10 Best Drill for Woodworking- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of porter cable in use, the best drill for woodworkingThere are many kinds of drills with each type serving a specific purpose. But again, do you know what differentiates these functions? Can you tell which type is ideal for woodworking? Today I want to take you through identifying the best drill for woodworking.

First of all, you should check on the amount of power that the drill uses. For instance, some use alternating current while some come with a built-in battery.

Most wood experts prefer a drill with LED lights to operate in dark places with ease. They also consider a portable one for easy usage from any angle. Besides, the tool’s design determines if you will be able to use it in confined places.

However, there’re many designs in the market already- This has rendered selecting the best drill of woodworking a nightmare to many. Therefore, I have researched and listed ten top-tier wood drills that will make your projects easy and of high quality.

Additionally, I’ve included a buyer’s guide with all the necessary information that you should consider before settling for your drill.

Read on to find out more…

List of Best Drill for Woodworking

1. DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, Brushless, 1/2-Inch (DCD791D2)

The DEWALT 20V MAX cordless drill will give you a new experience in your woodworking profession. It conveys up to 57% more operating time than the standard brushed drills. The acknowledgment goes to its two XR Lithium-ion batteries.

This battery has a fuel gauge. Thus it sets out up to 33% more capacity of work over the regular packs. The DCD791D2 20V MAX drill has a compact design measuring 6.9″ from front to back. Besides, it’s also lightweight. Weighing at only 3.4 lb, you can use this unit in tight space for a more extended period. 

Its ergonomically designed handle will ensure that you have a comfortable grip with the right balance and full control over your tool. This model also has a lighting system that comprises three modes of LED lights. Therefore, you can use it in confined spaces since it illuminates up to 20 times more than the previous model.

Among the three modes, is the spotlight vogue- It lets you have an extended working time of up to 20-minute. It also has a dual high-speed transmission system with ratings ranging between 0 – 500 and 0 – 2000 RPMs. 

Summary of top features

  • The tool comes with a metal ratcheting chuck of size ½” that enables it to grip the bit in position firmly.
  • This tool has a brushless motor that delivers an exceptionally high robust power.
  • It comes with a fuel gauged XR Li-Ion battery for more capacity as compared to the ordinary park.
  • Additionally, it also has two high-speed transmission systems perfect for any type of wood.
  • The tool also has a lighting system with three modes. Thus you can operate efficiently in tight voids.

Image of dewalt cordless drillPros

  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Spotlight mode provides twenty minutes of extended working time.
  • Dual high-speed transmission system.
  • Brushless motor delivers more run time.


  • It only comes with two batteries.
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2. Bosch Power Tools Drill Kit – PS31-2A – 12V, 3/8 Inch, Two Speed Driver, Cordless Drill

The Bosch power tools drill kit – PS31-2A 12V is the lightest of its kind. It only weighs two pounds with a 3/8″ chuck and has a 7″ head. It has an aerodynamic design that enables you to use it in hard to reach areas.

This drill can accommodate up to 90% of typical woodworking demands. Thanks to its ⅜” sleeveless chuck that makes it versatile and easy to handle. With this tool, you can vary your dual speed scheme with up to 20+1 torque adjustments.

The Bosch power drill/driver also has a sealed trademark with Bosch’s Electronic Cell Protection(EPC). Thus, it guarantees you an extended tool life and works time. On top of that, it’s incorporated with LED lights that help you to work in dark corners with low light visibility.

Regardless that this tool has a compact design, it produces 25% more torque and is 15% faster. The device has its fuel gauge located on its side, making it easy for you to monitor. Additionally, the tool has two gear systems, the first and the second- Each of these has an RPM ranging between 0 to 300 and 0 to 1300 respectively. 

Summary of top features

  • The tool has a streamlined make, thus well suited for overhead chores.
  • It produces up to 265″/lb torque that facilitates its two-speed mechanism with RPMs ranging between 0-350 and 0-1300.
  • Features a soft to touch grip handle for more comfort and ease while working.
  • This tool has got LED lights; therefore, you can use it in dark spaces.

