11 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide 2021

Image of the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood FloorsWhat can be more satisfying than a piece of equipment that makes your life simple? We are talking about the cordless vacuum cleaners that are in the market today. They provide efficiency using a lithium battery that lasts longer while in use. Its suction power enables it to perform better than a plugged-in vacuum cleaner. One massive benefit of any cordless tool is the flexibility and satisfaction you get from moving around the house while you clean. You get to quickly vacuum the blind corners, including under the bed and couches. The engineers and manufacturers put their brains together to develop the best cordless vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors.

These great vacuum cleaners have some things in common. They are very lightweight, and they produce minimal noise. You can comfortably vacuum next to a sleeping infant, and they would not make a squeak. For pet lovers, the solution is here with us.

The cordless vacuum will get rid of the footprints and pet hair that hovers all around. These breath-taking tools will let you clean your hardwood floors, including any area in your house, within a blink of an eye. 

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors Comparison Table

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors buyers guide

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you need to settle on the type and brand that you require. With the cordless vacuums, you may end up getting spoilt for choice. If the equipment you decide to purchase is light and easy on your hands, nothing can stop you. Getting what you need will ensure your floors look new every day. Below is a quick guide on some of the factors you may need to look out for to prepare to make your purchase. 

Why Should You Purchase a Vacuum Cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner enables you to get rid of collected dust from your surfaces and floor. Since the invention of vacuum cleaners, they are now corded for the best part. Nobody realized the hustle of using a piece of corded equipment until the cordless ones came to the rescue.

It contributed to the aspect of cleaning in a big way. Allergens and dust mount onto carpets, furniture, and most importantly, the floor. We are talking about clean houses but occupied by these microscopic specks of dust. For indoor air quality, you need to vacuum your home regularly.

When sucking out the dirt from various places with one of the best cordless vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors, we reduce the risk of the dust flying into the air that we breathe.

It can be very dangerous, especially for individuals with asthma. Other than that, vacuum cleaners are a significant investment and will guarantee you are trapping dust. Therefore, having a cordless vacuum cleaner will allow you to suck out dirt from all the house corners.

Safety Points

Hardwood floors are beautiful and come in handy, but they need vacuum cleaners to maintain the quality. Proper care and maintenance will get you to that lane. Let us look at some of the safety points as you conduct your vacuum regularly. 

  • Make sure to use the right vacuum for the right floor
  • The vacuum should be lightweight
  • Use the right liquid floor cleaner to produce sparkle-like new flooring.
  • When it is running, keep it away from your feet to avoid injury
  • Follow the instruction, especially when mixing a manufacturers liquid cleaner
  • Ensure that it does not scratch or scuff the floor finish
  • Read the instructions manual before using the cordless vacuum cleaner

Factors that Helps You Buy the Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors.

  • Size 

When purchasing a vacuum cleaner, the size of the house is of utmost concern. You may be living in a small area or a bungalow. Depending on the size of your room, that’s when you determine the size of the vacuum. There are types of equipment with smaller dustbins and cleaning heads.

The flexibility of the vac to cover under furniture should also be an advantage. Your height will also determine what you will pick at the shop. There are vacuums with short sticks, those with long ones, and others that are adjustable, making it flexible for anyone. 

  • Warranty 

Warranty information is vital when purchasing any tool in the market of today. Before you make the purchase, ensure there is warranty information provided. The written guarantee issued to you will be making a promise that upon malfunctions or any other thing. The manufacturer will make a replacement within a specified period.

That is a justification that is good enough in the case of an eventuality. A minimum of a one-year warranty of your entire equipment is fair enough. Some brands or manufacturers will offer additional promises on certain parts of the tool. Make sure to pay attention to the same. 

  • Storage 

Who wants to own a complicated vacuum cleaner? They can be annoying after a successful encounter with sparkling your house, and it comes time to store it. Some vacuums will come with a wall mount of a dock that makes it possible to hang it on a wall.

Storage is crucial for those people with small spaces. You do not want to walk around and knock it over. Note that other vacuums will come with separate parts that you put together. Once you finish cleaning, you disassemble it all together. 

  • Type 

For the best results, it is crucial to choose the best vacuum cleaner that will fit your type of hardwood floor. There are different vacuum types, but the two most common types are the canister vacuum and the upright vacuum. Each piece of equipment allows for easy use and maneuverability across the floor.

