8 Best Oscillating Spindle Sanders- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Sanding is a process that involves polishing or smoothening a surface with sandpaper. It is done to create an even surface and enhance the look of wood. The best oscillating spindle sanders are equipment designed to sand round edges or edges of boards.

While working, the drum moves up and down as the sanding drum spins. It exposes almost the whole surface of the sanding drum to the wood as it is sanded. Before this, round edges had to be sanded by hand, which was an intensive process. Technology has evolved, and you have a lot to be happy about.

Save time on your projects by having the oscillating spindle sander in your shop. While you would spend ages sanding a piece of furniture with the use of your hand, this tool will help you finish your task in no minute.

Below is a review of the very best oscillating spindle sanders in the market. I’ve also included a buyer’s guide with all the necessary information you need to know about the sander in the discussion. Keep reading for more…

Best Oscillating Spindle Sanders Comparison Table

1. WEN 6510T Oscillating Spindle Sander

For those who do not have the skills to cut a perfect inner curve on a board using the band saw, this piece is for you. The tool comes in handy as it handles all the imperfections that come with smooth curves.

You get to simplify the daunting task of sanding down odd shapes, contours, arcs, and curves. It offers a quiet 1/2HP 3.5 Amp motor to generate up to 58 oscillations per minute and 2000 rotations per minute with a 5/8-inch stroke.

Not only does it deliver quality operation, but it is also designed for stable operation. All this is made possible with the pre-drilled holes for mounting along with the sturdy and heavyweight design to maximize tool stability.

The cast-iron work table is 15 by 11.5 inches, providing more than enough space for the large objects during hours of operation. Having been made from and with side rods and disc slots, the onboard storage provides convenient storage space for a wide variety of sanding drums and discs.

With this WEN product, it comes with a dust port option to attach a dust extractor to collect the airborne particles ensuring a cleaner working surface. 

Summary of top features

  • A powerful motor runs it
  • Designed with a cast iron worktable
  • It comes with an onboard storage 
  • An ultra-convenient 1.5-inch dust port

Advantages WEN 6510T 3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander,Black

  • Equipped with six sanding sleeve sizes
  • It has five rubber drum spindles
  • It comes with pre-drilled holes for mounting


  • The product has no clear warranty information that is easily within reach of a customer.
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2. Shop Fox W1831 Single Phase Oscillating Spindle Sander

The shop fox single-phase oscillating spindle sander has a ½ horsepower permanent magnet motor. With six sanding sleeve diameters, the compact sander will handle just about any sanding task you throw at it.

The onboard storage keeps sanding spindles, table inserts, sleeves, and spindle washers organized and easily accessible. Fox came with inserts included with the W1831 and used to close the gap between the table insert and drum, which reduces the risk of pinching and offers more work support for your sanding jobs.

This durable piece of equipment is not complete with a built-in 1-1/2-inch dust port that ensures a cleaner shop and fewer airborne dust particles. All these are made possible when it is connected to a dust collector. There is a magnetic locking power switch with a removable key.

It helps protect against unauthorized use, which is pretty essential. The heavy-duty cast iron table offers plenty of work support, making this an excellent benchtop equipment. Shop Fox is easy to use and comes one hundred percent technical support whenever needed.

Summary of top features

  • It has a built-in dust port size of 1 to ½ inch
  • Offers 58 oscillations per minute
  • Designed with a ½ horsepower permanent magnet motor
  • It comes with a 1-1/2-inch sized dust port

Advantages Shop Fox W1831 1/2 HP Single Phase Oscillating Spindle Sander

  • The machine is ideal for moving around and smoothing edges after cutting
  • It performs 2000 rotations per minute with a ½ inch spindle
  • The approximate shipping weight is 33 pounds


  • There have been no recorded complaints from customers so far.
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3. WEN AT6535 Oscillating Spindle Sander

With the WEN oscillating spindle sander, you no longer have to sand those pieces by hand. The versatile machines include five different-sized sanding spindles.