Image of Bosch, Best drill for woodworkingPros

  • Fuel gauge for easy manageability.
  • Variable speed prompt.
  • Comes with (20 + 1) torque settings.
  • It’s usable in dark spaces.


  • The tool has a shorter warranty period.
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3. WORX WX176L 20V Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill and Driver with Rotating Dual Chucks

This model is the best tool for woodworking. It has two incredible ¼” chucks that can rotate both clockwise and anticlockwise in a 180 degrees span. Also, you can load all of the two chucks with bits. You effortlessly switch between drilling and driving with just a press of a button.

The WORX WX176L 20V Switchdriver also has a two-speed gearing system. That way, you can undertake any work with ease. Besides that, it has an electronic torque control system- This protects your materials and worktop from any possible wreck and hinders the stripping of screws.   

As part of the power share forums that are common among all WORX tools- The WX176L Switchdriver has a 20V lithium-ion battery that it shares with other 20V WORX tools. The device also has LED lights that suit you best, especially when working in a dark space.

Summary of key features

  • The tool has an automatic stop control system that prevents the machine from stripping screws while operating.
  • This unit has dual rotating chucks that you can instantly alternate without switching tools or bits. 
  • The device only weighs 2.75 lbs. Thus you can work all day in both high and confined places.
  • This tool is from the WORX company that employs the “do it all with the same battery design.” 
  • It comes with a variable two-speed gear train that allows you to drill slowly on complex materials and fast on hard materials. 

Image of worx, one of the best drills for woodworkingPros

  • Do it all with comparable batteries.
  • Dual bit scheme.
  • Two-speed variable gear train.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • It has only one mode of the LED light.
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4. DEWALT XTREME 12V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver Kit, (DCD701F2)

The DEWALT XTREME 12V MAX Cordless drill has a very tough material made from high-quality steel. Therefore prevents it from rusting and also accredits its strength and durability. 

This unit is an all-encompassing tool. It has a 128 Pcs tool kit that includes precision screwdrivers, cutting pliers, claw hammer, adjustable wrench, dual-head mini ratchet screwdriver, tape measure, driver bits, sockets, etc. You can do all your, small repairs, and other DIY projects with all these accessories.

Despite having 128 Pcs extras, it has a blow-molded storage box. This toolkit has a well-designed interior to keep every piece tidily in its place during transportation or when not in use.

Additionally, the DEWALT XTREME drill has an ergonomically structured grip. Thus it’s comfortable to hold and can also be used by amateurs.

Summary of top features

  • The unit has a 128 Pcs tool kit ideal for all your DIY projects in or around your house.
  • Besides, it also has a blow-molded storage toolbox to keep all the 128 Pcs plus the drill itself intact.
  • Its made from a high-quality steel material for increased long life.
  • This tool has a rubberized handgrip for more comfort and amenity while operating.  

Image of dewalt extreme drill for woodworkingPros

  • Wide implementation area.
  • It has high-attribute material for strength and durability.
  • This tool has numerous accessories.
  • Dilettantes can use it.


  • The machine is not for professional use.
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5. Milwaukee 2801-22CT M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact

Milwaukee 2801-22CT M18 18-Volt cordless drill has a very compact design. Thereby, you can use it for overhead applications and also in unreachable places. Its gear system has a metal casing, and ½” metal chuck that provides maximum impact and protection from shock.

The Milwaukee M18 also has an advanced overload protection system- This protects the entire machine if you use it on a very tough surface. It also keeps an eye on the temperature variations to prevent unintended damage.

This tool has combined REDLINK power tool technology and REDLITHIUM batteries that allow less time to recharge batteries for a fade-free run-time. Its CP2.0 batteries deliver a 500 lb of torque from its reliable motor- This results in a two-speed gear system with a variable speed ranging between 0-500 and 0-1800 RPM.

