10 Best Miter Saw Stand with Wheels- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

As technology continues to evolve, the conventional handmade miter saw stands are becoming obsolete. On the same note, the number of miter saws and other woodworking tools is outrageously increasing due to customer demand. Today, the best miter saw stand with wheels has become the number one selling stand for miter saws and other benchtop power tools. 

These units have numerous innovative features that allow for the completion of projects in no time. Among these features is the foldable design that allows for easy storage. The large rubber wheels enable you to transport your stand and facilitate job site mobility. Some of these units come with embedded power outlets to reduce the hassles of moving around searching for power. 

Due to the numerous manufacturing companies, the quality of these tools has been highly compromised with many options and diversity. Even so, I’ve provided a detailed review of the very best miter saw stand with wheels you can find in the market today.  Additionally, you will find a buying guide included to help make your shopping easy. read on for more:

List of the Best Miter Saw Stand with Wheels

1. DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand With Wheels

Since the evolution of wheels, many appliances have today taken advantage to increase job site mobility, and DEWALT DWX726 Miter Saw Stand is not an exception. This model comes with rubberized wheels and a fold-up design that helps save on storage space. The DWX726 is designed to suit most contractors, including trim carpenters, framers, cabinetmakers, installers, among other professionals who employ the miter saw on the job site.

With a three-position pneumatically assisted raising and lowering mechanism, this miter saw stand is straightforward to assemble, thus minimizes downtime. Durability on this tool is guaranteed by the tubular steel construction that allows for 300 pounds of maximum weight capacity. The rugged mounting rails are easily adjustable. Besides, they can adapt to nearly any miter saw on the market. The stands also offer wide adjustable infeed and outfeed work support. This provides up to 8 feet of material support. 

DWX726 weighs only 67 pounds and measures 98” long and 32.5” wide when unfolded. The product saves most of your workspace by folding vertically with measurements of only 59.5” by 17” without the miter saw. Since DEWALT is a leading manufacturer of most power tools and accessories that are corded or cordless, you rest assured with a long-term service with little to no maintenance on this model as it’s the best miter saw stand with wheels.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has a width of 98” when extended.
  • It has a height of 32.5” when extended.
  • The tool’s width is 59.5” when folded.
  • It has a height of 17” when folded.
  • This unit weighs 67 pounds.
  • It has wide adjustable infeed and outfeed work.
  • Easily adjustable mounting rails.
  • It features wide rubber grip wheels.
  • One time assembly pneumatic assisted raising and lowering.
  • It has a durable tubular steel construction.

Image of the Best Miter Saw Stand with Wheels by DewaltPros

  • It can support 300 pounds of maximum weight.
  • Easy to set up.
  • It’s compatible with nearly any miter saw.
  • It has up to 8 feet of material support.
  • The tool is rugged and durable.


  • This unit can only support up to 300 pounds of maximum capacity.
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2. BOSCH Portable Gravity-Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Stand T4B

The BOSCH Portable Miter Saw Stand T4B provides the precision and performance your projects require, from the compact design and flexibility. The durability of this unit is not comparable to other miter saw stands. It’s integrated with outfeed supports that can hold up to 18 feet of materials, making it the highest capacity amongst fully portable units. This product impressively performs with its universal mounting system that allows for use with other miter saws.

BOSCH also installed an adjustable telescoping leveling leg to provide stability when working on uneven surfaces. The rubber wheels allow you to quickly move the stand with the saw attached from one workshop to the next. Besides, the pneumatic wheels are 8″ in diameter, facilitating ease of transport over the job site terrain. This tool also comes with two universal rapid release tool mounts to reduce downtime and provide stability when working.

With the gravity rise system and rapid setup and breakdown capability, the Bosch TB4 saves your work time with outstanding results. The stand is smart and straightforward to use. You only have to perform a simple turn of the release lever, then the weight and balance smoothly raise the heavy gauge steel and the aluminum constructed stand into the working position. When folding down, turn the same release lever, and the entire air turns into a pushcart design.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has rubberized wheels.
  • It has aluminum support rails.
  • It comes with rapid release tool mounts.
  • You will enjoy the convenience of the rubberized wheels.
  • Adjustable telescoping leveling legs.
  • This unit has an adjustable height.
  • It can be universally mounted.

