguish them. I will also look at the advantages and the disadvantages of these products so that you know the ones that will fit your needs.

1. WEN 3410 Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System

Woodworking is a delightful job. However, it might sometimes become hectic if you work from a poorly ventilated workshop. You need to ensure you expel all the dust in the room resulting from the sawdust. And the best shop air filtration system, which you can trust for this job, is the WEN 3410 Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System.

This product fights airborne particles, thanks to its 5 micron outer filter, which removes larger particles, and the 1micron inner filter, which traps the rest. Therefore, eliminating up to 99% of airborne particulates.

This unit has everything you can wish for in a versatile filtration system. It has a compact design, which allows you to move it freely with the incorporated carrying handle. Besides, you can opt to hang or fasten it to the ceiling with the integrated mounting hooks. Even better, you can program this system using the time delay feature. Then leave it running for an allocated duration, and it automatically turns off once the cycle is complete.

Summary of the key features

  • You can control this system from up to 26 feet away.
  • It has a carrying handle and a mounting hook.
  • This product operates automatically with the time delay feature.
  • You can choose between three airflow speeds.

ProsWEN 3410 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System (300/350/400 CFM)

  • It comes with remote control.
  • The product is compact and lightweight.
  • It filters both large and small particles.
  • You can operate it from any angle.
  • It has low noise production.


  • It only covers a room up to 400 square feet.
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2. Powermatic 1791331 Micro Dust Air Filtration System

Powermatic 1791331 Micro Dust Air Filtration System allows you to breathe cleaner and safer air with confidence. This unit is the world’s most innovative air filtration system for woodworkers with integrated micro dust collection technology.

It continually purifies your workshop air with an ultra-quiet efficiency by removing all the microscopic particulate. The patented filtration technology emulates a magnet by attracting and capturing the most dangerous dust particles. 

The PM1250 has undergone rigorous testing and proven to reduce airborne particles by up to 99.7%. Besides, it cycles air 5x per hour in a 680 square feet area. The robustly engineered fan blades have a reduced noise production but with increased airflow. You will also enjoy the multiple mounting positions for maximum and efficient versatility in your workshop. It also comes with a handle at the top to assist with carrying.

Summary of the key features

  • It has a wide area coverage of up to 680 square feet.
  • The product integrates micro dust collection technology.
  • The engineered fun blades increase the airflow.
  • It has over 3000 hours of filter life.
  • The item features multiple speed settings.

ProsPowermatic 1791331 Micro Dust Air Filtration System (PM1250)

  • You can hang it on the ceiling or move from different workstations with ease.
  • It eliminates the distracting noise with its low dB.
  • It removes dust particles by cycling air 5x per hour.
  • The product allows you to breathe clean air with confidence.
  • You can vary the speed of the airflow.


  • It’s a bit heavy.
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3. WEN 3415 Industrial-Strength Air Filtration System

With WEN 3415 Industrial-Strength Air Filtration System, you can never worry about a dirty woodworking space that can harm your healthy respiratory system. It eliminates these contaminants by trapping them in one of the two easily replaced filters while circulating clean air in your workshop. It’s incorporated with a strong 3 amp motor that leaves no stone unturned by collecting any dust particle in its path.

Using the included remote, you can control this system from 26 feet away. Besides, it has a quiet system that creates between 63 to 68 dB of noise. You can mount this system in various wood shops, thanks to the included chains and eyebolts.

This unit collects and releases the air in your work area after filtering it through the 1micron inner filter and the 5micron outer filter. Even more, you can easily switch between three operating speeds, including 556, 702, and 1044 CFM depending on your preferred working situation.

Summary of the key features

  • It features an automatic timer.
  • You can vary the operating speed in three different intervals.
  • It filters the room up to 7.5 times every hour.
  • It comes with mounting hooks.
  • You can control the system from 26 feet away.

ProsWEN 3417 3-Speed Remote-Controlled Industrial-Strength Air Filtration System (556/702/1044 CFM)

  • It has a compact design.
  • The unit is ideal for fighting airborne particles.
  • It has a wide area coverage of up to 1000 square feet.
  • The product comes with inner and outer replaceable filters.