The M18 cordless brushless drill/driver has a durable all-metal chuck that gets you going with your drilling and fastening job. Like all other M18 products, the Milwaukee 2801-22CT drill/driver can use any other M18 battery to keep you always on-time.

Summary of key features

  • It has paired CP2.0 batteries that provide you with a non-stop working experience.
  • This tools’ advanced overload protection system saves you that extra coin and time by protecting the entire device from damage.
  • Its compact design also ensures that you balance the tool correctly for precise work and control.
  • It has a two gear speed shift that helps you work on various materials.
  • The tools brushless motor stipulates more operating time for optimized efficiency.
  • Its all-metal casing protects this tool for increased durability. 

Image of a drillPros

  • REDLINK intelligence for advanced overload protection.
  • Excellent balance and control.
  • Dual speed gear system.
  • Compact and lightweight for overhead applications.


  • This tool has a single sleeved metal ratcheting.
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6. Makita DS4011 1/2-Inch Drill

The Makita DS4011 ½” drill has a powerful 8.5 AMP motor. This drive stipulates an increased torque and enough speed to drill big holes. Besides, it also has a consistent design weighing only 6.3lbs. Thus reduces exhaustion while operating. 

The DS4011 has a D-handle that can rotate extensively and has twenty-four positive stops for several jobs. Additionally, it has an ½” industrial-strength drill chuck that is contrived for positive bit detention. This machine also has an integrated chuck key stock-room for fast and handy bit changes.

The tool has a ball bearing construction system and a rubberized grip for ultra-smooth operation and longer tool life. Besides that, it also has a rocker switch that you use to alternate the transition between forward and back.

Summary of top features

  • The tool has an on-deck chuck key holder for storing chucks, thus reducing inconveniences while working. 
  • The D-handle can rotate in a 360-degrees span and can make up to 24 stops for convenient operations.
  • A full 8.5 Amp motor powers this tool increasing its drilling capability and mixing exhibitions.
  • It has a rocker switch that enables you to maneuver between forward and back for efficient output. 

Image of makita drill for woodworking Pros

  • Rotating D-handle.
  • Twofold insulated.
  • All bearing fabrication.
  • In-flight chuck key storage.


  • It produces only 600 RPMs.
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7. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver, 1/2-Inch, Tool Only (PCCK600LB)

The Porter-Cable 20V Max cordless drill leverages the lithium-ion battery technology’s latest design- This enables its motor to produce a whopping 330 unit watts. Furthermore, it’s also dual-speed compatible with RPMs ranging from 0 to 400 and 0 to 1600. Thus maximizes its applications of drilling and fastening.

Within this device, is the embedded battery gauge- This helps you to keenly monitor the charge level of your 1.5 amp per hour battery for more efficiency. Its compact size is less than 8″ lengthwise and only weighs 3.5 pounds. Thus you quickly work inside crannies and nooks effectively but vigorously.  

This tool also has a metal ratcheting chuck engineered to lessen bits from slipping in the chuck. Just like other woodworking drills, the device also has built-in LED lights that grant you the freedom to work freely, even in dark areas. Besides, it also has rubber bumpers on both sides that safeguards it from all the wear and tear.   

Summary of key features 

  • With only 7¾” in length and a weight of 3.5-pounds, it reduces fatigue, and you can also use it vertically or overhead.
  • The tools’ battery gauge enables you to work while scrutinizing the battery level to avoid running short of power.
  • Its two-speed gearbox conveys full power for you to accomplish all your projects on time.
  • This tools’ metal ratchet holds the bits firmly in the chunk, preventing slipping.

best drill for woodworkingPros

  • LED light for dark spaces convenience.
  • Fuel gauge indicator.
  • Petite and lightweight.
  • It has minimized slipping in the chunk.
  • The tool comes with a double-ended bit tip.


  • It has a low battery rating.
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8. DEWALT Corded Drill, 8.0-Amp, 3/8-Inch, Variable Speed Reversible, Mid-Handle Grip (DWD115K)

For the best performance on both challenging and easy jobs like a pro, choose the Dewalt DWD115K cordless drill. This tool is among the best drills for woodworking. It has a reliable 8 Amp motor that works in line with the tools electric system to produce up to 0-2000 RPM.

