8 Best Edge Sanders for Woodworking- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Image of Edge SanderIf you have sanding project at hand, you need a tool that ensures maximum safety, high-end performance, and added convenience. The Best Edge Sanders for woodworking featured in this list and are favorites of many professionals and DIYers because they have additional features that ensure a smooth operation.

For example, the units come with lubricated ball bearings and a graphite-coated platen to allow for easy and effortless movements.

These devices also allows you to customize the table’s height to match your preferences during the job. It also has quick belt releases to help you to remove and install belts faster. Additionally, this sander possesses a dust collection unit and port to enhance your working experience by assuring you of a clean space.

For more information about the machine, ensure you go through the article as it gives you a detailed product review and a buyer’s guide that helps you make a better decision when you go shopping.

Best Edge Sanders for Woodworking Comparison Table

Best Edge Sanders for Woodworking Buyer’s Guide

As you think about the best sander to purchase, you need to factor in your project’s nature to determine your top features. We have a few sanders that will handle multiple applications, but it is always prudent to get the most suitable tool for your sanding job. A comprehensive understanding of the product’s features will make your search easier, and you will end up with an excellent pick.

This section will ensure that you understand the various features you should consider before buying the best edge sander. I will also highlight the reasons for adding the tool to your toolbox.

Reasons for Purchasing the Best Edge Sanders for Woodworking

  • Dust collection feature. Working in a clean environment is a priority for most woodworkers because it helps them see the material better. It also motivates them to continue working because a dusty and dirty environment may make one sneeze and get uncomfortable. Therefore, the tool’s dust collection compartment helps you get rid of dust and debris.

Units that do not have a dust collection bag feature a port to connect them to a vacuum.

  • Quick belt changes. As you work, you need to select and install the most suitable belt, which can be such a task. However, the product has a quick release tension belt function that makes changing the belt effortless and quick. Therefore, you can get to work as soon as possible.
  • Powerful motor. The edge sander possesses a powerful engine that powers it to give you a non-stop and high-quality performance. The motor comes in various capacities to allow you to choose the best one for your sanding job.
  • Durability. A sanding operation is very engaging, which may wear out a poor-quality tool. Therefore, you need to get this device as it has impressive features that ensure it does not suffer heat damage. It also has a sturdy frame or body that keeps it in good shape for a more extended period.
  • Easy to operate. You do not require any formal training before using the tool because it is user-friendly. The manufacturer thoughtfully positions its functions and dials in easy-to-access places to accommodate both beginners and pros. For example, the industrial-style push-button switch facilitates a smooth operation and gives you more control.
  • Safe to use. The sanding device has safety enhancement features such as an off/on lock switch to ensure that you do not start the machine accidentally. It also has an adjustable table that allows you to assume your most comfortable position during the session.
  • Easy to Maintain. You can easily store and maintain the tool as it has a compact design that fits in an average storage area. It also features a powder-coated stand to ensure that you enjoy a long maintenance-free period.

Factors to Consider When Getting Best Edge Sanders for Woodworking

  • Project requirements

You need to be clear on your application needs because it will help you determine your product’s essential features. Lightweight, medium, and heavy-duty applications require different tool features to give ideal results. Therefore, you cannot evade the responsibility of studying your job to determine the best unit.

If you are working on giant pieces or materials, you should get an appliance with a large table. You may also want to get a tool with a removable belt guard to allow you more space. The downside of large sanders is that they are pricier and may not accommodate your budget. However, you can consider those with a removable belt because they are budget-friendly.

On the other hand, if the project demands tight curves, you need to consider the size of the product’s drums. Giant drums help you to make contours more effortlessly than smaller ones. You should also consider if you need to create curves with different shapes because such a project requires a tool with varying diameters of the drum.

Drums with a smaller diameter make more tight contours than giant ones. Therefore, choose the product that serves your needs. 

Finally, you may want to do bevel sanding, which requires you to get a sander that works with any angle. Many units sand at 0 and 90 degrees, but you can get one that has stops and allows adjustments at any angle position.

  • Adjustable table

An adjustable table is beneficial as it helps you customize the height levels to accommodate your working preferences. It enables you to set the tool in a position that reduces user fatigue and enhances excellent performance.

