Best Pinless Wood Moisture Meter

Finding moisture is usually the first step in preventing the growth of mold on your wooden structure. When the level of moisture is high and goes levels go undetected, it might be catastrophic to the stability of the structure. To ensure that moisture is not a threat to your projects, use the Best Pinless Wood Moisture Meter; it is a reliable device if you are looking to ensure that the wood’s moisture level is right.

When measuring dampness, Craftsmen and DIYers need the most suitable tools. This meter does a superb job as it quickly detects moisture and alerts you audibly. It is pinless to ensure that the material being assessed remains intact without scratching or marring.

The moisture detector is also handy even when temperatures vary. It has a temperature compensation function that keeps the material at the same temperature for a while as you do your test.

There is so much more about these tools that you need to know so that you can select the best for your material, and in this article, you will find a review of the best Pinless Wood Moisture Meters available in the market. 

I have also included a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help know what to check out before purchasing.

Enjoy your read!

  1. General Tools MMD7NP Pinless


This pinless pad sensor scans large areas of drywall and wood. It quickly helps determine where the moisture problems are without making pinholes on the wall. You can also use it on various building materials such as hardwoods and softwoods and stop any future damage caused by dampness.


Using the tool, you will receive clear visual and audible alerts so that you can’t miss detecting moisture. It is a tricolor LED meter and will provide high pitch tones once it diagnoses any wetness. The product does not need to be pinned on the material to check if it is wet and quickly reads moisture content levels up to ¾ inch deep into the surface with a broad measurement range of 0 to 35% for hardwood, 0 to 53% for softwood, and relative readings for masonry and wallboard.


The meter is easy to read and use as it has a 2-inch digit backlit LCD screen, a 3-color LED bar graph, an auto power-off function, and auto-calibration, among other impressive features. It also has an alarm that is out of range and a 9V battery.


The Summary of Top Features


  • It detects moisture in building materials such as hardwoods and drywall.
  • The pinless pad sensor preserves your walls and projects by keeping them from scuffing, scratching, and pinholes.
  • You quickly identify sources of leaks behind your work surfaces with the tool because it gives visual and audible alerts.
  • The moisture meter reads moisture levels up to ¾ inch deep into the lumber without pins.




  • The product measures moisture in multiple materials such as hardwoods, drywalls, and softwoods.
  • It is simple to read.
  • You will hear high pitch tones that alert you to where the moisture is.
  • The meter is also easy to operate as it has a hold button, an auto power-off function, and an out of range alarm.




  • Users complain that the sensor does not show through dry cement.
  • The instruction manual does not mention the meter being appropriate for measuring moisture in mining ore.


  1. Pinless Wood Moisture Meter, MD918


An impressive attribute of the meter is that it has a temperature compensation function that keeps the object you are testing at the same temperature for at least 5 minutes to give precise results. The tool also has an ultra-large LCD screen, which helps you get a clear reading even in a dark space.


In case you are not using the reader, it will shut off the unit after 5 minutes of no use, thanks to its intelligent auto-off function. The product gives an alert when the reading exceeds the upper limit of the moisture content ration and allows you to choose ten density grades of timber density.


Additionally, the moisture meter utilizes technological privileges using HF electromagnetic waves to avoid making holes in the material.


The Summary of Top Features


  • The moisture meter allows measurement through HF electromagnetic sensing, which gives an accurate reading without making a hole in furniture or other valuable objects.
  • It has a temperature compensation function that keeps the item being tested at the same at least within 5 minutes so that you can get more accurate results.
  • The tool has an ultra-large LCD, which ensures exact readings.
  • It will alert you for temperature calibration, zero calibration, and ATC overrunning when using the device.




  • It is non-marring.
  • The meter sets an upper limit for moisture content ratio.
  • You can use it with different kinds of wood.
  • The tool automatically prompts for low voltage.




  • The product is not suitable for use with drywall.


  1. Lignomat Scanner SD Moisture Meter


The Lignomat Scanner is suitable for table tops, cabinets doors, and ready to furnish furniture because it leaves no marks. It gives a moisture reading that is the average value of the area between the surface and the maximum depth penetration. The meter also uses the relationship between the dielectric properties and the moisture content of the material.


Another feature that makes the tool unique is the dual depth pinless, capacitance-type meter. It also has a built-in calibration that allows for easy reading.


The Summary of Top Features


  • The scanner S/D is a dual depth (¼ 0r ¾) pinless a capacitance-type meter that does not mark the material.
  • It comes with instructions and a carry pouch.
  • The meter uses the relationship between the dielectric properties and the wood’s moisture content to produce an ideal reading.
  • Since it keeps the material from getting holes, it is suitable for tabletops and ready to fish furniture.




  • Lignomat Scanner is usable on exotic woods.
  • It is easy to handle.
  • You will work with a measuring range of 5%-99%.
  • The product has a built-in calibration.




  • Users complain that the tool does not do an excellent job on drywall.


