7 Best Solid Deck Stain- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


Image of a wood surface coated with the best solid deck stain

A new or old deck would require protections at the very least, and staining is one of the ways to offer your deck the much-needed protection. 

However, problem creeps in when it comes to choosing the right deck stain as most people do not know what to look for in the process and end up buying the wrong product. 

In the past few days, we have looked at different types of deck stains; in this review, we have reviewed the very best solid deck stains you can find in the market today. We do believe that information we have provided will ease you through your selection of the best solid stain products that will perfectly fit your projects.

Here’s our list:

1. Flood/PPG Pro Past Base Stain – Our Best Overall Solid Stain

We have settled on the Flood/PPG Architectural FIN FLD820-01 Pro Past Base Stain as the best overall solid deck stain because of its fascinating features. This formula comes with a lasting service life which spans to about 6 years. It forms a strong bond with the wood thanks to the “e-b emulsa bond adhesion technology.” 

When you use this product, you guarantee your wood structures rich colors that do not fade even when in continuous exposure to intense ultraviolet radiation from the sunlight. Besides, this formula is both mold and mildew resistant.

It cures into a hard finish; however, you will notice a strong odor from this stain during the application.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The formula has an e-b emulsa bond adhesion technology that helps strengthen it’s bond to the deck surfaces.
  • It comes with Transoxide Pigments for excellent Ultra Violet protection and prevention of fading
  • The product is resistant to mold, mildew as well as water


  • It has “E-b emulsa bond adhesion technology.”
  • Comes with anti-fading features
  • It’s rich in color
  • Resists molds and mildew 


  • It has a bad odor


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2. Olympic Stain Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer

It’s the best solid deck stain that serves as a sealer as well. You can use this product on exterior horizontal and vertical surfaces. The Olympic Stain Maximum Wood Stain and Sealer is 100 percent acrylic resin that gives your wooden structures protections from different environmental elements for along duration.

The formula comes with UV blockers that protect your wood against the harmful rays from the sun. It helps preserve the natural beauty of the wood grain. Weather does not affect the application of this product as you are free to apply it at any time regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

This formula is rain steady and can stand rain in about 8 hours after the application. 

The Summary of Top Features

  • The formula is rain-ready in 8 hours after application
  • You can apply this formula with the air and surface temperatures as low as 35 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Great for external environments
  • Avoid application on hot surfaces, instead, mist the surface or allow it to cool before staining
  • It’s a waterproofing formula


  • It’s affordable
  • It is a stain and sealer in one
  • The formula comes with enhanced waterproofing as well as UV protection
  • It’s a durable product


  • The color is light


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3. #1 Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer

The Deck Wood Deck Stain and Sealer does it all when it comes to the protection of your wooden structures. The formula comes with protection against the harmful Ultra Violet rays from the sunlight. Besides, it offers protection against water in the process, making it all that you’d need for your deck surfaces.

When it comes to application, this formula has one of the easiest application methods out there. Besides, it’s easy to clean it up with the use of just water and soap. You can use this formula on pressure treated wood, cedar, redwood, hardwood, fir, mahogany, etc. The formula works for all types of wood. 

Feel free to use this formula on outdoor furniture, fences, sidings, gazebos, playsets, gazebos, and a lot more. It is a solid finish that will hide the wood grains; this solid color allows it to be both a stain and a sealer and available in up to five natural colors.

The Summary of Top features

  • The formula comes with an opaque finish that hides wood grain to prevent color fade
  • Using this formula gives you a service of a stain and sealer
  • The product is available in 5 adorable, solid color finishes that dry into a flat natural finish.
  • It has low odor with low levels of VOCs (<60 g/L)
  • The formula is water-based and comes with ease of cleaning
  • You can use it on horizontal and vertical surfaces such as pressure treated wood, cedar, pine, etc.


  • It protects against harmful UV rays.
  • It’s available in 5 different colors
  • The formula is easy to clean because of its water-based nature
  • You can use it on both horizontal and vertical wooden surfaces


  • It stains with ease
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4. Rust-Oleum RockSolid Deck Resurfacer

The Rust-Oleum RockSolid 20X Deck Resurfacer is the best solid deck stain for heavily damaged decks that experiences extensive levels of foot traffic. This formula is too thick such that it’s hard even to believe that it is a stain. 

It restores damaged wood surfaces and offers protection against moisture as well as the dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

Because of its thickness, this product does not cover such an extensive area. Besides, it takes slightly longer to dry, producing a terrible smell in the process. One good thing is that once this formula cures, you will end up with a smooth, non-slip, and an extremely durable finish.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It’s a deck restoration stain that updates heavily worn and old wood surfaces.
  • The formula provides a durable coating that is 20 times thicker than ordinary paint
  • The formula cures into a flat textured finish that masks imperfections present on the surface of the wood.
  • It has a coverage of up to 40 sq. Ft. per gallon
  • The stained surface needs only 24 hours to be ready for light foot traffic
  • It’s a highly adhesive formula with water resistance properties
  • It requires the use of the RockSolid 20X roller cover for the best application. One roller paints up to 8 gallons


  • The formula restorers heavily worn wood surface
  • Cures into a non-skid surface
  • Durable finish
  • Has UV protection


  • Comes with a low area of coverage
  • Hard to spread due to its heavy thickness
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5. THOMPSONS WATERSEAL Solid Waterproofing Stain

The Thompson’s Water Seal stain deserves its place as the best solid deck stain. The formula is available in many colors, which increases its versatility in terms of personal preferences. When you use this formula on your decks, you get the unbelievable shine that adds the much-needed beauty for your surfaces.

