10 Best Bench Grinder for Woodworking- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of Jet, arguably the best bench grinder for woodworkingAll woodworking applications involve severe artwork that requires a high-quality output, which can only result from precise and accurate operations. There are lots of tools that you can use for different woodworking operations. However, they need to be ground or sharpened for a high-quality finish using the best bench grinder for woodworking.

Apart from just grinding and sharpening, you can also use these machines for other woodworking applications, including chamfering, deburring, cleaning objects, and dust removal. Additionally, these units feature several protective measures like the eye shield, which protects you from the high-speed sparks and debris.

These units also have cast aluminum rests that ensures you always get precise results. Besides, some also have LED work lights that enable you to work well, even in dark workstations. You can mount the grinders on any benchtop using the available mounting holes- And for low vibration levels, they have rubberized feet that also prevent wobbling.

However, how can you determine if your tool incorporates all these advantageous traits? In this article, you will find all the reviews and guides of choosing among the ten top-tier bench grinders. 

The List of Best Bench Grinder for Woodworking

1. DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758)

 Are you wondering which is the best bench grinder for woodworking? The Dewalt 8” (DW758), a heavy-duty machine with guaranteed overload protection, has all your woodworking projects sorted.

It’s powerful ¾ HP  induction motor provides a heavy-duty performance on all industrial grinding activities. Consequently, the engine operates at 3600 rpm, hence ideal for removing materials at a high-speed rate.  Considering that durability is a crucial determiner for all electronic machines, this device has a motor housing and rugged cast iron base that guarantees a longer service life.

This tool further ensures you get an error-free work with its aluminum tool rests on both wheels. You can also use the tool-free Adjustable Guard for precise installations and adjustments on the workpiece before grinding or sharpening. This unit also has some rear exhaust ports on the guard wheel for a longer-lasting and smoothness of all your woodworking activities. 

The Dewalt Bench Grinder,8 – inch, has a vast industrial size, thanks to its 12½” distance between the wheels- You can now easily on a long workpiece. This tool also has a special overload protection equipment that guards the machine against overheating. Besides that, it also ensures safety against an overcurrent that would damage the circuit components. 

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has a strong cast iron base and a sturdy motor housing to ensure a long life span and increased durability.
  • ¾ HP induction motor produces robust power for all your factory grinding activities. 
  • For faster and high-speed removal of materials, it is equipped with a motor that runs at a non-stop speed of 3,600 RPM.
  • The wheels have an extended distance measuring 12½”, which allows for more extensive and more protracted applications.

Dewalt Bench Grinder, arguably the Best Bench Grinder for WoodworkingPros

  • ¾ HP fine induction motor.
  • Guaranteed durability.
  • Runs at a constant speed of 3600RPM.
  • Two aluminum precision tool rests.
  • It also has rear exhaust ports for a smoother operation.
  • Overload sanctuary.


  • The machine doesn’t have a variable speed.
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2. WEN 4276 Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light

The WEN 4276 Bench Grinder has a dual grinding wheel system to solve all your grinding, cleaning, and sharpening applications. It incorporates two 6″ by ¾” grinding wheels, a 60-grit for typical grinding applications, and a 36-grit for quicker material removal.

Moreover, this tool has a nested 2.1 amp motor that enables the machine to have a quick start and a smooth running. The motor operates on a constant 3450 RPM no matter the type of load. The WEN 4276 model also incorporates a flexible work light that you can adjust depending on your operating angle.

Even though you can mount this tool on any benchtop, the vibrations produced can cause jostles and skews on other petite devices. Therefore, you can buy the WEN bench grinder pedal stand- This enables you to operate the machine from a different worktop. Thus you can conveniently work without the machine’s distortion.

Summary of key features

  • The tool comes with a flexible work light that you can conveniently use for illumination when working from a low-visibility room.
  • The 2.1-Amp motor produces enough torque to facilitate the effortless start-ups and smooth running of the machine.
  • It also features a WEN cast iron bench grinder stand that provides efficient operations(sold separately).
  • The clear to view eye guard protects against the hot sparks and debris.
  • It has one 60-grit wheel for general grinding and a 36-grit wheel for quick material removal.