Image of a miter saw stand with wheelsPros

  • It has an adjustable outfeed of up to 12″ in height.
  • The tool is stable and durable.
  • You will have rapid setup and easy breakdown.
  • It’s compact and lightweight.
  • The product is ideal for use with all competitor saws.
  • It has assured stability on uneven surfaces.
  • The breakdown and setup processes are straightforward.
  • The rubberized wheels prevent scratches.


  • The tool only has two wheels.
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3. POWERTEC Deluxe Portable Miter Saw Stand with Wheels MT4000

POWERTEC has never lugged following the trend in today’s technology. Their latest model is the POWERTEC Deluxe Portable Miter Saw Stand with Wheels MT4000. This rugged workstation was engineered to provide you with seamless and mobile incorporation with your miter saws and other benchtop tools. It has a compact design that ensures optimal convenience for any DIY enthusiast or professional contractor.

The rugged construction made with round steel tubing provides rigidity for enhanced durability. This product also flaunts a 330 lbs maximum weight capacity to support any of your benchtop power tools. The nested 110V power outlet eliminates the need to place your power tools in a location with a power supply. You won’t need complicated instructions to set up or collapse the stand, thanks to the spring-loaded locking legs.

With the two 8″ super grip rubber wheels, the MT4000 delivers optimal traction without bogging down into the soil. Besides, it only weighs a manageable 40 pounds and has a foldable design that allows you to effectively store this unit at home or even take it with you on the road. The MT4000 utilizes the quick release adjustable mounting brackets to accept most 10″ and 12″ miter saws from all major competitors. 

This stand does not come with a foot or bracket to facilitate vertical storage. However, if you remove the saw, you can store it vertically or in a lashed position.

Summary of the key features

  • It’s made of durable round steel tubing.
  • The tool can support up to 330 lbs maximum weight.
  • It utilizes quick release adjustable mounting brackets.
  • The unit accepts 10” and 12” miter saws.
  • It comes with super grip 8” rubber wheels.

Image of a miter saw stand with wheelsPros

  • It provides seamless and mobile integration with most benchtop power tools.
  • The product has a compact size.
  • Rigid construction.
  • It has a compact and foldable design.
  • It’s compatible with other miter saws.
  • The tool allows for quick sets and collapse.


  • The input amperes rating is only 15 Amps.
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4. WEN MSA330 Collapsible Rolling Miter Saw Stand

Have you wished to support both your miter saw and your workpiece simultaneously? Well, worry not because WEN MSA330 Collapsible Rolling Miter Saw Stand has a reliable and sturdy support system that can handle all your sewing needs. It comes with three pre-mounted 120V outlets that provide you with up to 15 amps of power to meet the demand of your saws and tools of varying sizes. The two 8″ wheels combine with the foldable design to offer safe and easy transportation. Besides, these wheels never get flat, even when working on uneven ground.

With the sliding arms extending anywhere from 32 to 79 inches in width, this tool supports boards of up to 10.5 feet long. It also boasts quick release brackets that tightly lock the miter saw in place to facilitate simple installation and adjustments. The 1½” diameter steel frame enhances durability and provides stability to hold over 300 pounds of weight from your saw and materials. Durability on this tool is also guaranteed by the powder coating that prevents corrosion.

WEN MSA330 has a unique design that lets you adjust the detachable rollers’ height to best match your project’s requirements. The two rollers also operate as work stops, enabling you to make consistent, even cuts each time. What’s more, it is the universal design that allows for compatibility with other miter saws. This includes the entire WEN miter saw models.

Suppose you want to know if your miter saw will fit on this stand. Measure the distance between the front and the back mounting holes. If it’s less than 15″ and is aligned on the centerline, the product is right for your need. Besides, it would help if you didn’t worry because it’s a WEN product and it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has a universal design.
  • It features two 8″ wheels.
  • It has a sturdy 1½” diameter steel frame.
  • The unit can elevate up to 33″ off the ground.
  • The arms can extend from 32 to 79 inches.
  • It includes three onboard 15A 120V outlets.
  • The product has two adjustable rollers.
  • Two table extensions.

Wen miter saw standPros 

  • This unit has a powder-coated finish.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty.
  • The tool fits every miter saw on the market.
  • Easy transportation and storage.