It covers the wood grain offering protection against fading due to UV rays with the help of advanced polymers found in the compound. It’s a waterproofing stain that protects the wood from water penetration.

This formula works well on several surfaces providing the services of stain and a sealer. 

The Summary of Top Features

  • It has waterproofing abilities to prevents damages due to water
  • Its advanced polymers do so well in resisting fading
  • The formula cures into a finish that resists mildew as well as UV damage
  • You can apply this formula to dry wood and a freshly cleaned damp wood surface.
  • It meets the Industry Standard ASTM D-4446 for making wood water resistance.


  • The formula resists fade
  • It comes with waterproofing features
  • You can apply it to dry wood or freshly cleaned damp wood
  • It’s available in many colors
  • Great for outdoor wooden structures


  • Might get slippery on rain
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6. Olympic Elite Advanced Solid Color Stain and Sealant in One 

Olympic ELITE Advanced Stain + Sealant in One is one of the best solid deck stains you can use today. This formula protects and unlocks the natural beauty of the wood with its deep natural color.

When you use this formula in your woodworking projects, you get a rich, durable, low-luster, solid finish that will cover the grains while accentuating the wood texture. The formula works excellently for all types of wood, among them the exotic hardwoods. 

This formula comes with relatively extensive coverage of between 350 to 500 square feet per gallon. The coverage depends on the texture as well as the porosity of the wood. Feel free to apply it to the temperature of as low as 35°F. 

During the application, use a high-quality brush to apply two thin coats. You can as well use spraying as a method of application. Besides, this product is self-priming on most surfaces with a dry time of just about 30 minutes when applied between the temperatures of 10-29 degrees celsius.

You need to give this formula 24 to 48 hours of drying, after which you can allow light traffic over the surface or replace the furniture.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It is the #1 solid stain according to the Independent Consumer Study
  • The formula comes with an advanced stain and sealant in one
  • This product gives you a low-luster finish that resists dirt and mildew
  • It is self-priming on most bare wood or formerly coated surfaces


  • Fast drying
  • Both a stain and sealer in one
  • Has a relatively large area of coverage
  • It’s durable
  • You can use it on several surfaces.
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7. Cabot Solid Color Decking Stain

The Cabot Solid Color Decking Stain is another solid deck stain you can consider for your woodworking project. This formula is an acrylic finish that dries into a hard surface with exceptional resistance to moisture. It’s hard and durable finish makes it great for areas that face high levels of foot traffic. 

One good thing about this formula is that it comes with a low level of odor, which makes it easy and comfortable when using it on your deck. Even so, the Cabot Solid Color Stain requires several coats for you to achieve uniformity.

Note: This formula is not suitable for use in areas that experiences harsh winter conditions because it cracks in cold temperatures.

The Summary of Top Features

  • It’s a solid color stain
  • The formula comes with a maximum-pigmented formula that withstands heavy foot traffic
  • It is 100% Acrylic formula
  • The formula is water repellent
  • It’s scuff resistant.


  • It’s an acrylic finish
  • Produces low odor while on use
  • It comes with durable protection against moisture.


  • Cracks on extremely low temperatures
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Best Solid Deck Stain Buyer’s Guide 

There are several factors that you need to consider when looking to shop for the best solid deck stain products in the market. These factors include: 

Exterior Finish

Well, this is an essential aspect of a deck stain that you need to look at before making any shopping trip. If you are going to buy a stain for deck, ensure that you buy an exterior wood stain that works best to protect the wood against harsh external environmental conditions such as extreme sunlight, molds, and water from the rain.

The Color of the Stain

Using a solid deck stain will provide your wooden structures with a more vibrant color compared to any other type of stain in the market out there. Even so, ensure that you pick the right color that will fit perfectly with your taste. The best way to get this right could be by buying the stains in smaller quantities and try them to ensure that the stain cures to the exact color of the finish that you desire.

Decide on Acrylic, Oil, or Water Based Formulas 

When shopping for the solid deck stains, you will find them existing in solid, acrylic, or water-based stains. These formulas act differently on different surfaces of the wood. Therefore, before settling for a formula, ensure that it is the right one for the type of wood over which you will be applying it.


Here’s where you are likely to get it wrong with your entire project, much as you might have selected the best formula. The application method matters a lot and therefore, ensure that you read instructions on the manufacturer’s label so that you are informed about the methods of application. Usually, you will notice that the application is by brushing, spraying, or rolling. Sometimes, you might need a piece of cotton cloth for applying the formula

The Price

Whether the type of stain that you prefer, most of the best brand will not be that cheap. Therefore, ensure that the product that you settle for suits your pockets. A lot of people try to get the best products in the market to the extent that they end up draining their pockets. 

Remember that there are less expensive wood stains in the market that will still serve you right and for years. Therefore, ensure that you consider the prices so that you operate within your budget.

The Conclusion

Wood staining is arguably one of the best ways in which you can finish your wooden deck. On top of giving the wooden surfaces that beautiful and appealing look, deck stains also offers protection. 

You need to know that there are different types of stains, and you must get the best products possible for the best results on your woodworking projects. As for the best solid deck stain, we have settled for Flood/PPG Pro Past Base Stain as our overall best product.

The products we have reviewed are the very best on the market, and many that you shall choose will work just right for your deck. Also, we have included a buyer’s guide with some of the factors that you need to consider before shopping for your staining product. What do you think of the products that we have reviewed? We’d love to know your opinion. In the meantime, Enjoy your shopping!

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