Image of Wen, best bench grinder for woodworkingPros

  • Eye protective shields.
  • WEN cast iron three-legged design stand.
  • 3450 maximum RPM.
  • 2.1-Amp motor.
  • Two diverse usage grinding wheels.
  • Flexible working light.
  • Compact design.


  • Its motor rating is only at 2.1Amp.
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3. JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder

Experience fatigue-less immaculate finishes with the robust power from JET 577102 JBG-8A 8-Inch Bench Grinder. This tool is ideal for use, even in little shops. It has a well-engineered system capable of conquering even the most bulk demands in the busiest shops. With this unit, you rest assured of better grindings, sharpening of other tools, and smoothing. Besides, you achieve all this with accurate precision and impeccable results. 

The JET 577102 JBG-8A model guarantees your safety every time you use it. To attain this, it adheres to all the policies of electrical requirements. It also has all its ball-bearing fully enclosed in a soak of lubricant to prevent wear and tear. Therefore, increasing the life of the machine. 

The rubberized mounts on this unit also help prevent the machine from sudden fluctuation caused by the vibrating motor. This tool also has an exquisite cautious toggle switch, dust duct, and cast iron wheel shields that generally protect the machine to make it safe for use.

This unit has a powerful 1-horsepower motor that operates at 115V to produce an RPM of about 3450—thereby rendering this machine suitable for diverse materials. This tool also features a large eye guard that protects your eyes from the emitted sparks while grinding.

Summary of key features

  • The 36-grit and 60-grit 8″ industrialized high-grade wheels ensure the tool’s adaptability to any job site environment.
  • The units’ vigorous motor delivers high-quality power to facilitate its workability on different kinds of materials.
  • It also has lubricated ball bearings that ensure the machine’s protection and durability, especially in the rotating parts.
  • The eyeshield incorporated in this tool protects your eye from the sparks emitted while grinding or sharpening.
  • This tool also has a substantial grinding wheel that is capable of handling even the very tough materials.

JET, one of the best bench grinders for woodworkingPros

  • It produces up to 3450rpm.
  • Powerful 115-volt motor.
  • Eye guard.
  • Industrial grade wheels.
  • High-performance guarded toggle switch.
  • Lubricated and enclosed ball bearings.
  • Dust vents.
  • Cast iron shields.
  • ⅝” spindle.


  • The motor only produces 3450rpm.
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4. DEWALT Bench Grinder, 6-Inch (DW756)

DEWALT Bench Grinder, 6-Inch (DW756), has a very powerful ⅝” HP induction motor that facilitates the grinding wheel’s rotation at a very high-speed- This results in a production of up to 3450 rpm that expedites the first removal of materials.

This unit also has its base made of durable, sturdy cast iron that offers reliable protection and prolonged life. Therefore, persuading this machine to be appropriate for massive grinding applications. You can use the DEWALT Bench Grinder for numerous jobs, including tool sharpening, removing rust, cleaning the hard-to-clean objects, and deburring.

Additionally, this tool has an immense distance between the grinding wheels measuring 12½”. Thus, enabling you to work comfortably, even on a long and colossal workpiece. Consequently, this unit also has a versatile aluminum rest that facilitates accuracy and precision while mounting the workpiece.

The DEWALT (DW756) design also features a tail exhaust port positioned on the wheels, which provides smooth and high-performance operation. With only 15” long and a weight 28.5 pounds, this machine is among the lightest bench grinders for woodworking.

Summary of key features

  • The tools’ rugged ⅝HP motor provides full power to grind on any workpiece no matter its toughness.
  • It has a heavy-duty motor housing and an industrialized cast iron base that makes it rigid and tolerant to any worksite condition for prolonged tool life.
  • The motor also operates at very high-speed rpm, expediting effective material removal. 
  • This tool also has a highly precise aluminum rest that ensures you precisely position your workpiece for accurate grinding.
  • It also features the rear exhaust ports located at the wheel shields to enhance the smooth operation.
  • It has an extended distance between the two grinding wheels big enough to accommodate large and longer workpieces.