Sizes included are ½ inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, and 2 inches. Each one of these oscillates up to 58 times per minute with a 5/8-inch stroke. Designed with onboard storage that helps organize all of the throat plates, rubber sanding drums, and table inserts included with the sander.

A one and half inch dust port allow woodworkers to connect a dust collection system to minimize clean-up. With a powerful 3.5-amp motor, it rotates the various spindles 2000 times per minute. You also get to have the pleasure of adjusting the spacious 14.5-inch table anywhere from 4 degrees to 45 degrees.

The feature helps to take on angled edges and surfaces. The WEN oscillating sander also comes with five 80 grit sanding sleeves. WEN has a network of skilled service technicians and a friendly customer line. They are available 24/7 on the clock to assist customers with any emerging problems while using the machine. As a result, you get to sand any curve quickly or edge your heart desires. 

Summary of top features

  • It comes with five sizes of sanding sleeves
  • Includes a spacious beveling work table
  • Has onboard storage that maintains the organization of all accessories 
  • The spacious 14-1/2 by 14-1/2 inch table bevels up to 45 degrees

Advantages WEN AT6535 3.5-Amp Oscillating Spindle Sander with Extra Large Beveling Table Top

  • Accommodates angled workpiece
  • Designed with a powerful 3.5 amp motor that enables rotations


  • Some customers complained that the interchangeable discs seem lower than the table, so the workpiece gets caught on the lip.
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4. Triton TSPST450 Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander

The triton oscillating spindle and belt sander is a nifty tool. It consists of two powerful tools in one with a dual configuration belt and spindle sanding.

The two offer great versatility as it gives flexibility to finish and edge, including curves, flats, irregular and angular. To complete your work fast, it offers the option of quickly switching between belt and spindle modes.

The powerful 3.5A motor delivers 58 oscillations per minute which provides increased efficiency and speed—topped with a large cast aluminum workspace that tilts 0-45 degrees supporting the piece at any angle. The spindle both rotates and oscillates to give you burn-free control when tackling any contour.

An ample work table space provides support for your workpiece with its cast aluminum construction. It simply enables control while maneuvering the contour. Stability is a number one factor as it is equipped with locating holes for a secure bench mounting and heavyweight design. 

Summary of top features.

  • It has a cast aluminum table that is large with 0-45-degree tilting
  • It comes with vented throat plates and under table dust channel
  • The sanding sleeves and matching drums provide maximum versatility with intricately shaped workpieces

Advantages Triton TSPST450 450W /3.5 Amp Oscillating Spindle & Belt Sander

  • Designed with an easy belt change that provides maximum work rate 
  • Manufactured with a two in one value
  • It has an onboard storage slot that keeps accessories with the tool for mode changing and convenience.
  • The dust system provides a cleaner and safer working environment.


  • The belt tensioning spring sometimes slides to the side.
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5. WEN HA5932 Variable Speed Portable Oscillating Spindle Sander

The rough edges will never be sand by hand because of the invention of the WEN HA5932 portable oscillating spindle sander. Portable, oscillating spindle oscillates between 50-90 times per minute.

The rotations per minute can be set anywhere from 1800 to 3200 rotations per minute. You can quickly transform this unit into a benchtop spindle sander with the included mounting pad and clamps.

The process can be done by placing the unit upside down on any surface of your choice and securing it into place to result in a reliable stationary sanding machine. There is a 1-1/2-inch dust port that attaches to the dust collection system of your choice.

It is specifically essential as it helps to control sawdust and minimize clean-up. It is essential to mention that the package includes four sanding sleeve sizes (1/2 inch, ¾ inch, 1 inch, and 1-1/2 inch). A powerful motor that is 5-Amp variable speed enables to power up the machines and gives it the rotation energy required. The mounting pad is made of non-marring rubber, which is effective and efficient. 

Summary of top features 

  • It comes with a 5 Amp Variable speed
  • Comprises of 1800 to 3200 rotations per minute
  • The tool can be transformed into a stationary benchtop spindle sander.