  • The steel frame is only 1½” in diameter.
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5. Makita WST06 Compact Folding Miter Saw Stand

Weighing at only 33.7 lbs, the Makita WST06 Miter Saw Stand has a compact and lightweight design, thanks to its aluminum tubular framing. This provides versatility and a portable solution for increased mobility. The tool has transport wheels and a side handle that allows for transportation of both the miter saw and the stand around the job site. The WST06 also integrates material support extensions that can extend up to 100½” while supporting a maximum of 500 lbs.

This product’s unmatched feature is the durable aluminum feed roller and the adjustable material stop designed for increased speed when performing repetitive cuts. The folding legs reduce this tool to 45½” long, allowing for easy storage and transportation. This rugged stand is a perfect companion to a Makita miter saw. Thus it’s the most preferred stand for a broad range of trades, including finish carpenters, professional woodworkers, cabinet installers, closet installers, and many contractors seeking a best-in-class miter saw stand.

Additionally, you can perform installation and removal of the saw without any tool on the miter saw bracket levers. The adjustable non-marring rubberized foot provides stability when working.

Summary of the key features

  • The tool has sizeable solid rubber wheels.
  • It also has an aluminum tubular design for durability.
  • The unit comes with the toolless miter saw bracket levers.
  • It only weighs 33.7 lbs.
  • The side handles for easy attachment of the miter saw.
  • It has an adjustable material stop.

Makita Miter Saw standPros

  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • The tool is engineered for effective repetitive cuts.
  • Easy installation, adjustment, and removal of the miter saw.
  • It can support up to 500 lbs.


  • This unit has no power outlet.
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6. ToughBuilt – Miter Saw Stand Universal (TB-S550)

ToughBuilt Universal (TB-S550) is among the best miter saw stand with wheels. At full extension, this fantastic stand reaches up to 124″ long and 33½” high. Therefore, it can comfortably accommodate more extended materials for a cut with no sag. The heavy-duty steel construction tube frame creates a solid structure increasing the rigidity and stability to support large workpieces.

The TB-S550 includes the support pegs that allow for safe and simple storage of materials of the ground. Besides, the tool has a universal design that is compatible with most miter saws in the market. With two extending work support, two work stops, and two quick-release tool mounts, this item can effortlessly secure multiple tools such as chop saws or miter saws. Another inclusion is the 8.5″ solid rubber wheels that allow for smooth transport of the stand. 

The TB-S550 is engineered to withstand the most unfriendly working environments. This is also backed up with a one-year limited lifetime warranty against defects in material or quality. Just as its name suggests, this stand is tough built, designed, engineered, tested, and inspected in the USA to ensure quality. Therefore, with this product, you rest assured of the most rigid saw stand on the market.

Summary of the key features

  • It has four material support that extends to 124″.
  • It has rugged 8.3″ solid rubber tires.
  • Work stops left and right.
  • The tool features material pegs.
  • 2.4″ box tube frame.
  • Sturdy steel construction.

ToughBuild Miter Saw StandPros

  • You have assured strength and support.
  • Easy setup and set down.
  • Safe and straightforward storage.
  • You can use the saw off the stand.
  • This tool is universally compatible with most brands.
  • It’s built to last.
  • Convenient and compatible.
  • It has passed through USA quality control.


  • The four material support can only extend to 124″. 
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7. Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Stand

With more than 350 subsidiaries and regional companies in at least sixty countries, you can trust BOSCH with their latest model Bosch GTA3800 Folding Leg Miter Saw Stand. The item incorporates a rigid industrial design, and it’s an indispensable accessory for mounting any miter saw. This unit is also ideal for supporting large workpieces without trembling. 

The product does a great job with its smooth end rollers that have stops, which you can conveniently set for duplicate cutting. The adjustable leveling foot provides comfort and stability when working on uneven surfaces. With the included transport wheels, you can quickly move the stand from location to location without the need to dismount.

The quick-release lock allows you to effortlessly attach and detach the saw to or from the stand with ease. Furthermore, it has an adjustable roller that can adjust up and down to accommodate different sized saws. It also has a wide roller for handling more extensive materials with ease.

The ergonomic carry handle with wrench storage allows for easy transport on and off the job site. The most fantastic feature on this stand is the dual sliding rails that can expand up to 12 feet 9 inches to effectively support a workpiece that is up to 16 feet long.