Image of a belt grinderPros

  • Precision aluminum tool rest.
  • High-speed material removal.
  • ⅝HP sturdy motor.
  • The motor operates at 3450rpm.
  • Industrial cast iron bottom.
  • Durable high-grade motor housing.
  • Rear exhaust ports.suitable for longer and larger grinding projects.
  • Easy-to-operate.


  • Its motor produces 5/8HP.
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5. SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder

Have you been facing challenges in grinding, especially when there is low visibility? Meet the SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder, which has in-built LED working lights. Mainly, you will find these lights on both of the two grinding wheels. They help in illumination, especially when you are working from a dark room. Besides, the LED also ensures that you always mount your workpiece precisely.

With this tool, you can do several grinding jobs on various materials with the aid of its coarse and medium wheels. Consequently, each of the grinding wheels has high-performance tool-rests that also assist in aligning for accuracy when grinding.

The SKIL 3380-01 6-Inch Bench Grinder comes with a rigid cast-iron base that is rust-resistant to increase its durability. It’s also integrated with rubber feet, which you can easily mount on any benchtop to improve the device’s stability when working.

You can use this unit to smoothen or polish surfaces, grind welded seams and rivets. Besides, it also comes with additional accessories such as drill bits, roughened chisel edges, and knives. The 3380 has a 120V rating that powers the 2.1-amp motor to produce a rigorous 3450 rotations per minute.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has two 6″ diameter grinding wheels that are stiff to handle any material.
  • It also has a powerful 2.1-amp motor that powers it to handle workpieces that are tough to grind.
  • The rubberized feet provide stability while working and prevent the machine from walking due to its vibrations.
  • Nested LED lights provide visibility in dark job sites and also facilitates precise tool grinding.
  • The tool rests on each wheel ensures that you accurately adjust your workpiece for a significant result.
  • You can use this tool for a variety of grinding works with its medium and coarse grinding wheels.

Image of Skil benchtop grinderPros

  • 2.1 Amp robust motor.
  • LED lights over both wheels.
  • Rubberized feet.
  • Regulatable tool rests.
  • Coarse and medium grinding wheels.
  • Eyeshield.
  • It has a no-load RPM of 3450.
  • Two 6” diameter grinding wheels.
  • The tool has extra accessories, including drill bits, smooth roughened chisel edges, and knives.


  • Its motor rating is at 2.1 Amp.
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6. Rikon Professional Power Tools, Slow Speed Bench Grinder

This tool gives you a different experience in bench grinding. It features high-quality 1”x 8” 60 grit and 120 grit white wheels made of aluminum oxide. You should note that white bodies do not retain heat as it is for dark bodies. For this reason, Rikon Professional Power Tools, Slow Speed Bench Grinder, is suitable for sharpening because it has a low heat retention mechanism.

This unit has an embracing slow speed design, aided with an efficient ½HP motor that provides a strapping power to release up to 1750 RPM. Therefore, rendering this machine ideal for turners, carvers, carpenters, small workshops, and other artisans who use hand tools.

The tool’s powerful motor, which produces immense vibrations, will not prevent you from getting a precise output. All appreciations go to its anti-vibration rubber feet that also contains the machine from moving while in operation.

You also have assured safety when operating this tool. For instance, it incorporates the spark resistors and an adjustable eye guard that prevents the jumping sparks from reaching your face. Besides, it also has a cast iron base that contributes to its sturdiness.

Summary of key features

  • The tool features a diamond wheel grinder for all the sharpening operations since it has a reduced heat formation.
  • The two 60 and 120 grit white grinding wheels have an aluminum oxide composition that facilitates their stiffness to grind and sharpen materials slowly.
  • This unit also includes an adjustable eye shield and a spark resistor for protection against sparks.
  • It also features a powerful ½HP motor that facilitates all its slow grinding operations.
  • The anti-vibration rubber feet prevent vibrations from tampering with the accuracy of your work.
  • This tool has a diamond wheel sharpener, making it a suitable tool for sharpening since it does not allow heat build-up.