Further on are also other suitable types of vacuums like the robot ones and the handheld. If you are looking out for more comfort again, the robot vac is the real deal depending on your floor space. It works best for small spaces. All these types are great if it meets the need, and it is cordless.

  • Filtration mode

This type of filtration is essential for any individual looking for a breath of fresh air and a touch of clean rooms. A mode used on most vacuums is the HEPA filter since they are safe and easy to use. You get to change the bin often to allow room for more dirt without the particles flying around in the air.

Collected dirt escaping to the atmosphere can be frustrating and a health hazard. People with asthma and other related health conditions will tend to suffer most when they inhale that air. Therefore, it is essential to read what the engineers have in place before making your purchase. All this is for the benefit of you and your family.

  • Budget 

Each one has a planned financial plan for at least one full year. It may not be permanent, but there could be adjustments depending on the urgency. Buying a cordless vacuum cleaner may or may not be an emergency based on how you look at it. Our pockets are usually not the same due to different professions and means of acquiring money.

We all also do not go through the same phases in life at the same time. All these factors determine when you can or should purchase something. A vacuum cleaner is one of the vital pieces of equipment in your house. There are different brands in the market, and so they come with different prices. What may be expensive to one may be cheap to another and vice versa. Make sure you do your research.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors Products Reviews

In this section, I’ll look at individual products in detail, highlight some of their outstanding features that you should pay close attention to including their advantages and disadvantages.

1. BISSELL, 2554A Cross Wave Cordless Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner

With this cordless action, you get to enjoy vacuuming and cleaning all at the same time. With a lithium-ion battery with 36 volts, it provides up to 30 minutes of cordless cleaning power, enabling you to move around the house without getting tied to an outlet. Bissel products support the Bissel pet foundation, helping save homeless pets, another unique and worthy cause.

It helps with pet odors, messes, and the fact that they are lost. There is a two-tank technology that works to keep clean and dirty water separate. Unlike when you are mopping, only pure water and the formula get to the floor. Immediately, you are through with the cross wave self-cleaning cycle, get to clean.

What can be more awesome than a wi-fi + Dash replenishment? The system connects with an app to provide support, washing tips, and a usage dashboard. You get to also order brushes, filters, and formulas through the dash replenishment.

Summary of top features

  • It consists of a self-cleaning cycle
  • There is a technology that separates clean water and formula from dirty water and dry debris. 
  • Wi-fi and dash replenishment
  • A 3 in one docking station

Advantages BISSELL, 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max All in One Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, Black/Pearl White with Electric Blue Accents

  • It comes with an improved edge cleaning
  • It clears dirt and washes at the same time
  • Has no cord


  • The mop does not pick up tiny spots
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2. Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, NEC180

With a 40-minute-long lasting runtime, the Eureka comes with the latest motor technology that makes cleaning convenient. Its lightweight and cordless design make it easy to use and perfect for daily cleaning. The 25.2 Volts lithium-ion battery provides excellent power with a designed cyclonic filtration system that separates and traps dust, debris, and large particles.

The floor can no longer hide the various dust since the LED headlights allow you to see them with a lighted cleaning path. An easy rest feature tops it all with a design that will enable you to rest the vacuum on tables, countertops conveniently, and furniture without the danger of the vacuum falling over. Other than that, you can also easily maneuver it.

The swivel steering and a low-profile head allow you to easily clean every corner and those hard-to-reach places with comfort from any possible angle: a dust cup and handle on the front of the pole designed with a slim nozzle profile. 

Summary of top features

  • It can lay down flat under the furniture cleaning.
  • Easy rest feature when taking a break
  • It has a Max power on fingertip controls to increase the suction for better cleaning. 
  • It is designed with LED lights with bright beams that enable you to see dust.
  • Convenient Cordless vacuum cleaner that is handheld

Advantages Eureka RapidClean Pro Lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, High Efficiency Powerful Digital Motor LED Headlights, Convenient Stick and Handheld Vac, Essential

  • Very easy to maneuver
  • It is lightweight
  • Long-lasting battery type
  • Has a cyclonic filtration system


  • At times, the order is incomplete
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3. GeeMo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, E3

The GeeMo E3 cordless vacuum cleaner makes it a reliable helper in your daily life. With a 150W output power, the high-speed motor gives the vacuum cleaner adequate suction power. It enables it to easily clean dust, debris, pet hair, amongst many other types of particles.

Please talk about the ergonomic design with easy maneuverability of 180-degree force balance; it enables you to work with it for a long time without getting tired. The static eliminator has been specially designed to eliminate static electricity hazards during daily use effectively. A lightweight model that only weighs 5.5 LB can quickly move with one hand.