The other unique feature about this tool is its ⅜” all-metal, ratcheting, keyless chunk. This attribute ensures that the bit is retained firmly in the fragment when in operation. Being a hand tool, it has a notably configured mid-handle grip. 

The centered handle provides you with an increased balance when operating. It also has a soft texture that shields your hand from vibrations. To maintain durability, the DWD115K has an all ball-bearing construction. Additionally, it also comes in an enclosed case to keep it safe outdoors.

Summary of top features

  • The tools 8 Amp motor renders high performance from any angle and on any kind of wood material.
  • It has a higher RPM as compared to other woodworking drills, thus providing an efficient finishing. 
  • This tool has configured all ball-bearing designs to increase its shelf life.
  • Its mid-handle soft grip ensures your balance and comfort while working.
  • The tools ratcheting chuck ensures bit retention, especially when working on hard materials.

Drill for woodworkingPros

  • Heavy-duty body.
  • Centered-grip handle.
  • Keyless chuck.
  • High power.


  • This tool has no speed variation capability.
  • Besides, it also doesn’t have LED lights.
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9. PORTER-CABLE Corded Drill, Variable Speed, 6-Amp, 3/8-Inch (PC600D)

The Porter-cable corded drill has a very high-efficient motor with a high-output of up to 6.0 amps. Being cordless, it’s ingrained with a 20V MAX lithium-ion battery with up to 1.3 amp/hour cells- This initiates the release of 283 Units Watts, that powers the drill on any kind of material.

On top of that, the PC600D ⅜” has a maximum output that ranges from 0 to 2500 revolutions-per-minute. With all this torque production, this drill can work on pilot holes in frame or deck building, metal, wood fabrications, and any other operation requiring extended corded drill help.

Unlike other drills that require a key to change the bits- Porter (PC600D) comes with two sleeves, ½” keyless chuck that saves you both additional effort and time. This lithium-ion drill is petite and lightweight, weighing at only 3.5lbs and 8.25″ in length. Therefore, you can use it from any position.

Additionally, its compact design makes it easy for you to use the tool in confined space. Besides that, it’s also nested with an LED light that makes your work easier in dark places.

Summary of top key features

  • The tool has a variable speed trigger that enables you to take over full control of your work.
  • This device also has two keyless chucks that simplify your work when it comes to bit changing.
  • It has a six-foot-long, high-grade cable and a lock-on dial that facilitates your control while operating.  
  • The tools 6.5 amp motor unleashes all the power required for any task accomplishment.
  • Its variable speed functionality ensures that you get a perfect output when both drilling or driving.

image of best drill for woodworkingPros

  • Lock-on button for easier control.
  • Keyless chuck for fast bit changes.
  • Portable for use in any place.
  • You can use it in a dark or confined place.


  • This tool has a low motor rating.
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10. Metabo HPT Drill, Corded, 7-Amp, 3/8-Inch, Metal Keyless Chuck, (D10VH2)

Don’t get confused with the name. The Hitachi power tool has a new captivating designate (Metabo HPT). This tool has a very vigorous 7-amp motor that combines its robust power with the optimal 133.7 lbs of torque. This amalgamation results in a maximum output that fears no material.  

The Metabo HTP D10VH2 has an ergonomically made handle with rubberized grip. Thus, you can work comfortably with minimal rates of vibrations. For added precision, this tool has an ingrained variable speed control. Additionally, it also has a ⅜” all-metal chuck, for long tool life and bit holding aptitude.

Additionally, the tool also has a forward and reverse button that is easy to access. This dial facilitates the backing out of the bit and also enables you to operate the tool with one hand. Its trigger lock-on option helps you to avoid drowsiness while working for a prolonged time. 

Summary of the top features.

