8 Best Cordless Heat Guns for Paint Removal- 2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of Milwaukee, the Best Cordless Heat Guns for Paint RemovalIf you require a paint removal device to help you improve your efficiency and performance, then the Best Cordless Heat Guns for Paint Removal is your top pick. The tool provides both ease of use and high performance for various paint removal projects. It can work on other materials such as plastic and metal, ensuring that you work on multiple applications.

The heat gun is safe to use. It has convenience features such as an LED display light that enhances visibility and a comfortable ergonomic handle to ensure that you firmly hold the tool during your work. 

Besides that, this unit will ensure that you finish your work as possible as it heats operational temperature within seconds and makes an impressive number of runs before the battery drains its charge.

Wow! It is indeed a product to add to your shelf. However, you need sufficient information on the heat guns in the market and how to get one. That is why I have prepared this review and a detailed buyer’s guide to help you make a decision.

Best Cordless Heat Guns for Paint Removal Comparison Table

Best Cordless Heat Guns for Paint Removal Buyer’s Guide

Any woodworker can get a heat gun as long as they know their project needs and the essential features that suit them. I acknowledge that it is not easy to get the most suitable tool since various heat guns for paint removal have impressive features that handle multiple projects desirably. However, you will reap immense benefits if you invest in getting a specific heat gun with the parts you need.

This part of the review will give you the features that heat guns possess to learn more about what to check for in your search. I will also give you reasons why it is an excellent tool to get into your shelf.

Reasons to Get the Best Cordless Heat Guns for Paint Removal

  • Durability. The heat gun possesses features such as a temperature management system that ensures it does not overheat and lengthens its lifespan. It also has a five-second cooling time after shut down to keep the tool in good shape after use.
  • Ease of use. You can comfortably use the product despite being a beginner as it has a compact design, making it suitable for confined or tight spaces. The tool also features a lightweight body that allows you to use it for long without getting tired, and you can carry it for indoors and outdoors operations.
  • Enhanced visibility. Sometimes your work may extend into the night, but the workstation does not have sufficient lighting. With the heat gun, you don’t have to stop because it has an LED display light that brightens the place and enhances visibility. Therefore, you only stop working when you finish the job or experience fatigue.
  • Safe to use. Users commend the tool for safety enhancement features that guarantee safety despite emitting high heat levels. For example, it has a non-slip handle that enables you to hold the machine’s body firmly. When working with the unit, You have to push two buttons to activate the product simultaneously: thus, you cannot turn it on accidentally. Also, it has a rotary quick-release design to optimize safety.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Cordless Heat Guns for Paint Removal

  • Easy storage

How you store a product determines whether it will last longer or you will have to run to the store within no time to get a replacement. Therefore, you need to carefully scrutinize the product to get one that will not challenge you during storage.

We have heat guns that cool down in five seconds, which allows you to store them almost immediately after use. On the other hand, we have some that take some time, meaning that you will have to wait for them to cool down before you keep it.

The product features a compact design that also makes it easy to store. However, heat guns vary in size, and you will need to check your storage area size before you get one.

  • Enhanced visibility

Some woodworkers do their work round the clock, and sometimes dark or poorly lit working stations are challenging. This element may lead to dragging and lagging projects.

However, the manufacturers have seen this need and developed heat guns with an LED display light that comes to your rescue in such scenarios. The light brightens the area and makes the working surface visible.

  • Performance

A tool can only pride itself as an excellent pick if it can deliver high-end results to its user. If you wonder what qualities and features to look for to guarantee perfect performance, worry no more! The gun’s engine power, temperature variability, and run time will reveal if it can serve you appropriately.

A robust motor will always ensure that the tool provides sufficient power to handle your projects. A temperature variability function will guarantee you more control of the heat levels and make adjustments and match your job needs. The machine’s run time determines how many runs it makes before the battery drains its charge.

  • Nozzles

The nozzle also determines the tool’s performance level and efficiency. Most devices have various nozzles for added versatility, which ensures that the results are impressive.

We have the concentration nozzle that focuses the tool’s heat on a specific spot that needs more temperature levels. Also, the guns feature the deflector nozzle that helps workflow when thawing pipes and shrinking tubes.

When looking at the tool’s nozzle, you should ensure that you get a tool that can accommodate various nozzle attachments. This practice will help you get a unit that accepts accessories from other cordless and corded devices.

  • Application

The unit can handle multiple operations effortlessly. However, we have specific ones for particular projects as they have additional features to enhance performance and more power to run more demanding applications.