Summary of the key features

  • The stand has a vertical height of 32.5”.
  • It features dual sliding rails.
  • It also comes with an adjustable roller material support.
  • The repetitive stops facilitate repetitive cuts to lengths.
  • The unit has rapid release universal tool mount.
  • It has sturdy aluminum construction.
  • It also features smooth end rollers.
  • Carry handle with wrench storage.

A Bosch miter saw stand for woodworkingPros

  • The stand is lightweight and robust.
  • It has a rigid industrial design.
  • It’s easy to attach and detach the saw.
  • The tool can accommodate various sized saws.
  • Quick and easy transportation.


  • This item has a vertical height of only 32.5”.
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8. Bora Portamate PM-7000 Pro WorkCenter

Bora Portamate PM-7000 Pro WorkCenter is suitable for contractors and DIY enthusiasts. It works with virtually every make and model of miter saws. You can also use this stand for other equipment, including small band saws, portable planers, scroll saws, and many more. This item is engineered to roll out, set up in seconds, and transform any hall or driveway into a practical workshop.

This piece of equipment has its rust-resistant tubular aluminum frame powder coated to increase the rigidity to support up to 500 lbs workpiece that measures at least 16 feet. Unlike other stands, this item comes with an embedded work light for use in low visibility rooms. It also features four 110V outlets that reduce the hassles of working close to a power outlet. The PM-7000 measures up to 67″ wide; however, it can expand to an impressive 9 foot, 8 inches, therefore, ideal for cutting long moldings, deck boards, or sidings.

The ruggedly built aluminum stand has a 32″ work height that helps reduce back strain. Another advantageous feature includes the 8″ storage compartment ideal for pencils, keys, or other small accessories. The three adjustable work supports have fold-down rollers for more convenience. Besides, this stand’s four legs can fold up to ease transportation and for storage purposes. Lastly, this tool is designed for years of reliable service and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Summary of the key features

  • It has a four outlet power center.
  • 116″ overall material support capacity.
  • It comes with dual 8″ wheels for sturdy portability.
  • The tool includes work light and vise.
  • It has flip-down material support.
  • It’s a piece of universal machinery mounts for planers, scroll saws, band saws, and miter saws.
  • This unit has an 8″ storage compartment.

Miter Saw StandPros

  • Job site portable.
  • It has a 32″ work height.
  • It’s easy to transport and store.
  • It’s designed to roll out and set up in seconds.
  • The product is durable.
  • The unit is backed with a one-year limited warranty.


  • It weighs up to 68.5 pounds.
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9. Makita WST01N Large Rising Base Miter Saw Stand

Makita has always been a leading company in power tools production. Their latest design is the Makita WST01N Large Rising Base Miter Saw Stand. This item has a large platform base for additional workspace. The product is ideal for a range of Pro trades, and it does not choose a job site location.

The WST01N enhances the versatility with its five height configurations, including 26”, 27¾”, 29⅞”, 31¼”, or 33”. It also offers material support with extensions that can extend to 9 feet. Thus, suitable for supporting long crown molding.

The 12⅛” wide aluminum feed roller combined with the adjustable material stop helps increase repetitive cuts speed. Furthermore, the spring-loaded mechanism facilitates quick and straightforward setups. The peak of its immense performance is the solid rubber wheels that allow for easy job site portability. This stand can fit all Makita miter saws for a broad range of cutting applications, including baseboard, crown molding, case, base, and long wood materials.

With its sturdy construction, this stand can support up to 220 lbs of weight for increased cutting efficiency.

Summary of the key features

  • Five adjustable position stand.
  • It has a large base platform for additional workspace.
  • Durable duty 12⅛” wide aluminum feed roller.
  • It features an adjustable material stop.
  • Spring-loaded mechanism.
  • The tool has a material support extension of up to 108”(9’).

Makita Miter Saw stand with wheelPros

  • It can support up to 220lbs of weight.
  • The tool is quick and easy to set up.
  • It has increased speed on repetitive cuts.
  • Easy job site portability.
  • The stand is ideal for a broad range of cutting applications.
  • It’s compatible with all Makita miter saws.


  • It’s a bit weighty.
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10.Delta Power Equipment Corporation 36-267 Foldable Miter Saw Stand

Constructed with a large diameter steel tubing, the Delta Power Equipment Corporation 36-267 Foldable Miter Saw Stand can withstand up to 350 pounds of a workpiece. The foot actuated pedal allows for one-step setup and fold-down. Besides, it can open and close with the miter saw attached in a matter of seconds. 

