10 Best Cordless Bandsaw- Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Image of dewalt, the Best Cordless BandsawWith the increase in cordless technology, one of the most useful tools in your workshop should be a band saw. It is a battery-operated saw that lets you cut through wood, metals quickly and safely. The aspect of safety is realized when you are just about to start your project. Like any other operated tool, an operator can handle most of these machines with one hand. Working with the very best cordless bandsaw gives so much to make your respective projects a walk in the park. 

You will realize that many companies are working day and night to make a name for themselves. Competition is vital for any healthy growing human being. As the brand names compete, they also revise most of their tools and upgrade them. The upgraded version makes different cuts to your application.

There are a lot of models in the market today. With the right tool, you get exceptional results and deliver or end your project in time. It acts by making smooth and unique cuts. Here is a review of the cordless bandsaws that are top in the market today.

List of the Best Cordless Bandsaw

1. Makita XBP03Z Cordless Compact Band Saw, Tool Only

The Makita cordless portable saw delivers the cordless metal cutting power to the job site. It is designed with a Makita-built high torque motor, and a compact makes for a range of cutting applications. The adjustable foot protects the material and provides positive support for more accurate cuts. Blade speed allows accurate and faster cutting.

The 2-1/2 inch cutting capacity is ideal for cutting conduit, channel, thread, corrugated, pipe, sheet metal, square tubing, and more. This model weighs just 9 pounds, with the battery sold separately. It is also equipped with a built-in LED light that illuminates the work area for more efficient work. The rubber, additional rubber bumpers, and a removable hook transform the equipment into a masterpiece.

This XBPo3Z lithium-ion system is the world’s most extensive cordless tool system powered by 18V lithium-ion slide batteries.  The batteries have efficient charge times in their categories. They impressively use most of the time working and less of the time sitting on the charger.

This improves tool performance and extended battery life, and the star protection computer control has been installed. It is a communication technology that allows the equipped tool and battery to exchange data in real-time and monitor conditions during use.

Summary of top features

  • Enclosed wheel cover
  • Aluminum blade housing
  • Exterior blade adjustment 

Image of the best cordless bandsaw by MakitaAdvantages

  • Star protection computer controls
  • You get to use the same batteries and chargers with all 36V and 18V LXT tools. 


  • The battery is sold separately.
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2. Milwaukee 2629-22 M18 Cordless Band Saw Kit

The M18 Milwaukee delivers the cleanest cuts on the most common materials making it arguably the best cordless bandsaw. It is the perfect tool for cutting metal in tight areas at only 10-1/4 pounds and 18 inches in length. The 3-1/4 inch cut capacity delivers the cleanest cuts and low vibration. Most common materials include strut, 2-1/2-inch conduit, 3-inch angle iron, copper and threaded rod without ruining the threads.

Additionally, it cuts common materials for electricians, plumber, and mechanical cutting applications. It passes single cuts on 3-inch copper, 3-inch angle iron, and 2-1/2-inch conduit with a special delivery of results. The product is manufactured in China, and it makes it very durable and very easy to use.

Tool-free adjustable material shoe quickly adjusts the shoe and allows flush cuts when working with installed materials against walls and ceilings. You can never go wrong with the Milwaukee manufacturers since they deliver accuracy and precision without fail.

The blade ejection system allows change of blade by moving the material guide into the up position and depressing the ejection button. Whenever you are working in the dark, the LED work light illuminates the cut line. 

Summary of top features 

  • Lightweight design
  • LED work light 
  • Blade ejection system
  • High capacity lithium-ion batteries

Image of a cordless bandsawAdvantages 

  • The tool-free adjustable material guide allows cuts to flush.
  • The Cast aluminum gear case does withstand job site abuse.
  • It has a 5-year warranty.


  • Some customers complained of the battery blowing up.
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3. Makita XBP02 Cordless Portable Band Saw Kit

Suppose you are contemplating whether to buy a tool from the Makita manufacturers. The answer is absolutely 100 percent without hesitation you should buy one. It will save you most of your time, and your efficiency on the job will go up tenfold. You get to have less stress when it comes to cutting things that will require a hacksaw or a jigsaw. 

The high torque built motor and a six setting variable speed control delivers a no-load speed of 275-530 ft/min. It allows a faster metal cutting through Unistrut, all thread, channel, corrugated, pipe, sheet metal, square tubing, and so much more. It cuts through this stuff like butter or a hot knife. The saw’s weight and the arm will bring the saw through the material, and it cuts in an even and fluid motion. 