  1. Wagner Meters Orion 910 Deep Depth Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Kit


This tool is among the next generation moisture meters that feature versatility, accuracy, and quality. Wagner Meters Orion is built as a non-damaging pinless sensor that utilizes the IntelliSense technology. It is, therefore, suitable for tabletops and furnished furniture as it will not mark them. The sensor is not affected by the temperature of the wood and the environment, and thus, you can expect precise readings.


The product is easy to set up for the wood species you are measuring, and in case you are having problems, there is a detailed manual to help you through. It also has a comparative measurement mode that allows you to use it for non-solid wood measurement applications on treated wood and other materials. On top of that, you can calibrate the meter using the on-demand calibrator for easy reading.


The Summary of Top Features


  • The kit has an instruction manual and settings reference card.
  • You can easily calibrate the meter anywhere with the include on-demand calibrator.
  • It is not affected by the temperature of the wood or the environment, thus giving accurate results.
  • The meter does not damage the wood as it uses electromagnetic wave technology.
  • With simple up and down arrows, you can quickly set up the wood species tool you need to measure.




  • It is easy to handle and set up the product.
  • The meter offers accuracy, versatility, and quality.
  • You can use the tool for non-solid wood measurement applications on treated wood as it includes a relative measurement mode.




  • With the meter, you only use the relative mode to acquire comparative measurements but not absolute moisture content.


  1. Klein Tools ET140 Pinless Moisture Meter


The Klein moisture meter works well on drywall, masonry, softwood, and hardwood, and you can quickly select them using the mode function. It has 9 LED bars that indicate the moisture range and a bright reverse-contrast display that allows easy reading.


With the sensor, you don’t have to worry about marking the building material as it allows for non-destructive detection of moisture content using the EMF technology. You will also enjoy fantastic results as the tool detects moisture content up to ¾ inch.


The Summary of Top Features


  • The meter has a bright reverse contrast display that allows for easy reading.
  • You can comfortably and efficiently operate the tool as it comes with an instruction manual.
  • The sensor uses the non-invasive EMF technology, where you detect the moisture without marring the building material.
  • It withstands a 6.6-foot drop.




  • The tool has hold, low battery, and power off functions.
  • It detects moisture content up to ¾ -inch deep.
  • There are 9 LED bars on the sensor to indicate moisture range.
  • You can easily select the materials with the mode button to test the drywall’s surface, masonry, hardwood, and softwood.




  • Never use the sensor on or near live electrical circuits.


  1. Inductive Pinless Tools


Inductive pinless tools are appropriate and convenient, mainly because they give audible alerts. You can customize the alarm so that it goes off at a specific moisture level. It will often offer high pitch notes that alert you to where moisture is most concentrated.


There are no pins on the meter, so your projects are safe from scratching and scuffing while you examine their moisture levels. The materials to use the sensor include firewood, concrete, instruments such as guitar and the fluke, treated wood, and dried plants.


The Summary of Top Features


  • The intelligent meter uses electromagnetic technology to provide non-invasive moisture measurements in lumber and other building materials with virtually no surface damage.
  • It also features an automatic internal test and calibration and low battery indication.
  • When using the sensor, you can select from 10 wood types and measurement ranges.
  • The LCDs show the moisture percentage of the material.




  • We have batteries in the package.
  • It is easy to read the results of the measurement.
  • You don’t have to keep watching the screen as you examine the wood because the meter gives audible alerts.




  • Some users complain that they have problems setting up the sensor, especially for drywall and laminate flooring.


  1. Koechner Pinless Wood Moisture Meter


This professional meter is standard because it measures moisture content in various materials, including bamboo, cardboard, wood, and hardened materials such as mortar and concrete. The measurements help you decide whether the material needs to continue drying or not and how you can safeguard the wood quality for building construction and woodworking projects.


The product has a high-frequency electromagnetic wave measuring capacity, and it quickly assesses the moisture content of different materials. It also has ten modes of wood density selection to examine a variety of wood types.


The Summary of Top Features


  • It uses a high-frequency magnetic wave measuring technology, which measures many kinds of wood materials’ moisture content.
  • The meter is reliable for homeowners, contractors, and woodworkers in measuring moisture content in different materials.
  • When not using the sensor, it auto powers off in 3 minutes.




  • The sensor has a large LCD.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • You get ten modes of wood selection.
  • With the product, you get a stable performance and a quick response.




  • Unlike the other kits, this one does not include batteries.


  1. AMTAST Intelligent Moisture Meter Digital Lumber Moisture Detector 


The Amtast Intelligent sensor is appropriate when detecting moisture because it will give prompt and precise results. You only need to set a moisture content upper limit and wait for the alarm to go off. The meter also has automatic compensation for environmental temperature, which allows for accurate results.


You can adjust the product to 10 different grades of wood density. Also, it uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves and, thus, does not mar the object.


The Summary of Top Features


  • The Intelligent meter has automatic compensation for environmental temperature; thus, it gives the correct reading despite temperature changes.
  • It does not damage the material as it is non-invasive and non-marring.
  • You can use the tool on different materials such as tobacco, tree, paper, carton, and bamboo.
  • With the sensor, you can set the upper moisture limit and get an alarm alert once reached.