Rikon bench grinderPros

  • It has two durable white aluminum oxide wheels.
  • A cast iron base.
  • Adjustable safety eye guide.
  • Spark resistors.
  • A rugged ½ HP motor.
  • Slow speed bench grinder.
  • It does not encourage heat build-up.
  • Appropriate for tool sharpening.
  • Anti-vibration rubber feet.


  • It’s not ideal for high-speed grinding.
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7. BUCKTOOL Professional Power Tools 8-Inch Dual Speed Cast Iron Base Bench Grinder TDS-200DS

BUCKTOOL Professional Bench Grinder gives you a smooth but high-quality performance for both grinding and sharpening applications. Contrary to other best bench grinders for woodworking, this tool has a dual-speed induction motor. Therefore, you can use the slow speed appropriately for sharpening the edges of other working tools. Whereas the high-speed rotation for rapid metal removal. 

The 3.1 Amp motor functions very silently; hence the machine receives very few vibrations- This also eases the quick start-ups and unruffled performance of the device. TDS-200DS model also comes with an additional baffling wheel that you can inaugurate with a shaft brush wheel measuring 8″ x ⅝.” 

This tool further diminishes the building-up of heat with its 60 grit and 120 grit white aluminum oxide grinding wheels. The TDS-200DS also features two mechanism rests wrought with cast aluminum- You can independently adjust each of them to smooth from different angles. Besides, they also aid in bringing balance in a case where one of the wheels has worn out.

Additionally, this machine has got a thick cast iron base that increases its rigidity and durability. The bottom is also integrated with fitting holes that enable you to mount the device on any workshop benchtop.

Summary of top features

  • The tool has a powerful dual speed induction motor that allows you to operate at either low or high speed.
  • You can use the speed shift knob to vary the tools rpm from 1725 to 3450.
  • This tool also features a buffing wheel that enables you to perform extreme polishing on different materials.
  •  The tool also eliminates the possibilities of mistakes with its heavy-duty cast iron base fitted with rubberized feet.
  • It’s also integrated with a three times adjustable magnifier glass shield, which you can flexibly position to achieve a precise grinding.
  • This unit also comprises two adjustable cast iron tool rests that enables you to work from any angle and also helps to compensate for a worn wheel.

Bucktool, best benchtop grinder for woodworkingPros

  • Sturdy 3.1 Amp induction motor.
  • Speed-shift regulator.
  • The rpm ranges from 1725 to 3450.
  • Three times magnifying eye shield.
  • An included buffing wheel.
  • Independently adjustable cast aluminum tool rests.
  • It can quickly start-up and offers a smooth performance.
  • Anti-vibration feet.


  • This tool does not feature an LED work light.
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8. Delta Power Tools 23-196 6-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

As one of the best bench grinder for woodworking, Delta Power Tools 23-196 6-Inch has a compelling 2½ Amp induction motor that delivers an efficient performance over various materials. Besides, this tool has its speed dial on the upfront that allows you to control your project by varying the speed from a minimum of 2000 RPM to 3400 RPM.

The 23-196 model guarantees your safety anytime while operating. It has a full-size adjustable guard with a clear view-That you can make easy adjustments using the thumbscrew, depending on your operation angle. Besides that, this machine also features an embedded water tray. It helps in cooling down the workpiece due to the high-speed operation.

The tool comes with two grinding wheels, a 36 grit, and 60 grit- That facilitates easy sharpening and grinding operations. Unlike other bench grinders of its class, this tool has its left rest integrated with a drill bit rest. It’s pulverized into the surface, thus helps you to have the correct angle for accurate output.

Summary of key features

  • The tool has an upfront variable button that enables you to vary the operating speed depending on the project type.
  • The vigorous dual induction motor produces two varying speeds that range between 2000 to 3400 RPM.
  • The left tool rest has a unique drill bit rest that is firmly fit to ensure that you always get an accurate angle.
  • It also comes with two diverse wheels ideal for sharpening and grinding.
  • You can also mount a 40-W working light on this tool. However, it does not come embedded in the device.
  • This unit also incorporates an adjustable safety shield that you can easily vary using the thumbscrew.

delta bench grinderPros

  • Dual-speed induction motor.
  • Variable RPM.
  • Adjustable safety eye shield.
  • Drill bit rest.
  • Sharpening and grinding grits.
  • Variable speed button.
  • Ideal for sharpening, buffing, grinding, and polishing.
  • Cast iron base.