Advantages WEN HA5932 5-Amp Variable Speed Portable Oscillating Spindle Sander

  • It is perfect for smoothing odd shapes, arcs, curves, straight edges, and more. 
  • It is designed in a portable nature
  • It is very lightweight
  • Comprises into a mounting hardware


  • There are no complaints from customers so far.
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6. Triton TSPS450 Cast Iron Top Oscillating Spindle Sander

Manufactured with a large cast ironwork area, the Triton TSPS450 is the equipment to have when you are smoothening. The workspace excellently supports your piece with ease.

You do not have to pounder on how or what you will do to deliver. The spindle continues to rotate and oscillate to give you a burn-free control that comes with various sanding sleeves and drums for tackling any contour.

A cleaner and safer work environment is achieved by the dust port, which assists in dust extraction. The power switch has a dust cover that is easily accessible and offers long, trouble-free performance.

There are matching rubber drums and table inserts included to meet the precise requirements of any project out there. A variety of sanding sleeves is included allowing for precision work with a range of shapes and curves.

The action of rotating and oscillating moves the drum up and down while sanding, reducing the static friction that causes burning and band marks. Triton manufacturing company offers excellent customer service and customer satisfaction.

Summary of top features

  • Offers 58 oscillations per minute
  • The rotating and oscillating action offer increased speed, efficiency, and a precision finish.
  • No-load speed of 2000 rotations per minute
  • Includes six sanding sleeves with matching rubber drums and table inserts

Advantages Triton TSPS450 3.5Amp Cast Iron Top Oscillating Spindle Sander, Orange

  • Weighs 23.7 pounds
  • Has onboard storage for all accessories 
  • Ideal for sanding curves, arcs, and contours


  • At times the middle plate that covers the center hole does not line up with the base plate.
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7. POWERTEC OS1400 Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

 Just like any other spindle sander, the Powertec is designed with an onboard storage section. It features a side rod and disc slot that provide plenty of storage for a wide assortment of sanding discs and drums.

The oscillating sander cast-iron tabletop is round, which provides comprehensive coverage for different sized and shaped objects. Furthermore, it helps deliver long-term durability and a sturdy top that you can most definitely depend on—not forgetting the built-in dust port that enables you to connect your shop vacuum.

The system allows you to work unencumbered and with a workspace clean and free of debris and dust. Round table inserts enable you to sand 90 degrees to the spindle and slotted table inserts for angled sanding. The Powertec Oscillating spindle is designed to equip you with the proper woodworking tools ideal for sanding.

This sander uses a 2/5 horsepower induction motor that operates smoothly at approximately 30 strokes per minute. It is applicable on four rubber feet for reduced vibration to improve operational stability and comfort. For an everyday woodworking enthusiast who juggles multiple projects simultaneously, it most definitely comes in handy. 

Summary of top features

  • It comes equipped with six sanding sleeves of different diameters
  • It consists of 5 rubber drum spindles
  • It runs at 1725 rotations per minute
  • Generates 30 oscillating actions per minute

Advantages POWERTEC OS1400 2.6 Amp Benchtop Oscillating Spindle Sander

  • Designed with an onboard storage
  • Manufactured with a cast-iron tabletop


  • The dust port is metric, so the nozzle of shop vacation 2 ½ inch doesn’t fit.
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8. WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle Sander

Now you can make your belt oscillating without ever struggling with the WEN 6524 oscillating belt and spindle sander. Contours, faces, curves, and arcs, and many more of even the most strangely shaped workpieces.

As a versatile machine, it acts as both a spindle sander and a belt sander. It is not just a name, but it oscillates up to 58 times per minute with a 5/8-inch stroke. The sander comes with six pieces of 80 grit sandpaper; one for the belt region and five for each size spindle diameter. Just because it’s a WEN product.

Your purchase comes packed with a two-year warranty, a nationwide network of skilled service technicians, and a friendly customer helpline. The five different spindle sanding sizes (1/2 inch, 2 inches, 1 inch, 1-1/2 inch, and 3/4 inch) and one 4 x 24-inch belt.

The powerful 3.5 Amp motor rotates the different spindles up to 2000 times per minute and the belt part up to 1575 feet per minute. Onboard storage helps organize all the throat plates, table inserts included with the sander, and rubber sanding drum. A woodworker will minimize clean up with the 1-1/2-inch dust port that allows connection to a dust collection system. 