  • It has a maximum torque of up to 133.7 lbs, for all your high-speed projects.
  • The tool also has an easy to access forward and reverse button, which assists in removing the bit if it sticks in the workpiece.
  •  This tool has an over-wrought handle that will comfortably fit in your hand and also for fewer vibrations.
  • Its trigger lock-on system prevents you from getting exhausted after a long time working.


  • Volatile speed functionality.
  • Trigger lock-on system.
  • Ergonomically designed handle.
  • Forward and reverse button.
  • Better holding capability.
  • It has a new name with the same powerful ability.


  • It’s not cordless.
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Best Drill for Woodworking Buyers’ Guide

Woodworking is a piece of art that requires experts and pros. But what if you are just a beginner? And also, what if you are used to hammers and nail, and maybe you want to advance? 

Woodworking drills are your best option to consider. They come in versed designs and different power outputs. Besides, most of them are compact and lightweight, thus ideal for overhead and confined areas.

However, choosing the best drill might be a bit tricky for you. And thus, below is a list of reasons and factors to consider while buying the best drill for woodworking.

Reasons why you should buy a drill for woodworking

  • It’s plain and simple to use.
  • You can use it for numerous applications. 
  • Some require no special skills like the DEWALT XTREME 12V MAX Cordless Drill/Driver Kit (DCD701F2). Therefore perfect for amateurs.
  • Your hands are safe from the vibrations.
  • Most have LED lights ideal for operations in dark spaces.
  • They are compact and petite. Thus, you can work from any position.
  • They also have different speed limits that let you take control of your job by varying the speed through different RPM.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Drill for Woodworking

  • Speed

The speed is what defines a drill- This is because there are various kinds of materials that require different speed variations. For instance, you should consider checking if the machine you want has a variable speed control dial.

Some devices are more advanced, in that they have two-speed gear shifts- this enables you to control your project by regulating the amount of speed.

  • Chuck

For a longer tool’s shelf life, you should be very keen on the type of material used in making the chuck. The Best woodworking drills have their chuck made from metal for increased durability. Additionally, you should contemplate if the machine uses a key or a keyless chuck.

The units with keyless chucks will increase your operation time- This is because you can easily change the bits at any time.

  • Handle

Most of the woodworking drills are hand tools. For this reason, you must buy a machine with an ergonomically designed rubberized grip- This protects you from the vibrations that arise from the device while operating.

I can also suggest that it’s better to have a drill with a centered handle- the reason been to increase your balance and stability when working on hard surfaces.

  • Size

Woodworking drills have a wide range of operations. You can use them for overhead or in confined places. Thus, you are supposed to consider the size and compatibility of your tool.

Lightweight tools are used readily in various places with less exhaustion. The design and shape also help you to work on hard to reach areas.

  •  Fuel gauge indicator

Corded drills don’t require a fuel gauge indicator. But if you prefer using a cordless drill that also helps prevent accidents that may arise from dangling cords- Then you should order for the one with a fuel gauge indicator.

This device helps you monitor the amount of power you use and displays the remaining so that you don’t run out with unfinished work.

  • Power

The motor rating determines the amount of power in a woodworking drill- This can be between 0 and 10 amps. Thus, for the best performance, you should choose a higher rating. For the corded ones, you should use power input from a steady source. However, for the cordless drills, you should reckon the type of battery that it uses.

I recommend the lithium-ion battery. This type is in use by many cordless devices since it delivers very high fade-free power. It also comes in different ratings. So you should go for the higher ratings for maximum output.

Watch the video below on how to use a drill:


Gone are the days when woodwork specialists used hammers and nails in making holes. Nowadays, the new regime of woodworking drills has fiercely taken over. However, you should pick on the best drill for woodworking applications.

My overall best drill for woodworking is DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver Kit, Brushless, 1/2-Inch (DCD791D2). This drill answers all your questions as far as drilling is related and above all, gives you the best value for your money.

For instance, it’s better to choose the one with all the necessary amenities, including portability, durability, and LED lights. With all the knowledge that I have instilled in you from this article, I hope you are ready to work as an expert with the best drill for woodworking.