The XBP02 weighs just 14.3 pounds and comes complete with batteries included. Its ergonomic shape fits like a glove for reduced operator fatigue. There is a little lever up at the front that enables an operator to loosen the blade’s tension. It is also equipped with a built LED light that illuminates the work area for more efficient work. Any pro contractor that requires a best-in-class engineered cordless portable saw, this is it.

Summary of top features 

  • Protection circuit with over-torque control
  • Protective bumper design
  • Tool hook that secures the tool

Image of the best cordless bandsaw by MakitaAdvantages 

  • Six settings that are a variable speed control dial
  • Built-in LED 


  • None so far
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4. Metabo HPT Cordless Band Saw, Tool Only (CB18DBLQ4)

The Metabo manufacturers designed this tool with a brushless motor technology for higher efficiency, increased lifetime, and longer tool lifetime. Its 3-1/4 inch cut capacity cuts various plastics in electric, plumbing, and mechanical work applications. The overload and overheat protection automatically adjusts the blade speed to the work material resulting in noise reduction and less battery consumption.

It has an impressive weight, only at 9. 13 pounds, with no battery or charger included. Variable speed dial operates from 395 to 640 SFPM and allows for setting the blade speed to suit the work material. Its tool body is compatible with all Metabo HPT 18V Lithium-ion slide-type batteries and other great features. it will add convenience and versatility while handling tasks. 

This product was once from Hitachi power tools, which has been renamed Metabo HPT. The device is the new brand name for Koki holdings America, formerly part of the Hitachi group. Furthermore, it features an on-tool battery charge indicator that automatically adjusts the blade speed to the application. It also has a convenient tool-less blade change to reduce user downtime.

Summary of top features 

  • 3-1/4-inch cut capacity that cuts different types of conduit pipes etc.
  • Overload and overheat protection
  • On tool battery charge indicator
  • LED light 
  • Elastomer coated handle

image of Metabo cordless bandsawAdvantages 

  • Removable side handle
  • Lightweight
  • Brushless motor technology 


  • At times the blade snaps.
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5. Milwaukee 2429-21XC M12 Cordless Sub-Compact Bandsaw Kit

As a woodworker, you require your cuts on metal very clean and very precise. The Milwaukee cordless sub compact band saw does not disappoint. This kit comes with a case, a charger, and an M12 red lithium battery. It has a space to store the battery on the tool and one more battery in the case. If you have a different M12 battery, you can keep it in there.

The blade takes a twenty thousand thick edge, ½ inch wide, 27-1/16 inches long. You can get that in different pitches and different inches. It is also just a great saw; it is also approved for cutting with one hand. Its cut capacity is 1-5/8 inch wide, and you can cut 2-1/4 inches in depth.

The installed LED light is perfect. It is bright enough that you can see it under good morning and dim light; it’s not too optimistic that it’s blinding you. Perfect place, perfect angle with an excellent little saw. If you are on fuel or anything combustible, this tool works great. Its small design fits into a lot of areas that a bigger saw won’t. 

Image of a cordless bandsawSummary of top features

  • Compact size
  • It consists of an LED light.
  • It offers a one-handed cut.


  • Lightest weight
  • Tool Warranty 5 years
  • It cuts a wide range of applications.
  • It comes with a carrying case.


  • The supplied battery is only 3Ah.
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6. Bosch Bare-Tool BSH180B Compact Band Saw

This unit does not come with a battery or charger; it is sold separately. It is recommended to use the Bosch 18 Volt, 5 Amp battery. There is a safety on the trigger that you have to push before pulling it to turn it on. An integrated LED has been designed so you can see what you are cutting. It illuminates the cut line in dark areas.

An included ball-bearing transforms the tool. Best in a class compact size and up to 60 percent lighter than deep cut saws and 40 percent more compact. There is a handle that you can screw at the side for a lot of extra control. It makes it way much more comfortable, significantly when you cut down or cut over your head. 

The one downside to this device is that you will not have tool-less access to either clean the wheels or change the blade. You need to get a screwdriver to unscrew, which takes a little bit more extra time. Always make sure that while in the process, you do not accidentally urn the tool on. Although, the craftsmanship is terrific. It’s got a nice ledge, so you can set things on it before you cut. 

Summary of top features 

  • Integrated LED light
  • Aluminum base
  • Cut-rate of 530 surface feet per minute

A cordless bandsawAdvantages 

  • Fairly quiet and easy
  • it is ideal for cutting in tight places or overhead cutting.


  • The battery and charger sold are separate.
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7. Milwaukee 2629-20 cordless band saw.

This super cordless band saw from china comes as a bare tool with an 18.0 voltage and 35-3/8-inch blade length.  Perfection is what it has attained with a 10.25Lbs compact, lightweight design for cutting overhead and tight places. With an impressive cut capacity of 3-1/4 inches, it manages the most common materials for an electrician, plumber, and mechanical cutting applications.