Summary of top features

  • Operates with belt speeds up to 1575 FPM 
  • It has a spindle speed of up to 2000 rotations per minute
  • Includes a beveling work table
  • A 3.5 motor oscillates the belt and spindle 58 times per minute with a 5/8-inch stroke.

Advantages WEN 6524 Oscillating Belt and Spindle Sander

  • The onboard storage maintains the organization of all sandpapers and accessories.
  • It comes with one belt sanding attachment and six pieces of 80 grit sandpaper.


  • At times when used for a length of time, it jams up. 
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Best Oscillating Spindle Sanders Buyer’s Guide

In this section of the article, we get to look at what is in the market and how to make sure you purchase the best oscillating spindle sander. Purchasing the right equipment will enable you to avoid the mistake of sanding either too pleasing or not satisfactory enough.

When you do it too rough, the wood will be dark to the point of turning extremely dark, and when you do it too fine, the stain will not be able to stick to the wood as it should. Sanding is a lot of work but not when using the best oscillating sander in the market.

Most importantly, getting this tool will result in your projects emerging smoothly and pleasing to the user or buyer. Any oscillating spindle sander will come in the form of a benchtop table combined with a cylindrical drum that protrudes out of a hole at the tabletop. Sandpaper, or rather an abrasive material, covers the drum, oscillating up and down the designed hole.

The wear on the sandpaper is spread evenly, which ensures that it gets used for long. So even if you are just somebody who makes home crafts or carries out minimal projects throughout, you deserve to have an oscillating spindle sander. They come in different sizes and shapes, as we have seen up there, and there are also small ones that are not that expensive. So for your personal use, you can get one.

For any professional dealing with wood, you need an excellent oscillating spindle sander that will get the work done. It will enable you to sand curved or cylindrical surfaces because that is what it does. Let us go through all the factors in the next section.

Why Do You Need the Best Oscillating Spindle Sanders?

The sander has a drum that turns at a consistent speed; together with the oscillations that happen with a consistent stroke, you get more significant and better precision. In addition, you do not get to worry so much about the problem of under sanding or over sanding in some areas—all these work faster and better than when you are sanding using your hand. 

An oscillating spindle sander reduces the fatigue that comes with using the equipment. Round edges had to be sanded by use of the hands before the oscillating one came up. It was much more of a labor-intensive process. A woodworker would experience strain around the arm, hand, and wrist all together.

We all know pretty well that any human being that experiences fatigue at some point tends to rest to reenergize. Taking a break or somewhat several breaks will slow down the stipulated time set for completing the project. It can also lead to the production of poor sub-standard results at the end of the day.  

While running the curved wood across the drum, it does not leave marks but allows you to smooth the wood with minimal effort. The adaptation of moving up and down allows you to use the enormous surface, which extends the life span of the sanding drum.

A work surface further allows a woodworker to secure the project as they move. It also keeps your work surface at the appropriate angle of contact and provides better control. 

An additional advantage of this machine is that it makes it possible to reach into holes that have been cut within the wood. Not only does it attain that, but it smoothens and provides the same as the rest of the furniture worked on.

The type of oscillating spindle sander that you as a woodworker are required to purchase will provide much more accurate and smoother results in a short time.

Safety Points 

  • Please make sure you read the manual on how to operate the machine that comes with the equipment.
  • Make sure to wear eyewear and ear-wear protection.
  • Keep your hand and fingers far away from the abrasive surfaces
  • Do not use force when passing the wood into the spindle; instead, move it in motion. 
  • The tool should at least include a safety shut off a paddle
  • Always ensure the workpiece has a good grip before you start
  • Use a respirator to minimize any airborne dust from the sanding action.
  • Decide on the path of movement before moving the object
  • When using a manual sander, make sure to sand over the line instead of to the line
  • Keep the piece of wood in contact with the surface of the table to aid in providing support.
  • Avoid wearing long sleeves or clothing when sanding to prevent tripping 
  • Always ensure to tie back long hair if you have some.
  • If the abrasive is ripped or torn, do not use the spindle sander.
  • Always keep your fingers 4 inches away from the sanding drum
  • The sander should always be disconnected when not in use.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Oscillating Spindle Sanders

Here are some of the things that you need to look out for in order to land the very best oscillating spindle sander for your different woodworking projects.