  • The maximum rotating speed is only 1044 cubic per minute.
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4. POWERTEC AF1045 Remote Controlled Air Filtration System

You can only effectively eliminate up to 99% of dust particles from your workshop using the best shop air filtration system. Among all the available air filtration systems in the market, trust the POWERTEC AF1045. This product catches and abolishes all the dust particles to give you cleaner air with the two integrated inner and outer filters. The item comes with three adjustable airflow options to operate either with a remote or manually to maximize its effectiveness.

Despite having a robust ⅕ HP motor to get the job done, this product provides a nondisruptive working environment. You can control the power and set your preferred speed from anywhere in your room with the radio frequency remote control.

What makes this item unique is how you can program the shutoff period between 1, 2, or 4 hours using the time delay function. Ceiling installation is an easy and quick task using embedded eye bolt mounting rings. 

Summary of the key features

  • The item features a powerful ½ HP motor.
  • You can choose between the 655, 875, and 1060 CFM operating speeds.
  • It provides an efficient time circulation with integrated inner and outer filters.
  • It comes with eye bolt mounting rings.

ProsPOWERTEC AF1045 Remote Controlled 3-Speed Air Filtration System (655/875/1060 CFM)

  • It would be best if you had no hardware for mounting.
  • You can effectively change the speed and power.
  • The item allows you to vary the shutoff time.
  • It has a convenient, lightweight design.


  • You can only vary the operating speed between 1, 2, and 4 hours.
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5. Rikon Air Filtration System

Starting from its powerful ¼ HP motor, the Rikon Air Filtration System is what you have been missing in your woodworking workshop. This motor runs quietly, allowing you to operate the system either directly or with the provided remote control. Designed for relatively small workspaces measuring up to 20′ x 20′ x 8′, this item cleans and circulates air up to seven times per hour.

Since it’s suitable for small workshops, Rikon Air Filtration System has a maximum airflow of only 400 CFM. However, you can vary this speed with two other options, including 300 and 350 CFM for maximum efficiency and depending on the amount of filtration needed. You can filter the air in your shop with an interval of 1, 2, or 4-hour segments before the machine automatically shuts off with the three-time settings.

Summary of the key features

  • A mighty ⅙ HP motor powers this unit.
  • You can vary the operating speed with the three integrated intervals.
  • The item can automatically shut off.
  • You can program the system to three segmented operating times.
  • It’s ideal for small workshops.

ProsRikon 1/4 HP Air Filtration System

  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • The product operates silently.
  • You can operate it directly or using a remote control.
  • It has a quick-release latch system.
  • The air filtration keeps the shop breathable.
  • It only weighs 32.4 pounds.
  • The item is easy to use.
  • It does not require hardware for mounting.


  • The maximum operating speed is only 400 CFM.
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6. General International 10-1000 M1 Smart Air Filtration System

Why work from a dusty workshop yet you can employ the General International 10-1000 M1 Smart Air Filtration System. The product incorporates the SMART technology that includes a laser sensor, which continually scans the air for dirt, smoke, dust, and other particulates. Even better, the air purifier automatically turns itself on to clean the air after sensing the contaminating factors. 

In contrast to other best shop air filtration systems, this unit has a three option airflow mechanism that allows you to customize the airflow speed. You can control the integrated timer between 1 to 12 hours with the convenient remote control in manual mode.

What makes this product stand out is the two filter systems with an air diffuser that helps in dispersing the outgoing air into a broader pattern. On the other hand, the disposable electrostatic outer filter ensures no dust particle remains in the surrounding air.

Summary of the key features

  • You can vary the timer between 1 to 12 hours.
  • It comes with a fully enclosed ball bearing system for enhanced durability.
  • You can mount this product on the ceiling with the four eye bolts or set it on your workbench.
  • It comes with an automatic laser for continuous particle scanning.

ProsGeneral International 1/5 HP 1089 CFM Smart Air Purifier Super Filtration System and Dust Collector with Remote Control for Woodworking and Industrial Use

  • It has a portable size.
  • The unit is easy to install.
  • It features a remote control and a 12-hour timer.
  • You can choose to operate from the three integrated speed options.
  • It has overload protection.


  • It’s a bit heavy.
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7. Shop Fox W1830 Hanging Air Filter

You shouldn’t judge this product from its compact and lightweight design. It features a powerful motor that provides immense power ideal for removing airborne wood dust from your workshop. You only have to turn it on while you are working and set the timer so you can let it run after you leave the workshop.