You need a table that effortlessly moves up and down without requiring additional tools.

  • Quick-release belt tension function

Since engaging in a sanding venture can be draining, you need a tool that does not add another burden when changing the belt. Therefore, you need to consider a device that features a quick-release belt tension function, which gives you the freedom to remove and install the belt quickly. 

A unit with this feature does not require additional tools to do the belt change, making work much more manageable.

  • Dust collection system

A machine with a dust collection system is an excellent pick for all woodworkers as it keeps the workstation clean. However, some manufacturers do not attach the feature requiring you to determine which product brands to purchase in advance.

On the other hand, you will find sanders with multiple dust collection ports that allow you to connect a vacuum and do your cleaning.

A dust collection system directs dust away from the material you are working on and keeps the station clean.

  • Efficient motor

The machine’s motor determines a lot ranging from what kind of projects you will engage in to how fast you will finish your work. For example, working with a powerful 3HP motor allows you to work on commercial, heavy-duty, and demanding applications without stalling or stopping. On the other hand, a smaller engine is appropriate for household and home-based sanding projects that do not require a giant sander.

A powerful motor also facilitates more oscillations per session, ensuring that you finish the job as soon as possible. Therefore, if you are working on a commercial project with a deadline, a powerful motor should be in your toolbox. Although such a motor may be pretty expensive, it is worth it and will deliver impressive high-end results.

  • Tool maintenance

You need to work with an easy and cheap tool to maintain, especially if you bought a pricey one. It would be discouraging to purchase an expensive sander, only for it to require more money in maintenance strategies.

Therefore, you should not assume that a product is pocket-friendly in maintenance simply because it more expensive than others. Ensure that you verify that you can meet the sander’s maintenance requirements before you click buy.

  • Budget

Your budget is an essential consideration because you need to pay for the tool before you get it into your workstation. Therefore, you should determine the critical product features that your job needs and get the most affordable.

Tools vary in price based on added accessories and features. For example, if a sander comes with more convenient features, you will need to pay more money. On the other hand, if the toolbox has added spare parts or accessories, you may also need more to pay more coins.

However, we have many price-friendly sanders that you can select for your projects. Please dedicate some time to research and get the most pocket-friendly and suitable tool.

Guiding Tips When Using the Best Edge Sander for Woodworking

  • Use protective gear.

You still need to have protective gear even if the product has an efficient dust collection system. A mask and eye shield go a long way to protect you from the tool’s superfine particles.

This tip helps you protect your eyes and lungs, ensuring that you stay safe as you work. It also encourages you to work for extended periods without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Metal sanding

Sometimes you may want to use the sander on metallic objects. However, ensure that you turn off the dust collection function before you begin.

Using the appliance on metal simultaneously with the dust collector can cause fire hazards.

  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions.

Some products may have technical functions that a beginner may not understand right away. These features may not be apparent, and you may need more guidance to know their roles and how to activate them. Therefore, ensure that you carefully read the product manual before you begin your work to ensure that you know how to operate it.

Best Edge Sanders for Woodworking Products Review

1. SHOP FOX W1730

This edge sander is an industry top class, heavy-duty tool that accommodates professional and DIY home use. It is an excellent pick as it features a movable table that allows vertical and horizontal movements to enable you to work on various pieces. SHOP FOX W1730 also includes a 180-degree adjustable miter gauge, a powder-coated finish, and a removable fence for added versatility and convenience.

The unit offers high-end performance, thanks to the spindle sanding attachment that provides superb results when working with curved surfaces. It possesses permanently lubricated ball bearings and a graphite-coated platen to ensure smooth movements. On top of that, W1730 has a quick-release belt tension lever that assures you of maximum safety during sanding sessions.

SHOP FOX W1730 has an oscillating sanding belt that prevents heat damage and enhances its durability. It is easy and safe to operate in any job setting.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The machine has an oscillating sanding belt that prevents heat damage.
  • It features a spindle table that provides workpiece support for the drum and curved surface sanding operations.
  • SHOP FOX W1730 accommodates various sanding operations and allows for free movement.
  • It also has three table inserts for tight clearance between the drum and table.
  • The product possesses permanently lubricated ball bearings for smooth operations.