  • The working light does not come embedded in the tool.
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9. Metabo Bench Grinder, (619200420 200)

The Metabo (619200420 200) model has a powerful motor that produces an RPM of about 3570. Although this machine operates at a very high speed compared to other woodworking bench grinders, it has a deficient noise level.

Additionally, the motor has a well-engineered mechanism that ensures a low production of vibrations. Besides, its rubberized anti-vibration feet also contribute to the low output of pulses resulting from the running motor. 

Using this machine, you have assured durability from its casing that has a composition of die-cast aluminum- This helps protect the entire device and mostly the delicate electronic system from harsh working conditions. 

Furthermore, this tool also portrays a shielding cover bayonet lock that facilitates the grinding wheels’ quick and elementary change. The DS 200 further features two normal corundum grinding wheels, the 36P and the 60N for coarse and fine grinding.

Summary of key features

  • This tool attributes the workpiece support and a hexagonal wrench that enables you always to get a precise output.
  • The two 36P and 60N normal corundum grinding wheels are ideal for grinding and sharpening.
  • It includes a 4.8Amp motor that has low noise and vibration production. 
  • The induction motor is also maintenance-free.
  • The machine further incorporates a protective cover bayonet lock that facilitates the straight forward disc changes.
  • For durability, this tool features a sturdy die-cast aluminum protective casing.

Image of Metabo bench grinder for woodworkingPros

  • Single-phase alternating current motor.
  • Protective die-cast aluminum covers.
  • Low noise and vibrations production.
  • Unloaded RPM speed of 3570.
  • Features an arbor measuring 1”. 
  • Two normal corundum grinding wheels.
  • It also has a hexagonal wrench.
  • 4.8-Amp motor.
  • Protective glasses.


  • It does not feature white aluminum oxide grinding wheels.
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10. Palmgren 82602 POWERGRIND Bench Grinder with Dust Collection

The Palmgren 82602 POWERGRIND Bench Grinder has a distinct feature, characterizing it as the best bench grinder for woodworking. It hallmarks a dust collection system that ensures you work from a clean environment. As a plus, this tool operates very quietly for an efficient output on all grinding, deburring, sharpening, cleaning, and chamfering jobs.

The machine has a well-designed motor that can continuously run every day to complete all the heavy-duty jobs ranging from heavy stock removal to simple finishings applications. Contrary to other bench grinders, this tool stipulates you with up to 4 to 7 times longer task cycle. It also provides up to 8-times less speed deterioration.

The Palmgren 82602 has approval from the CSA and OSHA compliant as a safe and reliable machine for any woodworking application. Its high-performance capacitor motor delivers the additional current that is ideal for both start-ups and operating while loaded.

This machine further has an extended clearance of 14⅞” between the two grinding wheels. Therefore, it offers adequate working space for longer workpieces. The bearings on this tool have a pre-lubricated enclosure and dynamically balanced rotors that help reduce the vibrations’ rate and facilitate the machine’s sleek running.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool features an adjustable eye shield and a protective spark guard for safety purposes.
  • It’s the only bench grinder with a dust collection port for a cleaner job site environment.
  • This unit also has a high-quality motor for heavy and long duty operation times.
  • The powerful motor delivers up to 4 to 7 times more power to handle even the heavy stock removal jobs.
  • The high-performance motor also delivers the plus current to facilitate the machine’s smooth running and quick start-ups. 
  • It has an extended distance between the grinding wheels that enables you to grind even a long workpiece effectively.

Image of bench grinderPros

  • It has a maximum RPM of 3450.
  • A wheel to wheel distance of 14⅞”.
  • It has a sustained horsepower under 100% load.
  • It can operate continuously everyday the whole day.
  • The tool provides 4 to 7 times longer cycles.
  • Approved and certified by CSA and OSHA compliance.
  • Extended wheel to wheel distance.
  • Efficient capacitor motor.
  • Dust collection port.