The capacity of the motor

Oscillating spindle sanders run by the use of motors are fantastic. The motors primarily run from ½ to 1 PH. That range enables it to withstand a more significant workload and will be more powerful.

However, a lower HP motor is a better choice when it comes to lighter work. What is considered to matter with this type of tool is the rotations per minute. The rotations are what speeds up your sanding job—the more the machine rotations, the faster the work in progress. 


There is the aspect of the weight the machine is made of. Balance is also a factor when we focus on weight. Any woodworker who moves around a lot will need to move their equipment around, so they need it lighter.

But for those that work at a central place can use heavier machines since they provide more excellent stability and a much lesser vibration mode. Speaking of the dimension, it is vital to put storage into consideration. No matter how heavy or light the machine is, it will need to be stored when not in operation. 

Size of the table

As an essential part of the piece of equipment, it is also one of the most when buying the best oscillating spindle sander. The size of the table determines comfort as you work. It will be a good idea to do an evaluation and look at the pieces of wood you primarily work with.

If you are going to be working with small pieces, then a smaller table can be possible. However, it is recommended to purchase a more significant work table to avoid inconveniences when you land on large pieces of wood.

Right away from the word go, invest in a machine with a large work table because it will accommodate all kinds of wood sizes without a doubt. Equipment and tools and manufactured to make work easier, offer comfort, and reduce fatigue; therefore, getting enough room will give you the comfort you require. 

Size of spindles

The oscillating spindle sanders require various sizes of spindles to function with ease. You have the pleasure of changing the spindle size to improve the quality of the project getting worked on.

As long as the spindle size is more than one, it will help a great deal. Most of the oscillating spindle tools come with between four to six different-sized spindles. It is enough for producing excellent results for professional woodworkers or wood enthusiasts.

A quarter-inch diameter is the smallest size of a spindle and works for regular work. Two inches is the maximum size for all tools used with of the work conducted. Some users that operate large pieces might opt to use even larger spindle sizes.

Vibration and noise produced.

We have already seen that powerful motors are essential to reduce the time taken on a single project. However, at times they can get noisy while producing massive vibrations, affecting your work quality.

There is a technology that has been engineered to reduce vibration and noise. That technology handles even large, powerful motors with ease and minimal noise. Whenever you are ready to purchase the best oscillating spindle sander, ensure to put that into consideration.

Exercise a quiet and peaceful environment to work and operate in. it will let you have time to meditate as you think about awesome designs that are to be made.

Change of sleeves

The changing of sleeves of different grit types is as something as the sanding process itself. It should be easy to change the sizes as per the pieces of wood in use. You are not going to be sanding the exact size of wood all the time because, at times, you might fall into larger pieces.

The sleeve types should be manufactured so that they easily fall into place without a lot of effort. Changing the drum should also be an easy thing to do for any skilled or unskilled woodworker. 


The accessories play a vital role in delivering precision and offering versatility in your presented projects. It also enables you to begin your work instantly as per the dimensions of your project. They include table inserts, sanding drums, sanding sleeves, washers, sandpaper, etc.

The great the number of accessories in the kit, the greater the versatility of the projects you can indulge in. therefore, always let the accessories assist you in running your projects. 

Final Words

Our desire and hope are that the information presented above was simplified and will enable our readers to choose the best oscillating spindle sanders.

Always ensure you get to go through the safety measures and tips by reading the instructions/user guide that comes with the kit. For the sake of durability, at least do not exert the equipment more than what it can handle. Keep in mind that there are several models in the market, and every one of them has a slightly different approach when sanding.

It does not matter in any way if you are a beginner or an experienced guru at woodworking; a tool is an excellent investment in making your work easy and quick by delivering satisfaction.