ProsImage of one of the best edge sanders for woodworking

  • The tool allows for free movement during sanding operations to reduce spot wear on sanding drums and sleeves.
  • It accommodates multiple workpiece shapes.
  • SHOP FOX possesses the required power and speed to work on more demanding projects.
  • It delivers a more refined, high-quality finish.
  • The machine maximizes a seven-inch drive drum and two four-inch dust ports.


  • The central belt is separate from the idle-roller sander and only offers 1/4-inch oscillation to the belt.
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2. Grizzly Industrial G0564

The unit is unmatched in the market in providing all-around versatility and ensuring that you get a smooth finish. It provides a large sanding surface that allows you to work on large and trim materials. Grizzly Industrial G0564 also features a sizeable precision-ground cast iron table and an oscillating belt for efficient edge sanding.

Working with the tool is enjoyable as you can work on materials requiring contour sanding, thanks to the interchangeable spindle drums. It has a handwheel-controlled edge-sanding table that allows you to make vertical adjustments. Also, the machine is easy to manage as the table does not move during operations, only the belt tilts.

Additionally, the device has two 4 inch dust ports and three spindle drums for a superior user experience. Its magnetic switch features an overload protection that guarantees user safety and product durability.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The machine has a sanding belt that oscillates at 52 cycles per minute to deliver a faster operation.
  • It features a quick-release belt tension to facilitate quick belt changes.
  • Grizzly Industrial G0564 has a magnetic switch with overload protection to enhance the unit’s durability.
  • It also has three spindle drums and two 4 inch dust ports for added versatility and user convenience.
  • The tool has a sizable precision-ground cast iron table to facilitate efficient edge-sanding.
  • You can easily manage angle sanding requirements as the sanding belt tilts instead of the table.

ProsImage of edge sander

  • The product accommodates products that require contour sanding, thanks to its interchangeable spindle drums.
  • It is a heavy-duty appliance with a powerful HP electric motor.
  • G0564 has a hand-wheeled controlled edge-sanding table to allow for vertical adjustments.
  • It also features a 108-inch belt to accommodate various applications.


  • The sander is quite heavy and may not be suitable for long working sessions.
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3. Powermatic OES9138 Oscillating Edge Sander

Powermatic OES9138 provides the user with high-end efficiency and increased versatility to handle multiple professional sanding applications. It has impressive front worktable features such as an 8” vertical travel and 45° tilt. The tool also saves time as the rugged bearing-assisted tensioning device allows fast belt changes and quick-adjust tracking.

The sander travels a full 8-Inch in vertical height that delivers superb results on most woodworking pieces. It has a heavy-duty oscillating gearbox and shaft for prolonged maintenance-free use. Also, you can sand for a longer duration because of the hinged, swing-away guards. Powermatic OES9138 has a cast iron platen with graphite covering for production sanding and offers support to extend belt life.

A 3HP engine powers the belt, and the tool’s head pivots on a massive shaft with two sealed ball-bearing for a smooth operation.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The product has dust collection ports that keep the work area clean and gives the abrasive belt a longer life.
  • It possesses a 3HP motor that provides sufficient power for professional projects.
  • Powermatic OES9138 has a massive shaft that pivots its head for trouble-free performance.
  • You will enjoy extended maintenance-free use as it has a heavy-duty oscillating gearbox and shaft.
  • The machine also features a rugged bearing-assisted tensioning device for fast belt changes and quick-adjust tracking.
  • It has extensive 11-3/4” x 48” front worktable features: 8” vertical travel and 45° tilt for enhanced versatility.

ProsPowermatic OES9138 Oscillating Edge Sander, 3HP, 3PH 230/460V (1791293)

  • The unit has a spring-loaded quick-release lever for faster belt changes.
  • It is a perfect pick for professional and commercial sanding projects.
  • Powermatic OES9138 delivers 24 oscillations per minute that enable you to finish your tasks faster.
  • It is safe to use and has hinged, swing-away guards open for infinite length sanding.