As it’s designed for durability and flexibility, this stand can virtually hold any miter saw on the market, even the one larger than 12″ units. This is facilitated by the 9.5′ span when fully extended. The 36-267 allows for easy storage with its foldable design. You can also vertically store this item inside small shops, garages, or job site trailers without dismounting the miter saw.

The large wheels and wide rubber semi-pneumatic tires provide the grip necessary for better mobility and comfort while working. This is an advantageous feature that renders the 36-267 delta the best miter saw stand with wheels.

Summary of the key features

  • It is constructed of large OD steel tubing.
  • The unit features an actuated pedal for folding.
  • The large rubber wheels allow for easy mobility.
  • The folding design enables effortless storage.
  • It measures 9′ when fully extended.

Delta Miter Saw Stand for woodworkingPros

  • It has increased flexibility.
  • It’s easy to clamp on the miter saws.
  • The tool can support up to 350 lbs.
  • It has a compact and lightweight design.
  • You can store the stand without dismounting.


  • It has no inbuilt power outlets.
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Best Miter Saw Stand with Wheels Buyers’ Guide 

If you have questions regarding the features of different Best Miter Saw Stand with Wheels, then you have had them answered in the reviews above. Even so, there are a lot more than you can learn and this section of the article will tackle just that. So here’s what you need to know!

Why You Need The Best Miter Saw Stand with Wheels 

Integrated wheels. The wheels allow for job site portability and provide comfort while working.

Easy to set up/down. The setup and down processes are straightforward, thanks to the foldable design.

Easy storage. You can store these tools either vertically or horizontally. Besides, some of the models do not require dismounting before storage.

Compact and lightweight. With a hollow framing, these units are light and thus allows room for flexibility and mobility.

It supports large workpieces. Most of these stands have an expandable length that can accommodate large workpieces. 

Universal compatibility. All the products above have a universal compatibility design that can accommodate other miter saws and benchtop tools.

Durable. These stands are constructed from either rugged steel or aluminum to increase durability and stability.


Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Miter Saw Stand with Wheels 

  • Project Diversity

Before buying a miter saw stand, ensure that you know which task you will perform frequently. Suppose you are a DIY enthusiast. You don’t need to go for a robust saw stand since it’s ideal for long cuts or stretching. However, if professional woodworking is your thing, then choosing a foldable, precise, rugged, and durable miter saw stand will do the math for you, especially if you always move from one place to another for different striking arcs.

  • Wheels

Even though a wide range of miter saw stands offer pneumatic wheels for job site mobility, rubber wheels are the best. They have a better grip fo the ground, thus, providing stability even when working on uneven ground.

  • Mobility

Your stands should be very light so that you can easily carry them to storage. This is facilitated by the hollow construction that reduces the overall weight. The most preferred material is aluminum since it has good strength properties and remains light. However, this strength is not comparable to that of steel.

  • Outlets

Most of the ancient stands didn’t have outlets. As technology advances, most units are now embedded with more than one outlet that reduces the hassles of moving around the workshop looking for a power outlet. The number of features depends on the manufacturer. But you should ensure that you choose the one which is compatible with your electronic environment.

  • Height

The height of your stand is another key of consideration. Comfortable working height is significant. Generally, most manufacturers prefer 35”. However, you can go for advanced units that have adjustable height capability.

  • Compatibility

If every miter saw could have its specific stand, the industry could be overwhelmed with different stand models. All the above products are compatible with most of the miter saws and other benchtop power tools to sort this out. And I recommend that you go for a stand that comfortably fits your saw.


I know it has been quite a read, and I hope you have fully benefited from this content as far as the best miter saw stand with wheels is concerned and how to land the very best product. Through the article, you have learned that most of these stands are compatible with other miter saws in the market, among other incredible features.

Regardless, one product would always stand out mostly based on user experience and individual preference. As for me, I still think that the DEWALT DWX726   is the go to stand out there, it’s affordable, stable enough to give you the best of your projects. This item can support a whopping 300 lbs weight, and it has a width of 98” when extended. 

Do you have any questions or general concerns about the subject? I’d be glad to hear from you. Please let me know of your thoughts through the comment section below.