The Milwaukee manufacturers have never fallen short of coming up with quality power tools and accessories. The cordless device is also portable, enabling a woodworker to easily carry it around their working space or from one job site to another. 

Equipped with the Jobsite armor technology, the tool is better protected from falls and debris with a patterned DE composite material and zone barriers to absorb impact. It also offers the same legendary durability that has made Milwaukee cordless deep cut band saws unsurpassed for decades using more than 90 percent of the same parts.

Batteries expertise provides up to 2 times more run time than other competitive band saws. The kit also features a work light, blade ejection system, and a tool-free adjustable material guide. The   Milwaukee is an excellent tool that has landed just at the right time. One of the best cordless bandsaws indeed. 

Image of the best cordless bandsawSummary of top features

  • A 3-1/4 inch cut capacity which cuts most common material
  • Nonslip soft-grip handle
  • An 18.0 voltage power
  • Drop-resistant pulley guard


  • Offers low vibration 
  • it gets to withstand job-site abuse and maintains gear positioning
  • Lightweight
  • An LED work light that illuminates the cutline 


  • It does not come with a warranty.
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8. Ryobi Cordless Portable Band Saw P590

Ryobi is an exciting tool that has an impressive build quality. It has specifications of a cut sped of 560 SFPM. When you use it in some cases, it will be a little fast; it will speed up slightly for other issues. There is no speed control on that; this is what it is set to do. You have a 32-7/8 inch blade, pretty easy to pick up this blade anywhere you want.

As stated in the package box, an operator can use it for wood, metal, and plastic. After the end of a single-use, make sure to clean it well before indulging in the next task. To maintain longevity, especially in the tool’s loose parts, you have to keep it reasonably clean. There is a one-handed tension knob that enables you to change the blade. 

Ryobi is built with plastic and reinforcement in between, and there is no metal at the bottom. This makes it a little more affordable. There is an onboard tool that sits right in front of the battery. You can use this tool to adjust your run out in the blade. It enables it to run entirely. You get to use the same tool to change your stop. It is nice to have a little tool onboard and adjust where the blade will run inside. 

Image of a cordless bandsaw by RyobiSummary of top features 

  • It uses a 6 Amp power battery
  • 560 SFPM for quick cuts
  • A hanging hook to provide storage
  • LED light


  • It is portable 
  • Comfortable pommel handles deliver more comfort  


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9. RYOBI P590KN Cordless Portable Band Saw

Ryobi has opened up the door to so many people hat wanted a portable band saw. They have not manufactured only one but several different types of band saws. There are two sets of guide rollers that enable the blade to move and cut. This lightweight, portable band saw delivers cutting power directly to the job site. It is designed to cut wood, metal, or plastic.

It has a 2.5 cut capacity and clears 560 surface feet per minute. Most of all, it’s a part of the Ryobi one plus system of over 125 cordless tools that all deliver results on the same battery platform. 

The battery is a durably constructed frame for impact protection and an onboard fuel gauge, so you can quickly check your charge at any time. One of the disappointments is the hanging hook. It just isn’t designed the right way. You just have to find a better way to hang it. On built quality, it is more excellent than you would expect. The lever is a little bit thicker, and it feels fabulous on hands.

Summary of top features

  • Designed to cut wood, metal, or plastic
  • Adjustable blade tracking that helps in setting the blade right.
  • LED light to illuminate the workplace
  • 560 SFPM for quick cuts in all material
  • 2-1/2 inch cut capacity for a broader range of applications.

Image of a cordless bandsaw by RyobiAdvantages 

  • The hanging hook provides an easy overhead storage option.
  • Integrated pommel handle that delivers more comfort and increased visibility
  • Adjustable blade tracking 
  • the durably constructed frame for impact protection and a fuel gauge to check charge at any time.


  • Hanging hook not well designed  
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10. DEWALT DCS370B Cordless Band Saw

The Dewalt DCS370B heavy duty cordless band saw has a 2-1/2 inch cut capacity that enables it to make slices in up to 2 inch SCH-40 pipe. Offering superior balance and ergonomic handle, you’ll enjoy more accurate cuts and less user fatigue. It is comprised of a blade tracking adjustment, which increases blade life by providing better tracking.

The tool also has a blade changing lever that eases the blade from tension and enables quick and easy blade changes. The dual bearing guide rollers provide increased efficiency in the blade support system. Additionally, the DCS370K has a soft grip back handle that provides comfort and flexibility.