For example, heavy-duty projects require you to get a heat gun with a strong motor and high temperature levels. Such a tool should also have various nozzles that focus the heat on certain spots and enhance the workflow.

On the other hand, home and family projects require a lightweight and smaller unit.

  • Fast heating 

There is nothing as boring as having to wait for your machine to heat warm-up, especially if it takes a longer time. Therefore, the heating duration is a priority as you choose the most suitable tool for your applications.

Thankfully, the manufacturer has enhanced the product’s convenience by having it heat up in seconds. Most units only require less than ten seconds to be hot enough for your minor projects. However, if you are working on a heavy-duty task, you may need to wait longer.

  • In-built protection

A heat gun can be a dangerous device because it emits high levels of heat when in use. Therefore, you need one that assures you of maximum safety by having in-built protection features that minimize accident risks.

Some devices feature a thermostat that automatically shut down the machine when it gets too hot and overheats. Others have an automatic switch that automatically turns the gun off when you release the trigger.

The trigger also keeps the tool from damage when you drop it accidentally.

  • Budget

The more features a machine has, the more pricey it is and vice versa. Therefore, if you need a heavy-duty tool with more features, you need to prepare to spend more money than if you needed a smaller device.

However, additional features are worth it because you will enjoy unmatched performance levels.

  • Additional accessories

Different tool kits will have various accessories for the user. Some packages only have the bare tool, while others have additional nozzles, a battery, and a charger.

Therefore, as you research the most suitable product for you, check the tool kit to see if you’ll get more accessories.

A well-packed tool kit may require you to part with some more money, but it is a worthy course since you will have to buy stuff like a battery and charger anyway. Additionally, working with the manufacturer’s additional tools helps you reduce the stress of researching and purchasing them separately.

Best Cordless Heat Guns for Paint Removal Product Reviews

Let’s take a look at a detailed discussion regarding individual products. These tools are different with different performance levels, they have small features which makes big difference when it comes to paint removal. Ensure that you go only for the very best heat guns you can find in the market. 

1. DEWALT Cordless Heat Gun (DCE530P1)

The DCE530P1 gives you an unmatched working experience and allows you to handle multiple applications ranging from paint and decal removal to heat shrinking wire tubing. It has up to a 990° F Max output temperature and has temperature settings that allow you to select the most suitable heat levels. This unit also has a lock on and off feature that will enable hands-free operation whenever necessary.

DEWALT Cordless Heat Gun has a standard size nozzle that allows attachments from corded devices. It also features a flat and hooks nozzle for enhanced versatility. Besides that, you can comfortably use the tool in tight places as it has a compact design and enjoy additional accessories such as a battery and charger.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The product has an LED light for increased visibility in dark areas.
  • It provides up to 990 degrees F/532 Degrees C max output temperature for excellent performance.
  • DEWALT provides a hands-free operation, thanks to the lock-on trigger.
  • It offers up to 45 minutes of run-time per charge.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun (DCE530P1)


  • You can use the tool in confined and tight spaces as it has a compact design.
  • It performs multiple functions, such as wire tubing and decal removal.
  • The device is versatile and can accommodate nozzles from corded guns.
  • DEWALT comes with a charger and battery.
  • It also has temperature settings to allow you to adjust the heat levels.


  • Users complain that it does not have a lot of power.
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2. Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21

Milwaukee is a unique tool that the manufacturer recommends for household use as it is easy to use and meets various customer requirements. The machine reaches its operational temperature in less than 6 seconds and reduces downtime. It features lithium battery technology that allows you to work on over 40 connections without cord hassles.

The unit possesses a redlink intelligence, which is a temperature management system that enhances its durability. It has a long guarded nozzle to prevent contact with unprotected surfaces and delivers high performance on multiple projects. You will enjoy the added accessories such as a charger, battery, hook nozzle, concentrator nozzle, and a carrying case with the heat gun.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The heat gun has redline plus intelligence with a temperature management system to provide maximum life.
  • It has a guarded nozzle and ladder hook to prevent the unit’s body from coming in contact with unprotected surfaces.
  • Milwaukee prides itself in a red lithium battery technology and can heat over 40 connections without the hassle of a cord.
  • The tool kit comes with added accessories such as a battery, charger, concentrator nozzle.

Milwaukee Electric Tools 2688-21 M18 Heat Gun Kit


  • The device meets customer requirements.
  • It is a high-performance heating gun.
  • Milwaukee reaches operational temperature in less than 6 seconds.
  • It is small and easy to use and accommodates both pros and amateurs.
  • The machine is lightweight, and you can use it for long periods without straining.