The item also boasts a control panel, which you can use to turn it on/off, control the airflow speeds, and set the timer. Equipped with a dual filtration system, the W1830 eliminates most fine wood dust particles in your workspace.

Additionally, cleaning the filters is as easy as shaking off the dust in an empty bin. For the inner filter, you can use clean water to remove the remaining dust and leave it to air dry. However, if you need to replace the filters, you can use the #’s D3834 and D3835.

Perhaps, if you need the best results, use this item in conjunction with an efficient dust collection system. You also need to take advantage of this unit’s coverage of 20’ x 20’ x 8’ and the approximate running time of 7.7 times an hour.

Summary of the key features

  • The item comes with four eyeball mounting hooks.
  • It has three variable speeds.
  • It features a ⅛ HP motor.

ProsShop Fox W1830 3-Speed Hanging Air Filter, White

  • You can use multiple units for larger shops.
  • It provides big results in a small unit.
  • It has variable airflow.


  • The maximum motor speed is only 1750 RPM.
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8. Jet AFS 1000B Air Filtration System

The last thing that any woodworker can wish for when crafting a piece of woodwork is to inhale a cloud of sawdust. But why undergo all this toucher when you can invest in the best shop air filtration system like the Jet AFS 1000B.

The item flaunts its pleated electrostatic outer air replacement filter that allows no dust particle to pass unnoticed. Ideal for use in smaller workshops, the 1000B hangs from the ceiling, clearing the room for any fine dust that tends to compromise your workshop’s air quality.

What’s best about this filtration system is that you can use it without a jet dust collector. You can vary the airflow speed from 550 to 702 or 1044 CFM, depending on how you want it to be.

You don’t have to be close to the system to operate it, thanks to the included remote control with an inbuilt timer of 2, 4, and 8 hour settings. The two integrated filters with an air diffuser disperse the outgoing air into a broader pattern to reach all corners of your workshop.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit has three speed options.
  • It comes with a disposable electrostatic outer filter.
  • The ergonomic handles allow for easy portability.

ProsJET AFS-1000B Air Filtration System with Remote Control (708620B)

  • You can use this item with or without the jet dust collector.
  • It has a variable airflow speed.
  • It’s easy to install since no hardware is required.


  • The product weighs up to 135.3 pounds.
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9. Grizzly G9956 Air Filter with Remote Control

With the Grizzly G9956 Air Filter with Remote Control, you don’t have to settle for a dusty environment any longer. Operating this machine is as easy as setting the duration and the operating speed with the included remote control from as far as 45 feet away. After this, you only have to hold on as the fun spools to draw a massive 1400 CFM through the inner and the outer filters. 

The G9956 is ideal for filtering a room of 20′ x 20′ x 8′ twenty six times an hour. Additionally, you can hang it easily from the ceiling. The item comes with three pocket internal filter bags that makes cleaning a breeze. With only 73 pounds, you can carry this item to any of your preferred workstations.

Summary of the key features

  • The unit comes with a three pocket inner bag that simplifies cleaning.
  • You can operate this system from as far as 45 feet away.
  • It has a maximum airflow of 1400 CFM.
  • The item can deliver air up to 26 times an hour.
  • It covers a room of up to 20’ x 20’ x 8’.

ProsGrizzly G9956 Heavy-Duty Double Air Filter with Remote Control

  • Operating this system is easy.
  • It has a high airflow.
  • The unit hangs effortlessly from the ceiling.
  • It has a wide area coverage.
  • The item is durable.
  • It has a compact design.
  • The product is inexpensive and ensures you work in a clean environment.


  • You can only operate this item from 45 feet away.
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From the above reviews, we have seen how the air filtration systems protect you from the unseen dust particles that can cause massive damage to your health. Therefore, you should choose a unit that does this job right so you can’t get back to the same situation.

The best shop air filtration system needs to have ease of use features, including the control system. The one that comes with remote control is preferable since you won’t have to do the settings manually.

You should also ensure you choose a unit with variable airflow settings so that you can control the airflow as you desire. The automatic shutoff system will also be a key feature of consideration since it saves on energy. For this and other basic features of an ideal air filtration system, kindly check out the buying guide section.

However, suppose choosing is still a challenging task. In that case, I recommend the WEN 3410 Remote-Controlled Air Filtration System since, apart from its mounting capability, it has outstanding features than other units available in the market. I wish you a productive shopping experience as you start your journey of a cleaner working environment.

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