The feature also makes it very easy to assemble or disassemble. Equipped with a 2200 mAh high-density lithium battery, the cordless vacuum consists of longer battery life and is safer and more reliable. The 30 minutes running time ensures thorough cleaning all around the house with the battery fully charged to capacity. This product is the number one provider of home cleaning appliances due to its advanced technology and innovative nature.

Summary of top features 

  • A digital motor that provides high-performance cleaning
  • Motorized LED floor head
  • Includes a four stages filtration system
  • It has a 30-minute battery life
  • Ergonomic and anti-static design

Advantages GeeMo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 4 in 1 Stick Vacuum with 150w Powerful Suction, Anti-Static Design, Ideal for Pet, Hardwood Floor, Carpet, Car, E3

  • With just one click, you get to empty it while keeping your hands clean
  • It is lightweight
  • It is also easy to store and recharge


  • no complaints from customers.
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4. POSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner,14KPA

The Aposen cordless vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and designed with versatility. It weighs only 3 pounds, quickly converted from a stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum for various cleaning needs. This equipment further enables you to clean corners of any room, the stairs and crevices, and even in your car.

It filters up to an impressive 99.99 percent microscopic dust, a big plus to vacuum technology and a massive advantage for the consumer. The 4-stage filtration includes high-density HEPA filters. A unique cyclone separation technological system does isolate the fine dust effectively to protect the vacuum cleaner.

A highly seams-sealing design prevents and avoids secondary pollution while providing safer air for you and your family. The rechargeable vacuum offers two conveniently adjustable modes and ensures a thorough cleaning with its 30-minute powerful suction. It cleans and covers 180 square meters in the lower mode section. Its lightweight structure crates a platform for it to maneuver and cover large spaces. 

Summary of top features

  • There is an LED high-performance floor brush for dust searching
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Long-lasting battery life that is 2200mAh
  • It comes with a HEPA filter that effectively prolongs the lifespan.

Advantages APOSEN Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 24KPa Powerful Suction 250W Brushless Motor Quiet Lightweight 4 in 1 Stick Vacuum with Upgraded LED Turbine Brush for Home Hardwood Floor Carpet Car Pet Hair, H250 Blue

  • Built-in overcharge protection
  • Easy bin emptying with the help of a large capacity trash can
  • Detects microscopic dust
  • Very lightweight 


  • There have been no limitations so far
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5. Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, V8 Pro

This vacuum cleaner is a multi-surface cordless floor washer that cleans all sticky messes and kitchen grease. The cordless wet dry floor cleaner is what you need in conducting your general cleaning in your house. It works on surfaces such as wood floors, tile floors, marble floors, and so much more.

The cordless body allows you to move upstairs and downstairs freely and easily. You will not hassle while cleaning a corner of a room at home because this kit will enable you to wash conveniently and effortlessly. There is a separate dual water tank installed that allows a user to remove the individual water tanks. The large capacity water tank enables you to continuously and effortlessly clean the floor with fresh water for comprehensive clean results.

Other than the superb nature, the equipment is easy to store and maintain. It charges, cleans, and organizes your vacuum. There is an installed intelligent voice assistant that reminds you to start the cleaning cycle. You can put the brush roller, rugs, brush, and the tool that cleans in a drying tray. 

Summary of top features

  • An effective detachable and rechargeable battery
  • Equipped with a self-cleaning technology
  • A cordless brand that moves around the house
  • There is a tank that separates debris and dirt

Advantages Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hardwood Floor & Area Rugs, Wet-Dry Floor Cleaner with Separate Clean & Dirty Water Tank, Voice Assistance, Self-Cleaning, Water Spray

  • Very easy to store
  • It comes with additional accessories to assist in cleaning
  • There is a detachable and reachable battery
  • Proves excellent cleaning to original mops


  • At times, the technology on the water tank malfunctions.
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6. Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, SUNCORP by whall 21Kpa Suction

The cordless SUNCORP has been developed rapidly in Europe and Japan. The brand offers a convenient and enjoyable cleaning experience to more people. One unique feature is the wall-mounted design, where an adapter integrates with the wall mount. All this makes it convenient.

A multi-function cleaning brush that effectively solves the problem of clogging and hair entanglement. The filter must be completely dry before installing it in the vacuum cleaner because you wash it with water. Comprised with a technology known as the three working modes, it switches between different working modes according to your desired need. A large capacity dust cup that is 500ml in size enables as much dust as possible to be trapped.