  • The user cannot vary the product’s temperature as it does not have a thermostat.
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3. Ryobi P3150 Cordless Heat Gun

This cordless gun features two nozzles for increased versatility and efficiency. The first nozzle is the concentrator nozzle that allows you to intensify the heat in more specific spots, giving you more precision. Secondly, we have the deflector nozzle with a hook design to help tube shrinking and pipe thawing.

Ryobi P3150 reaches a maximum temperature of 875 Degree Fahrenheit to ensure efficient job execution and helps in applications such as wrap shrinking and drying joint compounds. The machine also has an inbuilt LED light to brighten the working surface and reach its operational temperatures in just 10 seconds.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The appliance’s concentrator nozzle helps to handle projects that require more precision.
  • Ryobi P3150 only needs 10 seconds to reach the operating temperature for quicker working sessions.
  • It can heat up to 875 Degree Fahrenheit to suit a variety of jobs
  • The device also has a deflector nozzle that helps workflow when thawing pipes and shrinking tubes.
  • You can work in dark spaces, thanks to the onboard LED light that brightens the material.

RYOBI 18-Volt Cordless Heat Gun Kit with Battery and Charger (Bulk Packaged, Non-Retail Packaging) P3150 + Battery + P118B


  • The product has two nozzles to accommodate various project needs.
  • It runs up to 20 minutes when you use it with the Ryobi P193 18V 6Ah battery.
  • You can work for extended periods as the machine is lightweight.
  • Ryobi P3150 makes drying and shrinking needs projects possible.


  • You cannot adjust the tool’s heat levels.
  • The trigger does not lock to allow a hands-free operation.
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4. DEWALT Cordless Heat Gun, Tool Only (DCE530B)

DEWALT DCE530B features a compact design that accommodates a woodworker in a tight space. It also has a standard-size nozzle and allows you to fit other attachments and brands with ease. The tool is suitable for various applications and delivers excellent decal and paint removal and heat shrinking wire tubing.

You can customize the heat levels as the machine has two temperature settings. It also includes an LED light that makes work easier in poorly lit work environments. The device has a lock on and off feature that gives room for hand-free operation and comes with two nozzles for added versatility and convenience.

The Summary of Top Features

  • This cordless gun delivers up to 990 degrees F/532 degrees C max output temperature to take care of your application needs.
  • It also has a valuable LED light that illuminates the work surface when you are in a dark area.
  • DEWALT DCE530B has a lock-off trigger that engages and allows manual operation.
  • It has an included flat nozzles and hooks nozzle attachment for increased performance.

DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun, Tool Only (DCE530B)


  • The tool offers up to 42 minutes of run-time per charge.
  • It uses the lithium-ion battery on a low setting, thus increasing its life span.
  • You can use other nozzle attachments on the product, and you can fit other brands with ease.
  • DEWALT has a compact design that allows you to work in a confined environment.


  • The kit does not include a battery and charger.
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5. Milwaukee Electric Tool Milwaukee 2688-20

Using the Milwaukee 2688-20 will provide you with an excellent working experience as it reaches its operating temperature in seven minutes and heats over 40 connections on just a single XC 5.0 battery. The electric tool has a superior functionality that features redlink intelligence on its temperature management system to provide extended life.

This product also has a compact design for easy use in tight or confined working areas. It has an impressive 6.4” overall length and an LED light function for more convenience. On top of that, the guarded nozzle protects the work surfaces, and the ladder hook facilitates easy hanging in-between applications.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The product has a ladder hook for easy hanging in-between applications.
  • It also includes an LED light that illuminates the work area for added convenience.
  • Milwaukee 2688-20 features a guarded nozzle for increased work surface protection.
  • It works well with all M18 red Lithium battery packs and has a 6.4” n overall length.
  • The tool guarantees high performance as it reaches an operational temperature in 7 seconds.

Milwaukee Electric Tool Milwaukee 2688-20 Cordless Heat Gun


  • You can heat over 40 connections on just a single XC 5.0 battery.
  • The tool’s temperature management system provides maximum life.
  • Milwaukee 2688-20 has a compact design and is easy to use.
  • It works excellently and has impressive battery life.


  • It is a bare tool and does not come with added accessories.
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6. Ridgid 18-Volt Cordless Butane Heat Gun

The Ridgid 18-Volt Cordless Butane Heat Gun is an ideal choice for commercial purposes as it features an industry-leading max temperature of up to 1100°F. It also has an adjustable temperature output that helps you customize the heat levels to suit the job requirements. In addition to that, you will enjoy a hex grip featuring micro-texture to guarantee a secure grip.