  • The tool does not feature a variable speed mechanism.
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Best Bench Grinder for Woodworking  Buyers’ guide

For you to get outstanding results both in sharpening and grinding of woodworking types of equipment, employ the best bench grinder for woodworking. These machines have the capability of grinding any type of material. Besides, you can also use them on other woodworking applications.

However, there are factors that you should contemplate before ordering or purchasing a bench grinder. Apart from this, I have also listed the reasons you should go by one of these units.

Reasons Why You Should Buy The Best Bench Grinder for Woodworking

Easy to use. These units do not pose a lot of complications to operate. You can quickly start up and smoothly work through all the grinding and sharpening woodworking projects. Besides, they also incorporate aluminum rests that ensures you always get accurate and precise output.

Multipurpose. Although their design is suitable for grinding and sharpening, they can also perform many other operations, including cleaning objects, chamfering, rust removal, deburring, and smoothing.

Safe. You don’t have to distress about safety when operating these machines. They have a couple of safety measures in place, like the eye shield that protects against sparks and debris.

Durable. These units have a sturdy casing and a rugged cast iron base that can withstand all the job site toucher for prolonged tool life.

Factors to contemplate when buying Best Bench Grinder for Woodworking

  • Grinding wheels

The grinding wheels are responsible for all the operations that happen to a workpiece. Therefore, you should consider the type of wheels that your machine has. For instance, some have a white aluminum oxide wheel that does not support the heat build-up, hence ideal for sharpening.

I recommend that you should also choose a tool that comes with two grinding wheels with different grits for smoothing and grinding.

  • Motor 

The motor acts as the central pillar of all the operations. Thus, you should choose a machine with a robust engine capable of operating at a constant speed despite the type of load that the device handles.

Standard motors have a rating between 2-amps to 5-amps- This means that the higher the rating, the more sturdy your machine.

  • RPM 

A machine can have the same motor rating but with a different RPM. Some also operate at a constant speed while others have a variable rate. The ordinary RPM ratings range between 3000 – 3700. 

However, for the best performance, consider a machine that has a variable RPM so that you can control the speed of grinding or sharpening depending on the type of workpiece.

  • Safety features

These tools operate at a very high speed producing sparks and debris that can be very hazardous. Thereby, you should ensure that your machine has a protective eye shield that will prevent the sparks from reaching your face. 

Besides, its also recommended that you input other protective measures like wearing a helmet, protective suits, and hand gloves.

  • Aluminum cast rests

The aluminum cast rests ensure that you always get accurate and precise results when you grind or perform woodworking operations using the bench grinders. Therefore, before purchasing, you should consider clarifying the performance of these accessories.

  • Add-ons

The best bench grinder for woodworking performs similar tasks. However, if you consider some additional aspects, you will always have a productive output. For instance, some units have LED work lights illuminating when working in a low-visibility job site.

A unit like the WEN 4276 Bench Grinder with Flexible Work Light has an optional stand. You can use this stand to mount this tool while operating to prevent the vibrations from interfering with other petite tools on the work table.

Other accessories like the rubberized feet also help reduce vibrations and prevent the tool from walking or wobbling.

Watch the video below on how to use a Bench Grinder:


To obtain the best results in woodworking operations, you should consider a high motor rating unit- This is because the motor is what determines the amount of power that the machine will produce. Since you will be grinding or sharpening diverse materials of different strengths, the motor rating should be very high.

Therefore, you will be able to handle even the tough to grind materials. My overall best for this application is the DEWALT Bench Grinder, 8-Inch (DW758). This unit has a motor rating of about 3600RPM. It also has an extended wheel to wheel distance measuring 12½”. Thus, capable of handling long workpieces.

I hope this article will guide you any time you wish to buy or order for the best bench grinder for woodworking. I wish you a fruitful shopping time.

Image of a woodworker wearing hearing protectors for woodworking

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