Ensure you pay attention to the cover from the instructions manual, easily opened with one click. The cyclone filter system generates a strong centrifugal force that successfully throws large particles to the dust cup’s bottom. The cordless nature of the vacuum cleaner allows you to get away from fighting with cords as you try to get to every corner of the house.

Summary of top features

  • has a three suction mode that meets cleaning needs on dust, oat, and nut.
  • An upgraded 250W brushless motor
  • A robust battery system for extended run time
  • Cyclone technology that enables efficient filtration

Advantages Cordless Vacuum Cleaner,SANCORP by whall 21Kpa Suction 250W Brushless Motor Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, up to 53mins Runtime, 4 in 1 Lightweight Handheld Vacuum for Home Hard Floor Carpet Pet Hair

  • Cordless and lightweight
  • It is a multi-function equipment. 


  • Warranty information is not clear
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7. Tineco iFloor Complete Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, 194846100175

Tineco is a beautiful, designed equipment tool that saves you time by vacuuming and washing floors in one easy step. A consumer will be safe to use it indoors in sealed hard floors, including hardwood, tile, laminate linoleum marble, and vinyl. The cordless wet dry vacuum cleaner means it can be efficient to vacuum the bases when it’s damp and finally dry them.

This superb piece of machine has been engineered lightweight with up to 22 minutes of continuous nonstop cleaning power. Nobody wants to start vacuuming and stop along the way just within a short time to recharge. The minutes designed have only been proven enough and effective for users who have several activities to do.

Nobody wants dirty floors, whether it’s messy, sticky spills, and pet hair. The two-tank system cleans and purifies with freshwater or a cleaning solution. Tineco package kit comes with helpful accessories and assists in the washing and cleaning escapades in a house. Get to quickly and easily vacuum and wash at the same time using one hand.

Summary of top features 

  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Includes a safe cleaning storage tray
  • Engineered with a charging adaptor that is two times more effective

Advantages Tineco iFloor Complete Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop, Powerful One-Step Cleaning for Hard Floors, Great for Sticky Messes and Pet Hair with Extra Accessories

  • Picks up messy sticking spills 
  • It is lightweight
  • It has a 3 in one cleaning tool
  • Holds a capacity of 0.55 liters
  • It comes with extra accessories


  • The floor takes longer to dry after using the vacuum.
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8. MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum, XL-618A

The provision of more leisure while offering a better life to customers is the mission of MOOSOO as a company. It comes with the best quality products and services to make cleaning easy and affordable. The vacuum cleaner is one of them; it does not disappoint on so many levels. Its product development technology and innovation, plus its professional manufacturing process, is top-notch.

This equipment performs well on all floors at its peak performer on hardwood, carpet, tile, and marble floors. The adjustable head angle allows movement in corners and areas that are hard to reach. A user will fold it under the furniture or a bed and clean every corner of the house. While the vacuum has built-in stiff nylon bristles and soft bristles, it will exceed your expectations.

As with most vacuums, this product has a multi-use function, for it is capable of cleaning dust in fabric, pet hair, children’s food residue as it meets more different needs. There is a cyclonic filtration system that captures allergens and purifies hair, and improves the living environment. It removes up to an excellent 99.99 percent of microscopic dust particles. 

Summary of top features

  • The adjustable head angle allows movement in corners.
  • An LED dust searchlight illuminates every dark corner
  • Built-in stiff nylon bristles and soft bristles
  • Convenient docking station 

Advantages MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum, 300W Powerful Stick Vacuum, 5 Stages Filtration System, 35 mins Runtime, 4-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floor Carpet Pet Car

  • Washable attached HEPA filter
  • Powerful Li-on batteries that provide strong suction
  • Has a cyclonic filtration system


  • There have been complaints from customers so far
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9. Cordless Vacuum, Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner, and Mop, T185 Plus

T185 is a lightweight vacuum cleaner from Tocmoc company specializing in home appliances’ research development and production. The equipment provides 100 percent confidence to create fresh air for you and your family. Further, it removes ground-in dirt and pet hair. Pet hair is a nuisance to people, especially when it flies around in the house, so the equipment takes care of it.

A large battery that is 6x2000mAh high capacity and faster charging to save you on time. It then offers up to 28 minutes runtime and performs exceptionally well when practically using it. A HEPA filter that captures microscopic dust provides the most ultimate purified air and an excellent cleaning experience for every user.