  • The device is heavy-duty and not suitable for homeowners with small projects.
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4. Shop Fox W1688

This machine features a quick-release belt tension lever that makes changing belts such a breeze. It is also an excellent tool to add to your shelf because it places all controls thoughtfully for convenient access. The precision-ground cast iron table increases the product’s stability to guarantee user safety and efficient material handling.

You can adjust the tool’s height levels as it possesses a spring-loaded height adjustment feature. The device has a 1.5HP engine and a -60 to 60-degrees bevel range to accommodate various projects to provide a desirable finish.

Additionally, Shop Fox W1688 features 110v or 220v power alternatives to help you choose your sanding applications’ most suitable specifications. It also has a 4-inch dust port that you can connect to a vacuum to remove abrasive and wood dust from the work area.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The device has a belt tracking and tension adjustment feature for added versatility. 
  • It also has a quick belt release that allows for easy and fast belt changes, ensuring that you get back to work as soon as possible.
  • Shop Fox W1688 features a spring-loaded table height adjustment to allow you to choose the most suitable height level.
  • It has a precision-ground cast iron table for increased stability during sanding sessions.

Pros Shop Fox W1888 10

  • The product is suitable for those who work on doors or cabinets.
  • It has a powder-coated stand for enhancing durability and easy maintenance.
  • Shop Fox W1688 is easy and safe to operate.
  • It has a 6 x 80-inch belt size.
  • The unit also has a 29.5 L x 14.5 W-inches footprint.
  • You can connect it to a vacuum, which helps to clean the work area.


  • Users complain that it delivers a rough finish.
  • The tool has a smaller secondary drum.
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5. JET OES-80CS Oscillating Edge Sander, (708447)

JET OES-80CS assures the user of unmatched versatility and convenience. It features a tilting sanding head that accommodates multiple sanding bevels, angles, and flat surfaces. The tool also has convenient controls such as a quick-release lever and a tracking control dial that make replacing and tracking belts easy. In addition to that, you will enjoy exact workpiece positioning, thanks to the cast iron table that moves up and down as you work.

The device has a dust port that you can use with a vacuum to clean up the workstation. It has a belt guard that directs dust to the port for a comfortable operation. The tool’s motor offers consistent sanding and works hand-in-hand with the rubber-coated drum to ensure smooth power transfers. JET OES-80CS also has an industrial-style push-button switch for more control.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The unit has an oscillating feature to reduce heat build-up on the sanding belt for longevity.
  • It features a tilting sanding head for added convenience when working with sanding bevels, angles, and flat surfaces.
  • JET OES-80CS also has a cast iron table that moves up and down to provide exact workpiece positioning.
  • The device has a belt guard that directs the dust to the dust port for a cleaner workstation.
  • It has a rubber-coated drum that ensures smooth, non-slip transfer of the motor power.

ProsJET OES-80CS Oscillating Edge Sander, 6

  • The motor provides consistent sanding.
  • JET OES-80CS has a 6 x 89 inch-long abrasive belt.
  • It also offers a 3900 SFPM belt speed to deliver high-level performance.
  • You can connect the dust port to a vacuum.
  • The machine has an industrial-style push-button switch to give you more control.


  • It does not have stops from 0 to 90 degrees.
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6. Grizzly Industrial G1531

This appliance has an attractive price tag for experts and provides impressive results for heavy-duty and professional sanding applications. It has a 1-1/2 HP TEFC motor for high performance and a 22” x 10-1/2” cast iron table with a miter gauge to provide stability. Grizzly Industrial G1531 offers a 30” platen-backed sanding surface—perfect for finishing and sanding door edges and long stock. You can also work on curved panels effortlessly.

The unit has a height-adjustable contoured support table to accommodate multiple project needs. It has convenient features such as suitable adjustment knobs, graphite-coated platen, and shielded ball bearings. Also, G1531 has a safety key and an on/off switch that optimizes user safety.