This cordless tool is not packed with a battery or charger. It is compatible with Dewalt’s 18 Volt XRP battery system. It further provides up to 40 percent more run time than standard Ni-Cad batteries and can be used with any 18-volt Dewalt tool. Compact and lightweight are present for maximum portability on job sites. This fabulous device is ideal for electricians, plumbers, sprinkler fitters, and other professional contractors. 

The end-user is tasked with cutting threaded rods, uni-strut, conduit, and other metal materials. The band saws small footprint also offers flexibility for cutting fabric on a lift or accessing tight spaces.

a bandsaw by dewaltSummary of top features 

  • the dual bearing blade guide rollers for increased durability
  • 2-1/2 inch cut capacity
  • Tool-less blade changing
  • Ergonomics for more accurate cuts


  • Blade tracking adjustment increases blade life 
  • Superior balance 


  • the tool does not include a battery or charger.
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Best Cordless Bandsaw Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best cordless bandsaw can be a challenge, given that their points to consider when buying one.  Many new woodworkers, even some seasoned ones, fail to understand what a bandsaw can do. It is ideally one of the technological tools that make work easier. They not only cut with ease but also offer precision. 

We will talk about what to look for in a good saw, so you don’t waste money on the junk or spend more than you have to on something you don’t need. 

Why You Should Buy a Bandsaw

  • A quality bandsaw can perform many tasks better than just a tool.
  • Allows much more flexibility for your workspace
  • It cuts extensive material that cannot fit in a regular band saw machine.
  • It’s a must-have, especially. 
  • The saw is portable and allows movement from one job site to the other. 
  • It saves you time and effort than using a manual saw.
  • It is a versatile tool that will not disappoint.
  • There are several world-class features like the LED light and a variable trigger. 
  • Cuts pipes or similar material. The saws produce reduced vibration and consistent pressure, meaning there is a cleaner cut to the material.
  • The compact design makes it easier and to manure and handle

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Cordless Bandsaw

  • Blade 

Blades for handheld bandsaw are toothed and are mostly used to cut metal pipe, threaded rod, and strut channel. The tool capacity gets to determine the blade length. Nobody wants to end up with the wrong blade at their job site. There needs to be an assessment of the kind of work we are to indulge in before purchasing a bandsaw.

The blade’s thickness, width, and sharpness combine to determine what it is compatible with. Blades that have similar widths are better at cutting curves. The tooth pattern also matters. Depending on the type, it will enable a woodworker to make finesse cuts and so much more.

  • Speed

The higher the blade speed, the faster you can feed the material for cutting. If you happen to have a lot of material that needs to be cut, use a higher speed. You need to have a lot of impressive experience, though, for you to finish that project fast. But if you are not experienced, you need to go at a speed that you can manage to avoid the material kicking back. 

When doing detailed work, high speed may not be recommended since different materials require different rates. A metal material will require high speeds, while a wood material may require less speed.

  • Cutting capacity

A cordless bandsaws width aids in determining the kind of thickness it shall be able to cut. Before purchasing the saw, you need to consider the type of work that awaits you. Putting into consideration the width and the throat enables a woodworker to manage different capacities. 

  • Power source 

Many portable cordless bandsaws come with battery options, which are ideal for users who perform tasks outside. There are also electrically run models that have unlimited efficient power. These types do not need to be continuously recharged like their counterparts.  Technological improvement on the power source’s nature is what has produced most of the best cordless bandsaws. 

  • Safety 

When it comes to the aspect of excising caution, it is all about using common sense. These cordless bandsaws have been designed in comfortable and accommodating designs. Before using the piece of equipment, ensure you read the user’s manual. The manual allows you to understand what is required before getting it running.

Just make sure you have learned the limitations and applications. Securely hold the tool in your hand as if you are trying to get the cut’s direction. It creates some practice, and your hands get used to the instrument. Last but not least, make sure you use the proper safety apparatus. You are Supposed to wear puncher resistant boots to protect your feet. 


A band saw is a number one tool in a woodworkers workshop. They are ranging from the 4-inch conduit to the little 4-inch model. Any saw that you decide to pick must have the capacity and the power. Nobody wants to make constant trips looking for the manufacturer. Having gone through some of the crucial features, you can now comfortably purchase the best cordless bandsaw. Just follow the specifications, observe keenly, and you will be good to go.

From my user experience with different cordless bandsaws, I still consider the Makita XBP03Z Cordless Compact Band Saw as the overall best cordless bandsaw. It’s easy to use, accurate and above all, comes at fair prices.

All in all, the band saw will make the cutting job more comfortable. Never forget to follow the proper safety guidelines by wearing protective gear.  The ten models that I have reviewed in this guide are all good with great features. Kindly feel free to share this information with others. For more clarification, check in the comment box.