The 200W brushless motor delivers the powerful suction capability to pick up both small and large particles. A beautifully designed dual-purpose cleaning brush acts constructively by cleaning the filter’s gaps and tangled hair on the roller brush.

Summary of top features 

  • Magnetic detachable water tank 
  • An ultra-lightweight and ultra-low noise 
  • Has sufficient accessories to meet all your cleaning needs
  • An electric turbine brush with LED lights

Advantages Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 5-in-1 Lightweight Stick/Handheld Vacuum Rechargeable, Powerful Suction for Hard Floor

  • Long-lasting, fast recharging battery
  • Four stages high-efficiency filtration system with one additional heap filter
  • It comes with an extension tube and water tank.


  • Some of the equipment’s vacuum does not work as expected.
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10. ORFELD Cordless Vacuum, VC818

What makes this ORFELD vacuum special is that it has a vacuum storage base. You can simply unlock your cordless vacuum cleaner and place it inside as you store it in a small corner. The ergonomic handle matches with the ultra-light that illuminates and assists in cleaning ubiquitous spaces.

This saves your back and wrist efficiently as you do not have to bend as you clean. Get to enjoy with your family the Orfield 4 in 1 versatility combination design. The extended stick with flexible tools makes cleaning easy for places that are hard to reach. These include the ceiling and as low as under furniture such as stairs, car seats, and sofa sets. Nothing would be able to get away from your naked eye.

Two power modes allow a user to switch easily between them. The ECO mode for whole-home cleaning provides 30 minutes runtime, while the MAX mode for more complex cleaning areas offers 18 minutes runtime. Impressively enough is there is a bigger dustbin compared to the other brands. It is 40 percent bigger than the other cordless vacuum cleaners. You get to save your time by emptying the dustbin repeatedly when it is complete. The kit also comes with two washable HEPA filters.

Summary of top features

  • 4 in 1 versatility design
  • 4 stage cyclone filtrations
  • Self-standing storage station
  • It has an LED headlight electric brush

Advantages ORFELD Cordless Vacuum, Upright Stick Vacuum with 1.4L Big Dustbin, Unique-Design Storage Base for Hard Floor Carpet Pet Hair

  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Super large dustbin
  • Long-lasting runtime


  • No complaints so far
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11. ONSON Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, EV-696 MAX

With the Onion brand, you get to have a whole new experience and innovation. You get to avoid secondary pollution with the stages of high-efficiency filtration. The sealed filter manages to collect 99.99 percent dust. It goes through a process of generating high-speed rotating airflow to remove particles in the air.

Excellent cleaning experience and ultimate clean air is made possible with the EV-696 cordless vacuum cleaner. The conjunction of a 250W brushless motor gives the equipment longer service life. Two power modes are convenient for a super suction provision that leads up to 20kPa, which cleans up all debris, pet hair, and furniture dust. Working next to it is a designed brilliant LCD that monitors the operating status and performance.

It even has troubleshooting lights allowing you to use the cordless vacuum without getting worried since it is more radiant. It is vital to note that the vacuum cleaner can automatically adjust the suction power according to the dust area. With this vacuum cleaner, you will be assured of spotless results when it comes to cleaning. 

Summary of top features

  • Designed with the latest brush V that helps avoid hair entanglement
  • It has a 200W brushless motor
  • It uses a 2200Mah lithium-ion battery which is double the working of ordinary vacuum cleaners.
  • It comes with a newly upgraded LCD

Advantages ONSON Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 55 Minutes Long Runtime Cordless Stick Vacuum with Smart Sensor Tech, 4 in 1 Upgraded V-Shape Brush Portable Vacuum Cleaner for Hard Floor Stairs Pet Hair Deep Clean

  • It consists of a cyclone water filter
  • you can clean and empty with just a click


  • The wall port could use some improvements.
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If you are looking for a clean home environment and tired of the old-fashioned way of cleaning then you need the best cordless vacuum cleaners for hardwood floors. You will no longer require bending for hours to clean your house and fail to get the desired results.

If you ask me to suggest my best vacuum cleaner for your hardwood floors then I’d strongly recommend the BISSELL, 2554A Cross Wave Vacuum Cleaner. This new generation of vacuum cleaner will exceed your expectations as it detects dirt that is trapped or unseen with our naked eyes.

I believe that you have learned a lot from this article regarding different types of vacs available in the market and what they can do. All you must do is use this information for your benefit. Make that purchase today.

Meanwhile, if you have anything to share with me, could be a question, opinion, or a suggestion. Please share it in the comment section below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.