You can easily and quickly store the appliance, thanks to the cool-down mode. The heat gun’s foldable kickstand assures you of job site versatility and increased stability. You can safely and comfortably work with the device regardless of your woodworking proficiency as it is easy to use.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The unit has a cool-down mode that allows for quick storage after use.
  • It has an enhanced micro-texture grip to prevent slips when you are working.
  • Ridgid 18-Volt has a foldable kickstand for increased stability and job site versatility.
  • It also features a variable temperature function to give you more control over the heat levels.

Pros Ridgid 18-Volt Cordless Butane Heat Gun

  • You will enjoy working with an industry-leading maximum temperature of up to 1100°F.
  • The tool heats up instantly.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • Since it helps dry and peels paint and heat shrinking, you can use it in multiple operations.


  • The product does not come with any attachments, and you need to buy the battery and charger separately.
  • Users complain that it does not get hot enough.
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7. Cordless Heat Gun, PRULDE NHG0140

PRULDE NHG0140 is the heat gun to consider as it is simple yet versatile and easy to use yet powerful. It delivers a high temperature of 1022°F for a variety of jobs and reaches the operating temperature in 10 seconds. The tool also prides itself on a portable cordless design that makes it a convenient option.

You can achieve a hands-free operation with the lock-off trigger. The double safety mechanism guarantees your safety as you work on household DIY projects and the job site. PRULDE NHG0140 has four nozzles that handle various applications such as tube bending, cell phone repair, and car wrapping.

The Summary of Top Features

  • The device allows hands-free operation as it has a lock on and off the trigger.
  • It has a compact and cordless design that lets you achieve freedom regardless of the work environment.
  • PRULDE NHG0140 has four nozzle attachments that make it suitable for different applications.
  • The device optimizes the innovative cellular heating technology that makes air heating more uniform and fast.
  • It also has a double safety mechanism to help you avoid accidents.

Pros Cordless Heat Gun, PRULDE NHG0140 Lithium-ion Battery Hot Air Gun Kit with Charger and Rechargeable Battery, 4 Metal Nozzle Attachments for Crafts, Shrink Wrapping, Phone Repairing, Tube Bending

  • The product’s additional concentrator nozzle intensifies the heat for specific areas.
  • PRULDE NHG0140 delivers a high-temperature of1022°F to accommodate demanding projects.
  • It heats up in less than ten seconds and increases productivity.
  • You can use it on the job site or for household DIY projects.
  • The device comes with a charger and a rechargeable battery.



  • The tool is only compatible with the Neu Master battery pack.
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8. Cordless Heat Gun, NEU MASTER NHG0050

This cordless heat gun is suitable for various products ranging from shrink warping, tube bending, paint stripping, and working with stickers. It has three nozzle types for increased flexibility and added convenience and a five-second cooling design after shut down. The unit also has a built-in safety feature that requires you to push two buttons to activate it simultaneously.

NEU MASTER NHG0050 has a rotary quick-release nozzle design to maximize the tool’s safety. The innovative cellular heating technology makes air heating faster and more uniform, presenting perfect results. Thanks to its LED light and hooks, you can also work with the device in dark, outdoor, and high-altitude environments.

The Summary of Top Features

  • NEU MASTER NHG0050 utilizes innovative cellular heating technology to help you achieve speed and uniformity.
  • It has three types of nozzles for added versatility.
  • The device also has five seconds cooling time after shutdown for quick and convenient storage.
  • You can use it in poorly lit workstations as it has an LED light design to enhance visibility.

Pros DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Heat Gun, Tool Only (DCE530B)

  • The product accommodates a variety of household and job site applications.
  • It is safe to operate, thanks to the rotary quick release design.
  • NEU MASTER NHG0050 is cordless and portable, and, thus, easy to carry.
  • You have to simultaneously push two buttons to activate the product, making it safe to operate.


  • The tool does not have a variable temperature setting.
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Watch the video below on how to strip paint using a heat gun


A cordless heat gun does wonders that a corded device cannot do and even has a lock-on and off trigger that allows hands-free operation to reduce user fatigue. The tool has more features that assure you of high-end results, such as a powerful engine and high-temperature levels. It can handle projects ranging from heavy-duty, medium, and lightweight jobs and is suitable for both beginners and experts.

Manufacturers recommend the products that I have highlighted in the review. However, my best pick is the DEWALT Cordless Heat Gun (DCE530P1), which has up to a 990° F Max output temperature and has temperature settings that enable you to match your job needs. Unlike many cordless heat guns, it comes with added accessories such as a battery and charger.

You will enjoy working with the tool even in poorly lit working stations, thanks to the LED display light.