  • The meter auto shuts within 5 minutes of no operation.
  • It is simple to use.
  • You can adjust the sensor to 10 different grades of wood density.
  • It has high precision and responds quickly.




  • The sensor is not suitable for drywall use.


  1. SAM-PRO Pinless Moisture Meter


For you to effectively use wood and wood-based materials, you require a reliable wood moisture measuring tool, just like the Sam Pro. It uses HF electromagnetic waves, which allows it to give an accurate reading without making holes in the material.


The moisture meter works with various wood materials as it has ten unique grades of timber density, and you select one depending on the material you are examining. It also has a temperature compensation function that ensures that the readings are consistent.


Additionally, it is power-saving such that it shuts off after 5 minutes of no use and gives an alert when readings get to the moisture content limit.


The Summary of Top Features


  • With the temperature compensation function, you can keep the object examined at a constant temperature for at least 5 minutes.
  • The sensor is power saving as the intelligent auto-off part turns off the unit after 5 minutes of no use.
  • It measures the moisture percentage of lumber without making any piercings on the surface.
  • You will get a clear alert once the reading gets to the set moisture limit.




  • The sensor offers high precision.
  • It also has broad compatibility as you choose from 10 unique grades of timber density.
  • You will get a user manual to help you learn how to use the tool.
  • The meter has an alarm that alerts you once the reading reaches the moisture limit.




  • Electrified objects can damage the meter.


  1. Extech MO257 – Pinless Moisture Meter


Extech Meter offers non-invasive moisture content measurements in materials that keeps the surfaces from scratching and markings. It gives the readings from 0.0 to 100.0 with 0.1 resolution with a pinless measurement depth from 0.78 inches to 1.6 inches below the surface.


The tool has a multifunction backlit triple LCD that allows you to see the readings even in poorly lit areas. On top of that, it is easy to use as it comes with a detailed manual.


The Summary of Top Features


  • The detector has an auto power-off button that makes it easy to operate it.
  • It is useful in low light areas as it has a backlit multifunction LCD.
  • You can customize the alarm with an audible beeper and flashing visual indicators.
  • With the tool, you get non-invasive moisture content measurements in wood and building materials. 




  • It has an automatic data hold function and a low battery indicator.
  • The tool automatically calibrates when you power it on.
  • It has a high-frequency sensing technology.
  • The meter gives an impressive pinless measurement depth below the surface.




  • The meter cannot measure ambient relative humidity.


Best Pinless Wood Moisture Meter Buyer’s Buyer’s Guide


Before you begin a woodworking or building project, a moisture meter is one tool to have with you. It will help identify parts of the damp material so that you can treat it and avoid further damage.


The moisture sensors, as we have looked at, have various features that make them outstanding. Therefore, you need to select the best for your material to get perfect results.


Below are more reasons why you need this tool and considerations to make as you shop for one.


Why You Need The Best Pinless Wood Moisture Meter


  • It quickly scans large areas.
  • The pinless meter does not scratch, mar, or scuff the material.
  • With the intelligent sensor, you can easily distinguish between wet and dry spots.
  • It responds quickly and with high precision.
  • The moisture meter gives correct reading despite temperature changes because it has automatic compensation for environmental temperature.
  • It is also power-saving because of the intelligent auto-off function such that the unit goes off after 5 minutes of no use.
  • The tool will always give you an alert once the reading gets to the set moisture content limit.


What to Consider When Selecting the Best Pinless Wood Moisture Meter


  • Display screen


It would be best to get a detector that clearly shows you essential readings as you do the test. Manufacturers nowadays are coming up with sensors that have one or more sizable LCD screens. With the correct readings, you can know the remedy for different moisture levels.


  • Audible alarm


An alarm is handy when you are examining material for wetness. It spares you the agony of having to stare at the screen as the meter does the measurements. A sensor that has an alarm usually alerts you when the reading gets to the set moisture limit. The only task you have is to ensure that the appropriate limits are set and the alarm volume is up.


  • Auto-shutoff system


One of the attributes of a power-saving moisture detector is an auto-shutoff system. It will shut off after 5 minutes of no use. The save on battery usage will prolong its life, and you won’t have to buy batteries now and then.


  • Application


Since different meters are suitable for various applications, you need to look at the material whose moisture content level you are measuring and choose a sensor that can comfortably do the job.


The Lignomat Scanner SD Moisture Meter, for example, works well for already furnished furniture and the General Tools MMD7NP Pinless for drywall and hardwoods.




The most suitable pinless sensor for your project will give you the desired results and an easy time when working with it. Therefore, examine the features of the tool before buying it.


All the 10 meters in this review are suitable for detecting moisture. However, my best pick is the General Tools MMD7NP Pinless. It is appropriate for a variety of materials, including drywall, hardwoods, and softwoods. It has an alarm that notifies you whenever the readings get to the set limit. Besides that, it reads moisture levels up to ¾ inch deep into the lumber without pins making it an efficient detector.