You can easily remove and replace belts, thanks to the quick-release belt tension function. The tool also has an inbuilt dust hood that helps you maintain a clean working surface.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The device has a quick-release belt tension function to help easily remove and replace belts.
  • It has an inbuilt dust hood to help in dust collection.
  • Grizzly Industrial G1531 has a paddle switch with a safety key to ensure superior user safety.
  • It also possesses convenient adjustment knobs, shielded ball bearing, and graphite-coated platen for added convenience.
  • The tool has independently adjustable tables that allow you to customize the table height to suit your preferences.

ProsGrizzly Industrial G1531-6

  • The product prioritizes user safety.
  • It accommodates contour sanding.
  • G1531 features a powder-coated finish.
  • It also has a miter gauge and 1-1/2 HP TEFC motor for better performance.
  • The machine provides easy access belt tracking.


  • You have to modify it before working on large pieces.
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7. Delta 31-482 Oscillating Edge Sander

If you are looking for a long-lasting sander, then the Delta 31-482 Oscillating Edge Sander is what you need! It has a precision ground steel platen featuring a graphite pad that enhances durability and reduces distortion. The tool increases user comfort as it has an optimum dust management system that helps get rid of dust during the sanding session.

Additionally, the integral dust shroud and four-inch dust port also ensure that you work in a clean environment.

The machine has an aggressive and powerful sanding system that facilitates quick material removal in vertical and horizontal positions. You can work with it at any bevel angle and still get excellent saddening results, thanks to the tilting belt. Also, Delta 31-482 can work on multiple sanding operations, including contoured ones, and thus a suitable addition to your toolbox.

The Summary of Top Features

  • Delta 31-482 is an all-cast construction tool, making it sturdy and dependable.
  • It has an aggressive and powerful sanding system for quick material removal in horizontal and vertical positions.
  • The unit also features a precision-ground steel platen with a graphite stand to eliminate distortion.
  • It has an integral dust shroud and a four-inch dust port to ensure optimum dust management.
  • The primary and drum table can accommodate various material sizes.

Pros WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle Sander

  • The product offers a large working surface.
  • It is a durable sander.
  • You can set the tilting belt at any angle to accommodate your job needs.
  • The tool is easy to operate.
  • It allows you to work on contoured surfaces and still get perfect results.
  • The device features a 1-1/2-Horsepower motor for high-end performance.


  • It does not feature a mobile bass.
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8. Baileigh ES-6100 Edge Sander

This sander prides itself on offering unmatched performance and comfort to the user. It can sand vertically, horizontally, or at 45 degrees to accommodate multiple applications. The tool features a quick-release tension belt to guarantee you a smooth operation as you do not waste time changing the strap. It also provides perfect results on various materials and ensures that you get a desirable finish on whatever material is on the work surface.

The tool features a 6” x 100” Belt Size and powerful motor, which provides the needed capacity to handle demanding tasks. It is easy and safe for use, making it a suitable pick for homeowners engaging in lightweight projects and professionals in heavy-duty projects.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The unit is easy to assemble, allowing you to begin your projects on time.
  • It works well on longboards and handles semi-circled curves.
  • Baileigh ES-6100 has a table locking mechanism that helps it hold a position.
  • The spring-loaded table can move up and down to improve belt use.

Pros Baileigh 99

  • The product handles metal applications.
  • It is easy and safe to use.
  • Baileigh ES-6100 works well for commercial and home-based applications.


  • Users complain that the machine does not provide sufficient oscillations.
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Having the best edge sander will ensure that you complete your projects on time and get a smooth, high-quality finish. The tool factors in professional woodworker’s needs and will guarantee a high-end performance in heavy-duty applications. It has multiple belt sizes to allow the user to pick the most suitable one for their tasks.

Using the tool is an enjoyable experience as it is easy to operate and has a quick-release belt tension function to help install and remove belts. Therefore, reducing the time one uses in changing the straps.

Additionally, the machine features a strong motor that powers it to handle demanding projects.

You can pick any edge sander as it will handle your tasks and honor your expectations. However, my top product is the SHOP FOX W1730, a heavy-duty appliance that prides itself in taking on various materials and pieces.

It has a movable table that moves vertically and horizontally to provide a comfortable working experience. The unit has an oscillating sanding belt that prevents heat damage and lengthens its lifespan. It also features a removable fence and 180-degree adjustable miter gauge for increased convenience.

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